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World War II
Service Men and Women

From Logan County, Oklahoma

The following is a list of more than 350 Logan County, Oklahoma service men and women with bios and pictures, which appeared in the Guthrie Register-News on January 30, 1944. We have permission from Terry Tush, Former General Manager of The Guthrie News Leader to post them here, however copyright remains with the Guthrie News Leader. Our special thanks to Mac Bentley for sending this in. Mac also did quite a bit of the typing of the bios. Thanks Terry and Mac!

Do you know of any others - if so, please e-mail Me with the details.

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Guthrie Register-News, Sunday, January 30, 1944



Large Number Of
Pictures Appear
In Honor Edition

Nearly 400 pictures of men and women from Logan county who are serving in the nation's armed forces appear in this issue of the Guthrie Register-News.

This fitting tribute to a large number of our men and women in uniform was made possible by the co-operation of local business firms and individuals, who are sponsoring many of the pictures in this edition.

Although almost every firm contacted in the city was anxious to sponsor one or more of the men and women in service from Logan county, many more pictures were received than there were sponsors available.

However, every picture received by the Register-News is published in this honor roll edition and more would have appeared if they had been sent in.

The Register-News had hoped that it would be possible to publish a complete directory in this edition of all men and women from Logan county in service, but such a list was not available due to wartime restrictions.

Last name beginning with:

- A -

Lt. Samuel Abrams

Cpl. Bion J. Acton

Cpl. A. Charles Adams

Cpl. William L. Adams

Donald L. Adkins S. 1-C

Harold L. Adling, S. K. 1-C

Jean Alexander, M. M. 2-C

Lt. Charles W. Allen

A-C Roy Max Allen

Pfc. Roy S. Alsbury

Lt. Col. Chester H. Anderson

Cpl. Wilber D. Annis

Robert S. Anthis, A. S.

Pvt. Olis Arnett

Russell A. Arnold, C. M. M.

Sgt. Glen Austin

Pfc. James H. Austin

Lyle Paul Austin, S. K. 2-C

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- B -

Joe Bake Jr., S. 1-C

A-C Frank E. Baker

Billy Barnard, Petty Officer 2-C

Pfc. Wayne Barnard

Major C. E. "Lefty" Barnes

Sgt. Doyle H. Barnett

Lt. Claude Warren Bentley

Lt. Earl Dewey Bentley

U. M. Bentley Jr., A.S.T.P.

Sgt. Ethridge Berg

Cpl. Leo R. Bertwell

Lt. James R. Billings

Sgt. Joe H. Billings

Lt. Louise Billings

Pvt. Elmer Blakesley

Pvt. Roy P. Blevins

Warrant Officer Gilbert Bohot

Cpl. Harold A. Bowen

Tech. Sgt. Russell Bowman

Pvt. Dolphus P. Brady

Cpl. John W. Bridgeman

Staff Sgt. George Emory Brooks Jr.

Sgt. Frank "Bud" Bross

Raymond Brouchoud Jr. P. O. 2-C

Allan Brown, T. M. 2-C

James Eugene Brown, Q. M. 1-C

1st Lt. Harold C. Bruce

F-O Clifton E. Bryan

Sgt. Harry Bernard Buck

William C. Burk, P. M. 1-C

Pfc. Loran D. Burke

Lt. Frank. E. Burton

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- C -

James L. Carey, P. O. 1-C

Cpl. Paul M. Carey Jr.

Dortis R. Carmichael, P. O. 2-C

Elmer E. Carmichael, C. M.

Marvin Carmichael, A. S.

Lt. (J.G.) John Edgar Carter

Nathan C. Charvoz R. M. 3-C

Cpl. Milford Clayton

Pfc. William E. Combs III

Pfc. Grant A. Cook

Staff Sgt. Herbie Cooper

Ensign Orville George Cordis

James O. Cornforth, T-5

Cpl. Kenneth "Micky" Cornforth

Pfc. Virgle Lee Cottman

Cpl. Frances C. Cozby

Donald Crabtree, P. O. 2-C

Cpl. Glenn Craven

Freelon Crick, M. M. 2-C

Pvt. Ralph Howard Cullers

Major Lawrence A. Cullison

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- D -

Roy Wade Dangerfield, B. M. 1-C

Melvin Roy Daniels F. 1-C

A-C Armin Dautenhahn

S. Halley Davidson, Ptr. 2-C

Pvt. Darrell T. Davis

Lt. Lang B. Davis

Raymond E. Deming, A. M. M. 3-C

Sgt. Manford S. Denny

R. Carroll Denny, Ph. M. 3-C

Earl M. Deter Jr., S. 1-C

Cpl. Irvin A. Dewart

Pfc. Robert E. Dewart

Cpl. Bobby Dickerson

1st Lt. William E. Dickerson

Pvt. Alfred Dean Dickey

Cpl. Weston E. Divine

Lt. Cleo Dobson, U. S. N.

Major Elmer Dobson

1st Lt. Jack H. Doty

Steve A. Douglas, S. 2-C

Warren E. Douglas, M. S. 1-C

Wilbur Douglas, M. M. 3-C

Dryden Brooks Dowell, F. 1-C

Carl O. Downing, S. 2-C

Olin Glen Downing R. M. 2-C

Sgt. Jack F. Duehning

Cpt. Lawrence George Dunnica

2nd Lt. Richard F. Dutcher

Cpl. Manuel H. Dyson

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- E -

1st Lt. James A. Edmundson

Gerald Mark Ekiss, Ph. M. 1-C

John F. Elder S. K. 1-C

Cpl. Joe W. Eldridge Jr.

Pfc. Ray C. Ellis

Robert R. Endicott, S. 1-C

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- F -

Pfc. Marvin E. Fagan

1st Sgt. Louis Fannell

Pvt. Leonard E. Farber

Pfc. Rufus G. Farber

Lloyd C. Ferris, A. M. M. 3-C

1st Lt. D. H. Fillmore Jr.

Paul George Fitzpatrick, S 1-C

Major Lorraine S. Fogarty

Robert William Foltz, R. T. 1-C

Pfc. Marvin C. Frick

Walter Frick S. 1-C

Flying Officer John W. Furrow Jr.

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- G -

Pfc. Jess M. Garrett

T-5 George M. Geyer

Major Henry L. Gifford

Chester Glidewell, S. 1-C

Lt. Earl Glidewell

Charles Glen Goble, M. M.

Pvt. Richard Deloss Goble

Vinton Isaac Goff S. 2-C

Charles W. Goodall, C. M. 3-C

Lewis E. Goodman, M. M. M. 2-C

Sgt. Bill Grant

Pvt. Theodore J. Gray

Pfc. Joseph T. Griffin

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- H -

Tech. Sgt. George R. Hammond

Gayle Harman

Cpt. Lawrence C. Harris

Pvt. Lloyd Robert Harris

Richard L. Harris, S. 1-C

H. R. Harrison, C. M. 3-C

A-S Donald C. Hasler

A-C Doyle "Peaches" Hastie

Cpl. Earl S. Heiden

Johnnie M. Heller S. 1-C

William E. Heller A. S.

Jack Herbert, Cox 3-C

Bryce S. Herdon, A R N 3-C

Sgt. Fred E. Hetzel

Cpl. Herman H. Hetzel

Sgt. John C. Hetzel

Lt. Karl F. Hetzel

Pfc. William Paul Hetzel

Major Roy L. Hickox

T. Cpl. Ralph Hicks

Sgt. Wesley J. Hicks

Pfc. Orlo Hilburn

Tech. Sgt. Vern O. "Jack" Hildreth

Lt. Fred R. Hirzel Jr.

Cpt. Fred A. Holman

1st Lt. Victor E. Holman

Warren Van Hoozer, S. K. 1-C

Jake R. Hopfer, Bkr. 2-C

Sgt. John D. Hopfer

Staff Sgt. Walter C. Hopfer

Pvt. Clarence Hopkins

Sgt. John G. Hopkins

Pfc. Willard Hopkins

T. Cpl. Toussaint L. House

Louis Howe, S.

Cpl. Oran Warren Howe

Pfc. Elwood Hubbard

Pfc. Harry L. Hubbard

Staff Sgt. Enice E. Huff

Howard Don Huffer T. M. 3-C

Tech. Sgt. Kenneth Hughes

Murle H. Hunter, M. M. 2-C

Joe Earl Hurley, S. 2-C

A. I. Husted, Warrant Officer

Tech. Sgt. Bobby Husted

Eddie C. Husted, Mo. M. M. 1-C

Master Sgt. Jack Husted

John D. Husted, M. M. 1-C

W. L. Husted, Mo. M. M. 1-C

Staff Sgt. Conrad Hutson Jr.

Pfc. Clarence J. Hyde

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- I -

Leo William Ireton, Ph. M. 2-C

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- J -

Pvt. Floyd B. Jelsma

Pfc. Manford C. Jenkins

Pfc. Robert V. Jestes

Lt. Vernon Ira Johnson

Joe Johnston, S. 1-C

Pvt. William F. Jones

Pfc. William O. Jones

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- K -

Pvt. Ted Karner

Sgt. Jack W. Kelley

Pfc. Walter N. Kellogg

Pvt. Ira F. Kelso Jr.

Staff Sgt. Edward G. Kennedy

Alan Ketch, A. M. M. 3-C

Dow L. Ketch Jr. A. M. M. 2-C

Lt. Leon Keith Kidwell

Pfc Charles W. Keys

Lt. James A. King

Cpl. Chester A. Kinney

Harold Kinney, S. 3-C A. R. M.

Sgt. Orval G. Kinney

Leonard O. Knox, F. C. 1-C

Scott K. Knox, S. K. 3-C

Lt. Carl Koch

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- L -

A-C Robert E. Lary

Beverly W. LeGate, F. 2-C

Clifford L. LeGrande S. 2-C

George D. Lehman S. 1-C

Pfc. J. Edward Lehman

1st Lt. Ray T. Lehman

Pvt. Robert L. Lehman

Lt. Lloyd Lentz Jr.

1st Lt. Ermine Douglas Lewis

Pfc. Glenn Leroy Lindren

Pfc. Ersel Linville

John E. Little Jr., P. O. 2-C

Clarence Long, S. F. 3-C

Tech. Sgt. Kenneth Luternow

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- M -

Jack J. Madison, S. 2-C

Cpl. James Maker

Cpl. Theodore Maker

Lt. John D. Marks

Cpt. Frederick W. Marr

A-C Max Howard Marriott

Frank Martin F 1-C

Pfc. Hubert A. Martin

Pfc. J. B. Martin

Pvt. Thomas Edward Mason

Pfc. Walter M. Matthews

1st Lt. F. E. McAnally

Tech. Sgt. Oramel McAnally

Sgt. William E. McDowell

Pfc. Emmett O. McGuire

John G. McLemore, S. K. 1-C

Pvt. Glen Howard McMahan

Sgt. Marvin Leo McMahan

Maurice Allen McNeil, S. 2-C

Cpl. Elmore Meshew

Pfc. Louis Joyce Miles

Clayton Miller P. O. 2-C

Pvt. Raymond A. Miller

Staff Sgt. Bernard R. Miner

Thomas Otho Montgomery, F. 2-C

Sgt. Tech. Ed Moore

Tech. Sgt. Carl Morgan

Eugene Morgan, A. M. M. 3-C

Cpl. Earl C. Muilenburg

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- N -

Dr. William Neil New, Comdr.

"Spike" Lowell Nail, Ph. M. 1-C

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- O -

Sgt. Cyril R. Ogle

Donald E. Oldham, C. W. O.

Pvt. Billy Ray Owen

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- P-

Leodys Page

Cpl. L. W. Parks Jr.

Aaron Patterson S. T. D.

Robert C. Patterson, F. C. 3-C

Pfc. Joe Paul

Graydon L. Persing, A. M. M. 3-C

Clarence Phillips, P. O. 3-C

Horace Phillips, Phm. M. 2-C

Tech. Sgt. J. Dow Phillips

Richard Artie Phillips, P. O. 1-C

Cecil R. Pickard

Doyle Pickard

Lee Robert Pickard

Cpt. Frank Polzer

1st Sgt. Albert Pope

Dillard Pope, Y. 2-C

Staff Sgt. Robert Leroy Pope

Cadet Karl William Power U. S. N. R.

Cpt. W. G. Prince

Cpl. Charles Priess

Chester L. Priess

Raymond E. Priess, S. 1-C

Pvt. Harry B. Pulse Jr.

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- Q -

John "Jack" Quick, P. O. 1-C

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- R-

Sgt. Frederick M. Randall

Clarice Ray, S. 3-C

Pfc. Coulter Ray

Sgt. Luther B. Reed

Sgt. Richard L. Reed

Cpl. Ernest Redel

Pvt. Victor Redman

Sgt. Geoffrey C. Rennison

Sgt. Jim Revis

Pfc. S. Leo Revis

Frank A. Rinehart Ph. M. 1-C

Pfc. Earl Ritterbush

Raymond Allan Roettger

George Lehman Ross, S. K. 1-C

Robert E. Rueb, F 1-C

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- S -

Burdett Sager P. O. 2-C

Sgt. Harry Sanders

Jack C. Sanders, S. 1-C

Cpl. Ernest B. Sanderson

Sgt. Lester Sanderson

Pfc. Robert Schaefer

Lt. Wilmer Schaefer

Ralph W. Scheihing, R. T. 3-C

1st Lt. Frank J. Schmidt Jr.

Pfc. Carl Schweitzer

Pfc. Earl Schweitzer

Jack P. Schweitzer, F. C. 1-C

Norman Seeliger, F. 1-C

Pfc. Delmer F. Shaw

1st Lt. John L. Shibley

Walter J. Sieck, S. F. 2-C

First Sgt. C. W. Simmons

Sgt. W. H. "Dick" Simmons

Pvt. Douglas L. Simpson

Sgt. Eugene L. Simpson

Pfc. Ferne E. Simpson

Pvt. William D. Simpson

Lt. James E. Smith

Pvt. James Robert Smith

Staff Sgt. Johnnie A. Smith

Staff Sgt. Marley A. Smith

Pvt. Norman H. Smith

Ralph D. Smith, G. M. 1-C

Cpl. Jesse Paul Snipes

Thomas Spears, S. 2-C

Cpt. John Alvin Spencer

Lt. Colby Monroe Springer

Ensign Ray J. Stacy

A-C Howard Stalnaker

Pvt. Archie O. Starks

Jessie Stevenson O. C. 1-C

Earl E. Stubblefield, Pho. 2-C

F. D. Swanson, S. K. 2-C

S. R. Swanson, E. M. 2-C

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- T -

Cpl. Jack W. Taggart

Pvt. Doyle "Happy" Taylor

Cpl. Harold L. Taylor

Sgt. James A. Tellaro

Johnnie James Terhune, E. M. 3-C

Leon Thomas, P. O. 1-C

Sgt. Charles S. Thompson

Cpt. Claudie P. Thompson

Flight Officer Jack R. Thompson

Milas Doyle Thompson S. 1-C

Sgt. Thomas Anthony Thompson

Willard Lee Thompson, M. M. 1-C

Marvin W. Traver, S. 3-C

Pfc. William H. Travis

Tech. Sgt. Lee Trim

1st Lt. Lloyd Trim

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- V -

Lee M. Vaughn Ph. M. 1-C

Lew H. Vaughn Ph. M. 1-C

Charles R. Voris, A.S.

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- W-

Pvt. John Waddell

Staff Sgt. Louis E. Waddell

Pvt. William R. Waller

Cpl. Bob Walton

Robert W. Ward, P. O. 2-C

1st Lt. Vernon Warner

Cpt. Cullum B. Watson

James C. Watts Jr., A. B.

Pfc. Frank Lohmann Welch

Cpl. Major W. Whitaker

Charles Lee Whittlesey C. M. 1-C

Lt. (J.G.) Wesley A. Whittlesey

Staff Sgt. Clarence C. Williams

Lt. (J.G.) Clifford F. Williams

Harold D. Williams, M. M. 2-C

A-C John W. Wilson

Sgt. Rader Wilson

A-C Francis Gerald Wininger

Howard C. Woody, T-5

Ensign Clifford "Speedy" Wright

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- Y -

Pvt. George Edward Yiengst

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