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Divorce Records

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gavel scales pad book
Note - More names will be added as they are transcribed from microfilm

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Taft, SumnerTaft, Ida Jane16 Jan 19101566
Tagervitty, NoraTagervitty, Orion18 Sep 19194187
Tahome, MaryTahome, Alfred10 Sep 19214792
Tahone, MaryTahone, Alfred15 Oct 19245761
Tain-Peah, Lucy JacksonTain-Peah, Guy21 Oct 19256214
Tainpeak, GuyTainpeak, EvaMissing7483
Take-Wah-PoorMah-Set-ky, Jane30 Mar 19091405
Talkington, F.L.Talkinton, Rosa01 Oct 19297935
Tallent, BessieTallent, Guy09 Jan 19318556
Tallent, OllaTallent, Don05 Aug 19308330
Tanetone, GeorgeYeahquo, Julia23 Nov 19091526
Tanetone, LauraTanetone, George17 Apr 19142733
Tate, MillieTate, Claire V.26 Feb 19183822
Tate, VivianTate, J.C.10 Aug 19163388
Tatum, EllaTatum, W.G.09 Mar 19050607
Tau-quah Silverhorn HattieHau-quiah (aka) Silverhorn14 Aug 19287395
Taunmer-Rava, MaryTahome, Alfred05 May 19194075
Tayervitty, NoraTayervitty, Orion18 Sep 19194187
Tayervitty, OrionHumpo, Emma02 Feb 19173559
Taylor, Belle L.Taylor, Morris02 Aug 19287369
Taylor, C.W.Taylor, Myrtle17 May 19194089
Taylor, J.D.Taylor, Maggie10 Mar 19142685
Taylor, KateTaylor, W.H.12 Jul 19153085
Taylor, LaViennaTaylor, C.D.28 Feb 19308122
Taylor, M.Taylor, H.M.25 Jun 19256056
Teague, M.G.Teague, Rosa B.29 Jul 19266481
Ternus, LauraTurnus, Leonard23 Nov 19142876
Terry, BessieTerry, F.W.Missing5210
Terry, Maude L.Terry, Oscar L.25 Feb 19276767
Terry, Maude L.Terry, Oscar L.24 Mar 19308159
Terry, SamTerry, Bursa02 Apr 19245574
Terry, William M.Terry, Maude B.24 Mar 19132418
ThaddlemahBootpaule13 Apr 19183846
Tharp, MaggieTharp, Doctor L.08 Jul 19030293
Thayer, DoraThayer, Edward08 Nov 19245795
Theissen, KathaleenThiessen, Peter12 May 19030280
Thiessen, ConnieThiessen, Henry28 Sep 19163432
Thomas, Arite A.Thomas, George T.13 Jul 19214738
Thomas, Charles E.Thomas, Lula24 May 19235320
Thomas, ChaseThomas, Zella N.15 Jun 19204414
Thomas, EdnaThomas, Robert (McLain)21 Jul 19081274
Thomas, HadaThomas, Samuel F.18 Oct 19245757
Thomas, HomerThomas, Lillian09 Apr 19287251
Thomas, LauraThomas, HarryMissing3953
Thomas, LizzieThomas, F.L.28 Dec 19030395
Thomas, LizzieThomas, F.L.Missing0678
Thomas, M.T.Thomas, Harley05 Feb 19276736
Thomas, Madge MayThomas, Charley02 Jan 19308040
Thomas, MaxThomas, Edna Hadley12 Mar 19255957
Thomas, RubyThomas, C.L.02 Jan 19318543
Thomas, WillieThomas, J.R.13 Mar 19308137
Thomas, Willie E.Thomas, James Rufus01 Nov 19235450
Thomason, RhodaThomason, Lennie20 Aug 19297874
Thompson, AlthaThompson, Wayne03 Jan 19297576
Thompson, Anna B.Thompson, W.A.05 Feb 19183805
Thompson, BirdeThompson, Cahrles C.25 Oct 19040530
Thompson, Clyde B.Thompson, Marjoris M.10 May 19225028
Thompson, E.M.Thompson, Bessie M.02 Jan 19266289
Thompson, GeorgieThompson, Rufus22 Mar 19132416
Thompson, J.E.Thompson, Sallie26 Jul 19276942
Thompson, Joseph E.Thompson, Genie22 Nov 19122303
Thompson, Nellie A.Thompson, Tull08 Nov 19173745
Thompson, NoraThompson, Fred M.19 Aug 19297871
Thompson, Sarah E.Thompson, William C.28 May 19060846
Thompson, Sarah E.Thompson, William C.21 Sep 19101726
Thompson, Sina E.Thompson, James04 Dec 19132587
Thorne, GladdisThorne, Clarence31 Aug 19214778
Thornton, AliceThornton, Kirksey03 Jan 19111810
Thorpe, MaryThorpe, Charles15 Apr 19030263
Thrasher, RoseThrasher, J.W.17 Jun 19204417
Tibbetts, AlbertaTibbetts, Leonard09 Jul 19266496
Ticer, CharleyTicer, Josephine03 Nov 19153160
Tilford, MamieTilford, henry H.05 Jan 19297581
Tilford, Mamie E.Tilford, H.H.10 Oct 19297944
Tilton, BerthaTilton, Ora D.31 Jul 19183677
Tilton, W.S.Tilton, M.E.02 Jun 19153059
Timmons, BerthaTimmons, William11 Aug 19204467
Tingley, LenoraTingley, T.C.24 Aug 19163397
Tingley, LeonaTingley, J.C.31 May 19173637
Tippi, ClaraTippi, John08 Jan 19142619
Toahty, BenedictToahty, Mary Spottedbird19 Dec 19308525
Tobias, Casper M.Tobias, Anna G.07 Mar 19040426
Tobias, LauraTobias, H.M.05 Jun 10266457
Todd, Kittie W.Todd, Stephen A.27 Dec 19101802
Tohay, MaggieTohay, Henry19 Jan 19235240
Tolbot, John R.Tolbot, May10 Jan 19235229
TomahHawzipta, James11 Aug 19287385
Toohty, BebedictToohty, Libby26 Sep 19277014
Topley, RllaTopley, John12 Apr 19050622
Torrence, IsabelleTorrence, Percy21 Jan 19287146
Torvik, AnnieTorvik, Peter03 Mar 19266381
Towe, Easter JaneTowe, Ruben T.19 Oct 19287486
Town, VinaTown, Will03 Jan 19204258
Townley, Lillie M.Townley, W.W.05 May 19308231
Townsley, GraceTownsley, Orval05 May 19101636
Tramp, Sadie E.Tramp, Virgil C.30 Oct 19060926
Tramp, Sadie E.Tramp, Virgil C.25 Feb 19081197
Traphagan, Lee A.Traphagan, Rufus29 Aug 19060873
Travis, M.P.Travis, Ada05 Dec 19287538
Traxler, BerthaTraxler, John16 Jan 19091356
Treat, EulaTreat, Chester20 Oct 19277042
Treat, Silas S.Treat, Birtay A.29 Aug 19111966
Tripp, Frances M.Tripp, Floyd H.04 May 19204379
Tripp, JesseTripp, Claude03 Jan 19287123
Trotter, EstherTrotter, Greenie L.28 Aug 19308363
Trotter, LeoTrotter, Elsie12 Dec 19225202
Truitt, Margaret A.Truitt, W.M. S.10 Aug 19142819
Truitt, Otis L.Truitt, Mammie Anna09 Aug 19204464
Tsa-toodle, JaneTsa-toodle, Robert18 Oct 19225159
Tsait-Kope, NannieTa Bums, William09 Feb 19173563
Tsalote, JamesTsalote, Grace30 Apr 19214677
Tsalote, JamesTsalote, Grace20 Apr 19235298
Tso-Tone-GopeRedbird, John aka En-He22 Jul 19256089
Tsotaddle, MargaretTsotaddle, Robert17 Feb 19308103
Tucker, EmmaTucker, William L.23 May 19040470
Tucker, Mary A.Tucker, W.C.22 May 19173632
Tucker, Tu heyTucker, Pollie25 Oct 19040529
Tuggle, Zosa J.Tuggle, John R.27 Jul 19163372
Turnbull, DannieTurnebull, James09 Oct 19256205
Turner, BerthaTurner, Samuel25 Nov 19112037
Turner, BerthaTurner, S.P.13 Feb 19308094
Turner, BonnieTurner, C03 May 19214680
Turner, BonnieTurner, Conrad18 Aug 19214771
Turner, EffieTurner, L.A.29 Aug 19287416
Turner, FeliciaTurner, William D.29 Nov 19112041
Turner, JewellTurner, Clarence24 Aug 19225103
Turner, LanaTurner, Silas13 Jul 19194111
Turner, LenaTurner, Silas21 Nov 19183952
Turner, MillieTurner, NatMissing7207
Turner, RayTurner, Ethel06 Apr 19255992
Turner, Wesley P.Turner, Carrie F.25 Aug 19040495
Twillegear, W.E.Twillegear, Etta04 Jun 19204404
Tyler, EffieTyler, Will19 Feb 19081196
Tyson, John A.Tyson, Delila15 Oct 19071132


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