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gavel scales pad book
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Raby, Bula I.Raby, Corb02 Sep 19214782
Ragar, Ola L.Ragar, Pearl V.28 Sep 19091498
Ragar, Ola L.Ragar, Pearl V.15 Feb 19101583
Rainey, SarahRainey, Walter E.22 Jun 19204423
Rainey, SarahRainey, Walter E.14 Dec 19204546
Ramming, OlgaRamming, Lorence15 Apr 10207724
Randall, Addie MaryRandall, Charles31 May 19276877
Randall, Addie MayRandall, Charles31 May 19276877
Randall, LesterRandall, Eva G.Missing2387
Randle, MaudeRandle, John H.11 Jan 19122077
Rapp, LeeRapp, Peter13 Mar 19071012
Ratliff, LenaRatliff, J.J.27 Oct 19235444
Ray, J.A.Ray, Myrtle20 Nov 19153174
Ray, LizzieRay, Jim08 Jun 19276885
Ray, M.S.Ray, Isaac16 Sep 19122264
Ray, May G.Ray, David E.24 Mar 19163279
Ray, MyrtleRay, R.W.07 Feb 19276740
Ray, ViolaRay, A.T.16 Oct 19245764
Read, Anna E.Read, William B.06 Aug 19101690
Reece, E.G.Reece, Mary31 Aug 19142830
Reece, MaudeReece, J.D.16 Jan 19308060
Reed, AddaReed, James O.29 Oct 19122287
Reed, BarnettReed, Emma E.20 Jan 19163228
Reed, CleveReed, Lula12 Feb 19142663
Reed, GertrudeReed, Jackson29 Nov 19132584
Reed, Maggie A.Reed, Marion A.14 Nov 19060935
Reed, WalcieReed, Howard28 Jan 19297616
Reeder, LouReeder, Lilly Belle15 Sep 19266578
Reese, CharlesReese, Anna May28 Mar 19142709
Reese, RebeccaReese, L.G.03 Aug 19297853
Reeves, KatieReeves, Russell20 Jan 19111833
Reeves, ModeneReeves, Claude11 Sep 19287428
Reich, MildredReich, Avon03 Sep 19287421
Reiner, IsabelleReiner, J.M.14 Jan 19266303
Reiss, JewellReisse, Herman30 Jul 19297840
Remington, LoisRemington, Albert29 Oct 19256226
Remiriz, MaximoRemirez, Maria26 Jan 19173546
Remy, BettieRemy, J.H.10 Dec 19214872
Renfro, DorothyRenfro, Waldo02 Dec 19277099
Reuss, MinnieReuss, Fred10 Mar 19081205
Reynolds, Ethel M.Reynolds, N.G.11 Oct 19204510
Reynolds, JonasReynolds, Stella09 Mar 19050606
Rhoades, NellieRhoades, Chauncy30 Jul 19276944
Rhodes, Leonard F.Rhodes, Lee08 Dec 19245843
Rhodes, Thelma GivenRhodes, Clarence14 Apr 19256006
Richardson, BrigettRichardson, C.A.26 Aug 19266557
Richardson, BriggsRichardson, Ezra12 Nov 19256241
Richardson, C. DonnaRichardson, George R.25 Sep 19287450
Richardson, George R.Richardson, C. Dora12 Mar 19297676
Richardson, Robert E.Richardson, Etta06 Sep 19111976
Richer, A.Richer, Nora22 Jan 19204285
Richey, ImaRichey, Horace09 Mar 19255947
Richey, James M.Richey, Bertha08 Sep 19276996
Ridenour, Louis A.Ridenour, Eula09 Jun 19214710
Ridge, EdnaRidge, Ollie25 Oct 19277050
Ridge, NeomaRidge, William C.14 Jul 19256123
Ridge, OllieRidge, Tina29 Jun 19225055
Ridge, OllieRidge, Tina29 Jun 19235347
Ridgley, John J.Ridgley, Nancy E.28 Jan 19050587
Rife, Thressa A.Rife, Stewart W.22 Dec 19132601
Riggs, William I.Riggs, Julia29 Sep 19030319
Riley, BeccaRiley, Earnest28 Aug 19163403
Riley, EthelRiley, Arthur01 Oct 19173713
Riley, LeonaRiley, George Herbert20 Mar 19308154
Rippee, Clara B.Rippee, Earl06 Nov 19297977
Ritchey, W.C.Ritchey, Cynthia14 Sep 19163428
Roach, BessieRoach, Geoge N.14 Oct 19020173
Roach, Carl L.Roach, Vera Naomi23 Feb 19318610
Roach, GenevaRoach, Carl02 Feb 19266338
Roach, LoreneRoach, Pedro17 Jun 19297787
Roach, Tennie S.Roach, E.F.03 Nov 19277064
Roberson, WillieRoberson, Garfield22 Aug 19111962
Robert L.Beasley, Mary12 Sep 19277000
Roberts, ClaraRoberts, Clark20 Nov 19235469
Roberts, EdnaRoberts, Orville09 Nov 19153168
Roberts, J.M.Roberts, Nancy04 Aug 19276953
Roberts, J.T.Roberts, P.F.23 Apr 19183856
Roberts, LewisRoberts, Florence V.22 Jul 19040483
Roberts, RossRoberts, Edgar20 Aug 19245702
Roberts, W.R.Roberts, Minnie08 Sep 19308374
Roberts,MinnieRoberts, W.R.04 Oct 19287461
Robertson, C.G.Robertson, Georgia02 Apr 19287243
Robertson, GeorgiaRobertson, Charles G.17 Jan 19297596
Robertson, IvaRobertson, James H.18 Sep 19287434
Robertson, Jennie AlmaRobertson, Virgil14 May 19256025
Robertson, LillieRobertson, Hercel26 Nov 19245821
Robinson, Charles T.Robinson, Arminia15 Aug 19111953
Robinson, DoraRobinson, Robert A.08 Apr 19101618
Robinson, ElijahRobinson, Elmore04 Dec 19287535
Rodgers, S.P.Rodgers, Susan E.21 Mar 19235276
Rodgers, S.P.Rodgers, Susan E.06 Mar 19255942
Roever, AnnaRoever, George26 Mar 19040439
Roever, George W.Roever, Anna07 Jul 19060864
Roger, SarahRogers, James15 Jan 19245520
Rogers, MaryRogers, Harry22 Nov 19101772
Rogers, MattieRogers, Francis R.06 Jul 19256077
Rolfs, Saloma V.Rolfs, August09 May 19060835
Roller, VernaRoller, Arthur10 Nov 19287504
Rollins, JuliaRollins, J.W.07 Nov 19277070
Romick, Phil A.Romick, Helen M.12 Nov 19071148
Roper, AlfredRoper, Ada21 Oct 19204519
Rosales, JulianRosales, Delfina12 Jul 19245664
Rose, LauraRose, Noah29 Sep 19040508
Rose, M.P.Rose, A.J.12 Nov 19091519
Rose, Mary R.Carruth, Fred17 Sep 19173701
Rose, VinaRose, Witt30 Sep 19132544
Rosell, Effie J.Rosell, Floyd E.17 Jan 19255863
Ross, Ada R.Ross, Frank16 Sep 19081308
Ross, Bessie StevensRoss, James26 Oct 19101750
Ross, FlorenceRoss, Tom05 Oct 19214809
Ross, FrancesWarden, William12 Feb 19297644
Rosser, ZeldaRosser, Jimmie21 Aug 19308349
Rouridaux, LucyRourideaux, Jospeh24 Jun 19183889
Row, GlorenceRow, Ole10 Jul 19204439
Roysdon,MargaretRoysdon, Carl29 Apr 19266431
Rue, William H.Rue, Martha A.07 Nov 19071146
Rumans, MaymeRumans, Samuel25 Mar 19122134
Rumbley, AddieRumbley, M.H.15 May 19194086
Rushing, EstaRushing, Lawson11 Feb 19255920
Russell, LemarRussell, S.A.18 Aug 19194169
Russell, LoisRussell, B. D.12 Feb 19297641
Ruzicka, JohnRuzicka, Eula21 Oct 19308450
Ryan, EvaRyan, W.M.03 Mar 19101592
Ryan, John J.Ryan, Mary A.02 May 19020075
Ryan, Kittie WellsRyan, Joseph20 Mar 19266396


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