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gavel scales pad book
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Jackson, EstellaJackson, Andrew20 Oct 19266613
Jackson, EstellaJackson, Andrew07 May 19287275
Jackson, GraceJackson, John17 Aug 19081282
Jackson, J.C.Jackson, Helen08 Aug 19101692
Jackson, Marie ManningJackson, Lee Roy27 Sep 19297929
Jackson, MatildaJackson, Arthur13 Mar 19050609
Jackson, NettieJackson, Jack26 Oct 19050723
Jacobs, GeorgeJacobs, Bertha M.23 Apr 19245594
James, IdaJames, Jesse04 Jan 19287124
James, Sarah E.James, Charles02 Aug 19153103
Janssen, WilliamJanssen, Charlottie13 Mar 19071011
Jantz, Ella M.Jantz, Henry18 Aug 19142826
Jared, HarrieJared, I. K.08 Mar 19173584
Jared, Mattie M.Jared, Joel R.04 Oct 19020163
Jarvis, SilasJarvis, Millie05 Nov 19277068
Jefferson, BertieJefferson, William22 Nov 19163473
Jefferson, BirdieJefferson, William19 Sep 19214796
Jenkins, Henry W.Jenkins, Nana C.09 Apr 19204355
Jenkins, Ina MadgeJenkins, James H.14 Nov 19297990
Jennings, BillieJennings, B.Frank22 Dec 19266673
Jennings, ClaudiaJennings, William Lee16 Oct 19287476
Jennings, ClaudiaJennings, William L.18 Mar 19297683
Jennings, EdnaJennings, Burt05 Dec 19287536
Jennings, EdnaJennings, Burl01 Dec 19308500
Jennings, WilliamJennings, Elizabeth22 Jul 19091471
Jesse, Blondena D.Jesse, Ray E.16 Mar 19173593
Jesse, MaryJesse, Ray E.25 May 19276875
JesusMannez, Julen28 Dec 19277115
Jezewski, MaryJezewski, Jacob20 Oct 19050789
Jinks, AnnieJinks, Earnest12 Oct 19071130
Johnosn, J. J.Johnson, Alma20 Apr 19266423
Johnson, AdolphJohnson, Minnie M.03 Feb 19308081
Johnson, Anna A.Johnson, Everett E.29 Jan 19091371
Johnson, D.J.Johnson, Mae10 May 19020076
Johnson, Dewitt T.Johnson, Elizabeth30 Jan 19183800
Johnson, EarnestJohnson, Alberta23 Mar 19276808
Johnson, Everett E.Johnson, Anna A.04 Feb 19101576
Johnson, FrancisJohnson, Virgie21 Jun 19214722
Johnson, George O.Johnson, Lydia H.30 Mar 19030252
Johnson, George O.Johnson, Lydia12 Oct 19050711
Johnson, IreneJohnson, Amrose W.10 Jul 19204438
Johnson, J.L.Johnson, Mable12 Nov 19194226
Johnson, JacobJohnson, Nellie Brown09 Oct 19050707
Johnson, LawrenceJohnson, Cora27 Nov 19298004
Johnson, LizzieJohnson, W.B.14 Jan 19132345
Johnson, MaggieJohnson, A.J.14 Oct 19142849
Johnson, MarieJohnson, Benjamin08 Nov 19173744
Johnson, MaryJohnson, Will17 Dec 19298025
Johnson, Mary N.Johnson, Arthur J.20 Jan 19193989
Johnson, Mellie F.Johnson, W.B.30 Oct 19173739
Johnson, MinnieJohnson, Adolph14 Mar 19276792
Johnson, Minnie M.Johnson, James R.05 Jun 19122184
Johnson, NellieJohnson, Willis L.05 Mar 19308129
Johnson, PearlJohnson, Louis30 Jun 19246653
Johnson, S.A.Johnson, Anna C.14 Apr 19142730
Johnson, Sarah C.Johnson, Jacob29 Aug 19020128
Johnson, Sarah C.Johnson, Jacob W.17 Oct 19030327
Johnson, SusieJohnson, Charley06 Jun 19235328
Johnson, SusieJohnson, C.V.25 Apr 19276848
Johnson, VidaJohnson, Walter19 Sep 19277010
Johnson, VincentJohnson, Mary06 Apr 19225025
Johnson, W.T.Johnson, Rhoda11 Jan 19111818
Johnson, WilliamJohnson, Bela18 Oct 19040524
Johnston, GeorgiaJohnston, Ralph04 Apr 19257244
Jones, AliceJones, Arthur12 Jan 19245514
Jones, AlmindaJones, Eias L.05 Oct 19132421
Jones, CarrieJones, G.M.28 Jul 19276943
Jones, CarrieJones, J.N.01 Aug 19308323
Jones, Charles L.Jones, Evelyn12 Aug 19245692
Jones, Charles R.Jones, Evelyn12 Aug 19245693
Jones, DoraJones, Ray25 Jul 19214743
Jones, ElizaJones, Sterl20 Aug 19256132
Jones, ElizaJones, Sterl08 Feb 19266346
Jones, ElmaJones, Ed10 Sep 19256168
Jones, Emma M.Jones, B.F.07 Jul 19132484
Jones, Emma SophiaJones, Lee12 Mar 19040430
Jones, Etha M.Jones, Thomas J.24 Oct 19183945
Jones, FlorenceJones, Jackson16 Apr 19235291
Jones, Flossie MayJones, William Jett15 Nov 19101765
Jones, George M.Jones, Ella E.08 Feb 19091376
Jones, I.T.Jones, Elvira15 Jan 19040402
Jones, J.A.Jones, Grace10 Feb 19318596
Jones, JackJones, Hattie11 Aug 19287386
Jones, James C.Jones, Sarah13 Aug 19287393
Jones, Janet F.Jones, H.R.21 Feb 19297652
Jones, LewisJones, Josie20 Jan 19266317
Jones, LucyJones, Morgan23 Feb 19111863
Jones, MamieJones, Floyd21 Apr 19266425
Jones, MarchJones, Rosie10 Jan 19255872
Jones, MelissaJones, Ralph15 Aug 19287392
Jones, MinnieJones, Robert20 Apr 19204362
Jones, Minnie B.Jones, J.M.17 Dec 19132594
Jones, MyrtleJones, James H.25 Jun 19173665
Jones, OwidaJones, Charles R.02 Sep 19297894
Jones, Tom MikeJones, Susan25 Oct 19040531
Jones. VioletJones, wesley21 Dec 19266672
Jordan, DellaJordan, Marvin10 Feb 19308088
July, EmmaJuly, Ben24 Jan 19276718
Justice, KeiveJustice, D.21 Jan 19277615
Justice, KittyJustice, Duronna22 May 19308174


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