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Divorce Records

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gavel scales pad book
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Pace, L.E.Pace, Verna05 Feb 19308084
Pack, GertrudePack, Laurence O26 Aug 19091488
Paddlety, Maggie TainpeahPaddlety, Stecker29 Jun 19276902
Padgett, WilliamPadgett, Ione17 Mar 19245562
Page, EmmaPage, Alva E.15 Nov 19225187
Pagent, LucindaPagent, Joseph30 Apr 19204377
Pah-Koy, LizzieMartin, Joe08 Dec 19173762
Palmer, ArgiePalmer, Clarence L.21 Nov 19287520
Palmer, Bertha Palmer, William13 Jan 19111822
Palmer, Bertha JacksonPalmer, William18 Sep 19111983
Palmer, CharleyPalmer, Rose21 Jul 19245671
Palmer, CharleyPalmer, Rose31 Jan 19318581
Palmer, LeathaPalmer, Robert E.09 Dec 19256271
Palmer, LeathaPalmer, Robert22 Oct 19266614
Palmer, MarthaPalmer, R.E.29 Mar 19204344
Palmer, RobertPalmer, Letha21 Aug 19297875
Palmer, RosePalmer, Charles22 Sep 19235413
Palmer, SarahPalmer, Archie14 Dec 19122318
Palmer, WilliamPalmer, Mary29 Mar 19071124
Palmer, WilliamPalmer, Maggie05 Dec 19163485
Palmore, BerthaPalmore, L.L.04 Sep 19297900
Pappan, MinniePappan, Isaac12 Oct 19277029
Pappin, HenriettaPappin, William21 Feb 19040408
Parham, DaveOarham, Effie08 Dec 19287544
Parker (Brown) ViolaParker (Brown) Charlie13 Sep 19277002
Parker, EulaParker, Ollie12 Aug 19101699
Parker, LenParker, Ah-Way28 Mar 19142712
Parker, NellieParker, William L.31 Oct 19277057
Parker, Osa M.Parker, Dew14 Apr 19245586
Parker, Osa M.Parker, Dan27 Oct 19245769
Parker, ThomasParker, Victoria09 Jul 19183897
Parkins, ClarenceParkins, Cecile09 Sep 19183929
Parks, H. M.Parks, Mary28 Dec 19122330
Parnell, EdithParnell, Neal27 May 19245629
Parnell, BerthaParnell, Daniel W.01 May 19245609
Parnell, DanielParnell, Bethia02 Oct 19245748
Parra, HelenParra, Joe07 Nov 19081321
Parrish, DoraParrish, C.D.25 Apr 19308216
Parrish, JolydiaParrish, Dallas05 Nov 19266632
Parrish, N.P.Parrish, Irene22 Oct 19256216
Parsons, HesterParsons, Thomas G.03 Nov 19245785
Partin, Anna BellePartin, Ezekiel07 Mar 19111867
Parton, GertrudeParton, Harrison13 Sep 19173700
Parton, GertrudeParton, Harrison B.06 Jan 19235218
Parton, Gertrude V.Parton, Harrison B.05 Aug 19204463
Parton, MaryWeller, Willie26 Aug 19194172
Paschel, GracePaschel, J.P.23 Jan 19255893
Patchin, JosephPatchin, Irene02 Nov 19030344
Patrick, LoisPatrick, Lester22 Aug 19235385
Patterson, Julia A.Patterson, C.H.12 Jan 19163215
Patton, AlmaPatton, John E.28 Apr 19287267
Pau ah ty, Louise SmokeyPau ah ty, Linn24 Oct 19245773
Paukune, JoePaukune, Bonita08 Mar 19297673
Paul, CallenPaul, John14 Jun 19235331
Payne, CladicePayne, Ernest13 Jun 19194113
Peck, EthelPeck, Abraham L.Missing1710
Pelham, Edith S.Pelham, Hobart E.08 Oct 19194200
Pendarvis, EffiePendarvis, J.B.02 Jun 19194097
Pendarvis, FanniePendarvis, J.B.25 Sep 19297928
Pendelton, ElsiePendelton, R.H.02 Nov 19163455
Peoples, James W.Peoples, Lulu24 Oct 19060922
Peoples, ViciePeoples, Willis10 Feb 19152969
Peoples, VidePeoples, Willis19 Nov 19142871
Perdelwitz, AnnaPerdelwitz, Edward H.02 Aug 19132508
Perkins, MayPerkins, Oscar25 Mar 19255977
Perolewitz, Anna L.Perolewitz, E.H.12 Dec 19183969
Perry, Chris C.Perry, EllaMissing2901
Pertel, EthelPertel, John G.15 Apr 19122146
Peters, G.W.Peters, Emma26 Aug 19245707
Petillo, Lola R.Petillo, W.R. Jr.05 Jan 19214566
Pettie, GeorgiaPettie, James30 Jul 19194155
Pewewardy, LottiePewewardy, Roy18 Nov 19256253
Peynter, Thomas M.Peynter, Emily A.27 Feb 19030239
Pfaff, RoyPfaff, Mary Moore05 Dec 19214866
Phelps, AugustaPhelps, Luther30 Apr 19297748
Phelps, graciePhelps, W.W.13 Oct 19153143
Phillips, A.L.Phillips, Vada08 Oct 19256203
Phillips, AnniePhillips, John18 Oct 19297952
Phillips, BerthaPhillips, Ohs S.21 Sep 19173704
Phillips, LisaPhillips, Charles09 Oct 19204509
Phillips, Pearl E.Phillips, Charles21 Nov 19235462
Phillips, W.B.Phillips, Hettie01 Aug 19142809
Pickard, LouiseTitchywy, Cecil12 Nov 19194228
Pickrell, AlmaPickrell, Charles F.06 Oct 19245751
Pierce, Joseph A.Pierce, Jennie E.08 Feb 19183809
Pierce, Sarah C.Pierce, Andrew J.06 Jan 19266298
Pierson, EstellePierson, R.s.06 May 19183862
Pike, IonaPike, D.J.02 Feb 19318582
Pittman, GracePittman, Grace25 Feb 19081198
Pitts, RosaPitts, Jesse L.08 Aug 19101693
Pixler, LulaPixler, Owen05 May 19142757
Plante, LouisPlante, Cecelia09 Sep 19142834
Plummer, Harold E.Plummer, Vivian25 Oct 19308456
Plunk, PearlPlunk, Earnest18 Dec 19287558
Poe, WalterPoe, Vivian30 Dec 19225211
Pogue, Lilla MaePogue, Jess15 Oct 19214818
Pogue, Lilla MaePogue, Jessie04 Jan 19225213
Pogue, MattiePogue, M.C.17 Nov 19256249
Poindexter, LulaPoindexter, John27 Sep 19266591
Poindexter, Prince E.Poindexter, Thomas J.23 Jun 19287332
Pollock, AnnaPollock, Henry29 Jan 19235247
Pollock, Mary L.Pollock, Charles S.01 Feb 19276729
Pond, EthelPond, Robert F.27 Apr 19225017
Ponton, IsaacPonton, Louise15 Aug 19163389
Poolaw, JosephPoolaw, Mary Ah-Tune28 Nov 19214855
Poore, Oscar H.Poore, Minnie14 Apr 19225008
Porter, Ava B.Porter, G.E.07 Dec 19112049
Porter, DolliePorter, Jim30 Nov 19266645
Porter, Lillie E.Porter, Edgar A.21 Dec 19112066
Ports, GladysPorts, Clarence G.03 Feb 19276732
Poteet, BerthaPoteet, Perry14 Jul 19287345
Poteet, LeathaPoteet, Jerry25 Feb 19245550
Potiye, HenryPotiye, Amy28 Apr 19287268
Powell, EttaPowell, Thomas11 Mar 19204324
Powell, LuePowell, Ed11 Jun 19235330
Prater, ClydePrater, Elsie24 Aug 19276977
Prater, ElsiePrater, Clyde19 Aug 19256131
Prater, ElsiePrater, Clyde24 Aug 19276979
Prather, LenaPrather, Clyde27 Sep 19308362
Prather, LexPrather, Clyde27 Aug 19308362
Pratt, AnnaPratt, Fred19 Apr 19235296
Pratt, AnnaPratt, Walter16 Jan 19245521
Pratt, GradiePratt, C.J.07 Aug 19225087
Pratt, H.C.Pratt, Helen12 Jun 19163343
Presiado, MaryPresiado, Jesus15 Apr 19308193
Presley, JoePresley, Jennie05 Oct 19256197
Price, GeorgePrice, Alice24 May 19214698
Price, GeorgePrice, Lovely25 Feb 19308108
Price, HenryPrice, Minnie26 Feb 19245552
Price, HenryPrice, LillieMissing7500
Price, LettiePrice, Henry28 Oct 19308461
Price, LilliePrice, Henry27 Sep 19266590
Price, LilliePrice, Henry12 Sep 19276999
Price, WilliamPrice, Annie04 Dec 19153182
Prince, FrankiePrince, William28 Nov 19287527
Prince, WilliamPrince, EtterMissing7786
Prince, WilliamPrince, Etter12 Nov 19297984
Prock, Mrs.(Annulment)Wilks, Earnest & Pauline12 May 19308236
Provest, DorothyHall, Roy16 Sep 19245728
Puckett, IdaPuckett, Robert10 Feb 19204304
Puett, Addie L.Puett, Austin M.27 Jul 19163378
Pugh, Cora E.Pugh, W.D.05 Mar 19183825
Pugh, Hallie BollmanPugh, William E.18 Jan 19266311
Pullin, Laura E.Pullin, John W.09 Apr 19030259
Purdy, FrancesPurdy, Earle07 Feb 19204301
Purdy, VernonPurdy, Hattie03 Oct 19020156


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