Prepare Now to Register

Instructions for Men Who Are to Be Called On to Serve Their Country.

"To Insure a Safer World for Our Children.

Science the beginning of our government it has been the law of this country that every able-bodied male citizen and declaring between eighteen and forty-five is subject to be summoned to its defense.

The occasions have happily been rare when such a summons has had to be issued. We face the need now.

"Over 10,000,000 of our men of fighting age have already registered for selection for service.  Out of this number many have been chosen, trained, and sent to battle across the sea, while others are in training or on the way. They have made us very proud of them, these splendid soldiers, and some have already given their lives for us. We shall not fail to support them and to re-enforce them.

"The remaining 13,000,000 are now called upon to register for selection. The only purpose of this extension of the selective service law is to bring a speedier end to the war and to insure a safer world for our children.

"Since the enemy has compelled the arbitrament of force, force let it be, force overwhelming. The registration of the entire man-power of the United States will be our unmistakable pledge to humanity that democracy is to be the regime of the future."

"Secretary of War."


All male persons must register who shall have attained their eighteenth birthday and shall not have attained their forty-sixth birthday on or before the day set by the president for registration. The only exceptions are:

(A) Persons who, prior to the day set for the registration by the president, have registered either under the terms of the act approved May 18, 1917, or under the terms of the public resolution of congress approved May 20, 1018, whether called for service or not;

(B) Officers and enlisted men of the regular army, officers appointed, and men of the forces drafted , under the provisions of the act approved May 19m 1917; officers and enlisted men of the National Guard while in the service of the United States; and the officers of the officers' reserve corps and enlisted reserve corps while in the service of the United States; and

(C) Officers and enlisted men of the navy and marine corps, and officers and enlisted and enrolled men of the naval reserve force and marine corps reserve while in the service of the United States.


War War 1 draft registration for Craig County Area

2,251 Registrants

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