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Surname Given Position or
County or
NAGLE Patrick S. U. S. Marshal - was appointed for the remaining months of Nix term
resigned June of 1897 after holding office a little more than a year.
Oklahoma and Indian Territory brdp56
htp240-242, 253
NAIL Bill Outlaw Muskogee Co. Indian Pioneer Papers
William Ballard,
July 27, 1937
NAKEDHEAD Jim Chief of Police
was then transferred to Indian Police
and killed at Checotah
Indian territory Indian Pioneer Papers
George T. Candy Interview
March 8, 1937
NARCOMEY Charley Choctaw Outlaw Indian Territory htp76-77
NASH Frank
aka "Charles B. Edgar"
aka "Jelly"
aka Doc WIlliams
Murder & Bank robbery Indian Territory pbfp123-125, 127, 312
NEEDLES Thomas B. U. S. Marshal
03-26-1889 to 04-05-1893
Indian Territory whfp16, 48
NELSON Issac Jasper Sheriff Old Greer county more information and photo
submitted by great-great-granddaughter
NELSON John James Officer
Deputy Sheriff
one term
Logan Co. Being researched by:
Nancy Parker
See photo
NESTER Bob U. S. Marshal Garvin Co. Indian Pioneer Papers
Lem F. Blevins,
May 20, 1937
NEWCOMB George Whiskey peddling
Train Robbery
aka "Bitter Creek," or "Slaughter's Kid,"
member of the Dalton gang - but was later dropped as a member because of his fool hardiness
became a member of the Doolin gang.
killed by Thomas and Tilghman at the Dunn home in Pawnee County on May 2, 1895
Oklahoma and Indian Territory htp145, 154-156, 159, 161, 164-168, 172, 175-176, 197-199, 220, 226-227, 229
whfp 40-42, 49, 55, 69-70, 72, 77, 84, 89, 93, 105, 118-123, 129, 151, 153-154, 156, 158, 164, 183, 184, 191, 195, 201, 273, 277-281, 283, 307, 318, 372See website
NEWCOME Ed Delaware Outlaw - whiskey runner & bank - train robbery
associated with Jesse Jackson and Henry Starr
brought in by U. S. Deputies Gideon White & J. C. Wilkerson
Indian Territory brdp68, 243
NEWELL John Q. U. S. Marshal
2 terms
Western District of Oklahoma usmars
NEWMAN Max Sheriff Sequoyah Co. Earline Barger
Sequoyah Co. CC
NEWSON Addie Unknown Logan Co. See document
NEWSON Carl Unknown Logan Co. See document
NEWSON Eva Unknown Logan Co. See document
NEWSON Vera Unknown Logan Co. See document
NICKERSON Jess Outlaw Indian Territory brdp149
NICKS Crowder Black U. S. Deputy Marshal Creek Nation brdp162, 246
NIX Evett Dumas U. S. Marshal
he took office July 1, 1893.
Oklahoma Territory tl1p158
htp188-197, 210-211, 216-218, 224-225, 230, 232, 234-235, 240
NIXON Rube Lawman Chant/McCurtain area of Haskell Co. McCurtain Lawmen
NIXON S. G. Chief of Police
Enid, Garfield Co. Enid Police Chiefs
NOBLE George B. Sheriffs office - 5 yrs
U. S. Deputy Marshal - 6 yrs
1st Elected Sheriff - served 5 yrs 3 mths
LeFlore Co. 1p38, 43
NORMAN Ben Under Sheriff, 1930 Garvin Co.  
NORRIS Bill Lawman Chant/McCurtain area of Haskell Co. McCurtain Lawmen
NORRIS Grandville T. U. S. Marshal
took office 12-21-1936
Eastern District of Oklahoma  
NOWLIN David T. City Marshal Wilburton, Oklahoma See photo see article and obit
Terry Bingham

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