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Surname Given Position or
County or
LABOR Houston Deputy Sheriff
one term
appointed by Sheriff Tom Watson
Choctaw Nation Indian Pioneer Papers
Elliston Labor Interview
May 20, 1937
LABOR John Lawman Chant/McCurtain area of Haskell Co. McCurtain Lawmen
LACKEY F. Joseph FBI Agent Oklahoma City, Oklahoma pbfp313
LACROIX T. J. "Butch" Deputy Sheriff Seminole Co. Seminole Producer - Jan. 28, 1929
LaFORCE Newton U. S. Deputy Marshal Indian Territory brdp84-85
LAIRMORE M. L. Police Detective Tulsa, Oklahoma pbfp253
LAIRMORE Mark L. Deputy Okmulgee Co. Submitted by:
LAKE Frank Sheriff Pawnee, Oklahoma Territory htp215
LAMB James Murder
killed Edward Pollard
was executed 01-14-1887 at Ft. Smith.
Chickasaw Nation National Park Service
LANDCASTER S. B. "Buck" Policeman Lawton, Oklahoma Territory htp257
LANE D. A. Counterfeiter - 18 years of age Western District brdp221
LANE George Black Outlaw - member of the Christian gang Oklahoma Territory brdp112
LANIER Edward Judge 1896-99 Choctaw Nation Doug Barkley
LANIER Joseph Clerk 1878 Choctaw Nation Doug Barkley
LARRANCE Fred Policeman Lawton, Oklahoma Territory htp257
LASLEY Colbert Outlaw - brought in by Bass Reeves Indian Territory brdp196
LATTIMORE Perry Lee Bootlegger Miller Ridge, Oklahoma pbfp260
was in the Guthrie jail when Doolin made his break and he fled to his father's home near Enid where he was re-captured
Oklahoma Territory htp236
LAWSON George Deputy Marshal; he and Deputy Marshal Hess Bussey killed Dan "Dynamite Dick"  CLIFTON outside Checotah Nov 7, 1897 Checotah, I. T. Bill Doolin's Jail Break
brdp55, 225
LAYNE William J. Justice of the Peace Hartshorne, I. T. brdp112
LAYTON Jessie Allen Sheriff
Mayes Co. See photo and info
LEACH William Murder
killed John Wadkins on 03-08-1875
Was executed on 04-21-1876 at Ft. Smith.
Cherokee Nation National Park Service
LEAKE William Wilson Israel  Law Officer
Yale, Payne Co. OK Tina Houck
LEDBETTER J. F. "Bud" White U. S. Deputy Marshal - In 1894 he moved to Indian Territory Eufaula, I. T. - Johnson Co. brdp235
Indian Pioneer Papers
J. W. Brewer Interview
July 15, 1937
LEE Crockett U. S. Deputy Marshal Choctaw Nation brdp240
See photo
LEE Dave Deputy U. S. Marshal Indian Territory Submitted by:
Earline Barger
LEE Jim Indian Territory (Chickasaw area) gang, Jim was killed by Jim Taylor near Dexter TX c 1885. Indian Territory 3p4, 13
htp40, 42-49, 264
Also see Killing of Lee Boys
LEE Oscar Police Chief Oklahoma City, O. T. whfp28
LEE Pink Indian Territory (Chickasaw area) gang, Pink was killed by Heck Thomas near Dexter TX c 1885. Indian Territory 3p4, 13
htp40, 42-61, 264
Also see Killing of Lee Boys
LEE Washington Sheriff (Lighthorseman)
was killed the Grant Boys sometimes called Dunowoss Boys.
Westville, I. T. Indian Pioneer Papers
Andrew J. Langley Interview,
June 17, 1937
LEEPER Ed Larceny/Robbery - turned in by father Creek Nation brdp245
LeFLORE Charles Capt. of the U. S. Indian Police Indian Territory htp110, 112, 134
LeFLORE Felix Deputy U. S. Marshal Indian Territory Submitted by:
Earline Barger
LeFLORE John Wesley Deputy Sheriff 1882, Sheriff 1893 Choctaw Nation Doug Barkley
LeFLORE Mike Sheriff Indian Territory Indian Pioneer Papers
Mora M. "Cap" Duncan interview
July 20, 1937
LeFLORE Newton U. S. Deputy Marshal Creek Nation brdp83
LeFORS Rufus "Rufe" Mounted Police
killed by the newspaper editor
Lawton, Oklahoma Territory htp256
LeFREEMAN John Peace Officer Oklahoma Territory  
LEONARD John U. S. Deputy Marshal in Texas and the Indian Territory, then agent for Bureau of Indain Affairs, distibuting beef to the Indians. Moved to Weatherford, Okla in 1893, became deputy sheriff of Custer County, Okla. a cattleman and politician. Custer Co. Kenneth Hawkins
LESSEL Rossor Officer  LeFlore Co. 1p31
LEWIS Alexander Train Robber
tried twice - 1st sentenced to hang - 2nd he was acquitted. Thought by Heck Thomas to be "Captain Jack"
Cherokee Nation htp123
LEWIS Bill Murder
was killed by John Walner at Wynnewood
Garvin Co. Indian Pioneer Papers
W.H. O'Gwin,
February 21, 1938
LEWIS Ernest White - Train Robbery
Murder in the Chickasaw Nation and one in the State of Washington
brought in by Heck Thomas
escaped with the help of Tom King
killed by Constable Pussyfoot Johnson
Indian Territory brdp239, 244, 248
LEWIS James Unknown Logan Co. See document
LEWIS John C. Sheriff
Grady Co. Grady County Sheriffs
LEWIS Lucy Unknown Logan Co. See document
See document
LEWIS S. L. Judge 1884 Choctaw Nation Doug Barkley
LEWIS Silan Outlaw - executed 11-04-1894 Choctaw Nation brdp128
LIDDELL Wesley Sheriff
Love Co.  
LIDDELL Wesley Jr. Sheriff
1981 - ??
Love Co.  
LILLY Tillman U. S. Deputy Marshal Oklahoma Territory whfp35
LINCOLN Abe Outlaw - brought in by Bass Reeves Indian Territory brdp196
LINDSAY S. F. U. S. Marshal Ardmore, Oklahoma pbfp262
LINDSEY Seldon U. S. Deputy Marshal Cleveland Co.  
LITZENBERG Alan Chief of Police
Enid, Garfield Co. Enid Police Chiefs
LLOYD C.F. Sapulpa Police Department
killed in line of duty-Sapulpa,Oklahoma-Febuary 3.1934
Sapulpa, OK noted in pages 66-74, of book, Armed and Dangerous by R.D.Morgan with Mike Koch-Copyright 2002,120 pages-17 pages photographs-Ez Lane publishing
Submitted by:
LOCKHART Sam Sheriff Sequoyah Co. Earline Barger
Sequoyah Co. CC
LODCAR John Outlaw - brought in by Bass Reeves Chickasaw, Pottawatomie and Western Creek District brdp192
LOFTUS Henry Outlaw - Killed by Martin Joseph Chickasaw Nation 1p12
LOGAN John P. Marshal
06-13-1933 to 08-14-1937 & 10-30-1941 to 11-29-1945
Northern District of Oklahoma usmars
LOGAN Thomas Outlaw Indian Territory brdp186
LONG Claude Unknown Logan Co. See document
LONG Crockett Law Officer
was shot four times by Wiley Lynn (Tilghman murder), as Long was able to pull his pistol - he shot Lynn who died 12 hours later
Madill, Oklahoma pbfp266
LONG Daniel E. Town Marshal Webber Falls, I. T. Being researched by:
Ruth Pantry
LONG Samuel Calvin Sheriff
1925-January 1928
killed in a bank robbery in January of 1928
Love Co.  
LONGBONE Cyrus U. S. Deputy Marshal Bartlesville, Indian Territory htp230
LONGLEY Bill Outlaw - fugitive from Texas Indian Territory brdp112
LOVE George Bootlegger
murdered special officer Oscar Alexander in Sept. of 1916, near Hoxbar in Carter County.
Carter Co. George & Mose Love
Stephen Riner
LOVE Jack U. S. Deputy Marshal under E. D. Nix Woodward, Oklahoma Territory htp211, 216
LOVE Mose Bootlegger
was severly wounded in the shoot out in Sept. of 1916, near Hoxbar in Carter County.
Carter Co. George & Mose Love
Stephen Riner
LOVE Robert U. S. Deputy Marshal Indian Territory brdp162
LOVE Troy Bank robber, suspect in murder of Susie Sharp and four lawmen, killed by officers, Cherokee County, Oklahoma 1932 Oklahoma. *source: "Bad Boys of the Cookson Hills"..R. D. Morgan..New Forums Press
Submitted by:
R. D. Morgan
LOWE Judge Lawman Chant/McCurtain area of Haskell Co. McCurtain Lawmen
LUCAS Elmer "Chicken" Outlaw - part of the Cook gang
first to be captured
Indian Territory brdp55
LUCKEY Buss Outlaw Indian Territory brdp83
LUND Alfred Deputy Sheriff Oklahoma Territory tl1p116-117
LUPER R. C. Violation of the National Prohibition Act Logan Co. See document
LURTY Warren S. U. S. Marshal

took office 05-14-1890
from Virginia didn't like the new county and returned to Virginia
Oklahoma Territory htp135

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