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Surname Given Position or
County or
GAINES Ogie Unknown Logan Co. See document
GALBREATH Horace Unknown Lawbreaker Logan Co. See document
GALBREATH Robert Peace Officer Oklahoma Territory  
GARDNER Earl Detective Tulsa, Oklahoma pbfp243
GARDNER Jerry Sheriff LeFlore Co. (?) OKBios Vol. 5
GARRETT Buck U. S. Marshal
Ardmore Chief of Police - 1905 to 1910
died 05-06-1929
See photo.
Indian Territory See photo
Buck Garret
GAR(R)ETT John Black U. S. Deputy Marshal - killed by the Buck gang Okmulgee, Indian Territory brdp88, 162
GARRETT Johnny W. Unknown Logan Co. See document
GARRISON Doc Lawman Oklahoma Territory Being researched by:
Kathy Maez - gg granddaugher
See photo
GARVER J. H. Jailer
was charged with carelessly permitting the escape of the Christian Brothers and Jim Casey
Oklahoma Co. ootp77, 79
GASTON L. U. Police Chief Bartlesville, Indian Territory pbfp128
GAY C. M. Sheriff Sequoyah Co. Earline Barger
Sequoyah Co. CC
GAY Eual Oklahoma Highway Patrolman for 22 years
Chief of Police for Oklahoma State Univ.
Oklahoma & Payne Co's J. Jones
GEBKE ? ? ? ? City Marshal Guthrie, O. T. whfp20
GEERS W. C. U. S. Marshal
took office 06-13-1933
Western District of Oklahoma usmars
GEORGE Jack Unknown Logan Co. See document
GERONIMO   Apache Chief
died 02-17-1909 at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma
Indian Territory Geronimo
GIBSON James H. City Marshal Washington Co. view info.
GIBSON William Outlaw - brought in by Bass Reeves Indian Territory brdp196
GILL J. H. U. S. Deputy Marshal under E. D. Nix Oklahoma Territory htp194
GILL Jim County Sheriff Tecumseh, O. T. ootp92
GILLETTE F. E. Associate Justice Supreme Court
and assigned to the Seventh District.
Born Ohio 1848.
moved to Kansas 1861 and to
Oklahoma 1892.
Served three terms to the Kansas House of Representatives
and one term in Senate.
Anadarko, Oklahoma moop19
GIVENS H. G. Violation of the National Prohibition Act Logan Co. See document
GLASS Charles Gambling & Bank Robbery
killed in a bank hold up with George Birdwell in Boley, Oklahoma
Henryetta, Oklahoma pbfp283
Also see Boley
GLASS Dick Black Whiskey Runner Marshalltown, Creek Nation
Seminole Nation
GLOVER Spencer Unknown Logan Co. See document
GOINGS William Outlaw - executed 07-13-1899 Chocaw Nation brdp128
GOINS Sam Murder
killed Houston Joyce
was executed 01-16-1890 at Ft. Smith.
Indian Territory National Park Service
GOLDSBY Clarence Outlaw
was brother of "Cherokee Bill"
killed Deputy Marshal Ike Rogers
Indian Territory brdp80
GOLDSBY Crawford - aka "Cherokee Bill" Cherokee Outlaw - murdered Ernest Melton at Lenapah.
murdered Lawrence Keating who was a guard at the Ft. Smith Prision - was hanged 03-17-1896.
Indian Territory brdp40
imp168, 170, 174-175, 181-192
also see Cherokee Bill
GOODALL Luther Bank Robber Mill Creek, I. T. pbfp234
GOODEN Frank Policeman Le Flore Co. brdp147
GOODWIN Emmett F. Chief of Police - shot by Will THOMAS - Buried in Fairview Cemetery north of Chickasha - died Feb. 3, 1909 44 yo   Gene Philips
GOODWIN David J. U. S. Deputy Marshal
1904 to 1907
Gowen, Oklahoma Territory Being researched by:
Lee Goodwin - grandson
GOOTCH Richard Outlaw - member of the United Socialist Club Indian Territory brdp117
GORDON Lon Outlaw - part of the Cook gang Indian Territory brdp45
GOSSETT I. B. Police Chief Duncan, Oklahoma Oklahombres Journal Vol X, Number 4, Summer 1999
GRACE W. A. "Bill" Sheriff Keokuk Falls, O. T. ootp98
GRADY Jasper P. U. S. Marshal
04-19-1897 to 04-01-1901
Central District of Indian Territory usmars
GRAHAM Clam Lawman Chant/McCurtain area of Haskell Co. McCurtain Lawmen
GRAMLICH Joe Deputy U. S. Marshal Indian Territory Submitted by:
Earline Barger
GRAY J. H. Violation of the National Prohibition Act Logan Co. See document
GRAYSON Aaron Outlaw - Murder Indian Territory brdp209
GRAYSON Miss Adeline Bootlegger - brought in by Bass Reeves Indian Territory brdp196
GRAYSON Jim Horse Thief Creek Nation brdp132
GRAYSON Tom Creek Lighthorseman Creek Nation brdp90
GREEN Edward B. Supreme Court Justice of the 1st Judicial District Oklahoma Territory whfp31
GREEN Richard Horse Thief
member of brother Sam Greens Gang
Roger Mills Co. See clipping
GREEN Sam Murder - killed Sheriff Jack Bullard and Deputy Sheriff Cogburn Roger Mills Co. Indian Pioneer Papers
Eliza J. Sullivan Interview,
June 29, 1937
See clipping
GREEN T. F. Deputy Clerk
retired in 1907
Purcell, I. T.  
GREER Kenner W. U. S. Marshal
took office 06-10-1954
Western District of Oklahoma See more
Submitted by:
Bernie Greer - nephew
GRIFFIN George Possession of Still Logan Co. See document
GRIFFIN Tom Marshal Cleveland Co. Indian Pioneer Papers
Lem F. Blevins,
May 20, 1937
GRIMES William C. U. S. Deputy Marshal
took office August 22, 1890
native of Lexington, Ohio
in 1878 married Mary Cleaver
1st District, Oklahoma Territory htp135
whfp30-31, 35
GRIPE Elmer Possession of Whiskey Logan Co. See document
GUTHRIE Jim Unknown Logan Co. See document
GUY Douglas Deputy Sheriff Kiowa, OK See article
GUY James Chickasaw Indian Police Sergeant Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory brdp108
GUY Jim US Marshal; Died in an infamous gunfight with the Lee Gang in the Ardmore area, and with him went two of the Roff Brothers, whose brother was prominent in Pontotoc Co., and one of their ranchhands. I am told he was the brother of Governor Guy.  Carter Co. Steve Bemrich

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