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Final Chapter Being Enacted
Murder Committed in 1902

Guthrie, Okla., May 27. - Sheriff Elliott, who recently went to British Columbia, has wired here that the prisoner under arrest there is Sam Green, one of the men under indictment for murdering Sheriff Bullard and Deputy Sheriff Cogburn, in 1902. Extradition papers are being prepared at Washington, asking for the return of Green to Oklahoma. When arrested the prisoner gave his name as G. McGiven. He arrived at Vancouver in April from Portland, Oregon. Sheriff Elliott went to Portland, in September, 1905, and to North Dakota in August, 1904, when he was informed of the supposed arrest of Green and his co-partner, Pete Whitehead. Both trips, however, were wild goose chases, but the Vancouver prisoner is positively identified as Green.

The killing of Jack Bullard, sheriff of Roger Mills county and his deputy Cogburn, occurred in June, 1902, near Cheyenne. Pete Whitehead and the Green boys, Sam and Richard, with Mrs. Sam Green and a confederate named Otis Stuhl, were in hiding near Cheyenne, having in their possession a bunch of alleged stolen horses. Bullard learned of their whereabouts and with Cogburn went to arrest them. As they approached the underbrush, where Green and his partners were hiding, the latter opened fire on the officers, instantly killing Bullard and fatally injuring Cogburn.

All members of the Green-Whitehead gang made their escape, excepting Stuhl and Mrs. Sam Green. Following their arrest, the defense was made that Bullard and Cogburn had called the women of the gang thieves and outlaws, and that the members of the gang fired on the officers to protect the honor of their women. But little evidence was ever given this story, however.

Article © The Daily Ardmoreite
Ardmore, Oklahoma
Monday, May 28, 1906

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