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Soper School


Soper - District 4

Soper School Enumeration - 1941

contributed by Nancy Abraham
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Billie Antwine
Hurshall Antwine
Jene Antwine
Joice Antwine
Rayman Antwine
Robbie Antwine
Jeral Atwell
June Aubry
Kinnith Aubry
Clarence Blankship
Robert Boaker/Booker
Adiana Burress
Charlie Craft
Danal Craft
Geneva Craft
Juniata Craft
Marian Craft
Nadine Craft
Vinita Craft
William Craft
Wanda June Crow
Herbert Davenport
Nell Davenport
Jack Easly
Billie Joe Fennell

Lafay Fennell
Maxine Fennell
Wayland Fennell
Casper Fleck
Ellen Fleck
James Fleck
Joe Fleck
Marjie Fleck
Carl Gambill
Estelle Gambill
Luie Gambill
Oma Gambill
Bill Grace
Fayette Grace
Lorine Grace
Nadine Grace
Forest Harper
Ruby Jo Harper
Wayne Harper
Bobie Jean Hatton
Delois Hatton
Charline Hayes
Earl Herman
Imogine Herman
Marie Herman

Waine Herman
Bobie Hester
Fayrine Hester
Florine Hester
Loid Hester
Dorthy Hinton
Iva Lee
Wilbert Lee
Beulafay Lester
Henery Lester
Joan Lester
Robert Wane Lester
Tomas Lester
David Long
Harald Lowrance
Wilmer Males
Annie Mae Nowell
Dollie Nowell
Edith Nowell
Frank Nowell
Hall Nowell
Ida Lorene Nowell
Ray Nowell
Ada Petty
Eamray Petty

Loils Petty
Truman Petty
Lillian Popchoke
Marie Popchoke
Wandia Popchoke
Delbert Stewart
Joe Stewart
Alvin Routon
Harlan Routon
C. L. Russell
Pauline Tally
R. W. Taylor
Atwood Waugh
Jodie Waugh
Katie Bell Waugh
Robert Waugh
Buster Whitson
J. C. Whitson
Luciell Whitson
Wayne Whitson
Ralph Williams
Wadia Williams

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