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Location Newspaper Publication Period Frequency Publisher
Boswell Boswell Citizen 4 Jun 1914-19?? Thursdays C. L. White
  Boswell News 1902-19?? Weekly W. L. Gaylor
  Boswell News & Boswell Citizen 19??-19?? Weekly News Print, Co.
  Boswell News 19??-1963 Weekly R. E. Crossett
  Boswell Times 196?-1991 Weekly Webster Clay
  Choctaw County Times 1991-1992 Weekly  
  The Submarine 16 Feb 1912-1915 Fridays Submarine Pub. Co., Inc.
Doaksville Choctaw Intelligencer 1850-1852    
  Choctaw Telegraph 1848-1849 Weekly D. G. Ball
Fort Towson Fort Towson Bulletin 18??-18??    
  Fort Towson Enterprise 7 Jul 1905-1920 Fridays  
  Fort Towson News 1918-193? Weekly A. G. Hardin
  Fort Towson Sentinel 1937-194? Weekly J. C. Oliver
Goodland Indian Orphan 1925-1927 Bimonthly Goodland Indian Orphanage
  Indian Arrow 1928-? Bimonthly Goodland Indian Orphanage
Grant Choctaw News 1901-190? Weekly Guy H. Williams
  Democrat 1907-1909?    
  Grant Graphic 1904-190? Weekly  
Hugo Choctaw County Chronicle 1907-190? Weekly Chronicle Pub. Co.
  Choctaw County Democrat 1920-192? Weekly W. E. Schooler
  Choctaw County Times 1993-2013 Weekly Choctaw County Pub. Co.
  Choctaw County Weekly 1963-196? Weekly Little Dixie Pub. Co.
  Choctaw Herald 3 Mar 1910-1919 Thursdays Jesse G. Curd
  Choctaw News 1892-1904?    
  Daily Sun 1933-1934    
  Examiner 2010-current    
  Evening News 1913-1919    
  Evening Sun 1951-1951    
  Hugo Daily Husonian 190?-1917 Mon - Sat Husonian Pub. Co.
  Hugo Daily News 1 May 1917-29 Aug 2014 Daily Husonian Pub. Co.
Stan Stamper
  Hugo Democrat 1961-1963 Weekly Little Dixie Pub. Co.
  Hugo Husonian 1902-1919 Weekly
Semiweekly (starting 10 Jul 1918)
W. J. Baldwin
  Hugo Husonian and the Choctaw Herald 1920-19?? Weekly D. O. Groff
  Hugo News 2 Sep 2014-current Tuesday & Friday Stan Stamper
  Husonian Democrat 19??-1961 Weekly W. E. Schooler
  Morning Sun 1934-1934    
  Red River News 1960-???? Weekly Little Dixie Pub. Co.
  Saturday Sun 1928-1933    
  Saturday Sun 1934-1951 Weekly Ennis M. DeWeese
  Southeast Oklahoman 1920-1963 Weekly Baldwin Print, Co.
Sawyer Choctaw Nation News 19??-19?? Monthly Choctaw Nation News
  Sawyer Times 1911-191? Weekly Suburban Newspaper Pub. Co.
Soper Choctaw County Democrat 1911-1914 Weekly Walter L. Garner
  The Soper Democrat 1914-19?? Thursdays R. E. Crossett
  Soper Enterprise 1910-191? Weekly Enterprise Pub. Co.
  Soper Herald 1906-3 Mar 1910 Weekly Walter L. Garner
Unknown Extractions From Unknown Newspapers      
Choctaw County Related Extractions From Non-Choctaw County Newspapers
  Dallas Morning News (Dallas, TX)      
  The Oklahoman / Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, OK)      
  The Paris News (Paris, TX)      

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