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1917 Ottawa Co. Jailors  Names on pictures


     Carden Building              Kenoyer Hotel & Post Office (now St. James)      First National Bank Building 1940's

     5th and S. Main (Miami Bakery)        110 S. Main (now Friendship House)      112 S. Main (now empty lot)

     120 S. Main          119 N. Main (Dixons)      1902 corner of Central & A St.       Glory B. Theater

1951 QUAPAW ANNUAL POW WOW   (From the Miami News Record)

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Albro store with one unknown      Picture

Assembly of God Church Congregation  Nov. 11, 1951 (owner Leona Swift McCoy now deceased)       Assembly Of God Church Nov.. 1951

Assembly of God Church Congregation  July, 1961 (owner Leona Swift McCoy now deceased)               Assembly of God Church July 1961


Baldwin, Grandpa John     Picture

Baldwin's, (4 ladies, 1 man, first names Mary, Nora, Ella, Rilla, and Bud)     Picture
     Ella and Rilla were twins, Nora also had a twin - Zora Baldwin Jones (not pictured). This is a picture of some of the Baldwin Children, children of "Grandma (Delphina)  and Grandpa (John A) Baldwin"
     Identification submitted by WADE LEON.

Grandma Baldwin, Mary Spinks, Fred and George    Picture

Bartlett, Josephine & Clifford Earl Steward    Picture

Berends Family         Picture

Berends, Birdella         Picture

Berends, Henry         Picture

Beyke, Charlotte (Lottie) Wood, Thurman and her mother Sarah Ellen (Flannery) Wood         Picture

Blunk Sisters, Delsie, Ethel, Tressie, Dorothy and Aline, daughters of Allen Blunk, Commerce     Picture

Boy Scout Troop of 1918     Picture

Brock, Forest and Pearl      Picture     Submitted by  Eddene Hightower Thompson

Buckmaster, Ida Ann Foster      Picture

Burton, Virgie & friends (center of pic)  b. March 1913, dau. of Virgil Anderson Burton)     Picture   Can you Identify any of these people??????? 


Cantrell, Imogene     Picture

Cullen, Cartha (Heimbeaugh) taken on front porch, 308 W. 4th St. in Picher     Picture

Cullen Kids - Golda Cullen Richardson (son Dan in the background), Joe E. Cullen and Pauline Cullen Horner Thurman      Picture


Doan, Harry Russell     Picture

Doan, Josephine Ione Kelly on right and neice Kelly, Joyce Yvonne Picture


Evans, John Millard -hands on equipment  (submitted by Ruth Simmons)  Picture


Fahnestock, Clayton & Leona in front of old mine   Picture

Fahnestock, Leona in front of Denton's Store    Picture

Finke, Bertha  dau. of  Richard and Sophia Finke  Picture

Finke, Edna (Clark)   b. 1893 in Miami, dau. of Frank Clark   Picture    PLEASE HELP IDENTIFY THE OTHERS

Foster, Margaret  (Family)     Picture


Gilbert, Don & Johnson, Mary - taken in Hockerville  Picture

Graff, Nona      Picture


Hammock, Dorsey Emile & Nona Graff     Picture

Harris, Bill w/dau. Billie and wife Flossie w/dau. Margaret taken 1944 Picture

Harris, Bill      Picture

Harris, Flossie McCoy       Picture

Harris, Lucille         Picture

Hockerville Church - Group of men which are identified  Picture

Hockerville School - 1943 1st and 2nd Grade    Picture



Johnson Family, l to r  Price, Johnny and Mary taken about 1923 Picture

Johnson, Harrison C. (Harry) and Mary M. (Wasson) with baby Nettie Picture

Johnson, Lafayette & Nettie (Price) with granddaughter Lucy, 3rd dau. of Harry & Mary Johnson   Picture

Johnson, Lucy (3rd dau. of Harry & Mary Johnson)   Picture

Johnson, Price Wasson and brother Johnny Johnson; s/o Harry & Mary Johnson     Picture

Johnson, Price W. and Johnny M.   (Johnny b. in Hockerville and Price b. in Oronogo, MO. ) Picture

Jones, Frank & brothers Benny, Elmer & Jess   Picture

Jones, Mattie        Mattie 


Ka-dah-to-heh    "Keeper of Tribal Fire"  Picture

Kelly, Joyce Yvonne     Letter from British Flying Training School in Miami


Lykins, (Col.) W. C.  1847 - 1909 (referred as 1 of 3 Miami Fathers) Picture


Ben Miller Family     Picture

McCoy, Sarah (Coker), Edward, Charles (on horse) and Emma  Picture

McCoy Family (Owners of the McCoy Greenhouse in Commerce)  Picture

McGahey, Day and Becky holding Florence taken 1906-07   Picture

McGeehee, Sailor  Picture

Miami people from the 1930's       Picture 1         Picture 2        Picture 3

MHS Broadcaster-High School Newspaper-pictures from May 25, 1933 Issue Page 1    Page 2Page 3

Moore, Clayton Family     Picture 


John Nelson and 2 undentifieds aboard the USS Sumner   Picture This picture sent to Pansy GREAVES-ESSEX b. 1914 in Ottawa Co., Ok. d. 2002 and was recently found by family members.  On the back he has written 'age 15'.  If anyone would like a copy of this photo, please contact 


Oak Grove School Class 1930       (4th from left - Virginia Pearl Smith)     Photo

Old Peyote Round House      Picture   

P. - Q.

Pathkiller, Johnson Crittendon, SR     Picture  1858-  Nov. 1977 could have  died in  Picher, OK=spouse: Sarah Frances Fitts=Had 10 children=Parents: Judge William Pathkiller & Nancy Crittenden=Grandparents: Chief Nunna'hi-dihi Samuel Pathkiller & Sukey Martin Charles Crittenden & Nannie Downing    Submitted by B. J. Prather

Picher High School Building     Picture

Picher High School Grads 1934       Picture

Picher Schools        Central Grade School

Pooler, Manford (Tick-wa-ka)  1862 - 1930 (referred as 1 of 3 Miami Fathers)     Picture


Ramsey, Charles and stepson Keener, Charles    Picture

Ramsey, Olin Leslie "Runt"   (Miami Football Coach 1936 to 1947)     Picture

Richardville, Thomas F.  1830 - 1911 (referred to as 1 or 3 Miami Fathers)     Picture

Riggs, Charles Thomas       Picture

Route 66 and Oklahoma State Line     Picture 


Sapp, Albert and Family     Picture

Sapp, Ellen, Albert, Alva and Ethel     Picture

School Group, Teacher Alma Hatton      Picture  Help needed with identifying people and where school was.

Sisters Club  (anyone know any of these ladies)   Picture

Sherwood, Clyde Columbus and Blanche Teague    Picture

Sherwood, Clyde James      Picture

Solid South School Class Photo Cardin, OK  1947   Picture

Steward, Mabel Lenore      Picture


Teague, Blanche     Picture

Teague Family     Picture

Teague, William Wesley     Picture

Thurman, Lonnie I. (known as Buster Beyke) and Pauline (Cullen) Picture


Unidentified     Picture

Unidentified      Picture 


Volz, Fred W.      Picture and History Info         Follow Up to Volz Family Trip Page 1      Follow Up Page 2      Follow Up Page 3

W. - X. - Y. - Z.

Whitebird Class of 1951-52   2nd Grade    Picture

Whitebird Class of 1953-54   4th Grade   Picture

Wilson, Irvin - "Ceremonial Chief"     Picture

Wilson School Class       1st Grade      3rd Grade     4th Grade      6th Grade       Submitted by Patty Long McWilliams   

Woolworth Store in Miami, OK      Picture  
This picture appeared in Miami News Record on Wednesday, April 11, 1956.  Thanks Lynda

1.  Lady behind counter - Eula Duncan 6.  Jean Buckmaster 11. Mrs. Louise Ash
2.  Paul Shell 7. Mrs. Ruth West 12. Mrs. Hazel Boyd
3.  Reta Sharp 8. Pauline Vanatta Bailey 13. Mrs. Dorothy Dawson
4. Anna Lee Cron 9. Lorene Vanatta 14. Lavonne Whitesell Stewart
5. Frances Coble 10. Ruby Stogsdill Greninger 15. Mrs. Eula Duncan