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Surname:  McClure
Date:  11 Nov 2014
Submitter:  Billie Walsh
Many years ago we visited with, to the best of my old memory, with the family of Perry McClure. It would have been about 1960ish. As best I remember they lived about a mile east of highway 77 just south of Ponca City. I was told that Perry was a chief of the Ponca's. They had two sons that I remember would have been about 16 and 17. I also remember that Perry worked for the post office. A year or two after our visit Mr. and Mrs. McClure came into the cafe that mom was managing. I believe it was the oldest son had been killed in Viet Nam. All this background is from my memory which I have to admit doesn't work as well as I would like sometimes.
We arrived just after dinner. The table had just been cleared. By Ponca custom, as we were told, Mrs. McClure went to the kitchen and somehow produced another complete meal. We tried to object but it would have been an insult. When Mrs. McClure brought out the salad my mother made a remark about how beautiful the salad bowl was [out of ignorance]. Mrs. McClure took the bowl, and associated utensils, into the kitchen, washed them and presented them to mom. Mom didn't want to accept the bowl but had to. For all these years the bowl has had a place of honor in our home. We never used it. Now my "Wild Goose Chase". Mom has now passed away. I have given it a lot of thought and if possible I would very much like to return the salad set to the family. I would appreciate whatever help anyone can give.

Surname:  Adams
Date: 13 Oct 2014
Submitted:  C.T. Garrett, Jr.
Seeking information on the family of the late Wayne Adams. He and his wife, Dorothy, raised their family in the Blackwell area. Wayne and my father were in the Navy together.  Wayne passed away in about 2004. They had three children. They are Roy Wayne, Stephen (deceased), and Becky.  I would appreciate any information you could give me about this family.

Surname:  Anderson
Date:  25 Jul 2013
Submitter:  Paul Stouffer
I work with a number of international researchers regarding WW II veterans. This week I was contacted by a researcher in Germany that indicated they have found the 1944 crash site of a P-47 in northern Germany. They believe the pilot was Lt. Edwin Elza Anderson, who was taken prisoner after safely parachuting out. Preliminary records show an Edwin E. Anderson by the same name was born in Kay County in 1922. He passed away in 2000 and is buried in the Blackwell Cemetery. His gravesite marker indicates he is a veteran of the US Army Air Forces in World War II.
My questions are:
1) Is this the same Edwin Anderson, P-47 pilot and POW in WW II?
2) Is it possible relatives may still reside in the area?  I know the researchers would love to know more about Mr. Anderson.

Surname:  McGlasson
Date:  24 Mar 2013
Submitter: Jim McClung
Searching for Jay Loyd McGlasson obituary. March 25, 1967-August 28, 1996.  Burial at Newkirk Cemetery.

Surname:  Mittendorf
Date:  2 Mar 2013
Submitter: Bob Anderson
In the 1940 census, my Aunt (Lois Mittendorf) is listed as a student nurse. I assume that she was a student at the Ponca City Hospital School of Nursing. (I believe that my assumption has a high probability as being true based on contact with a distant relative who stated that her mother grew up in a boarding house run by her parents in Ponca City. She stated that they had many student nurses from the Hospital nursing school.) My Question: Do know where the Nursing school archives might be? Or better, who or what can I contact to determine if my Aunt graduated from the nursing school?

Surname:  Swingle
Date:  28 Jan 2013
Submitter:  Doris Dramov
I am looking for any information you may have on my great grand-father, Albert Galleton Swingle, who lived in Blackwell, OK from near the turn of the last century until his death in 1913 in Blackwell. I am joining the DAR and any documents you might have on Albert would perhaps be helpful in tracing my lines further back.
I wonder if you have any record of him? He may have owned property, he was a builder, he might have married there, he died in Blackwell. Any assistance you can offer would be most welcome.
Doris Rademacher-Dramov’s family history also places him in Bixby at that same time. His son wrote for the local paper, The Bixby Bulletin, so there may be an obituary, it occurs to me.

Surnames:  Affholder, Foster
Date:  1 Jun 2012
Submitter:  Patricia Belser
I am looking for any info on my family! My maternal grandparents lived in Blackwell, Oklahoma, from at least 1920s to their deaths; they are both buried in city cemetery. I spent my early childhood visiting Blackwell & the farm every summer then we moved to Maryland and lost contact. I also lived in Newkirk (1st grade), South Haven, Kansas (2nd, 3rd & 4th grade) and Ponca City (5th Grade).
Grandfather= Irvin E. Affholder (1894 – 1976) He was a dentist who had his practice on Main Street in Blackwell through the 1950s.

Grandmother = Mildred Tirzah [Foster] Affholder (1896 – 1984?)
Daughters: (they all went to school all through high school in Blackwell)
Dorothy Ernestine [Affholder] Belser (Born Nov. 1921/ MY MOTHER)
Naomi Jane [Affholder] Laird
Ione [Affholder] Winter
1.  I cannot find info on my grandfather in census info (he was born in Kansas/grew up on a farm outside Alva)
2.  My grandmother Mildred T. Foster family had a farm outside Blackwell (I found Foster’s listed in the Cherokee Strip land run of 1993) and they apparently had a store called “FOSTERS” around 1900 in Blackwell. I am very interested in finding out about this. . . the farm/did they get the land in the run? And the store, what kind of store was it, how long it was in business?
3.  Mildred T. Foster parents/ (my great-grandparents) = Amos M. Foster & mother Parlee Foster (I do not know her maiden name?) and brother Ray E. Foster (I found Mildred listed in the US Census, 1920 with their names BUT I CAN’T find anything else on them and would love to)
4. Do you have access to more info than is on the “Kay County/ Gen site”???
5. Where can I go for free info on them living, farming, family history in Kay County???

Blackwell Children's Home
Date:  28 May 2012
Submitter: Bridget Arnett
I am hoping someone can help me. For nearly 17 years I have been collecting documents and researching our family histories. I began the search with records my grandmother, Imogene Marie Kotchavar, had collected through her search for her father and any family he may have had. She remembers living in a children's home in Blackwell when she was very young. Unfortunately, the only documentation I have found on such a facility is a mention of the name and a 1933 census showing 19 children living in the home. Here is the link:
I am very interested in obtaining a copy of this 1933 census, if one exists and/or obtaining any information on the home. She lived in this home with her two brothers, Ralph Kotchavar, Jr., andBilly Kotchavar. Billy passed away at the age of five, according to my grandmother, while living in the home - no other information has been found. I have found other census records where the children were living with their grandparents in 1930 (Hattie and John Kotchavar) there in Blackwell.

The whereabouts of Janie Bell Rhea (Imogene's mother) were unknown for many years, and I have yet to find her on any documents beyond 1920, with the exception of the Kay County marriage record of 1923. If you have any information on this facility, please email me. I realize it may seem insignificant to some; however, just as it was important to my grandmother to capture this missing portion of her life before she passed, it has become important to my mother. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Surname:  Carter
Date:  16 Aug 2011
Submitter:  Barry Fox
Does anyone have the access to look up an obituary for Samuel Christopher Carter, died 10/6/1983?

Surname: Starkey
Date:  15 Aug 2011
Submitter:  Cay Spicocchi
Looking for someone to look for a James B. Starkey and/or his wife Nellie Phillips Starkey at one of the cemeteries in Kay County. I would not expect it to take more than 4-5 hours. I can provide the rest of the details if someone is willing to do the research for me. I live in Santa Fe, NM and I am not sure whether he is buried there, or in Cowley Co, Ks or if he was shipped back to Indiana. Please contact me if you can help.

Surname: Farnik
Date:  7 Jun 2011
Submitter:  Steve Jacobs
I'm researching my wife's family history and just found that her Farnik ancestors lived in Waltham, OK (which now looks like it is just a rural area just outside of Ponca City) from just after they arrived in the U.S. at Galvaston, TX in 1902 until at least the early 1940s. I have their informa-tion from 1910, 1920, and 1930 censuses. What I'm really interested in finding is any further information on where they came from (exact city/town). I know that a death certificate for Ignac Farnik (died between 1920 and 1930) and naturalization records for him and his wife
Frantiska (both naturalized in 1903 per census data) are what I need. I'm wondering if you can give me any contacts of genealogists in Kay Co. who would, for a fee of course, try to gather this information for me. I'd be very happy to bring the history back to this site to share with others
once I complete it.

Surname:  Gillespie
Date:  25 May 2011
Submitter:  Cheri Coley
Hoping you can direct me in my search. A sister of my ancestor and her family lived in Kay County and are buried at the Odds Fellows Cemetery in Blackwell. She died in 1923. Would a newspaper have ran an obituary back then and where would you find it. Her husband died in Blackwell in 1918. Or do I need to order a death certificate? Her name was Lucinda Coley Gillespie and the husband was Jacob Gillespie.

Surnames:  Foster, Cantrell, Bragg
Date:  10 Mar 2011
Submitter:  Robert Foster
Is anyone on this list descended from James Thomas Foster (d. 1952 in Kay Co.), the son of Alfred Foster and Elizabeth Cantrell (death certificate says maiden name Bragg, but I believe this is in error)? If so, I’d like to compare notes.

Surname: Bumgardner
Date:  9 Feb 2011
Submitter:  Robert Bumgardner
Born in Blackwell, Kay County, Oklahoma.  I had and have many (numerous) relatives with the surname of Bumgardner.  Many of whom can be verified by census or telephone directories. I wonder why the surname is not among the surnames listed in your listing for Kay County, Oklahoma.  Some ancestors of this surname were in the "run" for Oklahoma including my father and grandfather.  Many settled in and around Blackwell, Newkirk, Nardin and Kay County.

Surnames:  Williams
Date:  8 Feb 2011
Submitter:  Sally Seaman
Is anyone researching Jno. West WILLIAMS b. abt 1840 PA and wife, Lois A. b. abt 1854 Canada-East?  Their children included Angus C. WILLIAMS b. 1875 Wisc; Kyler B. WILLIAMS b. 1879 Minn; twins boys Wilfred WILLIAMS b. 1880 Minn and Wilbur C. WILLIAMS b. 1880 Minn.  This family lived in Big Hill, Cross Twp., Osage Co. in 1920
and in Ponca City, Kay Co., in 1930 but continued farming in Osage County.  Wilfred WILLIAMS wife was Edna Jane b. abt 1886 Montana and she died between 1920 and 1930. Is she buried in Osage Co. or in Kay Co.?

Surnames:  Tickel, Tickle
Date:  18 Jan 2011
Submitter: Judith T. Need
My great grandfather, Pinkney Tickel and my grandfather H. B. Tickel made the Cherokee run into Kay County, OK as well as several uncles. They settled near the town of Braman. I would be happy to help anyone who is searching these families.

Surname: Glover
Date:  26 Oct 2010
Submitter:  Irene
Looking for obits on Beverly D. Glover, died March 1974, also wife Merle Irene Dallas Glover but have no date on her.  They were living in Ponca City at the time of death. Also would like Cemetery information or any other info.  They both were from Arkansas.

Surnames:  Garrett, Garret
Date:  8 Jul 2010
Submitter:  Marilyn Garrett Bluck
I am searching for the graves of my grandfather, Elmer E. Garrett (Garret) who died November 5, 1917, in Tulsa, but his Death Certificates says his place of burial was Ponca City. I am also searching for my great grandfather, Thomas J. Garrett, born abt 1849 who died (I was told) on 1 April 1912 in Ponca City, Oklahoma. I cannot find any mention of them in the cemeteries on line.
My family was from Ponca City. My father Thomas J. Garrett was born in Ponca City on 3 Sept 1912. He is now deceased. I am trying to do my family genealogy.
I also have a death certificate for one of my grandfather's brothers, Charles Jefferson Garrett, who died March 23, 1956. His death certificate indicates he was buried in IOOF Cemetery, Ponca City, Oklahoma.  However, I find no records for him on line.
Any assistance you could suggest in locating my family would be greatly appreciated. If there is a fee for this service, please advise.

Surname: Klinger
Date:  26 Apr 2010
Submitter:  Donna Nichols
I have working on the Charles F. Klinger family and have information about this family in the Hobart, Garfield, OK area during the 1910 census. However nothing in the 1920 census.  Family records show that he is buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, Mausoleum, Ponca City, Kay Co., OK. I would love to have a date of death. If possible month, day, and year but a year what be good too.

Surnames: Hoffman, Harris, McCall, Robertson, Sanders
Date:  12 Dec 2009
Submitter:  BessieMH@aol.com
I'm searching for several missing family members and any data from Kay County may be useful as they were known to be living there periodically between 1895 and 1940. 
Names are:
John Hoffman
Charles Hoffman
Maggie (or Margaret) Hoffman
    1st Marriage to Samuel Harris
         One female child: Fay or Faye Harris
               Faye married Charles Sanders and later Lawrence
               G. Robertson
    2nd Marriage (of Maggie) to Eugene McCall  - no children

Surname:  Taylor
Date:  25 Sep 2009
Submitter:  Rick Tunnell
I have a photo (Click here to see Photo) labeled on the back as:  J. L. Taylor, 1216 South 4th St., Ponca City, OK. I do not know this person but the photo was found with our photographs. Since my father was in WWII, I'm guessing this was a buddy of his. My father has since passed so there is no one to confirm with. Maybe someone researching this family will recognize it. I'd like to get it into the hands of this gentleman's family.
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