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Right: 101 Ranch submitted by Barbara Rivas and used with permission.


101 Ranch
Surnames: OGAN
Submitter: Emily Aulicino
Date: 08 July 2003
Seeking information about: Servetus Wesley Ogan who d May 1981 in Ponca City, Kay Co, OK. Servetus Ogan who d. 26 Dec 1996 in OK.
I think this unusual given name is all from my family and I wish to connect to anyone with any information on any OGAN in the area.
Thank you.
 Surnames: BRINEY / SHAW
Submitter: Judy Dankert Parsons
Date: 30 Jun 2003
BRINEY/SHAW: Seeking any information as to where John Nelson Briney and his wife Jessie Blanch SHAW resided or farmed in/around Blackwell OK 1900 or shortly thereafter. He was a farmer and bridge builder, newly married. He moved to Iowa later on. Are there any census records to view for this area that you don't have to order/pay for or platt maps? Thank you for any info.
Surnames: BROWN
Submitter: Jason Holtermann
Date: 26 Jun 2003
I am looking for any information on Albert Brown who was born on 2-13-1877 and died on 7-15-1973 in Ponca City. Please email me if you have info on this person.
Submitter: Melissa Dougherty
Date: 24 Jun 2003
I am looking for information on my Great-grandfather Clyde Wayne Hetzel or Heltzel. I am not sure which. He was the district attorney for Newkirk. Probably in the 40's or 50's. He was married to my Great-grandmother Leda Vanetta. I am not sure when they were married. Her stepfather's name was C. Goldman and her mother's name was Ethel Goldman. They lived in Blackwell in the 1930's. Any information would be great. Thank You!
Surnames: BARNES
Submitter: Jesse Barnes
Date: 22 Jun 2003
Charles Andrew Barnes was born September 5th 1902 in Hopkins Co., Texas and died February 8th 1979 in Ponca City Ok. I am searching for any of his children, Ollie Mae, Charlene or Laurie. Any information on any of these would be appreciated
Surnames:   NEFF
Submitter Jennifer Seitl
Date: 08 Jun 2003
My great great grandfather, Robert A. Neff, lawyer and judge in Kay County in the very earliest days of settlement is the ancestor whose biography I would like to share. You can link directly to the page which includes his history in Blackwell and Newkirk with this URL:http://www.angelfire.com/my/Neffs/robertneff2.htm
Thank you! Jennifer Seitl
Surnames: STRICKER
Submitter: Sharon Westmoreland
Date: 01 Jun 2003
Looking for any information on Sylvester Stricker who died in Tonkawa on May 22 1927. Other than birth date and place this is all of the info that I have.
Surnames:   SMALL DAVIS
Submitter: Eileen Small
Date: 23 May 2003
We are trying to find out information on my husband's family tree. My husband's father was Herbert K. Small who died in Ponca. His grandfather was George Washington Small whom we believe is buried in Tonkawa. George was married to Virginia Victoria Davis- also buried in Tonkawa to the best of our knowledge. What we are hoping to locate is George and Virginia's birth and death dates and possibly the names of their parents. Any helpful info? Thanks in advance!
Submitter: Robert Watson  Date: 21 Apr 2003
I am looking for my mother's father and mother.
My mother's name is Julia Ellen Sherrill. She was born in Blackwell, Oklahoma, Kay County I am pretty sure. She married Robert William Watson my father. That is all I know.
Surnames: ROSS / NEWMAN
Submitter: Samantha Olsen Date: 21 Apr 2003
I was told that my Gr Gr Grandpa William Ross came from Blackwell,OK. I don't have very much information on him, just that he was married to Martha Newman and had (at last count) 5 children : Oscar Simon,SR (b.Oct 17, 1886)  Mable (b.1893 - m. Seymore Dedrick June 07, 1916)  Alzada or Alzala (b. Oct 10, 1882)  John (b. May 06, 1894) Elgooda E. (b.1882) Elizabeth (no birth year).
I was told that he had a brother, John Ross who traveled from OK with him. They eventually settled in Southern Indiana around Pike and Gibson counties.
This is a stretch, I know. I'm asking for an awful big miracle here. William is my brick wall. I'm hoping someone out there has some kind of answer for me. Thanks in advance!!
Submitter: Kimberly Becker  Date: 02 Apr 2003
Looking for information on the Bowman and Dunham families of Blackwell Oklahoma...The info I do have is very limited. My Husbands Grandfather was John Edwin Dunham II he was born about 1928 in Blackwell.
His Parents were Mary Viola Bowman and John Edwin Dunham... My mother in law told me the family was Choctaw.. not sure about this ... This is all the information I have Please help
Submitter: Sonya Black
Date: 26 Mar 2003
I am looking for any information on my great-great grandmother Alta Froggett. She was born in 1875 and died in 1901 in Cross, Kay Co. OK. She married Noah Jines in around 1864. She gave her two boys up for adoption after Noah divorced her. Any information would be extremely appreciated.
Submitter: Carrie Rushing   Date: 11 Mar 2003
Looking for Doverd F. Lindsay and wife Lena. Doverd worked for an Oil company in Kay County. I found them in the 1930 Kay Co, OK census. I believe that Lena may be buried at a cemetery in Ponca City but not sure. I do know that Doverd passed on in California.
Submitter: Don R Gray Date: 08 Mar 2003
Looking for Info on Dossett,Shriver and Palmer Familys.Were all early Kay Co residents. Lived in Newkirk, Uncas and Kaw City.
Surnames: SUMNER
Submitter: Myrna Steele Date: 01 Mar 2003
I am seeking any information regarding Theodore Sumner or Charles Sumner. Theodore served in WWI. We do not know the date that Theodore died, but we were told that he died somewhere in Oklahoma. Charles is Theodore's father and both were of the Kaw Nation.
Surnames: BEARD
Submitter: John Sowers Date: 27 Feb 2003
Is there anyone who could do a lookup to see if there was and article in the newspaper of an accident near Alva, OK that Killied Ethel Beard of Blackwell and her sister and brother in law William and Doris Whitehead on 4 July 1976. Also would like to contact any Beard descendants. e-mail me at sowgenealogy@sunflower.com
Surnames: COLEMAN, Fred W.
Submitter: Earl Coleman Date: 26 Feb 2003
I'm looking for a Fred W. Coleman, age 38, born Kansas. He was in Blackwell Township on the 1930 census. Could some do a look up on the 1930 census and let me know what Fred's family looks like. Sure do appreciate your help.
Surnames: HYBARGER
Submitter: Joe Boyd Date: 23 Feb 2003
Looking for information on the Hybarger family who settled in OK at the time of the land rush.
Also believe he owned a restaurant in Blackwell called the "Hole in the Wall."
Submitter: Connie Borgren Date: 21 Feb 2003
I am looking for a Nola Hayden who lived in Blackwell OK in 1960. I believe she may have passed away as there is a SS death index for a Nola Hayden with benefits paid to Ponca City address, date of death April 1982.
This woman sent information to my Grandmother regarding a William Walling family that she knew. I need to know her source as this is stunning information to Walling/Wallen/Wallin researchers.
Nola stated she was the daughter of John Lindsey Walling, son of Jesse Walling, son of Thomas and Nancy Walling.
Any help would be appreciated, especially if an obit could be found.
Thanks for your assistance! Connie
Surnames: SIMMONS
Submitter: Marlin Diehl Date: 08 Feb 2003
Would someone please look up an OBIT for Walter Lewis Simmons - died Jun 9, 1985. I would like to have a copy. Thanks. Marlin
Submitter: Mike Hutchinson   Date: 03 Feb 2003
Searching for info on BRIDGES brothers who came to Kay County OK from Mason County, IL, including Charles Augusta BRIDGES (b. 15 July 1869), and Parker or Park BRIDGES (b. 13 Jan 1872).
Sons of Thomas Jefferson BRIDGES (b. 1844 IL) and Rebecca RAMSEY (b. 1852 OH).
I have lots to share. Mike Hutchinson
Submitter: Jack Green   Date: 29 Jan 2003
Looking for information on Ernest W. Merrifield. Listed in Ponca City as an electrical engineer in 1920 and in Blackwell in 1930. Married to a Dorotea A. ??. Children Joyce B., Judith E., and Carol Jane. Ernest was my Paternal grandfather's brother.
Submitter: Leona Schenk Date: 28 Jan 2003
I am looking for information on the Luckstadt/Luckstead/Lucksted Family. I know that some of them are buried in the I.O.O.F. cemetery in Ponca City, Kay, OK.
 Surnames: BURK HUNTER
Submitter: Lisa Brown Date: 24 Jan 2003
I am researching information on Barbara L. Burk, born in March 1931 and Otho Leroy Hunter, born in July 1926. Barbara played the clarinet for the local junior high school (Ponca City). Her mother died in 1936, leaving her with a 65 year old friend or relative. She left OK with Otho Hunter in the mid-late forties for Los Angeles. Any information or suggestions on where to look in Kay county are greatly appreciated.
Surnames: MEINKE
Submitter: Sherrie Stahl Date: 21 Jan 2003
Looking for a Vernon A. Meinke (Vern) who was living on Ponca City, OK in 1936 according to his father's obituary. We have lost track of him. Can anyone check the city directories for the 1936 onward time frame to see if they can locate VERN MEINKE. He was born Aug 1898 in KS.
thanks for your help, Sherrie Stahl
Submitter: Sam Jones Date: 08 Jan 2003
Moses and Jones Family. In the early 50s a lady from Blackwell Okla. visited my parents in Amarillo,Tx. Her maiden name was Louise Moses ,her mothers name was Della Jones. Her fathers name was will Moses. This lady would be in her early 80s now. Thanks in advance for any information.
Submitter: Judy Olszewski Date: 02 Jan 2003
I am looking for info on my family...mygrandmother was Etta Cheatum (Maiden name Calkins) Her mothers maiden name was Lanocha...grandmother had a sister Min who served in the first world war as a nurse. and a brother that I only know as Judge Calkins ..He married (I think) a woman Mary Wildwoman??????? I am looking for any native American connection, I am trying to find family history,. can you help me? Last I knew Judge was working in Wa or Oregon at a Native American place... Min's SSN # is 563523715 I am looking for birth records, military records. Grandma said she (grandma) had not been registered as a Native American due to the stigma. can you help me? thank you 
Submitter:  Paul Wooten Date: 31 Dec 2002
Kaw City resident
My ggrandmother, Annie L. ROBERTSON, died in Oklahoma City on 10 Dec., 1936. At the time of her death, she was a resident of Kaw City Oklahoma. Is there anyone who can check for an obituary for me? Or perhaps someone could tell me where to check?
Annie's son, Chester O. WOOTEN was also a resident of Kaw City at the time of her death.
Any information about Annie or Chester would be greatly appreciated.
Paul Wooten, Washington State
Surnames: SHAW
Submitter: Michal Wintz  Date: 26 Dec 2002
I would like to find information on my Grandfather Shaw. I have the marriage certificate of my grandparents and the place he died. No remaining family members know about him as he died shortly after my father was born. His name was Jess L Shaw he died June 13,1927 5 1/2 miles south of NewKirk at his home. He married my grandmother Feb. 21,1923 at the First Methodist Church in Newkirk Oklahoma. I was told my grandmother Elsie Lee Ne McKinny was his second wife . He was widower with a daughter my Aunt Beulah Who Married A man named Hougandorn they had a daughter named Thelma . They lived in Ponca City Oklahoma. That is all I know . I would like to find out if my grandfather had brothers or sisters and where they come from. Thank you form any information you may have on my Grandfather Jess L. Shaw.
Submitter: Grace Knowles
Date: 13 Dec 2002
I am searching for someone who could do some lookups for me in Newkirk, Kay County. I am looking for any information concerning my great grandfather, J.C. Burdette. The name Burdette could also be spelled Burdett or Burditt. His given name was Jared Cephus however, he apparently never used it because even on his marriage license he is listed as J.C. My grandmother called him Zeke (I haven't a clue why)
J.C. lived in Kay County some prior to his death in Newkirk (?) in October of 1936 and must be buried somewhere in the vicinity. Mostly I am trying to locate an obit, a death certificate, and maybe a picture of the grave site. (that may be difficult as I don't know if the grave is marked). I know that the state has the death certificates but I have sent my ten dollars several times, the last being 2 years ago. I have long given up on them. So perhaps just an obit in a Newkirk paper. He may have lived in Braman or Ponca City as my grandparents lived in these towns prior to their migration to Idaho in 1938/9. Thanks so very much.
Surnames: BROWNING
Submitter: Nancy Newman
Date: 12 Dec 2002
I am looking for information about my great grandfather John Wesley Browning 11/29/1839 to Oct 5, 1921. He made the run in the Cherokee Strip in 1893 and settled in Kay County. He sold his first property and bought another near Peckham. I have been told that he donated land so that the railroad would go through Peckham. He also donated land for the Christian church
Surnames: SEIDEL
Submitter: Ruben Ayala
Date: 11 Dec 2002
I'm researching my wife's ancestry and am looking for William E Seidel and family. He was born 1862 in Pennsylvania, lived in Illinois and later settled in Ponca City, although he was listed in Weston in the 1920 census. I don't know when he passed or when he arrived in Oklahoma, but would appreciate any leads.
Submitter: Joan D'Andrea
Date: 04 Dec 2002
Looking for information re: Greenbury Lawson and his wife Livinia Jane Carter Lawson. Greenbury b.7/16/1824 d. 7/15/1904 Livinia b.6/14/1823 d. 1/15/1915. Buried in Riverview Cemetery.
Surnames: ROZELL
Submitter: Gerald Carr
Date: 25 Nov 2002
I am seeking any information on Naomi A(lpha?). Rozell. She was born about 1910 in MO and married Oliver F. Carr in Newkirk, Kay co. OK in April (day?) 1927. In 1930 they lived in Independence, KS. They were divorced in 1931. A son, Alfred Warren Carr, was born 19 Feb. 1929 and died 27 July 1932 at Oklahoma City, OK while "visiting relatives." He was buried at Independence, KS.
I believe she had family in Newkirk, including brothers Clyde and James Rozell. Their father's name may have been Emerson C. Rozell.
I am sure Naomi spent her life in OK, and most likely remarried, but I have no other information. Anything further would be appreciated.
Surnames: Strader
Submitter: Carey Strader
Date: 23 Nov 2002
I am looking for information on the Strader family from Kay County, Oklahoma. Starting with Harry James Strader and back. I know he had a brother Edgar and a sister Paula. His mother was Ella Strader. If anyone can help me I would deeply appreciate it
Submitter: Michelle Dale
Date: 10 Nov 2002
I am looking for info about James William David Harrison born:11-13-1877 and died 8-1-1984 in ponca city. Married to Virgie E. Robertson born on 2-8-1887 died on 10-12-1974 in ponca city. Also looking for info Lenard Altum born in Illinois on 12-25-1867 and died on 6-4-1944 in Tonkawa OK thank you for your help.
Submitter: Charlene Lee
Date: 06 Nov 2002
My grandparents were lifetime residents of Newkirk. They were Omer and Ruth(Jones) Cress and he owned a tire shop on main street for many years.
My mother Nell Marie Cress graduated from Newkirk high school. I am searching for any information on my grandmothers parents, Ethelbert (Bert) Jones (B/1865) and his wife Laura bell (Willis) Jones (B/1872), they also lived in Newkirk and I believe he was sheriff there. I know they are all buried at Newkirk cemetery. Do I have any long lost cousins out there with information? Thanks for any help.
Surnames: LESSERT
Submitter: Marcy Feltenberger
Date: 26 Oct 2002
I would appreciate anyone who could find me copies of obits for my aunt and uncle who both died in Oklahoma. An email attachment is all that is necessary. The following is the information that I have on each of them.
Surnames: KIMBELL
Submitter: Dee Kimbell
Date: 25 Oct 2002
Looking for info on John William Kimbell reportedly killed near Blackwell OK in 1897. Was married to Sarah Jane Gaskill. Had one son John W Kimbell. John William was reportedly born in Arkansas; his son John was born in Searcy Co Ark in 1869.
Submitter: Pam Lewallen
Date: 18 Oct 2002
I am looking information on my father's family. On my birth certificate is says he was born in Hartford,Ark. His birth date is 2-26-1910. He had a younger brother named, Artie Cleveland, Born in 1913. Their parents names were Grover C. Randall and Mary Jane Hill Randall. There were also some relatives who lived in Oilton, Ok. back in the 50's. Their names were Jake and Zora Robinson. They had 2 boys and 1 girl( she is deceased). My grandmother Mary Jane was born somewhere in W. Virginia, I don't know where My grandfather was born. I was given another name W.P. Randall, but don't know how he is related or if the initials are man or woman. If there is anyone out there who can help me, I would appreciate it very much. My father didn't talk about his family very much. 
Submitter: Daryl Wilson
Date: 17 Oct 2002
Does any one have information on A.L. Case and his wife Rosetta, They moved from Ringgold Co. Iowa to Newkirk, Kay Co., OK in 1913. Their family was nearly grown. Their eldest daughter Unnie is my grandmother
Their 2nd daughter Floretta (Flo) married Fred Hoskins, she died a few years ago at nearly 100 yrs. of age. The other children married and lived in OK area, Their youngest son Lynn was a star High School wrestler, and was in the Marines during WW II, he was captured in the Pacific and was a survivor of the BATTAN DEATH MARCH.
I would like to correspond with any one who may know this family. I have some genealogy information on them to share if anyone is interested.
Submitter: James A. Newman
Date: 17 Oct 2002
Need 1910 & 1920 Kay County census information on any Dauphin's that were living in Kay County during the above time period. Need any and all information on my great-grandfather Edward F. Dauphin's family from 1876 through 1960's; census records, cemetery, death, birth, marriage, etc. Need look-up assistance or location to go to for assistance.
Submitter: Marvin Williams
Date: 15 Oct 2002
Looking for the Huddleston family in Ponca City, Kay county, Oklahoma. Paul Huddleston lived in Ponca city in the 40's & 50's. His brother was Dale Huddleston, who married Ida Daniel, and lived in Jacumba, California. I am trying to establish a family lineage for this clan of Huddleston's. Any help or info would be appreciated. God Bless, Marv Williams....whistleinthewind@hotmail.com.
Surname: FORMAN
Submitter:   John W. Forman
Date: 14 Oct 2002
I am looking for information on my fathers side of the family. My father is Delbert son of William and Marita Forman. My grand fathers fathers name was Edwin Forman. Any information you can give me is greatly appreciated.
Surnames: Fitch, Blossom, Barrett, Myers
Date: 10/8/2002 5:32:34 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Bunny from CA
I am researching the Fitch, Blossom, Barrett, Myers families. I have quite alot of information on some lines but not others. I would be glad to share what I have .
Surnames: OVERMYER
Submitter: George Thompson
Date: 23 Sep 2002
Looking for descendants of Charles OVERMYER born Iola Ks. Dec. 1891 Died Kay County Feb. 1969 looking for family info.
Surnames: JOHNSON, H.B.
Submitter: Pam Crain
Date: 19 Sep 2002
Helping a friend out. She is looking for information on a H. (Henry?) B. Johnson that was a dentist in Blackwell, Kay Co., Okla.
He is first found in the city directories in 1931, is home address is listed as 123 W. McKinley, and his office was at 114 1/2 S. Main.
His wife name may have been Bessie, she thinks he had one son that would have been about 14 in 1935.
Can anyone help with this query? If you can you can e-mail me.
Submitter: Dennis Stanczak
Date: 19 Sep 2002
looking for information on the Bohlander and Wainwright families. Frank Bohlaner and Maudell Wainwright were both born at the turn of the century and married in Newkirk in 1921. Any help would be appreciated.
 Surnames: STEPLETON
Submitter: Linda Scriven
Date: 11 Sep 2002
I am looking for information on the Stepleton family that lived in the Denoya area.
Surnames: BUSH / RENOLL
Submitter: Carmen Kay
Date: 13 Sep 2002
Looking for information on a Sallie Bush born 1847 in Ohio who was living in Blackwell, Kay, OK in 1920 Census. She lived in household of Earl B.Renoll born in IN and wife Rose E. Sallie was listed as an aunt. Can anyone help with this Sallie Bush?
Surnames: BRETT
Submitter: Submitter: Kay Repp
Date: 10 Sep 2002
Looking for info on George and Eleanor Brett. Both passed away in Ponca City in the 1940's.
Surnames: YOUNG, Jerry
Submitter: Elizabeth Warner
Date: 03 Sep 2002
Desperately seeking whereabouts of my mother's lost brother. Last we heard he was possibly out west and married to a hispanic or indian woman. His name is Jerry Young. I noticed in the Social Security Death Index that there is a Jerry A Young who died in Ponca City Ok. on April 2, 2001. It shows his birth date as April 5, 1941. We have my uncle as April 7, 1941. I am thinking this could possibly be him. Any information would be so very helpful. Thank-You
Surnames: MUFFETT
Submitter: Dona(Perry) Meeker
Date: 04 Sep 2002
looking for info of Thomas Milton Muffett, believe he was murdered in 1920 Ponca city.any info would be helpful
Submitter: Nikki Rainey
Date: 29 Aug 2002
I am researching the names STEERS and ASHMAN in Kay Co., OK.
Submitter: Sonia Sheldon
Date: 17 Aug 2002
Looking for any info on my gr.gr.grandparents, James Stanley Hubbard and Martha Jane Onstott. They came to the Blackwell around around the time of the Cherokee Strip run. They are both buried at the Blackwell cemetery. He died 1925 and she died 1902. Any help would be appreciated.
Surnames: PIERCE
Submitter: Val Pierce
Date: 17 Aug 2002
John C. Pierce 1819-1900 and sons Thadius Madison "MAD" Pierce 1853-1928 and William Franklin "Frank" 1856-1929..all from Cowley County, Kansas (originally from Indiana) made the run into Cowley County and settled Newkirk.
Mad and Frank were sheriff and deputy sheriff at one time. Mad and wife Lydia had children Lenora, Carolyn, John, Florence, Irving, Everet, Bessie, Ruth, James and Leroy all born between 1875 and 1899. Frank had children with Asenath named Grover, Frank, Alice, and William all born 1884-1908.
Anyone working on Pierce family?
Surnames: JOHNSON
Submitter: Linda Moore
Date: 15 Aug 2002
Looking for information on the family and a of Allison Breedlove Johnson and Dora Eva (Riggs) Johnson, who lived in Kay County from 1893/4 until their deaths in 1908 and 1903, respectively. Allison remarried to Josephine (Josie) Roach after Dora's death.
Surnames: Boone / Provence
Date: 8/9/2002
From: Nancy ( Davis ) Salisbury
Bill : Hi , I would like to add some surnames to your list. My grandfather was born in Kay Co. Kildare, Oklahoma in 1900 . His name is Henry Clay Boone, b. 18 Oct. 1900 . His parents are Ulysses Grant Boone , born. 17 Jan. 1868 , Clay Co. Indiana, and Lavina Provence . I have no information for her.
I do not know how long they lived there , but I do know that Lavina died sometime before 1910 in Windfield, Kansas. I am trying to find out what I can about them. Maybe someone will see their names and get in touch with me.
Submitter: Logan VanLeigh
Date: 08 Aug 2002
Searching for information about VANLEIGH , ERWIN, and related families reportedly in Uncas circa 1920.
Submitter: Shelia Towell
Date: 08 Aug 2002
I am looking for info on Rose Lower married Isaiah Stark, Jacob Barkman, and Charles Hogan. I am also looking for info on her daughter Nora Stark who married John Foreman, Henry Hopping, and Dave Whorley.
Surnames: SEIBERT
Submitter: Linda Seibert Walters
Date: 07 Aug 2002
I'm looking for information regarding George I. and Kate Athey Seibert farm in the Blackwell area. Somewhere in the time frame of 1910, George may have lured his brother Jacob H. Seibert to this area. Jacob lived in the Okeene area in the early 1900s. Does anyone have any information on any of these people? Thank you. Linda Seibert Walters
Submitter: Donna Cayton
Date: 04 Aug 2002
I am looking for info on Henry Clay Whitaker who got land in the land race in Oklahoma. We were told he was in Blackwell, Kay County. Any info would be appreciated.
Surnames: LOVING / CRAIG
Submitter: Barbara Sullivan
Date: 03 Aug 2002
Looking for family members of Lee Loving, 1912-1986. Lee died in Ponca City. Father was Oscar, mother was Willie Craig. Would like to exchange genealogical info. I am a ggrandaughter to Leander.
Submitter: Rose Higgins  
Date: 31 Jul 2002
I am seeking the descendants of James E. Burgett and wife Laura Grace BRADLEY who were listed in the 1920 Kay Co. Ok Census.
James b. 13 June 1881 IL. d. 15 Aug. 1973 Blackwell, Kay Co. OK.
Laura Grace BRADLEY b. 16 Nov. 1880 d. 27 May 1964 probably Blackwell, Kay Co. OK  Laura was the daughter of James W. BRADLEY b. MO and Kate JENNINGS .b. MO
James and Laura had the following children" Cecil J. b. 1905 Ok, Grace D. b. 1909 OK, Glen O. b. 1912 OK, Lois M. b. 1915 OK, Marie b. 1918 OK.
Both James and Laura are buried at Breman Cem., Kay Co. OK.
Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.  Laura was my Great Aunt.
Surnames: ALDERMAN
Submitter: Maria Alderman Rupert
Date: 27 Jul 2002
Hello, I'm looking for information about Michael Lurain ALDERMAN who I believe was listed on the 1920 census of Kay county, Oklahoma in the township of Kildare. Michael was aged 60 in 1920. Any information would be appreciated.
Surnames: BRADLEY / CORN
Submitter: Rose Higgins
Date: 25 Jul 2002
Seeking information on James W. BRADLEY, who was last known to be living in Braman Kay Co. MO, married to Maggie Helen CORN. They had one daughter, Mary Helen.  James was born in MO. Son of Williams J. Bradley and Nancy Leeks. Maggie died 1909. James died 1938.
I have a picture of their farm, with the word LOCKHART added to the side of the picture. Does anyone know what that might mean?
Any information about this family would be greatly appreciated. James was my Ggrandfather.
Submitter: Jennifer Porteous
Date: 24 Jul 2002
I am looking for ancestors and descendants of Earl ROSS b2 Apr 1887 died Feb 1969 in Rio Linda CA. Married Kathryn "Katie" G. HENDRICKSON in Newkirk OK on 27 Jan 1919. They had one son Thurman. I believe Earl's Mother's maiden name was HOBSON. Any information on this Family would be greatly appreciated. Jennifer
Surnames: NUTT
Submitter: Ellen Parsons
Date: 24 Jul 2002
I am searching for information on LOWRY (known as Loud) SCOT NUTT, b. Jan. 28, 1877, d. Aug. 24, 1952. He and his family moved to the Blackwell, OK area in the early 1900's from IL. Any information on he or his wife, Cora and children, Hobart and Quida would be appreciated. 
Submitter: Frances G. Albert
Date: 11 Jul 2002
Seeking any information regarding Sumner Stephen KESTER D.O.B. MAY 14, 1868, D.O.D. May 27, 1941 buried in Newkirk Cemetery, Kay Co. also his wife Delilah Lyle (PARTRIDGE)KESTER, 1866-Sept. 17, 1935 (order of Eastern Star). Any info re offspring etc. Thanks.
Submitter: F. Leonard Sibel Jr.
Date: 09 Jul 2002
URL: Webpage
Bess Zann "Bessie Zannie" (Clapham) Martin (1898-1963), daughter of Addie (Sibel) and Arthur T. Clapham, m. Guy A. Martin; . d. and bur. Ponca City, OK.
Frances Ola (Downs) Sibel (1885-1980), daughter of Frances E. (Steele) and William H. Downs, m. 1st Charles E. "Elmer" Sibel ...
Frances Ola (Downs) Etzenhouser ... m. 2nd M. A. (=?) Etzenhouser;
.... 1975 residence: 1521 W Broadway, Ponca City, OK; d. Ponca City, OK.
Charles E. "Elmer" Sibel (1874-1934), son of Martha J. (Brandt) and John H. Sibel, m. Frances Ola Downs (1885-1980);
.... own-mgr of Ponca City/Pawhuska? pool hall and/or hotel(s)?
M. A. (=?) Etzenhouser, m. Frances Ola Downs (1885-1980);
.... own-mgr of Ponca City/Pawhuska? hotel(s)?
Mildred Frances "Midge" (Sibel) Ryan (1916-197?), daughter of Frances O. (Downs) and Charles E. "Elmer" Sibel, m. 1st Lewis Ryan ...
Mildred Frances "Midge" (Sibel) Wilson ... m. 2nd George Wilson;
.... whose living twin sons resided Ponca City, OK before 1952
Orval Garrold Sibel (1904-1976), son of Frances O. (Downs) and Charles E. "Elmer" Sibel, m. Mattie C. Scott (1913-1993);
.... Oklahoma City, OK resident who may have some Ponca City/Kay Co., OK records.
Further details at: http://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=flxsibel (better site) http://www.gencircles.com/users/flxsibel/1 (same data)
Post-Em note on RootsWeb WorldConnect or private EMail (especially if mentioning living persons)...any and all info appreciated.
Sincerely, F. Leonard Sibel, Jr. aka (radio announcer) Jay William Weed
(WW) Weed(WW)Ware Computing / (WW) Tandy/TRS Color Computer and Model 16 and / (WW) Motorola 68xx(x) ASM, C, Basic, MW OS-9
P.O. Box 27031 San Jose: 408-993-2648 Fresno, CA 93729 Mountain View: 650-428-1383

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