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Below: Newkirk street scene circa 1910. Photograph part of Library of Congress collection, donated by Charles M. Morgan (copyright expired).


Schools & Students
Blackwell School, 1905
Blackwell High School Graduates 1930
Blackwell High School, 1930
Blackwell High School Commencement Program, 1930
Chilocco Band, 1901
Deer Creek School, 1931
Deer Creek School, 1924-25
Excelsior District 58 Class of 1936
Excelsior District 58 Class of 1937
Excelsior District 58 Class of 1939
Maple Grove School
Newkirk Sixth Grade, 1924
Newkirk Third Grade, 1925
Po-Hi Glee Club, 1927-28
Po-Hi Glee Club Reserves, 1927-28
1991 Po-Hi Class of 1932 Reunion, Orin & Alma Porter 1
1991 Po-Hi Class of 1932 Reunion, Orin & Alma Porter 2
1991 Po-Hi Class of 1932 Reunion, John Cole & wife
1991 Po-Hi Class of 1932 Reunion, Elnor Rouns & Ernest Golph
1991 Po-Hi Class of 1932 Reunion, Registration
1991 Po-Hi Class of 1932 Reunion, Misc. 1
1991 Po-Hi Class of 1932 Reunion, Misc. 2
Ponca City Eighth Grade, 1923
Ponca City Eighth Grade, 1923 (identification)
Sunnyside School, 1920
Uncas School Girls, 1926-27
Uncas School Girls, 1934-35
Uncas School Class 1936-1937, 1
Uncas School Class 1936-1937, 2

Athey, Thomas N. (homestead)
Barber, Robert Guy (at dugout)
Bibb, Tommie Jewel
Blake, E.P. (President of State National Bank)
Bradley (James W.) Farm
Bradley, James W.
Brett Family Business
(& Home)
Brock, F. V.
Brown, Owen, & Dora Family
Cafferty, William
Cheney, Chester Leroy
Chief White Eagle
Combs & Gingerich Family, 1927-28
Combs, Arkie Dile and Rosa Ann
Combs, Clarence Edner
Combs, John C. & Sallie [Hardin]
Combs, John C. & Sallie [Hardin] 2
Doughterty, Gene V.
Artist known for oils and watercolors who had a twenty-four year teaching career at Northern Oklahoma College.
Dunlap, Robert (state treasurer)
Eudaily, Daniel & Sarah
Eudaily Family (homestead)
Eudaily, Sarah McGirr and son Fredrick Archer
Gearhard, Bernice
Gearhard, Leota & Bernice
Gearhard, Leota, Bernice, & Clinton
Gearhard, Sarah Eudaily, Bernice, and Harry
Harold, William Russel
Hartshorne Farm
Herberg, Bessie
Huff, Samuel
Iseley, B. T.
Johnson, Jeremiah (editor of Republican News Journal, Newkirk)
Jones, W. T.
Jordan, Juletta Ashby
Juletta Ashby Jordan was a teacher and newspaperwoman in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century who left her husband and went to live with her mother and sister, "Said" Beck, near Blackwell, Oklahoma Territory, where Juletta became active in the Women's Christian Temperance Union. "Said" Beck, was the widow of Addison Beck, a deputy United States Marshal who was killed on September 27, 1883 while attempting to arrest two whiskey peddlers in the Indian Territory west of Fort Smith.
Keck, Oscar F.
Reputed to have built the first home in Ponca City and holder of the title of "first citizen" there. He was a builder who constructed most of the buildings on Grand Avenue.
Kemble, Johnny
Leven, Otto Ferdinand
A "staff favorite" at the Library of Congress, this collection of documents is of Kay Countian Otto Leven, who served in the army during World War I. He was the son of German immigrants and spent most of his twenty-three civilian years on his family’s farms in Kay County. He was assigned to the 90th Infantry Division and served in the 357th Regiment.
Lewis, Dora Berry
Lockart, Colleen & Geneve, 1933
Lockart, Sonny Boy & Geneve
Lockart, Mrs. Johnny & Joan
Logan, El Roy
Marland, Earnest Whitworth
Lawyer, business man, and founder of Marland Oil Company (later known as Conoco) who served as a US congressman and governor of Oklahoma. Commissioned Marland's Grand Home and the Marland Mansion.
State of Oklahoma Governor Biography
Slice Magazine's The Marlands' Mysterious Legacy
The Marland Family
Matlock, John
McWilliams, Harold Lee
Meyers' Boys
Miller, Carl O.
Murray, Aaron

Patterson, Don
Prettyman, William S.
One of Oklahoma's best-known frontier photographers, he annually photographed Indian Territory beginning with his first trip in 1883. He was also present for the opening of the Cherokee Outlet in September 1893 and opened a photography gallery in Blackwell.
Robertson, Odis
Smith, O. Z.
(founder of The Blackwell Beacon)
Tubbs, Nehemiah M. (early builder in Newkirk)
Vickery, W. M. (Mayor of Blackwell, O.T.)
Waggoner Family (Charles & Martha Waggoner with children Ethan and Roy)
Waggoner, Gertrude 1
Waggoner, Gertrude 2
Walton, John Brooks
Architect, historian, author, and artist born in Ponca City, best known for his restorations of famous landmarks, including the Skelly Mansion in Tulsa.
Wentz, Lew
Ponca City's JP Morgan who was called the world's richest bachelor in 1927 and whose philanthrophy continues today.
Foundation at OSU
Foundation at OU
Woodruff, B. G.

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Newkirk circa 1910