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Right: 101 Ranch submitted by Barbara Rivas and used with permission.

101 Ranch
Monroe DAVIS was born November 8, 1843 at Monroe County, Missouri to James Madison DAVIS and Elizabeth (Evans) DAVIS. James Madison DAVIS was born in Kentucky, and Elizabeth (EVANS) was born in Tenn. (per census and per Monroe's death cert).
In 1900 Monroe & Sarah DAVIS are at Cimarron Township, (Woods County), Oklahoma. Per the census they had 8 children with only 3 living at that time; William, Samuel & Thersia (DAVIS)-Goodale. Also living with them was their 6 year old adopted daughter, listed as Alva M. BICKFIELD. Alva was born December 1893 in OK. Her birth parent's were both born in Indiana. Jesse, Madison and 3 other DAVIS children had died by 1900.
In 1910, Monroe J. & Sarah DAVIS are in the Blackwell City, Kay County, OK Census. Listed with them is their 16 year old adopted daughter. This time she is listed as "Ava M. BINCFIELD." Monroe & Sarah were 66 years old.
Sarah (McHenry) DAVIS died in 1912 (at 68) and is buried at the Ames Cemetery, Ames, OK.
Monroe was living with his "foster" daughter at Blackwell, per his 1934 obituary and she was his death informant on his certificate. The certificate provides she was Mrs. Elmer BRADFORD. Monroe's burial was at the Ames Cemetery, Ames (Major County), OK March 30 1934. The death information provides that, he had resided at 115 1/2 W. McKinley, Blackwell, OK.
Buried at Kay County, OK is Alva M. BRADFORD and Elmer H. BRADFORD. Their children are listed as; Onis, Birdena, Harry. More research in progress.
Grateful for any information regarding those named above. Happy to share. Please stop by my Genealogy Web Site.
Marla Andrus  see other query
Marla's Tree House
My Virgil Wood moved to Kay Co, OK from Hempstead Co, AR sometime after the 1880 census. He and his wife are buried in the IOOF Cemetery in Blackwell, so I'm sure they never left Kay County once they had moved there.
I would dearly LOVE to have information from census records on their family, especially the 1900 census, since it may include names of children of which I'm unaware. If anyone on this list has access to the census records and could help me with this, I'd be most appreciative. I live in Mobile, AL, and we have no records at all for Oklahoma. 
Earlene Lyle
Looking for Brown/West families of Tonkawa, OK. Most are members of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and most are buried at the IOOF Cemetery in Tonkawa.
O.P. West was b 1847 in Kentucky. Went to Mo, Ks, Ar and then to Cherokee strip and the land run of 1893. Unable to acquire lands until 1895. Married a Mary Elizabeth SALIER (or variant) in Mo and had Pearl, Earl, Cora, John.
Nathaniel Brown b 1794 in RI married E. Leland. Had Joseph Brown b 1829 in Pa. Joseph married Rachel Ann Wilcox in Indiana in 1850 (Jenings Co) and had William, Julia Ann and Clark Brown. All but Nathaniel made it to Tonkawa, Ok.
William and Pearl West Brown married in 1902 and had Roy-1903 and twins Dorothy and Donald R Brown in 1911.
Looking for any info on this line. 
Mike Brown
My grandfather Ernest Hunt, AKA Ernest Bergen, ran away in MO by age 15 and was living and working in Blackwell OK in 1918 and possibly a little sooner. As he did so many occupations, I'm not sure just what his livelihood would have been at that point. He claimed to have worked as a cowboy at some point and this was most likely the time and place. Interested in what specific opportunities there were for a 15 year old boy in Blackwell area, names of ranches and some background info, also wonder if there was directory listing, or other record he may be listed on under either of his last names.
Appreciate any input,
Ron Schulz
Looking for Amy Azube Stegall, b. February 08, 1894 Newkirk OK, daughter of David Stegall and Elva Luella Stansbury.
I would like information concerning my cousin Edith (Johnson) DIXON who was born July 1, 1924, in Wichita, Ks. She died December 20, 1994, in Blackwell, Oklahoma. She lived there and was a nurse even prior to her marriage. Would like newspaper obituary, etc.
Margaret Johnson Irwin
I have a NELSON family that lived in Nardin, Okla. in 1944, according to sister's obit. It is said that they died there. His wife's name is Bina? Does anyone have death records for for that time? I doubt if he lived much longer. He would have been 83 yrs. in 1944. Does anyone have the census records for 1920? for Nardin, Kay Co.., Okla.?
Thank you for any help
I was wondering if some kind soul with access to the 1910 & 1920 Ponca City, Kay Co., OK Census would kindly do a lookup for me for the surname: LINDSEY, first name: Johnson & Mary Ann (or could be under Jonathan); also they had some married children there: Charles, Joseph, Paul, Frances, Laura, Robert, Catherine or Kate.
My library does not have these years. Thank you,
Laurie in NY
I am looking for descendants of GEORGE ALBERT HUFFMAN and SARAH JANE SHROYER who lived in Vernon Twp. in 1920. George was s/o GEORGE HUFFMAN and MARY FIDELIA PRATT. Mary Fidelia was the d/o STEPHEN PRATT and ESTHER BRUNER. The George Huffman family came from Mt. Ayr, Ringgold Co. IA to Kay Co. about 1900. George and Mary died in Kay Co. but were buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Mt. Ayr, IA. George A. Huffman continued to live in Newkirk. Members of the family are buried in Newkirk Cemetery. Thank you for any help you might provide.
Barbara J. Brown
Looking for descendants of Mary Heape and George Glazebrook in Kay County in 1910 and Cherokee County, Kansas in 1900. They were married in Newton County, Missouri in 1882.
Mildred Slavens  SEE OTHER POST
Basic data needed for the Pennington News Agency, Ponca City, which published postcards of Oklahoma Indians and sites during the 1940s (at least). Many thanks.
The Reverend Jasper Green Pennington
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Looking for a connection to Blackwell Oklahoma. Mrs. Caleb Moore visited her son Caleb and daughter Mrs Carl Hargrave March 7, 1912. Looking for information on the family.
Jim Vollnogle
My father Wallace Edward Doolin was born in Kaw City, OK 4/26/1909. Son of William Perry Doolin and Martha Mary DeNoya. I'm trying to get a copy of his birth certificate. I've tried the state. Can anyone help me? Thanks,
Martha Doolin Grall
I am looking for some information on my grandfather, who is buried in the cemetery NE of Blackwell. My father, Jimmie Peugh worked with the Blackwell Police Department. If you find any info, please email ASAP.
Thanks for your time,
Lt. Com. Christopher Peugh
Stillwater, OK
I'm looking for information on James M Shelton born 1859-TN married to Martha C Adams in Miller Co. MO 1 Nov 1885. I have not been able to find any information on who James parents are or when and where he died. In the 1920-Kay Co. OK census, James and Martha were living in Newkirk, OK. James and Martha are buried in Newkirk Cemetery, Newkirk, OK. James died in 1928 and Martha died 22 Dec 1954. Are there any newspaper in Newkirk then for either James or Martha? I would love to get an obituary for either of them and what funeral homes are in Newkirk.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
I am looking for a Darlene Thompson (maiden name unknown), she lived around the Kaw City, Kay County, Oklahoma area around the 1950's. Darlene had 5 children at that time. I am trying to track the Thompson side of my families genealogy. Any one with any information to add into the Thompson history would greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Would like any information on a Charles D. Brown. He was born in 1851 in Indiana married Julie Northup about 1872. I am told that he was the first police chief in Ponca City, Kay Co. Oklahoma. Would like to verify this information.
Children are Della, Herbert Steven, Nellie, Milo, Arthur and Sam. I believe some of these children lived around Shidler, Kay Co., Oklahoma. Thanks for any help, I also lived in Ponca City, Kay Co., Okla. myself from about 1960 to 1968. and married Karen Sue Brown in Newkirk, Kay Co., Okla. in 1962. (granddaughter of Charles D. Brown)
Bill (Art) Cook
Searching for more info. on my gg-grandparents who were residents of Kay County in 1910 per Census. They had an adopted daughter, Ava/Alva BICKFIELD living with them who was born in OK in Dec 1893.
Sarah (McHenry) DAVIS died in Kay County in 1912 and was buried at Ames, OK. In March 1934 Monroe DAVIS died in Kay County, with burial at Ames Cemetery. He was living with his foster/adopted daughter "Ava" at the time of his death, in Blackwell. He was 91 years old.
I would be grateful for any information regarding the above named, during their time in Blackwell, Kay County, OK.
Thank you
Searching for more information re: Ava/Alva M. BICKFIELD who was born Dec 1893 in OK. Her birth parents were born in IN.
In 1900 Alva M. was named in the 1900 Woods County Census with her "adopted" parents, Monroe & Sarah DAVIS. In 1910 she is named as Ava, still with the DAVIS family, in Kay County.
Per 1934 Obit of Monroe DAVIS, he was living with his foster/adopted? daughter, in Blackwell, Kay County. She is named as Mrs. Elmer BRADFORD. The residence noted in the death cert is 115 1/2 W. McKinley, Blackwell, OK.
I would be grateful for any additional information regarding these DAVIS, BICKFIELD, and BRADFORD families.
Happy to share!
Marla Andrus
I am looking for information on my great grandfather who immigrated to the USA in 1902 and settled in Uncas, OK. He farmed there and also worked at a rock quarry. His name was Ignat Farnik (sometimes Ignat was spelled Ignac or Enoch). His wife was Frantiska Masek Farnik. They were from Czechoslovakia.
Michelle Olson
Billings, MT
Looking for information regarding NILA BEATRICE McBRIAN born Blackwell, OK(early 1900s); married LANCE HOOP. She was the daughter of Leo Arthur and Winifred Beatrice (LITTLE) McBRIAN. If you have information on any of these listed, please contact me.
Mary Mills
Looking for persons, living or dead, from Kay Co. with the surname Buster. Principal regions are the Newkirk and Kaw City areas.
Jack Buster
I am looking for information of Stephen James FIELDS Family:
Stephen, b. 1849 KY, d. 1932 Kay Co. OK Buried Oak Grove Cemetery, Uncas OK,
sp. Emma J. Tripp ,b. 1856 d. 1946, Kay Co, OK,
Children Celeste, Margaret, Ephriam, Martha, Edgar, Fred Alonzo, Mannesseh.
I am looking for anyone related to any of this family, Looking for marriages, and date of death and where they went from Uncas, OK, Anyone having any info please respond. Will gladly share info which I have.
Diana (Fields) Watson
Andrew and Callie (Winey) HIGGINS were living in Ponca City, Kay Co., OK, in 1913 when Andrew's father died in Kingfisher Co., OK. Andrew was born about 1855 and the couple was married about 1876. Their children were Thomas born 1877, Benton born 1878, and William F. born 1880. Would like to know if this family stayed in the area or if there is no information to be found there. Have lots of family information to share if there is current generation family still in the Kay Co. area. Thank you so much!
Joan Meister
I am looking for my husbands grandmother. She died June 7, 1950 and the cemetery lists her father as Isiah Slink, born near Ponca City. On my mother in laws birth cert. Nora lists her maiden name as Starla. and born in Indian Territory. Nora or Lanora was born Nov. 19, 1883. In the 1915 KS state census, Reno Co., she is married to Henry Hopping. She is 29, he is 44. She lists she was again born in Ok. and her two children were born in OK, Orval Clark age 11 and Beatrice age 1. Does anyone have any info on this lady?
Thanks, Shelia Towell
My great grandma's sister, Mary, lived in Marmac,Blackwell ,Kay Co Okla. during 1920-40's. Her daughter Elvis married an ALLEN.
Mary and my grandma, Adda Daughtery Lang/Burrell /Lockwood, were daughters of Nathan and Nancy Carnell Daughtery. Other children were Martha Jane, Hannah, Elizbeth, Reason,Wm ,Joseph.
I am searching for information re: Robert Lee CALLAHAN and Florence Edwards CALLAHAN, who resided in Ponca City, and at retirement, owned a motel there. Grandmother and Grandfather both died in Ponca City. I have no dates, but my Ggrandmother was Martha Julia EDGE, born April 13, 1870, in S.C. Any information would be appreciated.
Wilburn Davis lived in Kay County in about 1935-38 he may have died while living in a boarding house run by his daughter Pinner Lou Davis Crawley. I would appreciate any help.
Larry Brizendine
Searching for any information regarding William Bellmard, Leo Bellmard, Mary Leclair Bellmard, or Adele Lessert. All believed to have lived in and around Newkirk OK, Kay County.
Searching for the parents and siblings of Johnnie Elwood MARTIN, b. 30 Nov 1918, d. 20 Aug 1966. Buried at Longwood Cemetery, Ponca City, Kay County, OK.
Looking for info on James B. O'CALLAGAHAN, who is supposed to be buried in Ponca City (Kay County). Unsure of time of death. He had a daughter, Ida, born in 1900.Any info helpful as we are just beginning our search and all relatives are deceased. Thanks.
Patti Setchell
I'm trying to verify that my great-grandmother Lottie E. Bickley STEVENS is buried in the Longwood Cemetery. She died in May 1911 in Longwood of cancer, after her family traveled to Denver to bring her home. Presumably she would be buried among family members since her husband remained in Denver and died there in the 1930s.
Mark Hoffman
A history of Logan County published in the 1970's states that Anna Moran, born about 1876, was married to David Edwards & living in Blackwell. Can anyone confirm this?
My family's name is Houston. My great grandfather (Jacob Snyder Houston) was in the Cherokee Land Run. After his wife, Rhoda fell ill, they moved into Blackwell.  My great Uncle William P. Houston and my grandfather Chesney Stewart Houston as well as Rhoda Jane Houston are buried in Blackwell IOOF Cemetery. 
After moving to town, my grandfather became a helper in a dry cleaner in town and went on to own his dry cleaner in town.  Chesney became very prominent in the dry cleaning industry in Detroit and many other cities and Canada.  Eventually, the family moved to Southern California. 
I have pictures of Weston School and the Presby Orchestra circa early 1900 and may be able to find more pictures in old boxes. 
I would love to have more information about my family's life in Blackwell.  Thank you. 
Peggy Zabel
Leo W. BAILEY (b: approximately 1908-1912 in OK), m: Mabel Iva MORLAND Dec 18, 1929 in Newkirk, OK. Leo had a brother named Grover and his father's name was William. Leo and Mabel both lived in Tonkawa, OK at the time of marriage. Mabel was the daughter of Frank Clark MORLAND.
Their son, Robert Eugene BAILEY, was b. October 24, 1929 in Billings (NOBLE COUNTY) OK. Robert was my father-in-law. He died in 1984 in Tulsa, OK.
Sources of above dates and places come from Robert's birth certificate and the marriage license of Leo and Mabel. Robert's birth certificate lists Leo's place of birth as OK. It also lists Leo's age as 20 on his last birthday and his occupation as farmer living in the township of Glen Rose on Robert's date of birth.
Also searching for info on a William BAILEY b: Sept 24, 1883 in MO, d: Oct 11, 1958 in Blackwell, Kay CO, OK. Father: Joe O. Bailey; Mother: Sarah Myers. Last known residence: 1003 W Lincoln, Blackwell, OK. Spouse: Iva Pearl Bailey.
Funeral records indicated WILLIAM was a retired farmer from the Billings, OK area. Proceeded in death by 4 children. Sons: Grover of Carson City, CO, James of KS and Archie of Tonkawa, Kay CO., OK. Sisters: Corda Pruiett and Maude Gilbert. Brothers: Joe of Denver, Walter and Otis (possibly a Quinton too) of Clinton, MO
I am desperately trying to prove whether or not this William is the father of Leo listed above. If it is, I've made a major break-through in my research.
Please help me. I am searching for relatives of Cyrus Darneille, who married Ann E White. His family is from Kay County (1960s?), MO, KY and MD. Any help would be appreciated.
Jan Rundle
Am trying to locate name of the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Blackwell. My father's family are all buried there. Grandma was Rosetta Barnes BOWMAN, who married Lee BOWMAN. She died in 1945, Lee died 1924;
Leroy Bowman, Married Lona Clark;
Elizabeth (Bess), married 1) John Cornet and had 4 children, m.2) John Pritchard
Mary, married 'Red' Dunnham, two children both boys
Emma (Emmy) married Elmer Briechle, two children
Grandma had several brothers that lived with her and I was told they, too, are buried in Blackwell. Arthur Barnes, Arnold, Edward.
What I know is a jumble. I am trying to find a starting point.
Wanda Bowman Dyer
I'm looking for information on Charles William CHANCEY, who lived in Blackwell OK. His parents were William Anderson CHANCEY and Mary Ellen EVINGER. He married Mona NISWONGER on 28 Jan 1907, probably in Kay County. Charles worked for Harry Clements who had a well-known restaurant called "Harry's Cafe". Charles later bought out Harry and moved his family and business to Pittsburg, KS.
Jerry & Joyce
I'm looking for LINGERFELTs of Kay County. Any one who connects with them, please contact me. I have found a Maurine (b. 2 Nov 1923, d. 18 Mar 1998) in Kay Co Is there anyone who knows anything about her or her family? I am willing to exchange information. My line comes from Jacob LINGERFELT, 1786 NC.
Thank you, HUCKSD@aol.com
I'm searching for info on a Charles & Lillian Hayes Shaw who lived in Kay Co., OK in 1910. My grandmother was Grace or Gracie Lorene Shaw and she may be the daughter of Charles and Cora Shaw, his first wife from MO, and would like to correspond with any ancestors of either wife. Any help determining if my Grace belongs to Charles would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Pat McAlpine
Looking for any information leading to identity of first wife of John D. MC PHERSON (1866-1952) and a daughter, name unknown, from that marriage. The son of that union, Marion Daniel MC PHERSON (1896-1967), was my grandfather. Both are buried at Longwood Cemetery, east of Ponca City and resided in the Ponca City area. My grandfather and his sister were separated when they were very young when their mother was institutionalized because of an illness. Dan stayed with his father and his sister went to live with neighbors who later moved and took her with them.
The father, John. D. McPherson, later remarried and had another family but there is no information that I can find about his first wife and daughter.
JD Jackson
I am trying to find out more information regarding two brothers that came to Kay County in the early 1900's. They were Bert Elmer TARPENNING and George Everton TARPENNING. Bert was living in Ponca City when he died and George was living in Blackwell when he died.
Kevin Tarpenning
I am looking for any information on Vinita MERTZ. Her second husband was Roy MERTZ, but I am really wanting info about her and her first husband, Gilliam WHITESIDE. They had one daughter, Erma Lou. Vinita MERTZ was a lifelong resident of Ponca City, but was born in Newkirk. She worked many years at one of the local cemeteries in which she is now buried. She died in Nov. 1982. Erma Lou is also now deceased and her son, William TAYLOR, is my husband. Anything on Vinita or Gilliam WHITESIDE would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
Judy Taylor
My husband's family owned property in the Dilworth area and are buried at the Plainview Cemetery, Dilworth OK. He was raised in Blackwell, along with his 3 sisters and 5 brothers. His father was born in the OK Indian Territory, but grew up in Dilworth. His grandparents were Harry and Ellen (Bennett) MC CONNELL. They moved to Kay Co. in about 1929.
Ruby McConnell
John COOK (b. about 1855 Grant Co. WI) was the son of William Shannon and Anna (BATES) COOK. He died at Newkirk, Kay Co. OK. He was a brother of my grandfather, Warren R. COOK. Seeking family information, will be glad to exchange.
Marita Lee
I am looking for LINGERFELTs of Kay County, Oklahoma. Anyone who connects with them please contact me. I have found a Maurine (b. 2 Nov 1923, d. 18 Mar 1998) in Kay County. Is there anyone who knows anything about her or her family? I am willing to exchange information. My line comes from Jacob LINGERFELT (1786 NC). Please email me. Thank You!!
Searching for information on John HARPER, b. 23 Jan 1843 in Logan Co. IL, son of Baldwin and Permelia (Cartmell) HARPER. John Harper married America RIGDON about 1867; they had two children, Chester HARPER and Dama HARPER. In 1908, John Harper settled in Blackwell, OK. His wife died there in 1936. John Harper died in Blackwell Mar 17, 1939. At the time of his death, both Chester and Dama were living in Blackwell, also.
Valorie Anlage
I am looking for J.L. (John) MAXEY (b. December 1863), my granduncle. He left Lyons, Kansas about 1885 and his last known address was Ponca City, OK. He was born in Jefferson County IL
Roger Smith
Mrs. G.E. DOWIS contributed an article, "Early Days as I Saw Them" in a book entitled The Last Run. She was Nan J. SPENCER. Her husband was Green Elliott DOWIS. He was the son of Stephen and Suphrona Elliott DOWIS. He was born in 1868 in Knox Co. KY and died 1931 at Blackwell, Kay Co. OK. I would like to know more about the book and more about the Dowis family.
Anne Dowis
I have an undated newspaper article about a Billings man, Doyle Henry DUROY, who drowned in the Salt For River. Newspaper is also unknown. Incident happened about 10 miles southwest of Tonkawa. I have many Duroy relatives from the Ponca City, Blackwell area. Does this article sound familiar? Thanks so much for any help.
BAILEY William
Looking for the names of children who predeceased William BAILEY. Information listed below comes from death certificate and Roberts and Son Funeral Home in Blackwell, OK.
William Bailey b: Sept. 24, 1883 in MO; died Oct 11, 1958. Residence at time of death: 1003 W. Lincoln, Blackwell, OK. Spouse: Iva Bailey. Father: Joe D. Bailey. Mother: Sarah Myers. Buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery near Nardin, OK. Social Security #444-10-3796.
Retired farmer who came to Kay Co. from Billings, OK about 30 years ago. Survived by 31 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. Preceded in death by 4 children. Sons: Grover Bailey of Carson City, CO, James Bailey of KS, Archie Vailey of Tonkawa, OK. Sisters: Corda Pruiett and Maude Gilbert. Died of Coronary Occulusion.
Gaila Bailey
Family records say Frank Dana STEVENS married Rose RATNER in Blackwell, Kay Co. OK on 17 Oct 1900. Family was in Wichita by 1907. Rose was second wife. Each wife had 4 children. Census says Rose was born in RUSSIA. I am looking for information on RATNER family.
Will swap and share Stevens family information and will answer all inquiries.
Bobby Dobbins Title
Am looking for information on my great grandparents, Issac Jackson and Emma BROOKS. According to memories, Emma ran a boarding house in Webb City, Ok. in the 1920's and 30's. Issac and Emmahad 12-13 children, many located in the area or adjacent counties.
Terre Brizzolara
I'm looking for information on Henry B. JOHNSON, my grandfather. I am sorry to say I do not know what year he died. Only know he lived in Lamont, (Grant Co.) in 1920 and was a Dentist in Blackwell (Kay Co.) in 1934. Know he was still living after 1940.
Pat Mayhall
I'm looking for any information on George Lemaric Carr. His wife was Mary Ann Downey. They lived in Arkansas City while waiting for the land run on the Cherokee Strip. George Lemaric Carr built a store in Newkirk Oklahoma, and I've heard that it might have been the first wooden structure in Newkirk. George and Mary had at least 6 children. Their names were Leonard L., Carl, Grace, Callie, Ray, and Glen Carr. I know Mary's mother's name was Martha Harp. I'd appreciated any information that anyone can give me on where George L. Carr and his wife Mary A. Downey are buried and their birth and death dates would be greatly appreciated. I'd also like to know more about the store George L. Carr built. So if anyone has info. on that please share. Thanks for your time.
Oliver Brunhoeber  see other query
I am seeking information on Vera Levita JOHNSON. She lived in Blackwell, OK from about 1950 to 1995. Would appreciate any information you are able to provide. She died Mar 4, 1995. I believe she worked at the Blackwell hospital. She died in a Blackwell nursing Home. Believe she may have been known by Vera COLE or Vera BROWN. Thanks for your help.
I am searching for the Lacy family plot with some Austins buried in it, possibly in the Newkirk Cemetery. Any info on James Knox LACY and William Thompson AUSTIN would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Karen Lacy
Looking for the family of Frances and Alexander MC CLEAN. Frances McConnell was b. 1864 in Keokuk Co. IA and m. Alex MC CLEAN about 1886. They are in Keokuk Co. on 1900 census with sons, Charles b. 1887 and Silas b. 1888. In obituaries of family in 1921 and 1931, Frances is listed as being from Eddy OK.
Sharon Mourer
HYATT , George
The 1910 census lists George Hyatt, age 48, Amanda, 38, Ralph 16, John 13, Etta 10, and Mary HYATT living in Kay Co. OK. I would appreciate any information anyone would have about this family. George was the son of Henry HYATT and was born in LaHarpe IL. I do not know Amanda's maiden name.
Kathrine Haensel
I have recently found information that my ancestor, Thomas DAVIS, was found in the 1900 census for Kay Co. Oklahoma, Newkirk Township. would anyone have any info about Thomas Davis, such as death date. His daughter, Rosanna (Davis) MILLER was living in Oklahoma and I guess he must have been living with her.
KELLY , Patrick
I am seeking information on Patrick KELLY (b. Ireland, d. Aug 1933 Ponca City OK). His wife, Mary (Golden Kelly d. 1908 Ponca City OK.
Connie Taylor Schults
OWENS Franklin
Looking for descendants of Franklin Pearl OWENS (married Effie Dickanson in Lowe Township, 15 Apr 1900) and Myrtle Ella OWENS (m. John Martin Craig, Ponca City, 18 Feb1898). Both were children of Enoch and Mary Ellen (Ewing) OWENS.
Barb Cook
I am interested in getting information on Anna Mae MARGERUM (Born 6/25/1898) and died in Blackwell, OK on 5-28-31 (buried at Blackwell Cemetery). Her maiden name was Reynolds and she was married to Walter Lee MARGERUM (Born 1-13-1895 in Afton OH and died 9-25-52 in Mineral Wells, TX). Anna had a son named Kenneth Eldon MARGERUM on 6-29-29 and we would like to track down a picture of Anna for Kenneth (my father-in-law) on his 70th birthday 6-29-99. Kenneth was very young when his mother passed away and doesn't remember her.
Phil Bates, Broken Arrow, OK
Looking for information on Eula BROWN(b. 7 march 1904), married in Newkirk, OK to Johnnie Benton BALL (b. 21 Aug. 1904, in Jerauld Co. South Dakota, d. 17 March 1988). They had 2 daughters (possibly adopted) Joan & Patsy BALL, and 1 son (possibly from previous marriage of Eula's) Bob "Bobby" CRAFT.
Eula was raised in McAlester, OK (?) and her father was Frank Brown. After she married Johnnie B. Ball they raised their family in Ponca City, OK. Johnnie supported his family as a house painter. In later years he and wife Eula operated an Antique Store out of their home on 9th St. in Ponca City, selling antique carnival glass, etc.
Johnnie B. Ball's mother's name was Eliza Ellender (Daily) BALL from Tazwell Co. VA and his father's name was Alonzo Author BALL.
Any info on any of these names would be highly appreciated.
Thank You.
Johnnie J. Sixkiller, Alberton, MT
I am seeking information on Patrick Kelly born in Ireland d. Aug 1933 Ponca City, Kay County, OK. His wife, Mary (Golden) Kelly d. 1908 Ponca City, Kay County, OK.
Connie Taylor Schults     See other query
I have recently found information that my ancestor Thomas DAVIS was found in the 1900 census for Kay Co. Oklahoma, Newkirk Township. Would anyone have any info about Thomas Davis, such as death date. His daughter Rosanna Davis MILLER was living in Oklahoma and I figure he must have been living with her.
Roberta See other query
I have started to research my mother's family. Her maiden name was Etta Hazel WEESNER. She was born in 1901 in Blackwell and lived there for some time with her parents, Nathan and Nellie E (Farrah) WEESNER . She had a brother named Floyd and a sister named Ola, I believe. Nellie is buried in Braman Cemetery as well as a number of the Farrah family. I believe Nathan got remarried after Nellie died. Ola appears to have died after giving birth to two children named Leslie and Ola GOULDEN / GOLDEN.
Jerry and Cathy Mellinger
BURROW 3/8/99
Seeking Obits for the following individuals:
Delta Burrow death June 1969
Illia Burrow death Jan 26, 1948
Lynn Burrow death Jan 12, 1962
Noel Burrow death Feb 28, 1964
James Dudley Burrow death date unknown
Everett A. Burrow death date unknown
John P. Burrow death date unknown
Dr. John Burrow death date unknown
Will be glad to pay for copying and postage fees.
James C. Burrow  Bakersfield, CA  SEE OTHER QUERY
I am looking for the grave site of George Alexander FARNER and son William Silas FARNER. Grandmother said they died when they lived "close" to Pawhuska. She talks about Blackwell. Is he buried in Kay County? Does anyone have information on the cemeteries in Kay Co? George b. 10 May 1845, died 4 Mar 1904. Thanks!
I am looking for any BROWN families in the Kay County, Oklahoma area who are related to a Curtis BROWN who was born between 1904-1906 in Kingman, Kingman Co., Kansas. All I know is that he died I think sometime in the 1970' really don't know for sure when he died. I do know he died in Prescott, AZ. I found this out from his nephew Marvin BROWN of Woodward,OK.
Curtis BROWN was my grandmother's brother and I'm trying to find out about the elusive BROWN family. His other siblings were: Frank (b.July 19, 1895), my g-mother Cora Ethel (b. Sept. 16, 1897), Carrie (b. April 1, 1899), Charles (b. April 21, 1902), Fred, Ted J.(b. April 12, 1903) and Mary Opal (b.July 5, 1907). They were all born in Kingman, Kansas.
Other Browns in this family are: William Henry, George Grant, Irene, and Bernice. William Henry was my gg-gfather. His parents were John Jacob and Serena or Serelda (Cook) BROWN. The main BROWN in this county was Fred BROWN who married a Katy GIESWEIN. Fred died in Ponca City, OK in about 1930 is what I was told. Fred was my grandmother's brother.
Any help will be greatly appreciated, as this is my brick wall now.
Thank you.
Pat Boyer
BURROW , Everett
Seeking death date of Everett A. BURROW Listed on 1920 Kay county census, I believe he died sometime between 1928 and 1945, date and location unknown.
James C. Burrow  see other query SEE QUERY 3/8/99
Looking for information on the Chapman family. My father Ovine William CHAPMAN was born in Blackwell December 11, 1910. He may have went by Red or Jack. His father was ? Chapman and mother was Maggie Beam Chapman. He had twin sisters, Corene and Lorene, still living, one in CA and one in OK. I have written them but they are way up in years. He had a brother Carl, sister Vesta and sister Celia May. Would really like to get some info on the Chapmans and Beams so I can trace this Chapman line. Lost contact years ago with the family as father died in 1964 . Don't think Uncle Carl had any sons so there may be many grandchildren but with different surnames.Any information would be greatly appreciated .
Sherene Chapman-Good
I am searching for information on the Edgar ROUSE/ John Stewart LINDSAY families. Edgar and Rhoda Mae Rouse lived in the Newkirk area and had 5 sons and 3 daughters. All stayed in the Newkirk area and made their families. One daughter, Mildred Opal, married John Lindsay and they had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Their names were Donald, Alfred, Jean and Opal. Donald was my father and he passed away in 1990 and now I am wanting to trace my family roots back. If you can give me any information on this family, I would really appreciate it. I do know that John and Mildred had a farm 4 miles east of Newkirk and John passed away in 1976 and Mildred in 1987.
Debby (Lindsay) Chenoweth
Looking for any information on Mattie E. Moore. Have a letter written by Mattie on Sept. 4, 1907 from Newkirk, Kay Co., OK. This letter is written to her cousin, Mary E. Hill Bley of Cass Co., IL. In the letter she mentions a Doug (husband?) and Corliss (daughter?). Also mentions uncle Green Hill whom she says looks and acts like her father.
Thank You,
Michelle Bley
ROBB 2/16/99
I am researching the family of Lott and Clarissa ROBB who lived in Tonkawa from about 1877 forward. Lott died about 1907 and Clarissa about 1914/16. Their son, John Nelson ROBB married in Wherry, Iowa in 1902 and listed his residence as Tonkawa, OK. If someone has access to the 1900 census for Kay County, I would appreciate a check to see if Lott is still there. I would also appreciate any information on the above family from any other source. Thank you.
Glenys J. Rasmussen
I have reason to believe that my ggrandparents or one of them are buried in Kay Co, OK. They are George Wesley HORSLEY and Mary Demaris Parrish HORSLEY. One of their sons, Lloyd, lived most of his life in Blackwell, and I believe Mary Horsley was living with his family in Blackwell when she died (1934). George Horsley worked for the Wellington, KS police force at one time and died before his wife.
Any help or clues would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Carol
I am seeking an obit and information on Eunice BURROW, who died in June 1987 at Newkirk, Kay, OK. Eunice is a long lost uncle, and any help would be appreciated.
I am searching for some of my father's relatives we have lost touch with. His name is Allen Smith. We know he lived in Dilworth around the 1940's. I know the town burned and is no longer there, I just don't know when this occurred. He had twin daughters born in 1938. I don't know their names, but a newspaper clipping of their birth announcement was found with some family papers. I have a listing of 40 Allen Smith's around Oklahoma, but I would really like to narrow down my options before I contact every one. Also, about 10 were listed on the SSDI. I just don't know where to go from here. Any info would be great. Thank you,
Stephanie Kruse
I am looking for information on my great great grandfather George McMURDO. He died in Blackwell, Oklahoma May 1917. Also looking for information on his daughter Mrs. A.J. GUMMOW of Blackwell, Oklahoma and any descendants.
Margaret E Miller
Searching for information on E.E. BEACH - Oil speculator, friend of ranching families in the Osage, Will Rogers, and Oil men in Ponca City area. Also was friend to Ponca, Tonkawa, Kaw and Pawnee Indian Tribes.
Sam Turvey III
Searching for any information on children or ancestors of Roy MEADOWS of Tonkawa, OK (d May 1969). Believe he would have been my late husband's relative. Father of Roy MEADOWS would have been William Ed MEADOWS of Lincoln Co., Missouri. Any help on this? Thank you.
Nancy Grayson
I am searching for information on John Jasper LUNDY who died in Blackwell OK in December of 1931. Also his wife Mary Elizabeth EWING who died in Blackwell in April 1928.
Kathy Beauchamp
CARR 1/27/99, Bertram
I am looking for any information on Bertram K. CARR who is listed in the 1900 census with his wife, Florance L., and an infant son, Halbert R., who was my father. They were living in Newkirk Township, Kay County Oklahoma Territory. I would appreciate any help. Bertram is listed as being born in 1869 in Illinois and Florance in 1879 in Iowa.
Jerry Carr
I'm searching for information on my Grandfather, Austin MINER who lived in Blackwell, OK. He passed away in December of 1968. He was originally married to Audrey Goodman who passed away in Blackwell, OK in the late 1940's.
Paul Reser
BABB, Clayton
Seeking information on Clayton F. BABB and descendents. Clayton resided in Blackwell OK or nearby.
Mark Babb
I am looking for Gladys Vosburgh Kohler who was married to Raymond Kohler 5/31/1918 in Sedgwick County, Kansas. Gladys is/was supposed to be in a nursing home in Blackwell, Kay Co., Oklahoma. I believe she has a daughter Thelma Kohler living in the area. I don't know if Thelma is married or not. Raymond is deceased. Gladys was born in Valparaiso, Porter Co., Indiana about 1902 to Grove and Ida Eaton Vosburgh. Grove gave his consent for Gladys to marry in 1918. Gladys was only 16 years old when she married Raymond. If Gladys is deceased, does anyone know what cemetery? Also the cemetery for Raymond would be appreciated. As of June 1976, Gladys and Raymond lived in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Any information at all on the above persons would be greatly appreciated.
Looking for information on Thomas J DEAN and wife Martha SISK who lived in Cross Twp, Kay County on 1900 Census. They had seven sons: Henry, Charles, Luther, Frank, Arthur, Clarence and Roy. Daughters were, Sarrah T, Clara and Ada. Any help would be appreciated.
I am looking for my grandmother's family. Gwendolyn (Guynnie) Lee TAYLOR married to Claud Henry ALLEN in Newkirk on Feb. 14th 1931. Her mother's name was Mary (Mae) Vineyard TAYLOR. Father's name was Henry Labron TAYLOR. In 1920 they were listed on the Kay county census (just Mae & the children that were born then). Apparently their father had left & Mae was ill & couldn't provide for them so the children were taken to a Catholic Home. I don't know the exact date this happened, somewhere in the mid '20's. Josie was Guynnie's older sister & married at the time to a HUBBARD. Henryetta, Corky, Dora, Harry Kelly, Raymond, Virgil were the other children. I am mainly trying to get info on the father & Mae who later married a KARNS & searched out her children who were adopted out from the home.
Lynn Allen Loyd
BAILEY / MORLAND Mabel12/1/98
I am looking for information on the following Bailey individual(s):
Leo W. BAILEY b: approximately 1908-1912 in OK, m: Mabel Iva MORLAND Dec 18, 1929 in Newkirk, Oklahoma. Leo had one brother who name was Grover BAILEY and his father's name was William BAILEY. Leo and Mabel both lived in Tonkawa, OK at the time of marriage.
Issue: Robert Eugene BAILEY, October 24, 1929 in Billings (Noble Co.) Oklahoma. This area is remembered by some as the Three Sands Oil Field area.
Sources of above dates and places come from Robert's birth certificate and the marriage license of Leo and Mabel. Robert's birth certificate lists Leo's place of birth as OK. It also lists Leo's age as 20 on his last birthday and his occupation as farmer living in the township of Glen Rose on Robert's date of birth.
Is anyone else searching for ROLLIER or WEYTHMAN? These families were among those to claim land in the Run for the Cherokee Strip in 1893.
Thanks, Allene Rollier Niehaus
HAWKINS Rose Irene
I am searching for my Grandmother Rose Irene HAWKINS and G-grandfather Jack Major HAWKINS. Family stories say Jack was a town Marshall in Ponca City OK, Possibly in the late 1800's. The middle name Major was said to have been a nick name. Rose Irene HAWKINS was married 2 times, first to A MC PHERSON and then a MC CORMICK (My branch of the family). I don't know their first names. Any Help would be appreciated.
Kathleen McCormick Mills
Bal BURKS lived in Ponca City, Oklahoma in 1933. I am unsure if Bal was male or female, but I am hoping to locate a death certificate or obituary or find him/her on a census so I can identify name of parents, marriage information and possibly his/her children. He/she was grandchild of my g-grandfather, James BURKE/BURKS.
Thank you for any help.
Beverley Smith
Looking for information on Peter & Anna BELLINGHAUSEN, Round Gore township, Kay County. Their children were: William, Fredrick, Lewis, and Gertrude.
Bill Bellinghausen
My grandparents, Arthur PASLEY and Mary PROBASCO lived in the Washunga, Kaw City, and Uncas areas of Kay County from approximately 1893 to their deaths in 1963 and 1968. My mother, Opal Josephine PASLEY was born in Washunga, Oklahoma Territory in 1907. My great-grandparents were William HARPER and Phoebe PASLEY. They lived and farmed in the Kildare area . I am trying to find the last name of Phoebe Pasley. I currently have about five spellings and cannot confirm any of them. HELP!!!! I am willing to share any information I have.
I'm seeking info on George PELLMAN. Reputedly, he was sheriff of Kaw City, OK in the late 1800's or early 1900's. Later, he became a captain in the guard force at Leavenworth Penitentiary. I've found vague references to a gunfight between Sheriff Pellman and an unnamed desperado at the Kaw City saloon -- looking for verification and details.
Len Pellman
I am seeking information on the family of James (Tom) Thomas MAYFIELD (b.12/04/1872, d.10/04/1965) and Crosha Elizabeth (?) (b.09/19/1872, d. 08/30/1961).  They resided in the Blackwell area.  They had children named Walter, Charlie, Flannary, Roosevelt, Ida (m. Paul Gibson), Ivan, and Marjorie Pearl Mayfield (b.09/21/1906, d.11/12/1987), who married 1st Daymond OWENS, 2nd Piercy FRIDDLE.  Ida may still live in that area.
Judy Owens
Looking for any information on Frank MC MILLIOAN, son of Robert J. MC MILLIOAN.
Frank went to Blackwell OK in the 1930's. I think he was an editor of a newspaper there. His dad was supposed to have been given land because of his Indian heritage. He divided it amongst his children, and only Frank went to Oklahoma. I am trying to find the deed to land and the ancestors and descendants of this family.
I have not been able to find Frank in Indian rolls, but my sister said she saw it in the Dallas library about 30 years ago. Of course, she doesn't remember now what record or book she looked at. She said his name was on the roll listed in the 1930's? Anyway, I know Robert was born in Texas in 1890 and Frank was born in 1913 or so and went to Blackwell, Oklahoma in the 30's. He is dead now, and I thought if I looked in OK for land record, I might find info. Thanks
Debra Guay
I came across an account of a Buck McGREGG being shot dead by a posse in Blackwell OK on the 4th December 1896. Is there anyone out there who would have knowledge of this incident, would the local newspaper give a clue as to Buck McGregg's background.
Appreciate any help in this matter.
Hugh McCallum
I am researching my father's family. They lived in Kay County from 1921/22 until ????. My father, William Henry LOGWOOD (b.3/17/1913) left about 1939, but various members of his family still live there. His immediate family moved to the 101 Ranch in 1921/22 where his father, Amsden LOGWOOD, took care of the generating equipment that supplied power to the ranch. My father graduated from Marland High School in 1935.
My mother, Helen Louise BRUTON (b.2/18/1918 and now deceased), disliked her family and hated my father's, so I am now trying to catch up on all the loose ends I don't know much about.
Glynda L. Churchill
Looking for info on Charles Kenneth SHIPLEY, w. Evelyn Nesbit Rice, Ch. Delores Jean. They were living in Blackwell OK when Delores was born-7-2-1927. Any info on Shipley or Rice would be greatly appreciated.
Carl Elsperman
My grandmother was born in Kay County in 1899. Her name was Eva Emeline HATFIELD, b.2/21/1899. Her parents were William HATFIELD and Susan Ellen (Edwards) HATFIELD. They lived in Kay County only a few short years before moving to Missouri. If you have any information that you can share with me about any of these names, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks - Frankie
Looking for any descendants of George A. HILL, who married Ida SAVAGE Oct 5, 1901. Her parents were Amos D. SAVAGE and Hester Emily HAYNES. His father was J. H. HILL. They had at least four children: Julius b. 1902 in OK, Mary b. 1905 in CO, George b. 1907 in OK, and Grace b. 1909-10 in OK. Please contact me. Thank you.
Susan Metzen
According to an article in a North Central Oklahoma History Book entitled "The Terrapin Derby," a gentleman from Fairfax, Oklahoma, Mayor Dale BEAVER, was the winner in 1927. I would like to learn more about Mr. BEAVER (parents, birth date and place). I am also interest in trading data with any BEAVER researcher whose Kay County relatives originated in Northwest Arkansas or Southwest Missouri. Thank you.
Leah McCalmon
My mother, Evelyn Dorothy GRAHNERT was born in Blackwell on Nov. 11, 1924. My grandmother's name was Florence Mae (Baker) GRAHNERT. I am looking for information on my grandmother's parents. I'm also looking for information on Martha Delilah GRABLE who was buried in Blackwell on Jan.21, 1967. I believe she may be an aunt. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
Patty Wilson
I am trying to find information on Elizabeth Irene (Caughey) JONES who died on Oct. 28, 1974 in Ponca City, Kay Co., OK. Her father was Edward Randolf CAUGHEY and mother was Allie (Bond) CAUGHEY. Her siblings were: Clarence , Evelyn, Harve, Lawrence, and Mary Melinda Caughey
Any information would be much appreciated!
Sharon Sherwood
The Vault family lived in or near Ponca City in the 20's- 40's, maybe longer. They are: Goldie Cartwright Vault; Earl Vault, her husband; and sons, Delbert and Oflyn / Oflin Vault. I would appreciate any information.
Anita Gettler Rainey
I am seeking information of Charles Edward RHOADES b. 1855 in Missouri he married Mary Emmogene HORN (b. 1854 in MO). They moved to Tonkawa, Kay Co., and raised a family. Their daughter, Mable Maude RHOADES (b. 1881, d.1960) married a Benjamin Harvey WILLIAMS (b. 1875 Blue Rapids, Marshall Co., KS., d. 1914). It is believed the Rhoades and Horn lived in the area of Cherry Box, Shelby Co., MO before they moved to OK around 1860-1865. Any information on the forefathers of these families would be greatly enjoyed.
Tom Williams
I hope you can clear up a mystery for me. I have a gggrandfather James Alexander WEBB dob 11-2-1853 in Cherokee Co. Alabama or Cherokee Co. Georgia (I believe it is probably Alabama but not sure as I have records for both locals). He married Sarah (Sallie) Agnes CLIFTON on 2-7-1878 place unknown. James was Methodist preacher in AL, TX, OT and OK. . He was licensed to preach in March 1878 and was appointed presiding elder of the Birmingham District on January 20, 1892 by Bishop Isaac W. Joyce. On December 1, 1897 Bishop C. C. McCabe transferred him to the Austin Conference. In the fall of 1903 Bishop John W. Walden transferred him to the Oklahoma Conference. The towns he preached in were Deer Creek, Supply, Arnett, Waynoka, Capron, Buffalo, Moreland, Delaware and Kaw City. James died in Kaw City, Oklahoma on June 10, 1922.
I have all this information, but I don't know who his parents were, if he had any siblings, or if he was born in Alabama or Georgia. I even have a photo of this fine gentleman. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Jenny Lee Tolbert
Seeking information re E. BASCUM WRIGHT, lawman for town of Tonkawa and/or Kay County, who died sometime 1930-1933. He was married to Olive Roe (Brookhart) and left a small daughter (my mother) and a baby son. I don't know his birth date/place nor his date of death.
Also seeking info re WILLIAM E. BROOKHART and MAUD SPEER BROOKHART family of Ponca City. Do not have his date/place of birth or death. Maud (my great grandmother) lived in Ponca City until her death, approx 1958. Also do not have her date/place of birth. SPEER family participated in Land Rush of 1889.
Looking for info re SPEER family who participated in the land rush, possibly in 1889 (?), all we have is an old clipping showing "Mr & Mrs Speer with their daughter and son..." standing in front of their ground soddy, newspaper and date unknown. I didn't find their names on the 1893 list of land claims. Possibly what would be Kay County, near Blackwell or Tonkawa.
Their daughter, Maud Speer, was my great grandmother and she later married William E. BROOKHART. They had 5-6 children, including my grandmother, Olive R. (Speer) Brookhart, b. 5/30/04. Based on my grandmother's death certificate, the Speers came from some place in Kentucky. William E. Brookhart was from Iowa. After they married, they stayed in the Tonkawa, Blackwell, Ponca City area.
Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Julia Conkey
CLAYTON, Christopher and wife
Researching Clayton Family in Newkirk, Kay OK. Chirstopher Clayton and wife moved from IL to KS to Grant Co OK then to Kay County about 1920. Looking for anyone with ties to the Clayton Family.
Randall Graham
I am searching for information on the Clayton PAYNE Family. Clayton's wife was Clara (surname unknown). This family lived in Kay Co. Oklahoma around 1894. They had two sons born at this time, Claude and Earl Payne, and later a daughter, Ethel Florence. Thanks for any Help.
Rose & Calvin
Maleanous "Leannie" FINNEY, came to Kaw City about 1915 or so, to drill wells. His cousins, John and Bill, and Clay Keith moved there first,and he moved there after they wrote and offered him a job. He was injured at some point, by getting his arm caught in a drilling rig, and never had the use of his right arm after that. He brought his daughters with him to Kaw City, Pauline, Mildred, Dorothea, and Elizabeth. He is buried there in Kaw City. Seeking any info about his time there in Kaw City. Any info about the KIETH family, his cousins. Any info about his business dealings there. Thanks,
Anne Schmidt
Looking for any information on BURNES, THOMAS (Bud) , wife ROSA (James) and children
  • Varnia, b. Oct. 1895 AR
  • ?ovman B., b. May 1897
  • Harman M., b. Sept. 1899
Rosa died either Dec. 1941 or Jan. 1942 in Ponca City. ANY help would be appreciated.
I am seeking contact with anyone who is related to or is familiar with the family line of Porter MC MONIGLE (1880-1961) and his wife, Bertha L. WRIGHT (1882-1958) through their 13 children.  Porter and his family moved to Kay County, Oklahoma in about 1905 from Meade County, Kentucky and Harrison County, Indiana.
David L. McMonigle
Seeking info on where my great great grandmother is buried. I was told she is in Ponca City. Her name is (I don't know for certain if this first name is spelled right) Petrene Graungaard. She passed on around 1895 is the best guess I can make. Your help will be gratefully appreciated.
Marlys Fox
Looking for information on a Hazen or Hayes Wolf/Wolfe, b. 1914-1914. Lived in or near Ponca City.
Looking for Seldon and Anna SAMUEL(S) in Kay County, Oklahoma. They were living there between 1890-1910. He is the son of William & Susan Cropp SAMUEL.
Barb Edwards
Looking for information on a death of a Lucinda RANDALL in either Peckham or Newkirk, Oklahoma. She is said to of died in Mar of 1917. Would like to have any help I can get on her death, obit, grave site, ect..... She was a JOCOBS before marrying a Randall. Thanks in advance for any help.....
I am seeking information regarding the family of William Joseph and Catherine Mary (TOOF) PHIPPS of Braman. My Grandfather was one of their sons, Emry Joseph Phipps. Their other two sons were Clarence Leo (w. Mary Margaret) and Ray Archibald ( never married).  My Grandfather had a daughter from his first marriage whose name I do not know, but her mother's name was Mrs. Pearl Bond. Their daughter would be at least 80 years old. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Tammy Thorn Hinton
I am looking for information on my grandparents who lived in Blackwell, Nardin, and Numa:
Inman Dale CAMPBELL (b. Jan 6, 1874) and his wife, Mary Doshia SKAGGS (b. Apr 15, 1884). Their son, Inman Earle CAMPBELL (my father) was born July 30, 1914, in their house in Nardin.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Jim Campbell
Strand W. RENECK (born MO) married May C.CHRISTOPHER (born 1863 IA) in 1888. Their daughters were Grace and Edna. In 1936, May Reneck was living in Ponca City, OK. May C. Reneck was my great-aunt.
George Woodward
My great grandparents lived for a time (1900-1910's) in Ponca City. Their names were Frank L. PIERCE and Rosetta Mae Ronk PIERCE. They had two children while living there. They were Edith Viola (born April 1900) and Hazel Celia (born Aug. 12, 1902). This family moved on to Avery, Oklahoma. I am having trouble finding the first name of Frank 's father. I would be someone's friend for life if they could go to the Kay County Court House and look up Edith and Hazel's birth records. I would certainly pay for the records and your time. Love to talk to anyone also looking for the PIERCE name.
Debby Carroll
I am trying to find out about Olland I. Engle, who lived in and around Newkirk, and died in a car accident in 1964. I would really appreciate any information you can give me on him or his family.
Leonard I. Engle Jr.
I am looking for descendants or relatives of John SAWYER and Nettie Jane (Littel) TAYLOR. John came to OK from Indiana. He was born 3 March 1855 and died 18 Oct 1939. Buried in IOOF cemetery in Blackwell.
Clara (Sanford) Cheek
Help! I have been unable to locate much information about Albert Robert BORDERS, born Jan 1 1870 in Arkansas or Kentucky. Family legend has it that he was a U.S. marshall in Blackwell, Kay County, Oklahoma around 1900. He married Della Ann LIDDELL, born in Clay County, Indiana. I have been unable to locate a marriage record on these two..I am estimating a marriage date of about 1890. Also, I have documents stating that Albert Borders was a member of the IOOF. Does anyone know who I would contact for these records?
Kareen Borders
I am looking for descendants of my gg-Aunt Mary Evaline BICE (b. 4 Jul 1836 in Meigs Co., OH, d. April 9, 1919 in Muskogee, Muskogee Co. OK). She was married to Josephus DE CAMP (b. 23 Mar 1832 in OH., d. about 1904 in OK). I have letters from Aunt Eve to my mother (Maud BICE DOUBLE) from Jet, Alfalfa Co. OK. & McAllen, OK. in 1914 & 1915. Aunt Eve had grandchildren born in Blackwell, Kay Co. OK. Earl DE CAMP (b. Jan 1900) and Wilbur Charles DE CAMP (b. Sep 1911). Hoping to find more information on Evaline's parents, John BICE & Mary JENKINS. Would like to correspond with anyone with additional information on this family. Thanks.
Eleanor Double Weiss Dayton, OH
I am looking for information on the 101 Ranch. Supposedly my great-grandfather Greenberry (GB) BUXTON worked there in the early part of the century. He is buried in GAR cemetery in Miami, Ottawa Co., Oklahoma. Another great-grandfather was in Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma. He had a dairy there called the Reid dairy. His name was Noah Walter REID. He had the big house on the hill that always seemed to be on fire at sunset. I have one of the milk bottles from his dairy. I hope to hear from lots of people. Thanks a bunch.
Mary Creswell Hancock  
Looking for descendants of Mary HEAPE and George GLAZEBROOK in Kay County in 1910 and Cherokee County, Kansas in 1900. They were married in Newton County, Missouri in 1882.
Mildred Slavens  SEE OTHER POST
Looking for information relating to why Milton Frazier BRESSIE and Mary GAY (3rd wife) moved to Oklahoma from Farmington, MO area (St. Francois and Dent Counties in Missouri.) and what he died of at such an early age.
Milton Frazier BRESSIE d. March 5, 1898 and was buried in Ponca City, OK in the Odd Fellows Cemetery. Time has removed name from stone. He possibly came to OK with his brothers or uncles and settled in the Bressie Community area with them and then moved to Ponca for land. I am his great granddaughter by his 1st wife Addie BYRD.
Would appreciate any and all information or hearing from other BRESSIE or MURPHY kin.
Betty Bressie Roberston
I am searching for the EARLY family of Kay County. Especially any connections to Clyde EARLY. Clyde was my G-G-Grandfather, he lived in Blackwell and fought in the First World War. I do not know his parents or even if they were in Kay County. His daughter ??? Early married a MARLAR, they had a son Clyde Early MARLAR, b. circa 1900-1910, Clyde Early MARLAR married Ruby BLOXSUM another Blackwell native. ??I believe that they divorced ?? Ruby died September 3, 1995 in Amarillo TX. Ruby and Clyde had a son C.E. MARLAR b. 1935, he is my mother's father. C.E. was not named when he was born, his mother put Baby Boy on his birth certificate. Any help with this family would be greatly appreciated.
R.Allen DeLano Convers
Looking for information on the family of Henry GLENNY (b. 1862 Canada, d. 2 Mar. 1940 in Blackwell, OK). Glenny took part in the opening of the Cherokee Strip. He married Alice SEARS in 1896. They had at least three children: William T., Paul, and Ruby. His obit. says the boys survived him. No mention of his daughter. I am interested in locating his descendants.
Lawrence C. Erwin
I am looking for information on Rosella Faye PRATT, who gave birth to Lillian Faye GILSTRAP on 10/20/1921 in Blackwell OK. Rosella married Ralph J. GILSTRAP (abt)1920. Can you help? Thank for your time.
Ray Yarbrough
Hi, I am looking for any information on William S. PRETTYMAN b.11/12/1858-d.1932-William was a founding resident of Blackwell, OK and served two terms as Mayor around 1893, built the first two story brick building in Blackwell, opening a photography studio. I am also looking for any information on Alpha SKIRVING from Blackwell Ok. Thanks.
My grandmother was raised in Newkirk by her paternal grandparents, who lived there. They came to Oklahoma in the Land Run but apparently lost out to a Sooner. Grandmother's father's name was Charles MC COY. I am not sure of what her grandfather's name was but she had an uncle named Henry MC COY, who was also in the Land Run but I did not find his name under the Cherokee Strip info. I know this is sparse info. but it is all I have now. Issac MC COY was an ancestor from Scotland. Any info. would be appreciated.
Carolyn Wilson Koerschen SEE NEXT POST ALSO
Thu Apr 17 22:18:46 1997
Looking for any info. regarding
William Henry MC COY, husband of Huldah Carter MC COY. William Henty McCoy worked as a surveyor and had an office at the courthouse.
Walter J. JACKSON, husband of Elizabeth MC COY. Walter Jackson claimed land in the run of 1893. He later had a farm with an additional 160 acres on the edge of Newkirk.
or Harry TIPTON, husband of MINNIE MC COY.
Any info. would be appreciated. McCoys are buried in Newkirk and died in 1926 (Huldah) and 1928 (William Henry).
Carolyn Wilson Koerschen  **ALSO SEE POST JUST ABOVE THIS ONE
Searching for Jacob CRAWFORD and Anna (Sarah) HAILE (HAILLE). Jacob may have been born in Ohio and Anna in Wynono, OK. Both died in Oklahoma Indian Territory approx 1909. Their son was Charles Wesley CRAWFORD born in Newkirk, OK 12-25-1900
Pam Hillebrand
I am looking for information on George William TRIBBEY born 8/25/1859 at Quincy IL., died 6/10/1934 at Ponca City OK. Thanks. Bill Tribbey
I am looking for my great-grandfather, Guy THOMAS, buried in Ponca City sometime before 1966
Angie Nixon
I am searching for anyone with information on my grandparents, Ernest "Slim" Harris LANCASTER and Rena (Spicer) LANCASTER. They were married in Kay County on 7 of January 1913. Ernest LANCASTER was born in Tennessee on 2 October 1884 and died in Ponca City 11 April 1923. He was an oil scout for the Wentz Oil Company at the time of his death. He was a pitcher for the Ponca City team for several years. Rena Spicer was born 26 March 1888 in Wayne County, Illinois. She came to the Kay County area about 1904. Please contact me if you have any information.
Linda Dennis
Seeking information on Robert Henry WALL, who died January 10, 1926 in Ponca City, Kay, OK. Robert Henry is my husband's grandfather - whom he never knew. We believe Robert H's second wife, Amanda RITCHIE WALL was still alive at the time of Robert's death.
Known children of Robert and Amanda are: Mary/Alice [STAPP], Robert (b. 1885, d. 1944 Foreaker), George E.( b. 1886), William C.( b. 1888), Edna A (b. 1893 IL), Roy V. (b. 1895 IL), Grace V. [FRYE] (b. 1898 IL), Henry (b. 1901 IL), and Deborah [SAGER] (b. 1910 KS). We are seeking any descendants of this family.
Gwen Wall
I am trying to locate information on either Charles Richard HARP, Jr. He is the son of Charles Richard HARP, Sr. and Ona. He had as many as seven sisters and brothers. Also looking for Ollie Elizabeth GRIMES. She is the daughter of John and Dessie GRIMES. Ollie Elizabeth and Charles Richard HARP, Jr. were married for a short time in the 1940's. She was born in Ponca City.
Claudette Dickey SEE OTHER POSTING
Searching for information on James Merritt DONNELLY. Born 24 January 1837 in Vermont or New York.
Married, 1st, Hannah CODY (b. 1840 IN) 25 Feb 1858 in Bartholomew Co., IN. James and Hannah DONNELLY's children: John David, b. 1860, m. Laura CAGLE; Catherine Louise, b. 1862, m. Edgar CARDEY; Jennie, b. ?; William Ojeda, b. 1865, d. 1942; Rose, b. 1870. Sources: LDS Ancestral file, census, marriage extracts. Need death date of Hannah DONNELLY, wife of James DONNELLY.
James married, 2nd, Elizabeth CARROTHERS ECKHART (previously widowed?) in Piatt Co., IL, on 18 Nov 1873. Children: Nora, b. 1875 in Piatt Co., IL, m. Richard HOLTBY on 1 April 1896 in OK; Ora, b. 1879 in Sedgwick Co., KS; Dollie, b. 1880 in KS, m. C.V. HALL 17 May 1898 in OK.
Lived in Sedgwick Co, KS, in 1880, next door to William DONLEY (possibly brother). Moved to Kay Co., Oklahoma Territory, prior to about 1896. Elizabeth DONNELLY died 1 Feb 1917; James DONNELLY died 22 Sept 1922 in Kay Co., Oklahoma. Looking for parents' names, descendants, and any other records. Thanks!
Jennifer Beatty
I am looking for any information about my grandfather, Bufort SEE, and grandmother, Catherine. They lived near a town called Cross and immigrated to Canada. There are (I haven't found anything yet) records of them other than as a rancher in northern Alberta. My father was James Ausker and he had a brother, Claude. If anyone can help please send any thing you may have or any ideas to let me know where else to look.
Grant H. See
VAN SICKLE, Abraham and Oscar Abraham , Alfalfa, Kay, Okla.
J. Long
I am trying to find an Ollie Elizabeth HARP that was born in Ponca City on August 11, 1928. She had four brothers and five sisters that we know of. She went thru the 10th grade of school. Her parents may have been Charles and Ollie HARP but I am not sure. I am interested in any marriages deaths, etc. regarding this family.
Claudette Dickey  see other posting
Seeking any information on brothers, John E. STREET (b Mar 1849), Harvey B. STREET (b Sep 1851) and Jacob H. STREET (b Sep 1854). All born in Iowa and all died in 1930s at Washunga, Kay County. Originally buried at Washunga but moved to Newkirk (Unmarked). Did any of them ever marry? What were their death dates? Any information would be great!
Donna L. Cooper
Subject: KIVETT, Aldus, d. 1988, Blackwell, OK I'm looking for information about the family of Aldus Kivett, b. 1890 (probably KS), d. 1988 in Blackwell, Kay Co., OK. I believe he and his wife Edna were Friends/Quakers and pastored churches in KS and OK. His father's name may have been James, don't know his mother's. Did Aldus come to OK with just his wife and children, or were parents, siblings along? TIA for any and all help.
Donna Martin
I am looking for any information on Alfred Gilbert WYRICK b. Sep 27, 1881 in Rhea Co., TN. He married May Bell WILLIAMS abt 1908 in OK. Alfred, May and their children are listed on the 1920 OK Census in Ponca City, Kay Co. Their children are: Carrie Bell b. Oct 10, 1910, Jesse Alfred b. Mar 10, 1919, Mary Ella b. Feb 17, 1922, and Opal b. Feb 6, 1924. If you have any information on this family it would be greatly appreciated.
Looking for anyone with any history on the BIBY family in and around Ponca City, OK. There are some family in Wakita, OK. But I have no information on them, so that would also help me. Thank You in advance for any help you may have.
Linda Biby Tyler
I am looking for any information on the DYAS family, especially my Grandfather, George Henry Dyas. He was born in Penn. about 1867 and came to Oklahoma in the 1880's, I believe, and died in Blackwell, Ok. in 1953. I have a picture of him when he was a lawman, about 1900, but I do not know where he worked at the time. Thank you.
David Dyas
I am looking for any information on the WISELOGEL family. Julius W. Wiselogel b. 1878 in Missouri m. Grace Irene WAGNER b. Sep 25, 1882. Children are; Marionia, Ruth, William, Lucretia, John, & George. Julius W. Wiselogel was my great grandfather, he was Listed in the 1900 Kay County Census with his parents: Willie Wiselogel and Lorra ?. Any information on the Wiselogel family would be greatly appreciated!
Keith Fye
Harriet Marie SHORT b. 30 Sep 1850 d. 14 Dec 1928 Ponca City 1st husband Jessie Allen HELMICK b. 5 May 1850 d. 24 mar 1916 2nd husban Amos Hall McReynolds daughter Clara Tabitha HELMICK b. 22 Feb 1875 d. 10 Jul 1957 Kay Co, Ponca City, OK husband Charles B. HANDLEY Hattie Handley, Elizabeth Handley, Charlene Handley
Bill Scholtes
My grandmother was born Ester Ruth DUNN 3/26/1929 in Tonkawa, OK. She had many siblings including a twin brother named Lester. Her parents were Henry Dunn and Lula Mae Dunn nee SHARP(E), who acquired their land in one of the land rushes, then lost it in the Dust Bowl and migrated to California. I'm searching for ancestors of Henry and Lula Mae. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Shannon Stober
I am looking for information on Sarah BAKER SULLIVAN born ca. 1868 in Kentucky. She was mentioned in her brother's obituary in 1945 as living in Blackwell, Kay County, Oklahoma.
Everett BAKER
Seeking information on descendants of Parker and Mary PILCHER. Participated in Cherokee Strip Run in 1893. Settled in Uncas area of Kay County. One son, Francis Lafayette Pilcher was born in Waverly, Ill in 1875. Daughter named Mabel that was married to a man named PEARCE and was residing in Uncas in 1959. Any information on Kay Co./or Oklahoma PILCHER's would be appreciated.
Kent Pilcher
COOK , Robert Cates
I am searching for information about Robert Kates COOK (b.26 Dec. 1874, Hill County Texas - d. 27 Jan. 1946 in Ponca City, Kay Co. OK) and his wife, Bertha Mae Ellison COOK (b. 21 April 1888 in Jack Co. Texas - d. 26 March 1982 in Ponca City, Kay Co. OK).
Would like any information on a Robert BASS that was killed or died in approx. 1946 or 47 and left a widow--Marjorie and a daughter, Sandra Sue. Robert was buried in Blackwell, Okla.
Larry Kilmer
I am searching for information about Robert Kates COOK (b.26 Dec. 1874, Hill County Texas - d. 27 Jan. 1946 in Ponca City, Kay Co. OK) and his wife, Bertha Mae ELLISON COOK (b. 21 April 1888 in Jack Co. Texas - d. 26 March 1982 in Ponca City, Kay Co. OK).
My grandmother Nicey COONHEAD EVANS always said she went to school at the Chilocco Indian School and also Chef Pleanst Porter's school or orphanage in Leonard. She had a sister by the name of Hannah COONHEAD who might have went to school there also. Although my grandmother lived until I was in my early twenties she never shared any info about her family or youth to anyone. She was born in 1891 and raised " cousins" in what is now Leonard OK. She was a member of the Creek Nation but was listed as a Euchee tribe member. She would have went to school in the the first part of this century I guess. Any and all help will be appreciated.
Michael Neafus
I am looking for any information on the RHOADES family. Wesley Byron Rhoades b. 1859 in Iowa m. Augusta A HARVEY b. 1869 in Iowa. I am told they ran a drug store in Blackwell. Children are; Harvey, Bernice,Ruth, Verna, Ralph, Mildred.
Harvey married May BOLICK of Blackwell in Braman OK. They had a son Lewis RHOADES who used the name of MADER after May Bolick married second husband Fred MADER.
The RHOADES family are listed in the Blackwell census of 1900 and 1910. Harvey is my grandfather. Please e-mail if you know anything more about this family.
JoAnne Gullett
I'm looking for some information on the Oklahoma Land Run and some of my relatives were involved. Names I've found in Oklahoma history books were Seacat (my g-grandparents), McWilliams (gg-grandparents), and the Sinner (gg-grandparents) families. They resided in the north central portion of Oklahoma in Grant and Kay Counties. We would appreciate any information. Thanks.
Denise Soesbee
I am looking for information regarding Charles Edgar Foudray , b.21 Dec 1869, d. 1932. He is buried in Blackwell, OK. I have heard through other family members that he served on the first Jury in Kay County. He also served in the Military Institute of OK. He married Olive Teters (Peters?) and then married Lula Teters after 1910. I am seeking more information regarding siblings, parents, children, occupation etc.
April M Hartjes
Am interested in Bridges surname. My grandfather, Parker Bridges was born in Kay County in 1904. His father, Park Bridges was an early settler to Kay County during the land run. He is buried in the I.O.O.F. cemetery in Blackwell. Please let me know if anyone else is researching this name... I know I have plenty of Kay County relatives, please e-mail me. Thanks,
Kathy Bridges (Duncan, OK)
SHIDLER 12/30/96
Searching for any descendents of the Shidler family that lived in and around Kay Co, Oklahoma about 1890-1920, possibly some living in Page Co Oklahoma in 1918.
Becky Erickson   SEE OTHER POST
I am looking for any information on the following family:
Edward Cole HOLOPETER ( b. 1861 in IA, d. 1894 in KS) m. Sara HILL (b. 1866 in KS, d. 1916 in KS). They had seven daughters: May, Pearl, Grace Gladys, Gerty, Blanche, Edith "Ted", & Loretta "Tiny". I know for a time they must have lived in Oklahoma, because Grace was born in Indian Territory, OK. Grace married a THORN, and they lived in Chautauqua Co., KS for many years before moving to CA.
Phyllis Schnedler
My maternal 2nd. great grandfather Samuel M. ROBINSON b. 1843 in Lincoln, Logan Co., IL, d. 18 April 1904 in Blackwell, Kay Co., OK. He married 5 June 1866 in La Prairie, Adams Co., IL to Nancy Marriah MORAN (daughter of John MORAN and Sarah WALKER.).
Samuel and Nancy had the following children:
Sarah Rosena b. 10 Mar 1867 IL, d. 11 Dec 1918 Rosston, Harper Co., OK, married 25 Nov 1891 in Eureka, Greenwood Co., KS to Isaac BRAZELTON
Mary R. b. 16 Jul 1868 IL, d. 28 Sept 1949 in Newkirk, Kay Co., OK, married 25 Jan 1892 in Eureka,Greenwood Co., KS to Perry Franklin BRAZELTON William Jesse b. 1 Nov 1870 KS, d. 1931, married 18 Aug 1893 in Eureka, Greenwood Co., KS to Nora A. WEBSTER
Maletta Frances b. 15 Oct 1872 Greely, Anderson Co., KS, d. 18 Dec 1937 in Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS, married 1895 in Blackwell, Kay Co., OK to Elbert S. COURTNEY
Alice May b. 5 Feb 1874 Greeley, Anderson Co., KS, d. 5 Feb 1956 Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA, married 24 Dec 1900 in Perry, Noble Co., OK to Charles Albert NASH (these are my 1st. great grandparents)
Minerva A. b. 25 Jul 1877 KS, d. 1923
Nettie b. ca. 1879 KS, d.22 Nov 1965, married to Hendrick HORTON
Lula Belle b. 17 May 1885 KS, d. 1 Dec 1945, married Homer WILLIAMS.
Samuel enlisted as a PVT. Aug. 1862 in Company "C" of the 106th. IL. Vol. Infantry during the Civil War. In 1850, when Samuel was 6 years old, he was enumerated in Logan County, IL with Sarah ROBINSON 43 who was born in Ohio, William L. ROBINSON 18 born IL, Angeline ROBINSON 5 born IL and Joshua COLEMAN 61 born VA who was a Pauper.
Susan Peters Zmrzel
P.O. Box 10097
Ft. Mojave, AZ 86427
My grandmother, Grace Crowder POTTS, came to Kay Co., OK as a young woman when her husband, Cecil Ray POTTS, immigrated there to work in the oil fields. She died in Blackwell August 31, 1926 and her body was returned home to KY for burial. Would there be an obituary for her in OK and how would I be able to locate it via AOL? She had relatives who stayed in the area - Madie (May)POTTS and her husband Oscar W. SMITH and Martha Jane POTTS and her husband Edward C. Smith. Martha and Edward were the parents of Leo SMITH, born around 1915.
Glenda Potts Thacker
LANGLEY , Families
I can assist/will trade info with others researching Langley and associated families in Kay County.
John Andrew Prime
ARNOLD , Virgil
I am seeking an exact date of death for an Uncle, Virgil Victor ARNOLD, who died in Ponca City. I believe it was in 1993. His nickname was Jack and he was a butcher for Safeway for many years. Thanks for any help you can give.
Evelyn Oden   see also the next post below
Hi, Does anyone know just where the Klondike Cemetery is..I was told it was in Jefferson and if that is so---where in Jefferson?? I was raised there and cannot remember any cemeteries. Have relatives in this cemetery and am very interested. It must be fairly small. Thanks to all of you knowledgeable people!!!! Researching--HASKINS, WRIGHT, HUBBARD, CLAWSON.
Evelyn Oden
Willing to share info on any of the above names. They all lived in Kay County at one time or another and some of them still do.
Harriette Jensen
I am looking for any and all Burns family in Kay county Oklahoma and would appreciate any help.
Lyn Matthiesen
I would like to exchange information on the Tickel families of Kay County, OK. If you are interested in receiving The Tickel/Tickle Family Genealogy Newsletter please contact me.
Judith Tickel Need
NUTTER , Lloyd
Looking for any information on a Lloyd O. Nutter from Blackwell, OK who died in 1985. I am actually tracing genealogy on his wife's side (although I don't know her first name yet or her whereabouts). She is the sister to a George Palmer from Eunice, LA who passed away in 1973(?).
George's obituary listed Mrs. Lloyd O. Nutter from Blackwell, OK, so that is my only lead. I would like to find relatives of these Nutters so that I can trace the Palmer side and whereabouts of any living relatives of them. We know George had one son, Coburn Dale Palmer (now around 50 years old or so) but don't know his whereabouts either. We thought if the Lloyd O. Nutter's had any children, they would be "Dale"s cousins and might be able to offer family/genealogy information.
Thank you in advance for your kind assistance and for any information you may be able to offer.
My sister and I are trying to get at much info as possible together before Christmas (as it will be a gift for my nephew).
R. Larson
Am looking for anyone by the surname of Porter or Hiatt that lives in the Blackwell area.
Pat Peterson
Edwin MANLEY - original landowner in 1893. We are willing to share info on this line and have a lot of knowledge of the area.
Eddie Manley

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