Obituaries for Seminole County, Oklahoma

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GAMMONS, Sheryl Ann - age 47		Published 10-12-1999 in "The Seminole Producer"
	Birth: 10-28-1951 in Oklahoma City, OK
	Death: 10-9-1999 in Holdenville, Hughes, OK
	Buried: Holdenville Cemetery

	Father: Neal Prince, dec'd

	Survived by:
	Grandmother: Minnie Binks Prince of Wewoka, OK
	Mother: Barbara Turpin Prince of Holdenville, OK
	Spouse: Johnny Gammons (m. 8-4-1972)
	Children: Rex Gammons
		  Kari Gammons
	Brother: Steve Prince of Hopkinsville, Kentucky
	Sister: Jennifer Prince Yahola of Wetumka, Hughes, OK
	Sister: Angie Prince Johnson of Earlsboro, Pottawatomie, OK

GARMON, Ella Mae - age 83 Obit published 5-30-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" born: 5-1-1916 in El Paso, TX died: 5-28-1999 in Ada, Pontotoc, OK buried: Rest Lawn Cemetery in El Paso, TX Parents: Silas and Rose DAVIS BUSHONG, dec'd Spouse: J.H. "Jake" Garmon, dec'd (m. 11-21-1936 in Alamagordo, N.M.) Sister: Lola MALONEY, dec'd Sister: Dolly BUSHONG, dec'd Survived by: Tom Garmon of Alpine, TX John M. Garmon of El Paso, TX Dtr: Linda Gale HILL of Wolf, OK
GARRETTSON, Eunice - age 80 Obit published 12-10-1998 in "The Seminole Producer" born: 8-31-1918 near Macomb died: 12-8-1998 in Tecumseh, OK buried: Prairie View Cemetery Parents: W. C. and Nan (RUSSEL) RUTLEDGE, dec'd Spouse: Burleigh Garretson, d. 1995 (m. 11-20-1937) Brother: Lyndon Rutledge, dec'd Survivors: Dtr: Virginia BANE of Tulsa, OK Dtr: Barbara HINESLEY of Macomb, OK Son: Donald Garretson of Tecumseh, OK Son: Gary Garretson of Dale, OK Sister: Olive YONES of Choctaw, OK Sister: Lavonia BERRY of Oklahoma City, OK Brother: Granville Rutledge of Choctaw, OK
Garrison, Velma - age 93 Obit published 5-21-1998 in "The Seminole Producer" born: April 11, 1905 in Indian Territory (Seminole County) died: May 19, 1998 in Seminole, Oklahoma buried: Little Cemetery north of Seminole, OK Parents: Alva Willis & Otha (Chastain) Criswell Husband: Birtchell Garrison (d. Nov 4, 1996) m. Nov 29, 1926 in Okemah, OK) Survived by: Daughter: Joy Drake of Seminole, OK
GEORGE, Roy L. - age 86 Obit published 9-16-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" born: 9-11-1913 in Sasakwa, Seminole, OK died: 9-14-1999 at Konawa, Seminole, OK buried: Vamoosa Cemetery near Konawa, OK Parents: Audie Mae and Arliss GEORGE, dec'd Survived by: Dtr: Fances CULLY of Konawa, OK Dtr: Audie GEORGE of Konawa, OK Son: Bobby George of Konawa, OK Son: James George of Konawa, OK Son: Edward George of Konawa, OK
GLENN, Grover Cleveland - age 97 Published 10-24-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" (member of masonic lodge #175) born: 7-10-1902 in Nacogdoches, TX died: 10-20-1999 in Wewoka, OK buried: Westwood Cemetery west of Wewoka, OK Survived by: Dtr: Dorothy Glenn of Los Angeles, Calif. Dtr: Betty J. WHITE of Midwest City, OK Dtr: Lorene G. HENRY of Los Angeles, Calif. Dtr: Charlotte G. WARD of Del City, OK Dtr: Jane V. WATTS of Midwest City, OK Sister: Viola Glenn JONES of Kansas City, Kansas
Goforth, J.C. - age 70 Published 10-19-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" born: 10-14-1929 near Prague, OK died: 10-17-1999 in Oklahoma City, OK buried: Little Cemetery north of Seminole, OK Parents: Fred and Edna Mae (WOODRUFF) Goforth, dec'd Survived by: Son: Carson Goforth, Jr., of Seminole, OK Dtr: Linda KOEHLER of Oklahoma City, OK Dtr: Brenda June WEST of Oklahoma City, OK Dtr: Sherry SIMS of Oklahoma City, OK Brother: Bill Goforth of Prague, OK Brother: Eugene Goforth of Seminole, OK Brother: Bobby Goforth of Seminole, OK Brother: charlie Goforth of Seminole, OK Sister: Doris NOVOTNY of Prague, OK
GORDON, Ardelia I. - age 74 Published on 11-10-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" born: 7-31-1925 in Seminole County, OK died: 11-5-1999 in Oklahoma City, OK buried: Lima Cemetery Parents: Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Joe ISLAND, dec'd Spouse: George Gordon, dec'd Survived by: Brother: Oscar ISLAND of Spencer, OK Brother: Joe ISLAND of Lima, OK Brother: Leafus Island of Lima, OK Sister: Vera TAYLOR of Oklahoma City, OK Sister: Rosie WOODFORK of Norman, OK Sister: Leola HARDWICK of Lima, OK
GORDON, Salatelo David - age 23 Obit published 5-11-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" born: 2-10-1976 in Wewoka, OK died: 5-5-1999 in Seminole County, OK Cause of death: Gunshot wound to neck buried: Westwood Cemetery near Wewoka, OK Survivors: Mother: Norma Jean GORDON of Oklahoma City, OK Dtr: Aubree PROCTOR of Wewoka, OK Son: Salatelo David Proctor Jr. of Wewoka, OK Brother: Chad EDWARDS of Wewoka, OK Sister: Larietta Gordon of Oklahoma City, OK Sister: Shavon Gordon of Denver, COLO
GORE, Margaret Ruth - age 63 Obit published 12-13-1998 in "The Seminole Producer" born: 2-3-1935 in Wewoka, OK died: 12-11-1998 in Shawnee, OK buried: Resthaven Memorial Gardens Parents: Lester and Maggie (STOUT) BRYANT, dec'd Survivors: Husband: Frank Gore (m. 3-23-1955 in Wewoka, OK) Sister: Haqzel ADKINS of Holdenville, Hughes, OK Son: Frank and Sheila Gore of Seminole, OK Son: John and Ivona Gore of Seminole, OK Dtr: Maggie and Richard KILGORE of Wewoka, OK Dtr: Linda and Buddy HENNINGTON of Wewoka, OK Dtr: Della and Dwain PITTS of St. Louis, OK Dtr: Brenda and Mike WHITE of Bowlegs, OK Dtr: Hazel aqnd Jim JACKSON of Dallas, TX Dtr: Kay and Darrell LEE of Seminole, OK Dtr: Eunice and Charles JAMES of Tecumseh, OK Dtr: Margaret and Danny CHOATE of Sasakwa, OK
GOURD, Leila - age 92 Obit published 5-13-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" born: 11-2-1906 in St. Mary's, Kansas died: 5-12-1999 in Norman, OK buried: Highland Cemetery Parents: Steven Oscar and Matilda Estella (HOOBLER) SMITH, dec'd Husband: Rev. E. A. Gourd, d. 3-17-1963 (m.12-19-1931 in Oklahoma City, OK Survivors: Dtr: Betty Robinson of Purcell, OK Dtr: Jean Earles of Edmond, OK
GRANT, Cornelius James "Son" - age 76 Obit published 7-7-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" born: 12-24-1922 in Ada, Pontotoc, OK died: 7-5-1999 in Holdenville, Hughes, OK buried: Rosedale Cemetery in Ada, Pontotoc, OK Parents: John Grant and Ida DANIELS, dec'd Dtr: Charlene GRANT, dec'd Survived by: Wife: Amanda WILLIAMS (m. 6-18-1949 in Ada, OK) of Sasakwa, OK Dtr: Sandra Grant of Midwest City, OK Dtr: Ida GOMEZ of Carpenteria, CALIF Dtr: Susan Grant of Ada, OK Dtr: Doris Grant of Los Angeles, CALIF Dtr: Mary Grant of Midwest City, OK Dtr: Jackie Grant of Sasakwa, OK Son: Gregory James Grant of Sasakwa, OK Son: Charles Mitchell Grant of Konawa, OK Brother: Walter Grant of Ada, OK Sister: Julia COLEMAN of Carpenteria, CALIF
GRAVES, Maxine Glenda Obit published 8-11-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" born: 7-9-1927 in Sparks, OK died: 8-9-1999 buried: Little Cemetery north of Seminole, OK Parents: Hudson Powell and May Marietta (HUGHES) LEE, dec'd Spouse: S.J. GRAVES, d. 7-29-1999 Dtr: Sharon Kay Graves, d. 4-22-1995 Survived by: Dtr: Bobbye and Ken RAMSEY of Seminole, OK Dtr: Pam VILLINES an Doye DAY of Muskogee, OK Sister: Doris WATKINS of Seminole, OK Grandchild: Bryan LUCAS Grandchild: Casey Lucas Grandchildren: Mike, Julie and Shelly VILLINES Gr-Grandchildren: Jordan and Baylee Lucas Gr-Grandchild: Logann VILLINESS
GRAY, Roger Dale Sr., age 51 Published 6-16-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" born: 4-12-1948 in Okemah, Okfuskee, Oklahoma died: 6-14-1999 in Middletown, Maryland buried: Highland Cemetery in Okemah, Okfuskee, OKlahoma Father: Frankie H. "Bill" GRAY, dec'd Spouse: Carley Lee BLANKENSHIP, d. 1978 (m. 10-7-1966) Survived by: Mother: Gladys L. (WHITE) GRAY of Okemah, Oklahoma Spouse: Susan PETERS (m. 1-3-1979 in Frederick, Maryland) Son: Roger Dale Gray, Jr. of Middletown, Maryland Dtr: Kelli Quinn of Hawaii Dtr: Joni Gray of Middletown, Maryland Brother: John Gray of Seminole, OK Sister: Ellen WARD of Sand Springs, OK Sister: Ann JOHNSON of Glenpool, OK
GRAYSON, Mitchell G. - age 89 Published 10-19-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" born: 1-10-1910 in Eufaula, OK died: 10-15-1999 in Oklahoma City, OK buried: Westwood Cemetery west of Wewoka, OK Brother: Elbert Grayson, dec'd Brother: Eddie Grayson, dec'd Sister: Anna Grayson, dec'd Survived by: Dtr: Rosetta Grayson of Oklahoma City, OK Son: Emmit Grayson Sr., of Oklahoma City, OK
GREEN, Homer H. - age 91 Published 6-11-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" born: 7-1-1907 in Meeker, Indian Territory died: 6-9-1999 in Shawnee, Pottawatomie, OK buried: New Hope Cemetery in Meeker, OK Parents: George M. and Lillie M. (BOLAND) Green, dec'd Survived by: Spouse: Myrtle L. O'NEAL (m. 1-25-1928 in Tecumseh, OK) Son: Lloyd Green of Konawa, OK Son: Bill Green of Garland, TX Dtr: Bonnie DAVENPORT of Earlsboro, OK Dtr: Faye Ann RATCLIFF of Meeker, OK Sister: Ruth MOUCKA
GREEN, Thelma L. - age 82 Obit published 10-12-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" born: 4-30-1917 in Seminole County, OK died: 10-8-1999 in Oklahoma City, OK buried: Resthaven Memorial Park, east of Shawnee, OK Parents: Jame and Floy HENSLEY BRADBURY, dec'd Spouse: Herman S. Green (m. 9-15-1934 in Shawnee, OK), dec'd Survived by: Son: Ronald Green of Harrah, OK Dtr: Dorothy Nicely of Shawnee, OK Dtr: Kathy Enright of Shawnee, OK Sister: Phyllis SCHEIDt of Shawnee, OK Sister: Doris WHITTERN of Shawnee, OK
GREEN, Warren C. - Age 87 
	Born: 6-21-1912
	Died: 1-2-2000 in Seminole, Oklahoma
	Buried: Maple Grove Cemetery / Seminole, OK

	Parents: John Green and Mattie HILTON, dec'd
	Spouse: Cora HARGIS, de'cd (m. 12-24-1941)

	Survived by:
	Dtr: Charlene KENNADY of Seminole, OK
	Dtr: Nancy FREDERICKSON of Earlsboro, OK
	Dtr: Wanda MORRIS of Seminole, OK

GREEN, Wesley Sr. Born: Oct. 13, 1926 in Holdenville, Hughes, OK Died: Aug. 18, 2000 in Wewoka, Seminole, OK Services: Stout Funeral Home Burial: Lena Family Cemetery Preceded by: Parents: Ena and Annie (HARJO) GREEN, dec;d Sister: Kizzie GREEN Sister: Mary (GREEN) JOHNSON Brother: Edmond Joshua GREEN Sr. Survivors: Spouse: Cora (LENA) GREEN son: Wesley GREEN Jr. Son: Chris MERRITT Son: Mose MERRITT Son: Charles MERRITT Son: Oscar BRUNER Son: Ricky WOODS Son: Billy MERRITT Dtr: Linda MARTIN Dtr: Ostie MERRITT Dtr: Vanessa GREEN Dtr: Kizzie YARGEE Dtr: Mary WOODS Pallbearers: Gary THOMAS, Ronald HOLATA, Tommy CULBERSON, Kevin FIELDS, Leo LASSITER, Jeff FIXICO Honorary bearers: Sam HARRIS, J. C. FACTOR, Dale WINGO, Judd SAWYER, William HARRISON
Grensberg, Christie - age 25 Obit published 6-22-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" born: April 28, 1974 in Oklahoma City, OK died: June 19, 1999 in Seminole County, OK buried: Little Cemetery, north of Seminole, OK Survivors: Parents: Delton Dewayne and Sharon Jean (ROBERTS) BROCK Husband: Thomas Grensberg Son: Jerry Brock of Seminole, OK Son: Thomas Grensberg and Seminole, OK Son: Michael Gransberg of Seminole, OK Dtr: Christie Grensberg of Seminole, OK Brother: Jerry Brock of Seminole, OK Brother: Leslie Brock of McAlester, OK Grandmother: Ruby Bemo
GREY, Zane - age 75 Obit published 8-18-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" born: 7-22-1924 in Wewoka, Seminole, OK died: 8-8-1999 in Shawnee, Pottawatomie, OK buried: Gable Cemetery in Prague, OK Parents: Eli and Essie (WRIGHT) GREY, dec'd Survived by: Wife: Shirley OWENS (m. 9-17-1955) of Prague, OK Son: Jack Grey of Labanon, MO Son: Larry Grey of Atlanta, GA Son: Ricky Grey of Prague, OK Son: Michael Grey of Prague, OK Dtr: Sabrina Grey of Prague, OK Brother: Jim Grey of Oklahoma City, OK Brother: Curtis Grey of Peoria, AZ Sister: Mary CROSS of Davis, OK
GROOMS, Audra Dane (SERAN) - age 30 Obit published 8-18-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" born: 12-7-1968 in Tulsa, OK died: 8-16-1999 in Oklahoma City, OK buried: Highland Cemetery in Okemah, Okfuskee, OK Parents: Gerald ELLETTE and Paula SERAN, dec'd Survived by: Husband: Timothy Dale GROOMS (m. 5-1-1992 in Ft. Smith, ARK) Dtr: Lauren Seran of Seminole County, OK Dtr: Samantha Grooms of Seminole County, OK Sister: Karissa ELLETTE of Midwest City, OK
GUESS, Richard - age 66 Obit published 5-13-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" born: 9-4-1932 in Maud, OK died: 5-11-1999 buried: Westwood Cemetery Survivors: Wife: Georgetta Guess of Sasakwa, OK Dtr: Shelby Patton of Oklahoma City, OK Dtr: Lavon King of Tulsa, OK Son: Richie Guess of Oklahoma City, OK Son: Greg Guess of Ada, Pontotoc, OK Son: Lef Andrew Guess of Ponca City, OK Son: Richard Davis of Holdenville, Hughes, OK Brother: Calvin Guess of Prague, OK Brother: Larry Guess of Sasakwa, OK Sister: Fayetta Watts of Wewoka, OK Sister: Juanita Guess of Kansas Sister: Bertha Moore of Wewoka, OK Sister: Evelyn Nichols of Wewoka, OK Sister: Wanda Davis of Wewoka, OK
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