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Archived Queries
Pushmataha Co., Oklahoma

2001 Queries


Gwen Murray Klinger Fri, 01 Jun 2001

I am looking for information about my great uncle Raymond Leamon (Lymon) Murray. Born in Nebraska in Feb 1891 and died in McAlester in March of 1967. He had three sons, Earnest, Arthur (Ossie) and Oral and a daughter Jewel Murray Byrd. He had one son buried at Antlers but I don't know where. There were other family members that I think living there and may be buried there, too. If you have any information about this family please contact me. Ray was one of 10 children born to James Lewis and Sarah Moore Murray. Thanks.

Hays, Newton

Barbara Hays Cook Thu, 31 May 2001

I am looking for any information on my grandfather William David Marion Hays (W.D.M./Billy)who was a Baptist circuit preacher in Indian Territory in the 1880's and 1890's. He married Mary Abigail Newton about 1885, and they had 6 children: Walter E., Jesse, Virginia, Leroy, Grace and James Mitchel Monroe Hays. James was born in Antlers, Pushmataha Co., OK on November 15, 1894, and possibly some of the other children were born in the County, also. W.D.M. and Mary were divorced about 1912; only Walter & James stayed in contact with each other and the others were "lost" to the family and their father. Walter and possibly others changed the spelling to Hayes. W.D.M remarried, had my father David in 1914, and died in 1926. On-line message boards reunited the Calif., Kansas & Texas families of James and David. We need to find the others. babscook@ix.netcom.com


Redgie Peck Thu, 31 May 2001

Can anyone tell me if there are any HENDERSONS still living in Antlers, Pushmataha Co. Okla.? I believe that Roy Henderson owned a store there and/or an automotive repair shop in Antlers. Roy Hendersn, Daniel Henderson and George Henderson were the nephews of Sarah Elizabeth FRANCIS Bishop. Also would like to hear from anyone knowing of the Ward Smith, Luther Deskin, and Arthur Finell families. Would appreciated any info...

Jones, Stephens, Carter

Stephanie Mittelstadt Wed, 30 May 2001

Looking for information on my grandparents - James P. (Pinky) Jones and Dora E. (Stephens) Jones. In 1920 they were living in Clayton Oklahoma. Children included Edgar Lee, Rufus, Schuler, Eva, Pauline, Irene, Sam and Lessie.
Irene and Pauline were born in 1920. Somewhere between 1920 and 1930 James and Edgar left the family - rumors I have heard include James borrowing money from the bank and not being able to pay it back after the cotton crops did not produce (1932?). Does anyone know of this family? Dora's parents were William Stephens and Mattie Carter. James I can find no information on. Irene married John Uselton of Talihina and moved to California. Dora and Pauline are buried in Clayton. Would appreciate any information.....

Family Reunion


Redgie Peck   Wed, 30 May 2001

On June 24, 2001 there will be a FRANCIS,FENNELL,BISHOP family reunion in Antlers, Pushmataha Co. Okla. I would enjoy hearing from all the families and decendants and compiling all information I can for the Family History. Hope to be in attendance and to see as much family as possible.

Henderson, Stout

Harling Wed, 30 May 2001

Would like family history for Adaline Henderson (my great grandmother) date of birth/death unknown. She married Andrew Stout in 1880's or early 1890's and they lived in Pushmataha County, OK. Their daughter Alta Mae, born Apr. 12, 1894, is my grandmother. Have lots of info for Stout side but nothing for Adaline Henderson or Alta Mae.

Any information would be helpful. You can reach me at reticent@pacbell.net

Thanks in advance, Harling Stout Walker


Julie Predmore Wed, 30 May 2001

I'm looking for information on John Pool who married Mary Ophelia Linscott. They gave birth to a son in 1914 named Ervin L Pool while living in Miller,OK. Any info would be appreciated.

Moyers in the Past
Sweeten, Poole, Nation, Masterson

Katherine Sun, 27 May 2001

Betty Gaynell Sweeten Poole was born in 1907. I was asking her earlier this week what the town of Moyers was like when she was a girl. She says Moyers had a blacksmith shop. It had a lodge hall for the Woodmen of the World; it was really just a pool hall where, according to her, all the men spent too much of their time. There was a big commissary (a company store) that sold mostly groceries. One building was a drug store, with a doctor's office attached. Walker-Hopkins Lumber Company dominated the town, and provided most of the employment. There was Methodist Church and a Baptist Church, and they alternated having the Sunday services. One row of 20 houses was called "Blue Row" because all of them had blue trim. They were company housing, rented to the sawmill workers. The Sawmill stood next to the railroad siding where they could load the lumber on. She says, "Mr. Masterson was the depot agent; he run the depot. Quite a few freight trains come through in a day. There was a big water tank where they'd get water." And of course there were the mule barns, where the mules which hauled the lumber lived. The wood school, which had been outside of town, was moved to Moyers about 1914. Then about 1919, a new brick school was built. The town had a big hotel. Speaking of the late 1920's, she said, "It was a huge big hotel. The Nations run the hotel. Two sisters, Skeeter and.....? Those old girls, they always came to get my baby Mary Lou and show her around."It sounds like Moyers was a small , prosperous town during the teens and twenties. Maybe someone there in Oklahoma can find out what the population was in the 1910 and 1920 census records.And I wonder if any of the records of the Walker-Hopkins Lumber Company are still in existance.


LINDA JOHNSON Sat, 26 May 2001




Katherine Mon, 28 May 2001, in response to OLA TABATHA FARMER JOHNSON,
posted by LINDA JOHNSON on Sat, 26 May 2001

My grandmother, who was born in 1907, knew James and Ola Johnson in Moyers,Pushmataha County, OK. She says, "We called him Jim. They lived in dogtown (a neighborhood), across the creek from us, in a little old shack of a house. She took her hair up in a big bun; she was kindly dark headed. She wore an apron all the time." I asked her why they called that part of town "dogtown" and she said because everybody over there had a dog. There were several footbridges over the creek, and one bridge that was big enough that you could drive a wagon over it. "They had a big ball court over there in dogtown and all the men played ball." She is talking about a baseball diamond. On Sunday afternoons, everyone in town would go to the "ball court." The women would spread out quilts on the ground and bring a picnic, and everyone would watch the game. Sometimes teams from other towns would come to play the Moyers team. There was a forest far out from the ball court, but right around it was "prairie." I asked her about the cemeteries in that area at the time, thinking you could search for Ola's grave. She says there were four: Antlers, Kasoma, Rocky Point, and the old Moyers Cemetery outside of town on the Miller Road. "Grandpa Moyers give the land for that one, but nobody wanted to be buried out there because it flooded so bad. I''ve see it when it was knee-deep under water. There was only a few graves." Antlers, Kasoma, and Rocky Point are still there, and you could search them.I don't know about the Moyers one. Good luck!


Randy Sitton Mon, 14 May 2001

Looking for ancestors of Curtis Dean (1894-?) believed to be buried in Jumbo Cemetary. His son Charles Buddy Dean was born in Pushmataha County Sept. 24, 1937. Parents of Curtis are reported to be a Joe Dean and a Minnie ??? Minnie is believed to have been Native American. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jones, Stephens

Stephanie   Mon, 14 May 2001

I am interested in the history of Pushmataha County especially Clayton in 1933 -
What happened to the farmers there during the drought/dust bowl? Were they also raising cotton?
How would I find out if a specific farmer (James P. Jones) really left the county during this time owing money to a bank due to the bad times?

Push. County Historical Society's Books

Teresa Young Fri, 11 May 2001

Pushmataha County Historical Society
P. O. Box 285
Antlers, Oklahoma 74523

Queries to PCHS will be answered by reference to the Society's publications listed below.
Life Member Mrs. Kay (Brown) Black, who answers queries for the Society, does professional research. If you wish further research assistance or to purchase her publications, please contact her directly at Route 1, Box 1430, Antlers, OK 74523-9712.


PUSHMATAHA COUNTY CEMETERIES---OLD and NEW, published in May 1988, and reprinted with a new, computer-generated index in 1997, includes over 11,000 burials and covers 124 known cemeteries and grave sites in this 1423 sq. mi. county. This 8 1/2 x 11" book has 328 pages including county map, full-name index and note pages. Price is $25.00 plus $3.00 P & H (total: $28.00). (Oklahoma residents must include $2.13 sales tax.)

DAYS GONE BY, written by C. E. Dudley, former County Judge and Antlers attorney, is a compilation of articles he wrote for The Antlers American in 1959-60. Reprint, paperback, 60 pages, including full-name index. Available for $5.00 plus $1.50 P & H (total: $6.50).

THE ANTLERS AMERICAN of April 19, 1945, (first issue after the April 12, 1945 tornado). Reprint is available for $1.00 plus $1.50 P & H (total: $2.50).

To order by mail, send your check or money order to the above address.Oklahoma residents should include 8.5% sales tax.

Pushmataha Books available

Teresa Young Fri, 11 May 2001

If you are interest in buying Pushmataha County Books, please get in touch with Mrs. Kay Black.

Mrs. Kay (Brown) Black
Historical Researcher
Route 1, Box 1430 Antlers, Okla. 74523-9712
Specializing in Pushmataha County History
Phone: (580) 298-5850

Revised April 23, 2001

Index to Bridegrooms (w/Brides) of Pushmataha County, Oklahoma, 1907-1994 (contains 9212 records), 166 pages, pb., $18.95 + 1.04 tax* = $19.99

Index to Brides (w/Grooms) of Pushmataha County, Oklahoma, 1907-1994, (contains 9212 records) 166 pages, pb., $18.95 + 1.04 tax* = $19.99

Or buy both marriage indexes for just $35.00!

Some Pushmataha County, Oklahoma Deaths, 1900-1925, Volume 1, 104 pages, 3,611 full name index entries, pb., $12.95 + .71 tax* = $13.66

1900 U. S. Census of that Portion of Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, which is now Pushmataha County, Oklahoma, 71 pages, 3,183 full-name index entries, pb., $8.95 +.49 tax* = $9.44

1910 U. S. Federal Census of Pushmataha County, Oklahoma, 173 pages, 10,169 full name index entries, pb. $18.95 + 1.04 tax* = $19.99

NEW! 1920 U. S. Federal Census of Pushmataha County, Oklahoma, 225 pages, full-name index, pb., $23.95 + $1.32 tax* = $25.27

Pushmataha County, OK Index to Newspaper Obituaries and Mentions of Death 1900-1950, 168 pages, pb., $19.95 + 1.10 tax* = $21.05 (These items are often merely mentions of death but may be the straw needed to pursue your research).

Newspaper Substitutes for Some Burned Pushmataha Co., OK, Marriage Records for the Period October, 1924 through July 5, 1933, and Some Pre-Statehood Marriages 1900-November, 1907, 95 pages, 4,583 full- name index entries, pb., $11.95 + .66 tax* = $12.61

*Only Oklahoma residents must include this 5.5% sales tax.

NOTE: Include $2.50 P & H for first book plus $1.00 for succeeding books. Book prices subject to change without notice.

Additional Services Offered from Mrs. Kay (Brown) Black.
Research assistance in Pushmataha County requires a pedigree chart, documented family group sheets, or a summary of previous research. Research is charged on a per-hour basic, including analysis, preparation of report, plus cost of copies, postage and phone calls.

Remember if you live in Oklahoma, you must pay sales tax. If you are from out of state, no sales tax. If you are interest in buying these books, order them from Mrs. Kay (Brown) Black.

Phillips - Johnson

Wanda (Johnson) Henson Sun, 06 May 2001

Trying to find family of Bette (Elizabeth) Johnson -born abt 1866 married a ED or Joe Phillips.
Lived at Miller, OK around 1939 according to brothers Joseph E. Johnson death record.
Family info passed down was that she had 2 sons (possiably more children) and lived also around Moyers OK.
Also family info passed down that she was at the Goodland home south of Hugo and that she had went blind before she pass away. Her father was J. R. Johnson ,mother was Sarah E. Johnson burried at Springs Chapel cemetery, Hugo, OK.

Brothers - John Robert Johnson,burried Cooper, Tx. Joseph E. Johnson, burried at Spring Chapel, Hugo, OK., Charley Thomas Johnson,burried Spencerville cem. Spencerville, OK. Thomas Henry Johnson and William Mack Johnson.
Sister- Dovie Horton-Baker-Davis

Would love to share family info with those who are interested.
Contact me at chet74728@yahoo.com.

Been searching this family for over 20 years.
Other names conected with this family is-Hart-Sims-Owens-Youngs-Earthmans

Pushmataha Cemeteries

Dale Maddox Sat, 05 May 2001
Allen, Edward

I am interested in purchasing a used copy of the "Pushmataha County Cemeteries Old and New". If you have a copy you are finished with and are willing to part with, I would like to purchase it. I would pay you or make a donation to the Pushmataha County Historical Society in your name for the value of the book.
Thank You.


Redgie Peck Wed, 02 May 2001

I am looking for the family and decendants of me Great Grandmother, SARAH ELIZABETH (FRANCIS) BISHOP, b.Mar.31,1889, d.Aug.13,1970. She was the daughter of JOHN THOMAS FRANCIS and SARAH ELIZABETH (TURNER) FRANCIS. She married William H.O.Bishop and both are laid to rest in the Darwin cemetary. My great aunt, Evie FRANCIS married Jim Henderson and I believe he was postmaster at Antlers for many years. Other brothers and sisters of my great grandmother were, Jim Francis,Oscar Francis,Arthur Francis,Mollie FRANCIS Poole,Oma FRANCIS Fennell,Owen Jefferson Francis. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Yvonne Akin Wed, 02 May 2001

I was wondering if someone could look up record of Mary Lou Smith b.3 June 1911. The family Bible says she was born in Pushmataha Co., Oklahoma. Her parents were Zadie M. Travis and Fred P. Smith. Would really appreciate this a lot. Please contact me at yvonne_akin@hotmail.com if you have any info about her.
Thanks in advance.

Buckner, Sweeten, Smith, Simms

Katherine Wed, 02 May 2001

Grandma, born in 1907, turned 94 this month. Today she was telling me about a favorite activity in Moyers, Pushmataha Co., OK during the years of her girlhood. On Saturday evenings in the warm months, several families in the neighborhood would get together to make ice cream. She specifically remembered the Buckner, Simms, and Smith families coming to her family's house; her maiden name was Sweeten. She said that usually five or six families would come, and everybody who had an ice cream freezer would bring it along. They got the ice at the Moyers Ice House; I wonder where that was located. They would make a different flavor in each freezer; there would always be one vanilla, and the others would each be a fruit flavor. Her favorite was made with a jar of homecanned peaches mixed in with the cream. The mothers mixed up the cream mixture (of course there was plenty of cream from the cows.) It was the job of the fathers and the older boys to turn the cranks on the freezers, and the younger children played in the yard. Her father had several lanterns that were hung along a big wide porch on the front of the house. ( She said the teenagers used to sneak off into the shadows away from the lantern light. Some things never change!) Sometimes people would sing, and everyone would sit and visit. They would put the babies to sleep on the beds in the house. Her mother would set out all the dishes and spoons they had, and everyone would eat plenty. She recalls those ice cream parties fondly, and remembers the friends and neighbors who came to them. Her family got electricity in 1916; I asked if they got an electric ice cream freezer. She said, no, they had heard of them, but nobody she knew in Pushmataha Co. then ever had seen one.

Brown, Hill, Winters

sherry bolin  Sat, 21 Apr 2001

I am looking for information on BROWN siblings who moved from East Tennessee to Pushmataha Co, OK. They are Laura Brown b 6-4-1877 who married Bud HILL, Arwin Brown b 7-16-1891 who married a WINTERS, and Jerry Brown b 8-27-1898. On the social security death index their last residence was in Antlers, Pushmataha Co, OK. They were the children of Calvin A. Brown b Dec 1850 and Tennessee Knox. Other siblings were: James b May 1882, Hettie b 3-27-1884 who married Giden JILES (stayed in Meigs Co, TN), Elbert b Jun 1886, Frank b June 1893, and Mettie b Sept 1895. I would greatly appreciate your help!

Camp, Millsaps, Wells

Jean Camp Mathews Thu, 19 Apr 2001

I'm looking for relatives of Charles Brooks Camp born 12-21-1853 NC. Married Sarah Elizabeth Millsaps. Live in Lexington, Cleveland Co Ok. Sarah Remarried Jeff Wells 1899 after Charles died.


Redgie Peck   Mon, 16 Apr 2001

I am looking for family and decendants of George Washington BISHOP of Antlers, Pushmataha Co. Ok. He was born Nov.25, 1893 and died Nov.26,1974 and I believe he may be buried at Darwin. He was married to Mae Tyndall and they had 2 chldren, Zella Mae who passed away shortly after birth and Orus Earl BISHOP who died January 1967. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Curtis Scholl Tue, 10 Apr 2001


I seek information on Alice (HICE) TEAGUE who was with Lewis (Louis) MANTOOTH in 1901 and moved with him to Oklahma and to finally rest in peace in Antlers, Pushmataha County, OK.

Alice was born in 1855 in Tennessee. She had married in 1873 to Henry TEAGUE, Born 1854 in NC. Henry died in 1898 in Franklin County, AR. I have no other information on her.

Lewis (Louis) came along and in 1901 the rest is unknown. I want information on Lewis as well.

I hope someone can direct me to the death cert or obituary on Alice and Lewis. I need to find her parents.

Thanks to all

Curtis Scholl

Allen, Dickinson, Duncan, Edwards, Jordan, Meeks, Stone

Dale Maddox Tue, 03 Apr 2001

Does anyone know if these book are available for purchase: Days gone by, 1910 Census, Pushmataha Cemeteries, and Pushmataha marriages. The Pushmataha County Historical Society and Kay Black had a hand in putting together all of these. What is the cost and how would I order them? maddox@uclink4.berkeley.edu

Robbins, Campbell, McDaniel

Tammy Greene Tue, 03 Apr 2001

Does anyone know if it is still possible to get a death certificate from Pushmataha Co., as far back as 1854?

Thomas, Splawn, Nelson, Stephens, Hastings, Brannon, Baker, Lockaby

Margie Etter Sat, 31 Mar 2001

Francis (Frank) Thomas died Feb 17, 1929, Antlers, Pushmataha County. Obit lists 4 sons: Arch Thomas, Mack Thomas, Wash Thomas, and Frank Thomas. 4 daughters: Mrs Addie Splawn, Mrs Tessie Nelson, Mrs Saddie Stephens, and Mrs Bonnie Hastings, and a foster daughter, Ivy Mae Brannon. 2 sisters, Mrs R K Baker and Mrs Jim Lockaby, 1 brother, Bud (Gladsen) Thomas. Any help with this family would be greatly appreciated.

Thomas, Hammons, Simmons, Hindman, Pfaff, Moran

Margie Etter Sat, 31 Mar 2001

I am researching for a friend, Carolyn (Daniel) Ferguson. The obit for Gladsen Thomas lists his children as sons, D.J. and Dalton Thomas, and daughters: Mrs Bill (Eva) Hammons; Mrs Leo (Dollie) Simmons; Mrs Milas (Ada) Hindman; Mrs Milas (Dovie)Pfaff, and Mrs Edd (Pearl) Moran. Any help would be appreciated


CAROL DAVIS Tue, 27 Mar 2001

I am looking for information on my grandfather, Noah Ernest Davis, who was born 29 Aug 1892 in Tuskahoma, OK. I.T. Pushmataha Region. His parents were George Washington Davis of GA. and Milly Ann (nee: Hubbard)of TN. Noah died in 1956 in California. On his obituary it mentioned 2 brothers, a Sam living in Russelleville, ARK. and a Joseph W. Davis living in Ada, OK.

Noah married a Pearl Mae Hill in 1918 I believe. Their first daugther Eva Lorena Davis was born in 1919. They had another daughter, Evelyn, and my father, Joseph Ernest Davis, who was born on 24, April 1927. Pearl was born in either Albany or Albion, OK in 1896 and died in 1929/30 when my father was only 2. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated, Thank you, Carol

Robbins, Campbell

Tammy Greene Mon, 26 Mar 2001

Hello, I am in search of the Ancestors of my Great Grandmother Dollie Robbins. She was born in Indian territory 12-18-1893. She married Albert Leonard Campbell About 1914. My Grandfather and his sisters were all born in Antlers, Ok. One of their sons, Dewey Campbell died as an infant and I believe is buried in Antlers. Albert died 7-16-1926 and is buried in Hopkins Co., TX. Leaving Dollie with 4 young children. One of Albert's Brother's took over their estate I am assuming because of the restricted indian law? Dollie later married a McDougle and died 7-1982 in Quemado, Maverick Co., Tx. I am looking for any and all information on her parents and siblings if anyone can help? Tammy

White, Spruell

Jimmie Dewberry Sat, 24 Mar 2001

I know that Scottie Spruell died November 1982 and is buried in Pushmataha County in Antlers; and that Arizona Fryar White died January 1986 and is also buried there. I have searched the Antlers' newspapers and could not find an obit. Is it possible that they died somewhere else and were brought back to Antlers and not buried by a local funeral home?

Harrison, Wosley, Rutledge, Smith

Johnnie Griffin Fri, 16 Mar 2001

Looking for any information on Ethel (Harrison) Wosley(that may not be the right spelling). Lived in Moyers/Antlers area from late 1890's to late 1930's. She had a brother named Thomas. Her 1/2 sister was Lena Edna (Rutledge) Smith.

Sweeten, Bills, Hamilton, Keller

Katherine Tue, 13 Mar 2001

The flu epidemic that swept the world after World War I hit Pushmataha Co, too. Betty Gaynell Sweeten was about 11 or 12 years old. She says, "It was bad in our town. (Moyers) Doctor Bills and Doctor Hamilton were the doctors. They give us medicine. A lot of babies died . A lot of people, the whole whole family was wiped out. They'd say, we better go check on so-and-so, and when they'd go out to the farm, they'd find them all dead in their beds. At our house, our whole house was in bed with the flu. Mama cooked for us at first, then she took it. Then Grandma was gettin' better; she made cornbread for us. That's all we eat; cornbread and milk for supper. Charlie (her brother) done the milkin' he didn't get it till the rest of us was better. The Keller baby died and so did his daddy and they buried the baby in the casket with him. They didn't have enough coffins and they had to call in a special crew of men to make more. We lost alot of people in that flu. Finally people began to get better and get up and get out, and we knew it was over.

Sweeten, Poole

Katherine Thu, 08 Mar 2001

Since the February postings seem to be lost right now, I am going to tell you again about Valentines Day in Moyers, Pushmataha County, OK . This information is from my grandmother, Betty Gaynell Sweeten Poole. She was born in Kasoma in 1907 and will be 94 in April of this year (2001). She said, "We used to have big Valentines parties at school. We'd bring cookies. We made some Valentines, we bought some. We sent them to each other, mostly to the people you liked. We made them in school. we spent most of an afternoon. Red hearts, mostly. We always decorated our classrooms.If you had a sweetheart, you'd always give him one, and he'd give you a pretty one. Mama would go into Antlers and bring 'em home and put'em on the table, and we'd fight over 'em. (She means with her siblings.) It was mostly for children. My parents didn't give each other Valentines." Then she told me about the Valentines Dances at the school, especially after the brick school was built. All the teenagers went, and all the adults and famlies, too. "We used to have fiddlers, men 'round the country. They played the fiddle. They used to play for dances. We took all the kids. They'd have cake and coffee and cookies. Mama would make heart cookies and decorate them with red frosting. We'd dress up in our Sunday best." I pointed that Valentines Day is in February and it must have been cold going out in your party dress. She let me know that their Sunday best was "not nekkid like the girls now!" It included ruffles and high necks and long sleeves and skirts, all on outfits made by her mother. If your family lived in Moyers, they probably went to these dances and ate my great grandmother's heart cookies with red frosting!


Katherine Mon, 12 Mar 2001,
in response to
Moyers, posted by Katie Sue Thompson Duke on Mon, 12 Mar 2001

I asked Grandma about the Roberson Family, but she doesn't recall a family by that name. My mother, Mary Lou Poole attended Moyers School starting in about 1933; she said that Moyers School had a high school program before the mid '30's. Before that, very few people went to Antlers to high school; they just stopped with the 8th grade. I think your mom may have been a teacher there, between the time Grandma left school in 1922 and when my mom started in 1933. A lot of young women would move to Moyers and teach a year or two before moving on or marrying. Even in the 1930's it was a hard drive from Moyers to Antlers. The creeks would rise and it was not always passable.A lot of the roads were still dirt. They would rent a house in Moyers and live together and share cooking and housekeeping; sometimes one would have a car and they would go home to their own communities on weekends. Mom remembered one teacher, Mrs. Barrows, whose husband was the sheriff in Antlers. She would go home on weekends and once during the week; the rest of the time she would stay with the unmarried teachers at their rented house. Mom recalls the teachers as being excellent; she feels she had a really good education at Moyers School.

Clement, Byrd

Jim Brunson Sun, 04 Mar 2001

searching for any info on Charlie Clement or George William Byrd. Believed to have lived in Pushmataha Co. in early 1900's.


Chris Chambers Fri, 02 Mar 2001

I need a marriage lookup, please. I'm looking for the marriage of Dan CHAMBERS about 1926 in Pushmataha Co. The woman's name may have been Myrtle Eubanks, or Myrtle Evans.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

James Wilson Seymour

lovena norton Thu, 01 Mar 2001

In Pushmataha co.,OK. I have been told James Wilson Seymour is buried in Spencerville Cemetery. A cemetery I have been told is in no town but between two towns. He died 4-20-1932.
I have been told his 2nd wife died before him and the children by her were named-Robert,Jesse James,William Pen,Zachariah and Walter Lee. What i would like is s an obituary, but have not been able to locate one. Help me if you can. I am a great granddaughter by his 1st marriage. Sincerely,
Lovena Norton


Margaret Gonzalez Fri, 12 Jan 2001

Searching for information on Walter Pink (a.k.a. W.P.) Lenhart, (1864-1943) who married Alice Willoughby in Parker County, Texas in 1907 prior to moving to Antlers, Oklahoma where he served as Sheriff. He and Alice are buried in Antlers City Cemetery along with Frank (About 1885-1930) and Amy Viola Lenhart (1885-1942). I believe that Frank was Alice's son, by Willoughby given the Lenhart name later in life. And I believe that after Alice died, W.P. married a woman named Belle. I would like birth and death dates for Alice; there are none on the concrete encasement and to know if there are any living descendants.


Gale Oliver Wed, 10 Jan 2001

Looking for information on Ellis Newton Oliver - born in Antlers, July 30, 1889. His father Ellis A. Oliver and mother Elizabeth Anderson Oliver... maybe other brothers or sister??? Ellis later died in Bridgeport, OK. on May 28, 1960.
Any help will be grateful!


Posted by Jackie Younge-Gladden Sat, 20 Jan 2001,
in response to
Oliver Family in Pushmataha Co.,
posted by Gale Oliver on Wed, 10 Jan 2001

Taken from Pushmataha County Cemeteries Old and New
Copyright 1988 by Pushmataha County Historical Society

Oddfellows Cemetery, Antlers, OK
Charles Franklin Oliver July 27 1902 - Aug 17 1979
Sadie Louise Oliver Dec 25 1901 - Oct 29, 1971
Jack G. Oliver June 14, 1926 - Dec. 4, 1950 OKLA, PFC, USMC, KOREA-PH

Antlers City Cemetery, Antlers, OK
R.F. (Frank) Oliver 1884-1960 (Concrete Marker)

Nolia Cemetery
Elijah S. Oliver Oct 20, 1849 - March 7, 1919 Father


Lynn Staggs Sun, 07 Jan 2001

Looking for descendants of Harrison and Lucinda Robnett. They lived in Pushmataha County and are burried in the Darwin Cemetery 12 miles west of Antlers. Their children were: Silas, Rufus, Annie, Arie, Millie , Mark, and Mary. I have some old pictures and letters that I would be glad to share.
Lynn R. Staggs
Enville, Tennessee


Posted by Johnnie P Robnett   Fri, 18 May 2001,
in response to
Harrison Robnett, posted by Lynn Staggs on Sun, 07 Jan 2001

Silas Robnett was my grandfather. Lynn Staggs, I will contact you in the near term future. Dated 5/18/01

Sullivan, Graham

Lanis Henslee Davis Wed, 13 Dec 2000

Seeking date of marriage of Dorothy "Dottie" Sullivan to an
unknown Graham--marriage could be abt 1920--Thanks Lanis from TX


Posted by Katherine   Fri, 19 Jan 2001
in response to
Sullivan marriage, posted by Lanis Henslee Davis on Wed, 13 Dec 2000

I don't have any idea if the Grahams my mother told me about are related to your Dottie, but the story is interesting. I don't know their first names. Mom attended Moyers School during the 1930's. On one day, every spring, all of the children in Moyers School would be locked in the upstairs part of the stone school. It was because the Graham brothers were having their cattle drive! They raised Brahma cattle on the hills above Kasoma; and the cattle were very wild. A child could be easily trampled, so the children had to be kept safe. Once a year the cattle had to be rounded up and herded right down the main street of Moyers, to be shipped to market. The children looked forward to the day; it only lasted a couple of hours, and they would lean out of the upstairs windows and enjoy the spectacle. Mom recalls the sound of the hooves and the cowboys whooping and hollering, and, if it hadn't rained lately, the dust rising up. It sounds to me like the last of the old west!


Jackie Younge-Gladden Sat, 20 Jan 2001,
in response to
Sullivan marriage, posted by Lanis Henslee Davis on Wed, 13 Dec 2000

Taken from Pushmataha County Cemeteries--Old and New
Copyright 1988 by Pushmataha County Historical Cemetery

Darwin Cemetery
Dottie Graham Aug 18, 1906 - Feb 11, 1985 (DS w/Elmer)
Elmer Graham Feb 1, 1904 - Sept 1, 1965 (DS w/Dottie)


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