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Pushmataha Co., Oklahoma

2000 Queries


Sullivan, Graham
Lanis Henslee Davis Wed, 13 Dec 2000

Seeking date of marriage of Dorothy "Dottie" Sullivan to an
unknown Graham--marriage could be abt 1920--Thanks Lanis from TX


Cindy Ong Adams Mon, 11 Dec 2000

I am hunting for JOE ONG who was on the 1920 census for Push county.On the census he shows to be 47yrs old and married to Florence they had a daughter named Minnie.We are not real sure if Joe was his first name. Maybe it was his middle name. Any info on ONG is probably related. Joe would be my great uncle. His brother is Bill Ong my great grandfather.I also need info on him.

Sweeten, Poole, Stone

Katherine Mon, 11 Dec 2000

Does anyone know anything about the great flood of 1916 in Pushmataha County, OK? My family story is that the water came up fast; everyone went up to the Moyers schoolhouse because it was on high ground. The fathers went out in rowboats to rescue people from their second story windows. Everyone slept wrapped in quilts on the schoolhouse floor. The mothers cooked together. It was three days before the water began to go down and people could begin to go back to their homes. Are there any newspaper accounts of this flood, or any older people around who might remember it? Please e mail me if you have any further information. Thanks!

Sweeten, Poole

Katherine Fri, 08 Dec 2000

My 93 year old grandmother, who grew up in Moyers, Pushmataha County, OK, was telling me today about Christmas when she was a child. She was born in 1907, so we are talking about the years 1912 to 1922 or so. She told all about the big event of the Christmas season, the school pageant at Moyers School. The wooden school was outside of town at first, but later they moved it into town. Even later, a new brick school was built. The schoolhouse had a big tree put up in it ("It went clear up to the ceiling of the schoolhouse") and the children made most of the decorations. It had candles on it when Grandma was small; later, in the late teens, it had electric bulbs. (Grandma's Sweeten family got electricity in 1916; I'm guessing the school probably got it about the same time. ) All the children participated in the Christmas program; they sang carols, recited poems, and put on little plays. Grandma recalls her favorite play that she was in, playing a world traveler who had come home to Moyers for Christmas and telling all about the exciting things she had "seen" all over the world! Each child had a small present wrapped up under the tree; I asked her if the parents provided the presents, and she said No, Santa brought them! She said there was almost always snow on the ground at Christmas and they went sledding and threw snowballs. The only store at Moyers then was a company store called the commissary that sold only groceries, so they had to go into Antlers to buy presents. They went about once a month, in a wagon. Her daddy would take the kids to buy surprise presents for their mother. Grandma's favorite present was a big doll one year.I have a picture of her holding it. Grandma's name is Betty Gaynell Sweeten; in 1925 she married Dewey Poole. She recalls Christmas in Moyers as happy time; going into the forest to cut a tree, decorating it, making and buying presents, and having special foods and songs.She remembers the year a boy named Mike Emory (Embry?) gave her a "diamond" ring for Christmas;she caught it on the clothesline and hurt her finger! I just thought all of you who are interested in Pushmataha County would like to hear these little bits of history.


Christeen Bradley Tue, 28 Nov 2000

I'm searching for my Grandfather and Grandmother's marriage record. I went to the county clerk in Pushmataha county in Nov 2000, but didn't find any information.

According to my Grandmother(deceased now) she was married by a cousin who was a minister at that time. They were married February 17, 1913. I know that my Grandfather was living in Nashoba at the time of their marriage and the records might be there.


Charles Buckley Fri, 24 Nov 2000

[NOTE: Query being posted to LeFlore Co., OK and Pushmataha Co., OK from Oklahoma Unknown Co. Query board.]

This person's inquiry was posted on another genealogical
web site I recieve. Since it is Oklahoma related I thought
it should be posted here. Hopefully someone can assist in
getting this document back to the CASTO family.

I have a smaller than pocket-sized notebook belonging to World War II veteran William David CASTO from Oklahoma, possibly Kosoma or Talihina. This little book seems to cover the period 1943-1945 and is full of his handwritten notes, names and addresses, information about his military enlistment, where he was stationed and such. There is a tiny black and white photo of William D. CASTO taped to the cover and another on the first page. He was in the Navy, serial no. 886-95-28. The only other CASTO name in the book is Mrs. Lydia CASTO, General Delivery, Kosoma, Oklahoma. I would like to return this to Mr. CASTO's family.

Christy M. Hooper shalitta@talkcity.com


Christy M. Hooper Wed, 22 Nov 2000

I have a smaller than pocket-sized notebook belonging to World War II veteran William David CASTO from Oklahoma, possibly
Kosoma or Talihina. This little book seems to cover the period 1943-1945 and is full of his handwritten notes, names and addresses, information about his military enlistment, where he was stationed and such. There is a tiny black and white photo of William D. CASTO taped to the cover and another on the first page. He was in the Navy, serial no. 886-95-28. The only other CASTO name in the book is Mrs. Lydia CASTO, General Delivery, Kosoma, Oklahoma. I would like to return this to Mr. CASTO's family.

Christy M. Hooper shalitta@talkcity.com



Barbara Harvey Tue, 21 Nov 2000

Seeking information on Peter Dignan and Joseph Addison Cox both men and families were in Clayton around 1900. Believed to be working at a sawmill.


Susan Wood Reynolds Tue, 21 Nov 2000

My Daddy, Melvin Wood, was born in Lindsay, Garvin County,OK to Holson L. Wood b. 1910 Sardis, Pushamataha, OK and Dovie Opal DeBurger Wood, b. Faster, Garvin County, OK. Grandpa's father was Thomas Jefferson Wood, b. 20 Mar 1851 in Ouachita County, AR d. 1937 in Lindsay m. Sarah Katherine Revelle (b. 1878 in MO death date unknown but sometime after 1920 as she is on that census) in 1897 somewhere on the banks of the Red River in TX. The couple subsequently moved to Sardis (Tuskahoma), Choctaw Nation which became Pushmataha County, where Thomas owned a grist mill. They are in Sardis for the 1910 and 1920 census, then moved to Broken Bow, McCurtain County at some point. I don't know when Thomas moved to Lindsay or nearby Foster which is where my Grandmother's DeBurger family lived or Purdy. A family photo is from the 1929-1932 timeframe and marked Purdy.At least Holson and daughter Verna were there with him, as they married DeBurger siblings - Grandpa to Dovie Opal in 1934 or 1935 and Verna to George Clifford. I think Beulah and Victor were likely there and possibly George and Eli and Joe Penny Wood was at least visiting (picture spoken of above is of his children). Minnie was married by 1910 to Cephas James, Joe Penny was married with children in 1910, his wife dying that same year and his children living with Thomas Jefferson and Sarah in Sardis (Arthur) and with Minnie and Cephas James (Robert and Emma) near McAlester in Pittsurgh County. Nassie was married and living in Sardis not far from Thomas Jefferson and Sarah in 1910 and I believe the older Thomas was there as well. Nassie and Tom both moved to Broken Bow. My Daddy says that anyone by the last name of Wood in Broken Bow is our kin. This may not hold true now, but it did when Daddy was young and may still be true today. We still have kin in Broken Bow and other parts of McCurtain County.

Thomas Jefferson Wood had at least three wives - we think it was actually four - and 21 children. I know there are still DeBurger cousins in Lindsay, Paul's Valley and Wynnewood and I believe there are still Wood cousins there, too. In looking at census records, there were not many Wood families in Garvin County and I believe they may well all be connected. Many of the children went on to live in Phoenix, AZ and in and around ORange County, CA. Some of the children of Thomas Jefferson Wood are:

By probable first unknown wife, possibly ?? Penny:
Mary Catherine b. Nevada County, AR, 1871
Izadara (Isadore(a)), b. Nevada County, AR 1872
Nanil (Nancy), b. Nevada County, AR 1873
Charlie, b. Nevada County, AR 1874
Joe Penny, b. 1876-1879 (depends on the document, 1879 by 1880 census)Nevada County, AR

By Janie Love (probably 2nd wife, but some family records indicate she was mother of above children. What we have found suggests probably not)
Nassie b. Nevada County, AR 8 Jan 1888
a second Joe b. Nevada County, AR abt 1886

by unknown wife, probably 3rd
Eli, b. AR after 1886. I have date but can't locate
George, b. AR
Oler (male) b. 1894, AR
Minnie Ola (also called Oler) b. 1891?, AR
Clarence b. AR
Thomas b. AR

By last wife, Sarah Katherine Revelle
Thomas J., b. TX or Indian Territory, 1900
John Lloyd, b., TX or IT, 1905
Vera Ethel, b. IT, 1907 d. CA
Holson L., b. 1910, Sardis, OK d. 1982, KY
Beulah, b. Sardis, OK 1913, d. CA
Verna Agnus b. Sardis, OK 1917
Victor Lee, b. Sardis, OK 1920

The name of the 21st child is unknown.
Dates for the first and last groups of children are taken from my Grandfather's Bible and are duplicated in his cousin Emma's Bible and were also given by a cousin in MN. Dates for the third group have been gleaned from newly found cousins and SSDI records.

Does this very large family ring any bells with anyone? Would anyone be able to do a death records lookup on Thomas Jefferson Wood? I suspect his parents were Handy C. Wood b. 1804, NC and Nancy ?? who was also possibly a Wood, b. 1816-1820, AL. They had a large family as well, and census records seem to bear out my theory, but I have no hard proof at this time. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Susan.

Camp - Milsap

Jean Camp Mathews Tue, 07 Nov 2000

Looking for information on Charles Brooks Camp married to Sara Elizabeth Milsap, oldest son Homer Andrew Camp, born 1894.


Molly Dixon Sun, 29 Oct 2000

I'm trying to find records concerning my great-grandfather, Samuel Easttam(Eastham) who lived in Antlers and Pushmataha
County ca. 1880s-1890s. He had a brother named Dolly who still lived there in the 1940s. Samuel's mother was a Mississippi Choctaw. He married Catherine, who was part Cherokee.

Any help would be appreciated.

Molly Dixon


Johanne Moore Tue, 17 Oct 2000

I would like to contact the decendants of Burrell Whatley and Samurela Black. Some of this family are listed in the 1920 Census for Pushmataha County, Kiamitia Township, ED #232. I am a decendant of Reeves Karr Black and Susan Epperson. Any help will be appreciated. Johanne

Rutledge -  Sweeten - Poole

Katherine Tue, 10 Oct 2000,
in response to
href="http://cgi.rootsweb.com/~genbbs/genbbs.cgi/USA/Ok/Pushmataha/134">History of Moyers/Antlers, posted by Johnnie Griffin on Mon, 02 Oct 2000

Johnnie, regarding your query about William Eugene Rutledge in Pushmataha Co, IT and OK. My grandmother, Betty Gaynell Sweeten Poole, also was born in 1907 in Push. Co., IT. She is still living, age 93, and remembers your father. She pronounces his name YOU Gene. She says "We was kids together....He used to be my sweetheart. Our teacher was Miss Frederick, and sometimes Miss King and Mr. Portoff: He was some kind of foreigner. First the school was way out in the country, then they moved it into the town. Later they built a big brick school. He was a big boy, with big shoulders. He had dark hair, kindly bushyheaded. He had a large face, and kindly of a funny looking mouth. When he talked, he moved it all around. " She doesn't know exactly when he left Moyers; she thinks he was a teenager. " When there was no more lumber, the people scattered out." She doesn't tell all of this in continuity; just answers individual questions like "What did he look like?" But clearly she recalls her school days and knowing your father. I know this is not a lot of information, but I thought you'd like to hear it anyway. Katherine

Smith -  Rutledge - Moyer

Johnnie Griffin Mon, 02 Oct 2000

My father, WILLIAM EUGENE (SMITH) RUTLEDGE, was born in Pushmataha, Indian Territory, 1907. His best friend was Frank Moyer. I would love any information I could get on either of them....also history of that area during the 1907-1918 period. I think my father was Indian...but we never talked about it. He was raised by his grandparents..Mike and Belinda Rutledge. Mike Rutledge worked as a sawyer at a lumber mill there.

Short - Buchanan- Huddleston - Horton - Brown - Ahnolatubby - Copeland - Alford

Jeannean Sands Sun, 24 Sep 2000
My grandparents are buried at Antlers, Pushmataha County, OK. I would like to contact anyone who could take pictures of the tombstone of William Newton Short and Leona Parthenia Buchanan Short. I do not know the location of the graves. Would this information be found in the Pushmataha Cemetery Book? Thank you, in advance, for any information you can give me. Jeannean in OK jeanneans@webtv.net

Turner - Bynum - Broadus

Linda Bynum Eastman Sun, 24 Sep 2000

Searching for infromation on Ida Turner born 1876 to Riley and Betty Turner, brother Everett,sisters Laua and Leny. Married Herbert Bynum around 1902 Herbert was living in Atoka I.T in 1901-02 came to Ok with E.E.Broadus his Uncle from Brazos Co Texas

Warden, Newman, Newsome

Jackie Younge-Gladden   17 Sep 2000,

in response to GGrandmother,Grandmother, posted by Carroll Jean Ross on Tue, 18 Jul 2000

Taken from the "Pushmataha County Cemeteries Old and New"
Copyright 1988 by Pushmataha Historical Society.

Antlers City Cemetery - Block 11
Warden, A. Pauline Sept. 27, 1892--May 3, 1962
Newman, Mary Ellen Nov. 24, 1910--Sept. 8, 1949
Funeral Home Records show Newman as Newsome
Hope this helps.

Hughes- Brashear- Wuth

Carl Wuth  Sat, 16 Sep 2000

Looking for info on James Henry Hughes,ca1886-1945,and Richard Brashear,ca1870?-??,and info on the name Wuth in Pushmataha Co


Rusty Lang Fri, 01 Sep 2000

Does anyone have information on Salina (Liney) Anderson-Impson-Carnes? She was born about 1842 in Jacks Fork County Choctaw Nation and had the following children: by Morris Impson, Daniel, 1869; Ellis, 1870; William C., 1874; by Steve Anderson, Isaac, 1876; Josephine, 1878; Jackman, 1880; and possibly by Louis Carnes, Sophia, 1886; Adline, 1888; Harriet, 1890? and Dora, 1892?
Thanks Choctaw-Impson


Robbie Robinson Fri, 25 Aug 2000

I'm searching for info on my g-g-grandmother, Martha Josephine FITZGERALD. She was in the Pushmataha Co. 1910 census of Antlers living with her son Robert D. FITZGERALD (38), his wife Lola B. (33), & their children Alfred (14), Luther D. (13), & Walter Dall (6). She was the 69 year old widow of Alfred McElroy FITZGERALD w/her own income (maybe a Civil War Pension) & was born in North Carolina. Her maiden name was KISTLER. Her children had all been born in Mississippi & Texas. I've found a photo of her daughter Sarah "Maggie" Margaret FITZGERALD (Mrs. Wiley ROBBINS) standing by a 4 ft tall grave monument that read, as far as I can tell, Martha FITZGERALD April 10, 1848 to Sept. 2, 1914. I think it might have been taken in the 1930's. I suspect she died in or near Antlers & would love to be able to confirm it. Robert's family was in Finley in the 1920 census w/out her, of course. I've not been able to find them in the 1900 Indian Territory census although all of Martha's other children & their families were in Coalgate in the future Coal County and Atoka County, OK. I believe they may have lived in Love County, OK for a while in the 1890s.
I'd be very interested in finding out more about Robert's family, too. In 1920, Robert's son Alfred (24) was newly married to Jenne (16) & living 2 families away from his parents in Finley. Thank you.


Susan Fri, 18 Aug 2000

I am looking for any information on Josie Lawson, born abt 1880, Crawford County, Arkansas. She died abt 1950 in Pushamataha County area. Any leads are appreciated.


Carletta Wed, 16 Aug 2000

I would like to exchange pictures and research information with those doing research on WEBB, GAY, KLUTTS, LAFON names in Pushmataha Co. Does anyone have the Military records of Martin J. GAY? We have a story he wrote. I have a book that has the ancesters of Amacy Thomas WEBB. I have civil war records on Thomas WEBB. Both were in Pushmataha Co. in 1900's.


Deann Powell  Sun, 13 Aug 2000

I am searching for the gravesite of JOHN MADISON DICTSON. He was living with his son JAMES MADISON DICTSON in Pushmataha County at the time of his death. The exact date of his death is not known. It is believed to be one of several dates: Aug. 26, 1913 or 1918, or Dec. 24, 1915. The Antlers, Corrine area is where the DICTSON'S were supposed to be living at the time. The 1920 census shows James' son living in the Kiamichia township. Please help!!!

Dawson, Weathers

Wendy Loftis Wed, 09 Aug 2000

Does anyone have information on the surnames of Dawson or Weathers? I have been given information that states several Weathers are buried in Finley Cemetery in Pushmataha County.

English, Cooper

Barbara Welch  Mon, 07 Aug 2000

Looking for any information on Robert S English on 1910 Finley Township, Pushamataha Co. Married to Malinda Frances Nix,family of Frank, Thomas, Newton. Also Grace Cooper living as one of the family, widow. Robert commited suicide shortly after 1910 we haven't been able to find out when where or why. I sent for death records in OK City and none were found. He also had a daughter in Wilburton Co. OK so they could have moved there before or after his death. Any help appreciated. Barbara


Rusty Lang Sat, 05 Aug 2000

I would like to buy the "Pushmataha Cemeteries Old and News Book." How much is it and how may I get it? Thanks, Rusty Lang

Impson-Choctaw Site


Sharon Burnett Crawford Wed, 02 Aug 2000

Researching Cornelius T. BURNETT, 1858 KY- 1927 Clayton, Pushmataha Co. Married 1st Telitha Dora Jackson, AR., 2nd Ida Rachell Prssgrove. Son of Cornelius S. and Nancy A. Wallace. Siblings include my g-grandfather, William H. Burnett.


Kathy Eaton Mon, 31 Jul 2000

I'm looking for Mary Martha EATON's death notice or anything that would tell me what month and day she died in 1905. I only know that she died near Tuskahoma in 1905 and is buried in the Cupco Cemetery in Tuskahoma, Oklahoma. Is their somewhere I can write to fine this information out in this county. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Betty Thu, 27 Jul 2000

I am trying to research my family tree and am looking for information on John Larkin Abernathy who moved from Arkansas to Pushmataha Co, Oklahoma in the early 1900s. His parents were Larkin and Harriet Carter Abernathy of Yell Co, Arkansas. John Larkin would be my Great Uncle. Thanks for any help!


Wanda Duval = Sat, 22 Jul 2000

Looking for death of Claud Garis.Maybe in Antlers,
Pushmataha Co.Was there in the 1920 census with wife
Ida and one of his four sons, Escar. Can anyone help?
Wanda Garis Duval

Warden, Newsom, Murdock, Ross, Ward, Rose

Carroll Jean Ross Tue, 18 Jul 2000,

in response to G Grandmother, Grandmother, posted by Carroll J. Ross on Mon, 08 May 2000

My G Grandmother was married to John C. Warden on 03/04/1908 in Van Zandt County Texas, her Maiden name Was Murdock, She lived in Antlers until she passed which was about 1962, her daughter Ellen Warden Newsom is my grandmother. I understand they are buried in the same Cemetery, however do not know which one. Please send any info, How can I get a death certificate from Antlers or where she died so I will know where to find a death certificate. Thanks


Carol Bishop Thu, 29 Jun 2000

I am looking for an descendants of Nora Eleanor Lucinda
COCHRAN LINNINGS. She died and is buried in Tuskahoma,OK.
Nov. 1977.

Davidson, Turner, Covington

Michael Davidson Tue, 27 Jun 2000

Looking for any information about Johnny and Kate Davidson who lived in Jumbo around 1920-1930. They had 3 boys, Jack, James and Roy. Johnny was a coal miner. Kate's maiden name was Turner so it is possible that here family lived in the area as well and that would be Sam and Mary Turner. Sam work in construction.

This family also lived in the Lehigh area of Coal County and in Savanna in Pittsburg County around the coal mines.

Barton, Beaman, Roark, Benson, Boyd, Clift, Puckett, Farris, Castle, Kennedy

Brenda Beaman Parker   Sat, 24 Jun 2000

I am looking for information on the Albert Huston BARTON family and descendants. Dr. BARTON and family came from western KY and TN and lived in eastern OK, specifically Tushahoma, Tauilina, and Yanush in the current Latimer and Pushmatara Counties; Onapa, McIntosh Co, and Locust Grove in the current Mayes County. Dr. Barton died in 1927. His wife, Celia Ann BEAMAN BARTON, remarried to J J NICKLE, and died in Arkansas City, KA, in 1946. Children were Charles William BARTON, married Elsie Leah ROARK at Onapa in 1909; Miriam BARTON, married Jesse BENSON at Onapa in 1909; Nota Lee BARTON married Don F CLIFT at Yanush, OK, in 1913, also Arthur BOYD; Clara Rebecca BARTON marr Harley Lee PUCKETT at Yanush in 1916, then George FARRIS in 1947; Myrtle BARTON, marr Armon CASTLE; and Mary BARTON, married Clarence KENNEDY.
Dr. Barton is my gr-gr-uncle. I would love to exchange information on this family.


Rusty Lang Sat, 17 Jun 2000

I am seeking information on Israel and Susan Perry, who are listed on the Choctaw Nation Census with Jeff Billy. They were also foster parents of Elizabeth Impson.

Impson-Choctaw Nation Census


Kaye Powell Tue, 13 Jun 2000

Looking for info on my grandfather Elmer Cleo Cozad. Born July 1915, died Aug 1986 in Antlers, Pushmataha, OK.


Meg McCalla Tue, 30 May 2000

Seeking ancestry of James Henry DUNHAM & wife Edith Grace HAMMERS. Dau. Henryetta Grace DUNHAM b.09 May 1915 Antlers, Pushmataha, OK; m.08 Dec 1933 Wewoka, Seminole Co., OK Jess FANNING b.22 Dec 1914 county unknown, OK, s/o Arvin & Oma (DOBBS) FANNING. Oma Dobbs d/o Joseph & Matilda Dobbs, below.

DOBBS / OWENS Seeking ancestry of Joseph DOBBS & 2nd. wife (Mrs.?) Matilda OWENS, of GA; twin of Jim (4th set of parents' twins)- said to be 1/2 Cherokee 1/2 Dutch. Joseph's ch. by 1st wife: Joseph/Jody; Andy; Louisa/Luiza. Matilda's ch. by 1st husband: Arthur & Cora. Joseph said to be a bro. of Rev. Duncan "Ike" Dobbs.

Any info / clues greatly appreciated! Thanks, Meg McCalla - megmccalla@aol.com


Darlin Jill Timms Hill Tue, 16 May 2000

I am researching my grandfather Samuel Benjamin Timms born 1856-1859 Tishaming co Mississippi.The last census he was found on was 1912 Pushmatah co.He married Ella May Scott about 1895.Samuel died in 1912.
Samuel and Ella children were
Thomas Hester(my father)born 1898
George Oscar born 1900
May born 1902
twins Ordie and Opal born 1908
girl Bennie Arminda born 1912
Any info would be appreciated

English, Nix

Barbara  Mon, 08 May 2000

I need help in finding a death certificate for my ggrandfather, Robert English, he died just after 1910. I know that records were not always available for that time. Robert committed suicide . Does anyone have an idea of where else I could look. His death is not listed in the state records.[I sent for this information]The family is listed on the Pushmataha 1910 census. Robert, wife Malinda, sons Hugh [Frank], Charles [Tom] Henry [Newton] and living with the family Grace King who later married my granfather.Thanks for any help. Barbara

Warden, Newsom

Carroll J. Ross  Mon, 08 May 2000

Searching for information on Warden and Ellen Newsom. GG Mother Warden lived in Antlers when she passed away, not sure where Grandmother Newsom was. Grandmother Newsom passed away in 1950 - 51, G Grandmother Warden passed away About 1961 - 1962. Please notify if any information. Thanks


Rusty Lang Sat, 22 Apr 2000

I have just posted 1885 Choctaw Nation Census for the counties of Atoka, Blue, Boktoklo, Jacks Fork, Kiamitia, Towson and Wade Counties. Plus information on the surnames listed.
Rusty Lang  Impson-Choctaw

Townsend, McCarty

Kathy Pennycuff  Thu, 20 Apr 2000

I am searching for info on my grandparents, William "Mose" TOWNSEND and wife, Lydia W. McCARTY TOWNSEND. They owned/operated the store at JUMBO,OK around 1920 and are listed in the 1910 Pushmataha,OK census in KOSOMA,OK. They had 8 children, 4 of which died as infants or young children and are buried at JUMBO cemetary. Also believed buried there is Mose Townsend's father, Liston TOWNSEND(D.1925).
Many TOWNSEND and McCARTY siblings lived around KOSOMA and ANTLERS in 1910.Wm. "Mose" TOWNSEND siblings include: John, Lydia,Tabethie,Annie,Mary Elizabeth, Cora and Octa. Children of Wm and Lydia Townsend include: James Robert,Catherine, Alma Estelle,Billye Louise, and Don Wayne Townsend. ANY information on these families would be appreciated! Thanks! Kathy


Anita Bird   Sun, 02 Apr 2000

Looking for the Daughter of Ida Montgomery that was Born on June 19th 1924 in Stigler OK. if you have any info please E Mail me at birdsnest2@prodigy.net

Thank You Anita Bird


Rusty Lang Sat, 25 Mar 2000

Can anyone identify these Impsons I found in cemetery books?
Antlers City Cemetery:
1. Jack N. Impson, Jan. 25-1927-May 29, 1974. Sgt. U.S. Army
2. James Frank Impson, Sept. 9, 1984-May 21, 1916
3. Susie Impson Dec. 27-1889-March 25, 1953. dau of Jim Cole
Sardis Cemetery
Michael Gregory Impson, 1979-1986
Finley Cemetery
Impson, J.H. Dock, 1895-1953
Atoka County
Abandoned Cemetery "U"
Impson, Elcy, 1861-?1880
Impson, Katie
June 16, 1916
March 15, 1964
If you have any information about these people, please let me know. thanks.
Rusty Lang, rlang90547@aol.com
Impson Mailing List administrator
Impson Surname Board administrator
Visit my website at:
Click here:
Check out the Impson Surname Board at
Subscribe to the Impson Mailing List at: IMPSON-L@rootsweb.com
ROBINSON, SISCO, TOAZ, and others.



Richard Turner Mon, 20 Mar 2000

Looking for information on Zachary T. Bailey and wife (?Samantha) who had two children: Louise (12-03-1918) and Ruth (08-21-1921). They lived in Antlers, Pushmataha County, OK in the early 1900's.

Holt, Clark, White, Newberry, Black, Reed 

faye campbell Sun, 05 Mar 2000

info on names in pushmataha county, ok.

Hollingsworth, Shipman 

Blanche Fri, 25 Feb 2000

My mom lived in Antlers Oklahoma until 1939 when she and her family moved to California her fathers name is George Hollingsworth mothers name is Lara A (Shipman) Hollingsworth
buried at the old Antlers Cemetery there any one has any information on the family please reply my moms name is Bertie Cossette Hollingsworth Her sister is May Hollingsworth and a brother Clyde Hollingsworth they are all still living in california there was 5 other children
Jimmy, Ludia, clara, which was clydes twin shes buried in antlers. Letha, baby she was still born at birth we are doing a research please any help would be appreciated thank

Wheeler, Chisholm

Virginia Wheeler Mucklow Thu, 24 Feb 2000

I am searching for information about my great grandfather Isham or Isom Wheeler. I know that they were in Arkansas, that is where my grandfather Onzo G. Wheeler was born. He served in the Confederate Army during the civil war. any information would be greatly apriciated.
Thank you in advance for any help you can give.


Johnnie (Smith) Griffin Wed, 23 Feb 2000

My father, WILLIAM EUGENE SMITH, was born in Pushmataha County, November 26, 1907. His mother: Lena Edna Rutledge 2-11-1892 to 10-01-1931. His father: William Carroll Smith, 2-27-1880 to 10-21-1944. He was raised by his maternal grandparents: MIKE RUTLEDGE 1857-1931 & BELINDA AYLOR HARRISON 1861-1940. Mike Rutledge worked for a lumber mill. Please send any information.


Rusty Lang Sat, 19 Feb 2000

Seeking info on descendants of Wm. F. FLETCHER and Eliza IMPSON, 1853-1933. Their daughter was Emma FLETCHER, 1893-1945 who married John H. Carnes, 1873-1940. Their daughter was Josie CARNES, 1917-1935, who married a LEFLORE.
Other FLETCHER offspring were:
Emmalina, 1878, Tillis, 1889, Joseph, 1883, and Barnette, 1884.
Would love anything on any successive generations. regards,
Rusty Lang
E-mail me at rlang90547@aol.com
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Tina (Trisler)Gilbert Sat, 12 Feb 2000

I am searching descendants in Pushmataha County of Everett Homer Cleaver. He was born March 11, 1886, lived in Ca but died in Texas, August 20, 1958. I do not know where in Texas. I know there are relatives in the Antlers, Pushmataha, Ok area. Would be most appreciative to hear from anyone out there with information about this family.
Please email: clrector@aol.com or WGilb10676@aol.com

Tina (TRisler) Gilbert

Sanders, Johnson, Dehart, Watson

Jerry Sanders Thu, 10 Feb 2000

Am searching for info on William R. Sanders who was in Nashoba in 1920-1930's. His parents were Aaron and Elizabeth Dehart Sanders. He had two daughters, Gertrude,
who married a Johnson and was in Nashoba in 1950's and Myrtle, who married Watson and moved to Arizona. He also had a son, Bert, who died in 1940. Bill also could have had a brother named John. Bill's wife's name was Molly. He later married Ada Gilreath Ward, and had two sons, one of which was me. They divorced in 1940, the year I was born, so I never knew him. If anyone has any info, could they PLEASE contact me? Thanks.


Danielle Taylor Thu, 03 Feb 2000

I am looking for information on my grandfathers family. I was told he was born on the Pushmataha reservation around 1917. Yet, I still haven't even been able to find out if it was in fact a reservation before it became a county. My grandfathers name was Delbert Joseph Huggins.
Thank you

Dawson, Buckner, Gardenr, Moyer, Willingham, Ovelean, Moyers, Morrison, Dunn, Walling, Keller, McDaniels, Lester, Walker, Greggs

Katherine Thu, 27 Jan 2000

We have turn of the Century and later pictures of people in these families that we would like to give to their descendents. Please e-mail us if you fit the right names. See adjoining query for first names when available.


Jerry Morrison Tue, 25 Jan 2000

Would like to communicate with anyone that has information on the family of Charles Lilburn GOODIN and Mary MARTIN/GOODIN who lived in Push County between Antlers and Rattan from the early 1920's until Charlies death in Oct. 1924. They had 14 children, many of whom grew up and married in Push county.

Morrison, Smith

Ann Marie Gelven Rogers Sat, 01 Jan 2000

Searching for any of the family of Annie Morrison Smith.
Annie Morrison Smith was married to Lorenzo Dow Smith in 1905 at Dequeen, Arkansas. This family moved to Pushmataha County, Oklahoma, after 1907. Annie Morrison Smith is buried in Kosoma Cemetery. She died October 16, 1916. Any help in finding any other family members will be appreciated.

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