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Submitted on 7May2015 by: Dawn Prock
I am trying to find information on John Porter Thurman, B 18Mar1851 in MO.
He is buried in Wetumka, according to his obit of 24Jan1924.   He Wed Lena Wilkerson in 1893 (She died in 1894)  Re remarried in 1896 to Belle Riley. Looking for any & all information that can be found.  Thanks.

Surname: DALLAS
Submitted on 28Apr2015 by: Amy Allen

I would like to find information regarding my great great grandfather, Lawrence Stephen Dallas.  He was reportedly the first elected Sheriff (or "Lawman" as the story is told in my family), in Mayes County, OK from 1907-1911.  Any information, records, photos, etc. would be greatly appreciated!!
Surname: GOINS
Submitted on 16May2015 by: Terri Conner
I'm looking for any info on doc goins had daughter Lilly moor, suzey ash sons jake, Felix. Felix lived in California  Lilly and Jack in Oregon doc lived in spavinaw,ok  but was from Cleveland Tennessee I'm getting all information I have from my grandmother we are trying to trace back to see if we have indian on my mother's side  any info would help 
Surname: MAY, Whitaker Children's Home
Submitted on 3Mar 2015 by Eli Wilson May
I am trying to find out if my great grandfather was at the Pryor Creek Orphan home between 1907 and 1910.  His name was Charles May born in 1904 or 1905 in Broken Arrow, OK. Does anyone know what publicly available records if any there are for the orphan home there in Mayes County, and how I would go about accessing them?

Submitted on 15Feb2015 by Katherine Benton
Looking for any information adopted name Agnes Margaret Hannigan born in 1913 adopted by James and Ida Hannigan. They lived for a time in Bartlesville then Nowata, Oklahoma. 
Birth parents and/or any other family members.
Surname: WILSON
Submitted on 19Nov2014 by Debbie Wolfard
Looking for a little girl born in 1911 her name was Lillian Ruby Wilson.   She was at the home on the 1920 census with her brother Marvin E Wilson.  Their father was JA Wilson.   Does anyone have any records that might show a date of death for Lillian?

Submitted on 20Sep2014 by Sylvia Rodriguez
Looking for info on a Charlie Chambless( his adopted last name) born 1893 .  He had a brother Albert n sister Pearl.. Mothers name was Mary (indian) father could have possibly last names of Coker or Clementine.
Charlie was adopted by Elias n Ellen Chambless. Are there any records from the Witaker school that can be looked up? 
Surname: O'REAR
Submitted on 4Sep2014 by:
Looking for death records for my Grandfather, Robert P. O'Rear. He died aroung 1975 or 1976 in Mayes Co. Can someone direct me in the right direction? Thanks

Surname: MAGEE
Submitted on 12Jun2014 by Caroline Bell
Im doing a genealogy search about information on my great-great-great grandmother, Naomi Carolina Magee (Born: 3-15-1852) She was suppose to be full blood Indian. She married James Warren May.  Can't seem  to find any information about her parents or siblings.  If anyone has any information I would appreciate it very much. On Jan 6, 1873 their first child, my great, great-grandmother, Gennetta May, was born in Mayes Co., OK. so they lived in that area then.

Submitted on 11Mar2014 by Jannelle Bennett
Trying to locate an old friend that was in an orphanage in Pryor.    I think she was moved to Tonkowa later.  Her  name is Carolyn Shaffner, and her birthdate is 1941 or 1942. 

Surname: Orphans Asylum in Salina.
Submitted on 23Oct2013 by: Brenda Davis
I am searching for the whereabouts of the headstones that once were located at The Cherokee Orphans Asylum in Saline.
I believe that to be the burial site of my 3rd great grandfather that died in the Civil War.
Are there any records of these burials or known locations for any bodies that may have been moved?

Surname: WALKER
Submitted on 24Aug 2013 at:
Paul & Sherry Jo was in the Whitaker Orphan's home in Pryor, Ok. in June of 1947. I am try to find anyone that can tell me about Sherry Jo. My husband pass away a few months ago, and I am try to find out anything, I can about his sister.

Surname: MOORE
Submitted on 21Sep 2013 by: Royce G. Caldron
My great-grandfather was JAMES ALBERT MOORE (born in PA about 1867) and he wound up in the Murphy community in Mayes County sometime shortly after 1900.   His first marriage was to OPHELIA CULP in 1888 in Hunt Co, TX, and she died around 1901.   He then married IDA GERTRUDE MILLER WALLACE in 1902 in Logan Co, AR.   With his second wife he had one son and four daughters, the last one being born about 1912.    His second wife remarried about 1917 so that places JAMES' death sometime between 1912 and 1917.    I have been told he was buried in an unmarked grave in Murphy Cemetery which I believe is no longer in existence.     I am trying to find a more precise date of death for JAMES A MOORE.   It is believed that he worked for the railroad and may have killed himself.     I would be interested in being in contact with anyone that has a connection to the family that would include JAMES ALBERT MOORE or either of his two wives.

Surname:  EDWARDS
Submitted on 10Aug2013 by:  Charlotte Flock
Looking for Homer B. Edwards obit. His death was 15 Dec 1971, his last
place of residence was Big Cabin. I check with Vinita paper, their was nott
a obit. So I was hoping one was put in the Pryor paper. Could someone check
this out for me.
Submitted on 4Oct2012 at:
My mother (Betty Garrett b.1936) was there in the early 50's .she had this one picture that was taken at this place she been put in foster homes. I'm not sure how long she was there ,she went back her to her parents home in 1952 ,her sister Shirley was there at age 10 was adopted...Then Shirley came back to where her parents lived after 1957.I'm not sure where Shirley was living only thing I remember her adopted last name(Flush)???,I would know more info.but I dont know where her kids are at,
Surname:  DAVIS
Posted on 4Oct2012 by Betsy at:
To whom it may concern, I am desperately seeking any information about my dad's family (Thomas Frederick Davis) . my dad (Bert or Burt Davis) was placed in the orphanage due to his mom (Louise Davis) not having financial means to raise 7 children (Some of his siblings names that I have heard mentioned is Billy Gene Davis, Rose Davis, Louise Davis, Emmaline Davis and there were 3 others that I can't recall the names). My dad was born approx. 1927 or 1928 and lived there, I think until he was about 16, then joined the military. His mother was part Indian. My dad knows her first name but not her maiden (could be an Indian name). He also knows his dads first name but I don't think he was involved in his life early on. I am sorry I do not have more info. to go on.

Surnames: ADAMS, LAMM
Submitted on 6Aug2012 by: Lisa Hale
I am trying to find information on Mary Irene LAMM (b. ca. 1880-1888), a Cherokee woman, who married in 1903 Camden Co., MO to W. W. ADAMS. The marriage certificate states that both Mary Irene LAMM and W. W. ADAMS lived in "Prior Creek, I.T." . I have been unable to find what the W. W. stood for - so don't know his real name. Mary Irene and W. W. had at least two sons - Roy L (b. ca. 1904) and William O (b. ca. 1905) ADAMS. These boys were born near Bartlesville, OK. I think Roy L ADAMS might have been adopted out, and I'm not sure, but William O ADAMS might have died young or also may have been adopted out. What happened to Mary Irene LAMM ADAMS and W W ADAMS?
Mary Irene (Lamm) Adams died 25 June 1907, and is buried in White Rose Cemetery, Bartlesville, Washington Co., OK. Her son, William O. "Ted" Adams, born 26 May 1905, died 23 Dec 1983, and is also buried in White Rose Cemetery. So if William O Ted Adams wasn't adopted out, I'm wondering about Roy. If W O Ted Adams was adopted out, then he took back his real name when he came of age. I still haven't located Roy L. Adams, nor have I proven what their father's name was, but I suspect that it was Walter William (or William Walter) Adams, and he may have moved to Hopkins Co., Texas - but that's unproven. In 1910, a Ray L Adams and William A Adams are listed as the grandchildren of Moses G Adams, but again, I have no proof they are one and the same people. I still need to search for the Adams family in earlier census records to get the line down. I know there was more than one W W Adams in OK.
Submitted on 29Jul2012 at:
John Wesley and Sarah J Shepherd lived in Prior sometime after 1934. It is reported that she passes away while living there. Is there a site to assist in locating the local cemeteries in your community/ Any information anyone could supply will be appreciated. I understand they were residents of your community some time between 1917 and 34.


Submitted on 3Jul2012 by:
Roland Young
Need or would like a picture of John P. Marrs tombstone. His wife was Mary Matilda Deatherow b 30Sep, 1850-Cane Hill township in Washington Co., AR. D. Sep 26 1938, Ketchum, OK. Married Feb 6, 1870 to John P Marrs &  was in the military. Found a record that shows he is buried in Langley Military Cemetery.

Submitted on 6Jun2012 by: Stephani Fenton
Looking for information on My great great grandmother, Eliza Ann Calista Jane Pond Fedrick 1859-1905, according to the family Bible, is buried in Locust Grove. She is listed in the US Federal Census 1900 with her husband William Fedrick and children in Township 17 North, range 21 east, District 32. Her mother Isabelle unk, wife of John Marion Pond, b. 1808 Sumner Co.TN was said to be full blooded Cherokee. It is family rumor that Isabelle and John Marion Pond were in Oklahoma during the1890's
Surnames: HEADRICK, JONES, GOINS, ASH, YORK (More information)
Submitted on 16May2012 by:
Cynthia Ziemian
I am looking for information on Gr Granmother, Mattie Ash's husbands. Jesse HEADRICK,Wiley JONES & Doc GOINS. They all lived around Salina/Spavinaw/Pryor area.

Surname: BURGESS
Submitted on 23Mar2012  at:
Looking for a sister to my grandmother that I believed to be in the Whitaker Home in January 9, 1920. Her name is Bessie Burgess and she is listed on the census as being 16 at the time. Any information will be greatly appreciated

Surname: SWINGLE
Submitted on 13Mar2012 by Tere` Lawrence
Naaman A. Swingle of Mazie was my gtgdpa.  In the Queries about Mayes County, Naomi Morgan asked about the robbery of the Southern State Bank 22 Apr 1923. My gtgdpa was one of the three incorporators who received the charter for the Southern State Bank in Mazie 23 Feb 1918. I found the robbery mentioned in the Muskogee County Democrat, Friday, 31 Aug 1923. The article is on the front page, above the banner. I found it through Does anyone have more information on the robbery? I don't know how long my gtgdpa was a part of the bank. He bought a place in California in July 1924.I guess there were more than one robbery. At rereading the newspaper headlines, the robbery I mentioned had taken place on Friday 24 Aug 1923 not 22 Apr 1923. I would be interested in information on the Southern State Bank including any of the robberies.

Submitted on 23Feb2012 by Joan Thorne
We live 3 miles north and east on E370 Road from Adair OK on the Thorne Ranch. Our old barn is still standing that my husband says was built by a family named Gunner in the 1900s ? I would like to find out anything I can about this family! He says that he raised mules and hauled freight with his mules in the area! Anything you can help me with would be greatly appreciated! We have contemplated tearing it all down but me being a history buff I hate to destroy all the history that this great old barn has seen! I use it in my Web Site Design and pictures several times! My true thoughts were to restore it and turn it into my horse barn.

Surname:  SMITH
Submitted on 17Jan2012 by Nancy Woodward
Looking for information on Mariah unknown who married James "Jim" Smith.
Mariah Smith born 11.14.1897 died August 1978 in Salina, Mayes Co., OK. Jim & Mariah are Cherokee (Native Americans). I have her SSD index. They had a child Ben H. Smith born about 1926 in OK. Any information on this couple I would appreciate.

Submitted on 21Nov2011 at:

Joseph J. Jameson was was born 17 Oct 1867 in Kansas, the son of Zenas Dexter Jameson and Christina Elizabeth Smalley. On the 1910 census he is listed as James J. Jameson and is living in Salina, Mayes County, Oklahoma with wife Cynthia and children Cecil, Henry, James, and Orval. On the 1920 census, in Salina, Mayes County, OK, his wife is listed as a widow with children Cecil, Henry H., James J., Orvil M. and Alta. My questions are where would I locate a death record index in Mayes County for the period of 1910 to 1920 in order to find his date of death? Once I get the death date where would I locate newspapers for that time period in order to locate a death notice? What organization is keeper of cemetery records in Mayes County so perhaps I can find his burial place thus getting his death date that way?
Surname:  Smith
Submitted on 17Sep2011 by John and Sheryl Smith
Looking for any info regarding Andrew Jackson Smith, Married to Clearcy Fields 23 DEC 1887. Clearcy was Indian Pioneer, died in Big Cabin area. Andrew Jackson Smith was her husband, he was a Deputy US Marshal under Jim Wilkerson during the Judge Parker days.  He died in Big Cabin area as well. Cadus Edgar was their son, He Married Charlotte (Lottie) Jane Whisler, daughter of John M. And Ida J. Whisler, both from Ohio, They were farmers from Mayes and /or Craig county. Lottie talked about Vinita when she was a girl. She was born June 1910. I am the grandson of Cladus Edgar and Lottie Jane Smith of Payette, Idaho.
Surname:  LEWIS
Submitted on 3Sep2011 by: DAVID LEWIS
for family members, their origin is Strang, Pryor area.  A picture of a relative is in the American Legion in Pryor, I think the name is Browning Lewis, I have been told he is a great uncle.  My father is Frank Lewis.  I dont know the names of grandparents.  Any help would be appreciated

Surname:  LOWERY
Submitted on 18Jul2011 by Phil Miller
Trying to find an obituary for my grandfather, John W. Lowery, who died 28 Nov 1935 at Strang, Mayes, OK.

Surnames: Chorn, walters
Submitted on 18Jun2011 at:
Looking for three to four sisters (Chorn) who lived at Whitaker in the 1920's. Sylvia, Nola and Pearl are the names I know.   According to my information she was born in 1911 and was the youngest of the girls. Pearl is my children's grandmother.  She passed away in 1965.  I found her at age 19 in 1930 as a boarder in Muskogee census. She later married and had 3 children, Her sons were William George Walters, David Lee Walters and Gene Edward Walters.

Surname:  FARRAR

Submitted on 14Jun2011 at:
My grandfather George B Farrar & sister Eddie Mae Farrar were put in orphanage at Pryor after both there parents past, mother 1901 father 1902.  Didn't understand why there sibling did not take them in they had several. Eddie was adopted out. Grandpa ran away from orphanage. Living on is own and visiting a grandmother and aunt on his mothers side. I had not heard of a reunion. that would be nice if the families could get together

Submitted on 13Jun2011 by Jeff Smith
I heard that Alta Lou may have recently passed away.  She was a cousin of mine. Maiden name was McBroom.
Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted on 20Apr2011 by
Kimberly Nunez
I am attempting to research my family tree and so far it has lead me to Bryan, Mayes Co, Oklahoma and I was hoping that you could give me so advice on where to look online for more information. I am trying to get more info on my GGG Grandfather, George Washington Weaver, I know that he was born in Oklahoma in 1855, that he was living in Bryan, Mayes Co in 1910 and he died in 1915 although I am not sure where. I was able to find his mother via She was Mary Elizabeth Hamblin and she was born in 1841 in Tennessee and died in 1902 in Oklahoma. I am grateful for your time and any info you may be able to pass on to me. I look forward to your reply.
Submitted on 5Apr2011 by: S. Miller

Sharp & Burton are in my children's line. There was said to be Indian on the Sharp side. Don't know about the Burton line. Fred Leonard Burton was their grand father. His Father had two wives, so Fred had a step-mother. His Mother died when he was young.  George Sharp & Ella was the other grand parents. George was supposed to be part Indian. Does anyone in Mayes Co. know or are related to these people? Larry Burton in Pryor is their Uncle. Would love to find some stories or history of the family or sir names. An Uncle, Earl Ramsey had a wife that was killed in a tornado years ago that wiped out the main street of Pryor.

Surnames:  MAYES, AVILA
Submitted on 25Dec2010 by:
Timothy D. Vargas
Looking for information on my Great great grandfather Joseph Mayes from Indian Territory (1910 Census), who married Bruna Avila from Mexico.  Any information on my Great great grandfather and his family would be appreciated, as this is all that I have at this time.


Submitted on 19Sep2010 at:
Looking for anyone with information Of Tom Pratt, Parson lived their in the 1930..His mother Rachel Parson also lived with him.. wanting pictures.     Thank you for any help
Surnames: RILEY
Submitted on 29Jul2010 by
Georgia Leeds Trying to find the burial plot for Finis D. Riley- he died Jan. 1969 and should be in
Boatman cemetery. Can someone help me with the plot number and location?

Surnames: COLE VANN

Submitted on 26Jul2010 by Carolyn Harrison
My Great grandparents are Daniel B. Cole and Wife Nannie or Nancy .  Nannie, and her sister Nettie Lindsey Vann were in the Cherokee Orphan Asylum. Nannie was taken to Chief Samuel Mayes house to live with them as Chief Mayes wife was named Martha Vann before her marriage. She was the girls aunt.. 
What our family has never found out is what happened to Nettie Lindsey Vann after Nannie left? Could there be some kind of record of what became of her.   I know the Orphan burned down in 1903 
Does anyone have a group picture of the kids at the orphanage? My great grandparents were married in Chief Mayes home.

Submitted on 15May2010 at:
Searching for information on Ruth West marriage to ? Sharp around 1900 to 1910. Ruth was the daughter of John Duncan West and Nancy/Nannie Brown.
Submitted on 5May2010 by: S. Miller <>
Looking for cemeteries in Mayes Co., with Sharps or Burtons in them?

Posted on 5Mar2010 at:
Another online Family genealogy bookstore is born and they are pretty good in the way they market their products. Beside the fact that they have very high quality products, they have a perfect bound soft cover and a hardback format of the rarest books available to researchers, their books are cheap compared to other online bookstore but what make them unique is that they send you with each book order the searchable pdf format on a CD of the book that you order and the CD also contains their catalog.  Their Web address is:
Surnames:  BLACK
Submitted by Victoria Cole on 31May2009 at:
I am looking for information on family on my dad's side.  I don't have a whole lot of information on the Black family except that they were Cherokee and the name was changed to Black from something else over the years.  My grandfather Howard Lee Black was born in Mayes County Oklahoma in 1934 and his father was J.W. Black (sorry, I don't have the actual name) and was Married to Maude (don't know the maiden name). Just wondering if there is a way to find out what the name was changed from so I can locate my great-grandfathers parents on the Dawes Rolls.


Adair Cemetery look up
I am looking for a look up for the Adair Cemetery.
Dabney C. Hughes, his wife Ada Douglas Hughes, brother Daniel B. Hughes, and Ada parents John & Lucy Douglas. Thank,

Submitted by: Lance L. Piatt on 24Mar2009

In search of the death and/or burial records of Samuel M. BRUMBACK, who was believed have died in 1917.  He was listed in the 1900 census 24 N 18 E, ED 19.  Last seen in the 1910 census in Rider Twp. His wife Sarah E. BRUMBACK was listed in the 1900 census, but not in the 1910 census.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by: DOLLYPOM@AOL.COM,  on 26Feb2009

Submitted: 12Feb2009 by
Shirley Payton
My husbands Aunt--Sarah Ella Adams"Bell married 2sd time to Arthur Lewis, Arthur had a son  Jackie that attended schools there in Rose and Locust Grove. Jackie was born later then 1933 mabe abt 1937,  Aunt Ell had a daughter that was married to Sib Boswell, her name was Alta and she had 2 daughters Clarene and Sue, Aunt Ell died feb 1958 and Jackie came back from Calif and helped uncle Arthur sell their little rock patch,
 and he took uncle arthur back to calif with him  I have tried to find records of both father and son and I can`t find them,
I dont have their dates of birth-no middle names or where they were born, There should be School records for Jackie.
WE were away when everything happened as my husband was serveing in the Army,  Do you have excess to the School records?
and what about property records? they lived on the north side of the hiway beween Rose and Locust Grove,
Aunt Ell is buried in the graveyard on the same hiway, Her family has lived in this area many years--Loffers and Adams
I would be glad to pay someone for looking up this stuff for me,
Thank You,
Shirley Payton
Whitaker State Orphan Home

I was looking for information on Whitaker State Orphan Home. My grandfather was put up for adoption along with his brothers and I was wanting any information for me to trace his roots prior. If you could let me know a good place to start I would appreciate it.
Joshua Woods 2Feb2009

Surnames:  ESTES
Submitted by Sherman Ray Estes on 30Jan2009
MY name is Sherman Ray Estes, and my Dads name is John Wesley Estes (He was from Locust Grove, OK.) and my grandfathers name was Sherman Wesley Estes, he died in Locust Grove, and hes fathers name was think was John Estes I dont remember his middle name , but he was a Baptist Preacher

Submitted by Clifford Lenox on 29Jan2009
I have a knife that was owned by Judge O.H. Graves of Mayes County . Do you know anything about him? Thanks, Cliff

Does anyone have any pictures of the Union Missions School in Mazie? Belinda is doing a leaders lesson on the history of Mayes County. Belinda is the Home FCS Educator for Mayes County Extension Office. If you can help us that would be great.
Posted on 14Jan2009 by: JAN CHANEY,  MAYES COUNTY OSU EXTENSION, P.O. BOX 39, PRYOR, OK  74362
918-825-3241  FAX - 918-825-0550
Surname: BROWN
Submitted on 13Jan2009:

Seeking information about death, burial, etc. of Katherine Mason Brown who was residing in Disney OK in 1955, per her brother's Columbus, Indiana obituary.  Another brother died in Sept. 1956, and her residence was still listed Oklahoma.  Believe she was married 2-3 times (Cook, Ferguson, L.C. Brown).  She lived in Albequerque NM in 1930, already widowed; and at Hot Springs NM in 1938.  (That city was renamed Truth or Consequences in 1950.) She had moved on to OK by 1951. Katherine was born ca. 1879 in Bartholomew Co., IN, d/o George W. Mason and Sarah H. Hayes.  She outlived her parents and five siblings: Ida Mason Tull, Daniel D., Benjamin H., William Sherman and Charles McKinley Mason.  Any information appreciated, thanks for your help.

 A year ago while researching a branch of my family I discovered that my grandfather, Karl McDonald Jacobs, had a sister Lillian Jacobs, b. September 5, 1906 in Van Wert, Ohio.  What makes the discovery of Lillian interesting to me is that there was never any mention of her while I was growing up.  As I have been able to discover so far, when she became an adult she assumed the name Jean [Von] Macklin, a man named after his father, and lived the rest of her adult life as a man.  He moved to Tulsa, OK in ~1940 and worked for the Tulsa World [then known as the Tribune] newspaper as their librarian until his death in 1960.

        While searching through the 1930 census today I discovered that Lillian, who had been orphaned at the age of 7, had an aunt Lois Velma [Jacobs] Woodward, who was living in Mayes Co., OK at the time of that census.  I discovered your name when I looked up Mayes County on to determine where it was.  Since it's apparently close to Tulsa, I thought that Lillian may have chosen Tulsa as a place to live as a result of a visit [or correspondance] with her aunt.  I believe that Lillian's story has some interest beyond genealogy so I want to determine some of the details of Lillian's odyssey.  Since I live in California and know very little about your area of the country, you could help me by commenting on my theory that Lillian may have bee  drawn to Tulsa through some contact with her aunt.  Next if you could recommend someone to search for additional details such as when and where Lois Woodward [as well as her husband] died, if there are any children or other relatives, especially in OK, etc.  I have already obtained a copy of Jean Macklin's [sic Lillian Jacobs] death certificate, but I would also like more details about her work history at the Tulsa newspaper.  Please answer by return E-Mail.
Richard M. Hulme on 4/6/03

       My Father (Albert Brown) was in the Whitaker State Home from approximately 1915 until 1923. Do you know if the residents of the State Home are listed in the 1920 index or Census? I've tried using the Ancestry 1920 index but no luck even searching under just the last name. Do you know if they were possibly listed separately but not on the index. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Jerry Brown on 4/9/03

My husband is the author of three books on Oklahoma history and we are doing research on his fourth. Some of it took place in Mayes County, Oklahoma. We are looking for any information, pictures, stories, etc., on the following:
April 25, 1921, bank robbery of First State Bank of Locust Grove
February 9, 1922, bank robbery of Adir State Bank
April 22, 1923, bank robbery of Southern State Bank of Maize
Do you have any information or know of someone that we could contact regarding this. We will give credit in the book for any help that is received.

Naomi Morgan

Books By R. D. Morgan
"The Bad Boys of the Cookson Hills"
"Desperadoes:The Rise and Fall of the Poe-Hart Gang"
Have places several queries on this site before concerning a burial site for James Wyman Thompson.  
He died Feb., 1930 and is supposedly buried in the Spavinaw cemetery.  The family left for Texas after he
died and never placed a marker there for him. Am hoping that someone might be new to this site and have some information on Spavinaw Cemetery.  He was the nephew to T. Wyman Thompson, under-sheriff.

Faye Heffington
Littlefield, Texas<>

My name is Danielle Wurl. I lived in Locust Grove about 23 years ago, with my aunts. I do not know there last names there maiden names were both Dutton. There first names were bonnie (lenora) what I called her. and Lizabelle (belle) what I called her. Iam doing my family tree and Iam sure they both died there. My aunt Lenora raised dachshunds. If you have any info on them please Email my thank you Danielle Wurl

danielle wurl []

Looking for any information on Andrew(Andy) J. Thompson, b. 1876 MO whose parents Alexander and Martha Thompson migrated to OK in the early 1880's.  He possibly married a woman named Flora. He was a brother to James Wyman Thompson and nephew to T. Wyman Thompson.  In his later years possibly after Flora's death, an Edith was his wife.

Faye Heffington
Littlefield, Texas

Looking for possible military records for Andrew J. Thompson...nephew to T. Wyman Thompson.  Was wondering if anyone had any WWI records showing those who served from Mayes County? 

Faye Heffington

am looking for someone who lives around Rose, Mayes Co., OK.  Who might have information about Bluford and Maggie Cantrell.  The were buried in the Rose Cemetery.  I think the church there might have some information about them.  I donot know the name of it or the address.  I would like to get a copy of Bluford's death sert if possible 

Timmy timberly bloomer []

Just checking back to see if anyone might have discovered more on Andrew Thompson who md. Flora Wingfield in 1895.  He was a brother to James Wyman Thompson and nephew to T. Wyman Thompson, under-sheriff.


Mayes Co

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