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(Note:  The terms Chickasaw & Choctaw Nations are used here to refer to a place not to a people/tribe)

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1910 Garvin County

1920 Garvin County

1920 McClain County

1900 Chickasaw Nation Garvin County

1900 Chickasaw Nation Stephens County

1900 Chickasaw Nation McClain County

1900 Chickasaw Nation Grady County

1890 Oklahoma Territorial Census

1860 Lands West of Arkansas


Garvin County Marriage Index 1907 - 1929

McClain County Marriage Index 1907 - 1929

Stephens County Marriage Index 1907 - 1912

Choctaw Nation Marriage Index 1890 - 1907

Chickasaw Nation Marriage Index 1885 - 1907

Houston County, Texas Marriage Index 1882 - 1917

Bosque County, Texas Marriage Index 1860 - 1928



Grooms 1907 THRU 1929


These  records were transcribed by Mary Turner Kinard and are being printed here with the permission of J.D.Kinard and family.  They are for your personal use only.  NOT TO BE COPIED FOR USE IN ANY COLLECTION FOR PROFIT OR DISPLAY.

The difference between wordprocessing programs has translated a - as a �, so please keep this in mind until it can be changed, also characters that look like Ur UCE are actually a line break.   This file was unreadable and was recovered from disk. Tiny bits of data may be missing.  This will be fixed by comparison to Mary's data in book format asap.

Some items were hard to read so there could be mistakes in some names and/or other information. You should however be able to write and request a copy of the original document by stating names, date, book, & page number. Send requests to
Garvin County Court Clerk, P.O. Box 239, Pauls Valley, OK 73075
[phone: (405) 238-5596] Search Fee is $10.00 but if you furnish them with the book and page number as provided here, cost is only $1.50 per copy. Money order or cashier's only - No personal checks - Send self addressed stamped envelope.. If you got to the court house in person and find the record yourself a non certified copy is $1.00

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Groom Index

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