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Cemeteries of Garvin County

Below are the links to the cemeteries in Garvin County, as well as some additional information about those cemeteries. If you do not see the cemetery linked to a page, I do not have any additional information. Please note: Most of the County cemeteries are only partially transcribed. If you do not see your ancestors listed on the pages, you can submit the information for addition to that cemetery.

Abney Cemetery -
From Stratford, the 4 way stop, take 177 south about 1 mile. Turn back west at the first intersection just past Blackburn Field. You will go down this road about 3 � miles. There are 2 stop signs you will come to. Part of the way it will be a dirt/gravel road. The cemetery is right off the road on the north side. It has a gate with a large wooden overhead sign

Antioch Cemetery - Canvass competed 1/23/2000 - 

Bethlehem Cemetery -

Butterly Cemetery by Sue Simpson

Carver Cemetery (or Wyatt Chapel)- A pictorial canvass, also known as Wrinkle (ed?) Sock Cemetery

Civit Cemetery  Canvassed Feb 9, 2000 -

Clabber Flats Cemetery - complete except for unknowns - Archives -

Corley Cemetery Canvass completed 2/12/2000

Dixon Chappel

Dripping Springs Cemetery - (Riddle Cemetery) (McCarty Cemetery) - See new pictorial canvass

Dulin/Walner Private Burial Ground - submitted by Bill Dulin

Elmore City Cemetery Canvass completed May 2002 by Marsha Miller & family - At Archives -

Erin Springs Cemetery submitted by Betty Barnet, Erna Mae & Edith Tannehill

Five mile Cemetery - Canvassed by Dennis Muncrief

Old Five Mile Cemetery  - submitted by Cesar E . Peters, Jr. - Oct 18, 2003

Florence Chapel Cemetery

Foster Cemetery  (canvass  by Betty Barnett and Kevin West) -

Foster Old Indian Cemetery - Canvassed by Diane Gann

Fort Arbuckle Cemetery - On the Murray County Website - by Dennis Muncrief

Greenhill Cemetery - Lindsay - canvass  by Betty Barnet, Vera Anderson, Patsy Penrod, Tom Herrin's Lindsay High School Students - 

Hennepin Cemetery - Canvassed by Dennis Muncrief

Hopewell Cemetery - Canvass completed 12/26/99-complete except for unknowns

Howell Cemetery Complete - Archives -

James Cemetery - (Rounds Creek) Listing by Sonya Smith (2003), cared for by Ron & Josh Newby, photos by Tom & Betty Barnett -

Katie Cemetery -  Canvass completed June 3, 2001, except for unknowns -


 Katie City Cemetery (at find a grave) -

Klondike Cemetery - Canvass and map completed March 2001 by R.L. & Shirley Beaty

Lewis Cemetery - Complete except for unknowns - Archives -

Lindsay Cemetery

Little Flock - canvassed 02/24/2000

Lizzie Keel Cemetery - Complete except for unknowns

Maysville Cemetery - Canvass by Betty Barnet & Kim Davis

McCarty Cemetery - (Dripping Springs) (Riddle Cemetery)

McGee Cemetery - Canvass by Betty Barnet, Nadine Allen & Brandi Taylor - Archives

Meinders Family Cemetery - 1/2 mile west of  Ft. Arbuckle on the north side of highway 7, on private ranch land.

Mount Olivet Cemetery  - Pauls Valley -consolidated 2/03/2000 addition by Jean & Carolyn with Marsha Miller Collection (County Coordinator)

Mount Zion - (Oak Grove)

Myers Family Cemetery - posted by Dennis Muncrief

Pauls Valley Cemetery (The Old Cemetery) - Complete Canvass

Old Pauls Valley Cemetery (At -

Oak Grove Cemetery - (Mt. Zion)  

Oak Ridge Cemetery - Submitted by Darrell Wells with a grave location map - At  Archives

Oaklawn Cemetery Wynnewood - Canvass completed 6/2002, proofed by Mike Grissom -

Oklahoma Cemetery  Katie, OK

Old Andrews Cemetery Whitebead

Old Five Mile Cemetery  - submitted by Cesar E . Peters, Jr. - Oct 18, 2003 -

Old Purdy Cemetery - New canvass 9/2002 with pictures by Tom & Betty Barnett

Paoli Cemetery - New Canvass by Betty Barnett -  

Phantom Hill - submitted by Mike Grissom

Private Burial Ground (4 graves) Sec.12 4N,1W makes this near Paoli - Complete

Purdy Cemetery - New canvass 6/2005 by Betty Barnett, Hazel Bales, Monte Beasley & Diane Dutton At Archives

Randolph Cemetery - Complete, except unknowns - Archives 2nd Transcription

Red Bluff Cemetery - Wallville - incomplete -  

Riddle Cemetery - (Dripping Springs) (McCarty Cemetery)

Robberson Cemetery - Canvass Completed 02/24/2000, Pictorial canvass done 9/13/2001

Rounds Creek Cemetery (James Cemetery) - Listing by Sonya Smith (2003), cared for by Ron & Josh Newby

Sandy Bear Cemetery - (formerly Winter Cemetery) Listing submitted by Nancy Cooper Mills, canvassed 9/13/2001, also pictures

Sandy Hill Cemetery - incomplete, needs care badly to find other burials

Shirley Cemetery - submitted by Bob -

State School Cemetery  Provided by SORC

Sweet Home - Photo canvass completed 5/26.2003 -

Tussy Cemetery - Canvass Completed 02/19/2000 - 

White Bead Cemetery - New canvass by section with map by Betty Barnett & Brenda Choate - At Archives -

Winter Cemetery - (Now Sandy Bear Cemetery) -

Woodlawn Cemetery Garvin County

Wynnewood View Cemetery - Complete canvass by Linda Hamner & Darlene Beaver -  Archives -

Wyatt Chapel/or Carver Cemetery  Also known as 'Wrinkle(ed?) Sock",  A pictorial canvass, done Sept 1, 2001



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