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Key to Maps Showing Towns in Sequoyah County

This table includes a link to every map on which I've found each town.  If an entry in the Township Map column shows a link to only the Township & Range, then that town does not actually appear on the current map but I've found out which township and sometimes which section it was in from other sources.  





Detailed Township Map

Akins Yes Yes Yes 20-12N-25E
Alexander No No No Sec 27 11N-27E
Aqua Park No No No 9-13N-21E
Ashby No Yes No Sec 34 12N-23E
Badger No No No 26-12N-23E
Baldridge No No No 2-10N-25E
Barnoskie No No No 12N-22E
Belmina No No No 11N-26E
Benge No Yes No Sec 31 10N-27E
Big Lake No No No 23-11N-22E
Black Jack No No No 15-11N-25E
Blackgum No Yes Yes 8-13N-22E
Bluff  No No No 7-10N-25E
Blunt No Yes No Sec 10 12N-24E
Box No No Yes 21-13N-22E
Breedlove No No No 10N-27E
Brent No Yes No Sec 4 10N-24E
Brushy No Yes Yes 35-13N-24E
Camp Creek No No No 11N-25E
Campbell No No No Sec 7 12N-21E
Cherokee No Yes No ?
Cherokee Jct. Yes No No ?
Childers Station No No No Sec 5-6 11N-24E
Cottonwood No Yes No 4-10N-26E
Dora No No No Sec 4 11N-27E
Dwight Mission No No No Sec 2 12N-23E
Flat Rock No No No 13&14-11N-25E
Flavia No No No Sec 5&6 11N-24E
Foreman No Yes No 15-10N-25E
Frye No No No Sec 11 12N-25E
Gann Yes No No ?
Gans No Yes Yes 31-11N-25E
Gore No Yes Yes 7-12N-21E
Greenwood No No No 11N-27E
Gunter No No No 12N-21E
Hanson Yes Yes Yes 7-11N-25E
Harrison No No No 21-11N-23E
Hiner No No No 3-10N-26E
Hood No No No Sec 35 11N-24E
Johnson Spur No No No Sec 8 11N-27E
Kedron No No No Sec 24&25 11N-23E
Kidron No No No Sec 11 12N-23E
Lee's Chapel No No No 5-10N-26E
Lessley No No No 2-11N-24E
Liberty No No No 27-12N-26E
Lone Oak No No No 31-11N-26E
Long Yes Yes Yes 19-12N-26E
Lynch Spur No No No Sc 22 11N-27E
Mabelle No No No Sec 9 11N-22E
Mackey Yes No No Sec 31 12N-23E
Mamie No No No Sec 35 13N-24E
Mantee No No No 10N 10E
Maple No Yes Yes 35-12N-25E
Marble Yes No No Sec 24&25 13N-23E
Marble City No Yes Yes 24&25-13N-23E
Marble Saltworks No No No Sec 24&25 13N-23E
Maybelle No No No Sec 9 11N-22E
McKey No Yes Yes 31-12N-23E
Meridian No No No S-6 2S 7W
Mitch No No No Sec 9 11N-22E
Moffett No No Yes 28-11N-27E
Muldrow Yes Yes Yes 24-11N-25E 19-11N-26E
Nicksville No No No Sec 11 12N-23E
Nicut No No Yes 20-13N-26E
Obi No No No Sec 16 13N-25E
Ozanna No No No Sec 7 12N-27E
Packard No No No 5-11N-27E
Paradise Hill No No No 10-13N-21N
Passing Spur No No No Sec 24 12N-23E
Pawpaw Yes Yes Yes 23-10N-26E
Redland Yes Yes Yes 23-10N-25E
Remy Yes Yes No 3-11N-26E 34-12N-26E
Roland No Yes Yes 14-11N-26E
Round No No No 24-12N-21E
Roy No No No 13N-21E
Sadie No Yes No 34-11N-23E
Sallisaw Yes Yes Yes 5&6-11N-24E
Santown No No No Sec 9 11N-22E
Sequo No No No 12N-23E
Seven Oaks No No No 26-12N-24E
Shady Grove No No No 26-11N-26E
Shakespeare No No No 12N-26E
Short No No Yes 26-13N-26E
Skin Bayou No No No 11N-25E
Swimmer Yes No No 12N-26E
Tahlonteeskee No No No Sec 10 12N-21E
Teehee No No No 15-13N-21E
Upson No Yes No 24-12N-21E
Viaduct No No No 36-12N-22E
Vian No Yes Yes 22-12N-22E
Vorna No No No Sec 20 13N-26E
West Fort Smith No No No 27-11N-27E
Wildhorse No No No 28-11N-24E
Windsor No No No Sec 8 12N-24E

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