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Cemeteries in Hughes County OK

Twenty-three cemeteries were found using GNIS, others identified by Oklahoma's GenWeb volunteers. Links are provided for both GNIS maps that show the general location with respect to nearby towns and DoT maps that show the township in great detail.  Tips for finding other online canvasses and lists of burials follow this list. 

Cemetery Canvasses & Lists S-T-R Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Atwood Cemetery   22-6N-9E 345841N 0962045W Calvin West
Barnett Cemetery   35-9N-10E 351258N 0961323W Wetumka
Blue Ridge Cemetery   3-5N-10E 345540N 0961352W Calvin East
Buchner Memorial Cemetery Buchner Memorial 7-7N-9E 350603N 0962347W Holdenville
Butner Cemetery   11-9N-8E 351604N 0962613W Cromwell
Calvin Cemetery   28-6N-10E 345739N 0961519W Calvin West
Citra Cemetery   20-4N-9E 344817N 0962237W Steedman
Crossroads Crossroad Canvass 10-6N-10E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Dustin Cemetery     351701N 0960127W Dustin
Fairview Cemetery Fairview Canvass 1-8N-9E 351119N 0961801W Yeager
Gerty Cemetery   8-4N-10E 345013N 0961619W Gerty
Glory Cemetery Glory/Bilbee Canvass 4-6N-9E 350114N 0962213W Lake Holdenville
Greenleaf Cemetery   28-6N-8E 345726N 0962803W Allen
Hilltop Hill Top Canvass 6-5N-11E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Holdenville Holdenville Canvass 12-7N-8E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Indian Baptist Church Indian Baptist Church Canvass 27-9N-10E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Jacobs Jacobs Canvass   Unknown Unknown Unknown
Lamar Cemetery Lamar Canvass 2-7N-11E 350642N 0960722W Wetumka SE
Many Springs   4-6N-9E Unknown Unknown Unknown
McBryde/Peebles McBryde Canvass   Unknown Unknown Unknown
McCaybe Cemetery   29-8N-9E 350749N 0962318W Wewoka East
McCosar/Buck McCosar Canvass 33-7N-9E Unknown Unknown Unknown
McMahan Cemetery McMahan Canvass 13-7N-10E 350448N 0961242W Lamar
Non Cemetery Non Canvass 27-4N-10E 344701N 0961449W Non
Panther Creek Cemetery Panther Creek Canvass 36-4N-9E 344602N 0961903W Gerty
Robison Robison Canvass   Unknown Unknown Unknown
Rock Creek Cemetery   3-4N-11E 345027N 0960816W Non
Salt Creek Cemetery   3-9N-10E 351652N 0961440W Weleetka
Shiloh Cemetery   30-7N-10E 350320N 0961658W Lake Holdenville
South Community So. Community Canvass 35-9N-10E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Spring Creek Cemetery   7-6N-11E 350001N 0961126W Lamar
Stubblefield Stubblefield Canvass   Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tea   19-6N-9E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Wetumka Cemetery   24-9N-10E 351414N 0961231W Wetumka
Wisner Cemetery   23-9N-9E 351440N 0962004W Yeager
Yeager Yeager Canvass   Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown   4-5N-8E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown   25-6N-10E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown   14-6N-11E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown   8-6N-8E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown   28-6N-8E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown   35-6N-8E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown   2-6N-9E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown   12-6N-9E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown   2-7N-10E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown   6-8N-10E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown   8-8N-9E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown   15-8N-9E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown   16-8N-9E Unknown Unknown Unknown

Driving instructions for the following don't completely match locations shown on the township maps.  None of these were shown by name on the topographic maps and none were picked up by GNIS:

Jacobs:  This cemetery is located from the intersection of State Highway 56 and U. S. 270, just on the south edge of Wewoka, five miles south on 56, turn east (left) and go two miles, you’ll see the Middle Creek Church, turn south and go about 1/4 mile on dirt road. The cemetery sits on the west (right) side of the road. The cemetery is fenced and is in a little grove of trees.

McBryde/Peebles:  Located north of Holdenville, Ok, from the intersection of Hwy 48 (Broadway of America) and Hwy 270, go 1 mile east, turn north on Whitty Road, go 2.4 miles. (On the cornor of the third intersection.) This was near a small community called Whitty.

Robinson:  Located, from Holdenville, Ok., 7 miles north on Hwy 48 (Broadway of America), 1 and 3/4 miles west and 1/8 mile south into a pasture.

Stubblefield:  Located southeast of Holdenville. From the intersection of US 270 and HWY 48 (Broadway Of America), go east on 270, 5 miles. Turn south, right, and go 4 miles to E/W 137, turn east, left, and then back south, right at the first road, less than .1of a mile. Continue south until you reach a wire gate, about 1.4 miles. Go through the gate and follow the road until it comes to a second gate, about .4 of a mile and then drive to the south through the pasture. You can see the cemetery just after going through this second gate.


Finding an Online Canvass or List

Once you know the name of a cemetery and the county it's in, the next step is finding any online canvasses or lists of burials.  A few counties  have direct links for individual cemeteries, but those are obvious when the search engine leads you to one of them.  In most cases you must search the resources directly.

OKGenWeb has an extensive and rapidly-growing collection of cemetery canvasses and lists of burials, which you can find through the OKGenWeb Cemeteries Site or in the OKGenWeb Archives.  

Many of the OKGenWeb county sites also include cemetery information. Use the clickable map to get to the county/counties you're interested in.  (If you a new Coordinator, we have a special Help Section for matching contributions of cemetery data with mapped locations.)

The Oklahoma Cemetery Mailing List is also accumulating canvasses, organized by county.  Go to its Home Page for the latest information, and select the county or use its search engine to find a specific canvass. 

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