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Opened Sep 2009

Submitted on 6Apr2015 by: John H Lippard
I recently bought the land on CR 3475 where the old Wilson school used to set. The building is gone, all except for its foundation. Also the tornado shelter is still there. The roof of it has caved in, but it is still there. I have looked and searched for any information about the school but have hit road block after road block. Any information about the school (year built, year disbanded, attendee, etc..) would be much appreciated.

Submitted on 2Mar 2015 by
Lynn Henry Worcester

Looking for information Moss and Scribner retail/dry goods store that was in Ada ok in the 1907 Sometime in that time range. My grandfather was John William Scribner who was married to Katie Stick Scribner. John Scribner was a junior partner in the above store.

Submitted on 14Feb2015 by
Nancy Southerland
Looking for my husband's great-grandfather Thomas T (or F) Southerland.  He is listed on the 1900 census for the Chickasaw Nation in township 1.  We cannot locate him after that time.  He does not appear on the 1910 census. Does anyone have any records of his death or any other records of him?  He was a widower in 1900.  My husband's grandfather was  George Washington Southerland.  There was also a daughter Virginia E Southerland, but they were all grown.  A son James Morgan may have lived with him....
Any information that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted on 14Nov2014 by
Carrie N. Young
looking for information about My husband’s great great grandfather Maupin Timberlake.  He was married to a woman named Beluah and spent most of his life in Ada, Oklahoma.  He was the president of a bank and we’ve heard family rumors that he was murdered.  He died December 14, 1921.  I am trying to find death records or newspaper clippings. 

Submitted on 1Sep2014 by Tanyua Davis
Looking for information on a W. P Jones, that may be buried in the Allen Cemetery.
Can someone help me?

Submitted on 25Oct2013 at:
Have located a picture which has Dillon studio stamped on it-It is a picture of a cotton gin and is labeled W G Sutton(Sutton may be Dutton,Hutton or ?) Where was this picture Taken?
Submitted on 13Sep2013 by:
Can anyone tell me if KNOX CEMETERY in PONTOTOC COUNTY, which is located on
a dirt road somewhere between Fittstown and Stonewall is still called KNOX CEMETERY, or if the name has changed?  I was there once many years ago and if I remember correctly you went about a mile or so north of Fittstown on highway 99 heading toward Ada, then turned off to the east on a road that went by a pig farm which was on the north side of the road, but i can't recall just where one went from there.  Can anyone tell me the county road the cemetery is located on and give me directions on just how to get there please?

Submitted 27Oct2012 by
Melodee Slaney
My genealogical cousin Christine James, may have attended Wapanucka High school in the years 1927-1931, I am seeking a senior High school picture of her. Her parents were Lucy Gurtrude( Risenhoover) James and Joe James, Christine James was born October 22,1919 In Wapamumucka( Pontotoc Oklahoma),, She also may have gone to a local high school In Fittstown. any direction to obtain a picture of Christine James is appreciated
Submitted on 21Aug 2013 by: 
Nancy Langley
My Mom, Edna Jo Hirrill was born in Ada, Pontotoc County OK, April 13, 1913 to George Daniel Hirrill & Julia Savannah Harkins Hirrill. Many of her family & cousins were located near the Canadian River, her uncle having a farm on the river (address Ohemah). I am looking for some information about her birth such as address or property where she was born. I am looking for information, maybe someone has relatives who remember any Hirrills in Pontotoc County. Papa Dan Hirrill, as he was known, was a sharecropper, so he would have lived on someone else's land. He was also a Baptist minister, although I never heard my mom talk about him holding church services at any established church in the areas where she grew up. She lived most of her youth in Hughes County with an Okemah address. She died in Mississippi in August 2002.

Submitted on 25Mar2013 at:
http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.pontotoc/2428/mb.ashx Needing a copy of a marriage register for my G.Aunt:
  Mary Alice (Irby, Irbey ) born : 1866 , Ky
Married : Manuel T.(Taylor ,Toby) Yoakum ( Yokaum)
  They was married:
   24 Dec 1880 in Stonewall, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma
  I would like the info for her parents ect. Thank You

Submitted by
Polly on 25Mar 2013
Looking for grandparents and their relatives. Grandmother Martha Graham Watts Grandfather W.D. Watts. they were there in 1922. W.D. was sent to Norman Central Ok. Mental Hospital in 1922 and died there in 1926. His wife was Martha Watts and she died there in 1925 buried in Maxwell Cemetary. Cant find stone may not be one. Her brother was John W. Graham and gave the information on Martha Graham Watts death certificate. He was also there on the 1930 census. W.D. and Martha Watts had 5 children and maybe more relatives in the area. Any information would be helpful. John W. Graham gave his address as Stratford R4 on sisters death cert.
Submitted by Melodee (Caves) Stanley on 27Oct2012
My genealogical cousin Christine James, may have attended Wapanucka High school in the years 1927-1931, I am seeking a senior High school picture of her. Her parents were Lucy Gurtrude( Risenhoover) James and Joe James, Christine James was born October 22,1919 In Wapamumucka( Pontotoc Oklahoma),, She also may have gone to a local high school In Fittstown. any direction to obtain a picture of Christine James is appreciated.

Submitted by Amy at:
I am a Wales relation, & Lucille was born between 1885-1891, reported as 1885 in 1900-1910, can't locate her in 1920 as don't know name of 1st husband, & then she is b.Abt 1890 in 1930 & 1940, all censuses in Ada except for 1900 when she was still with her family in Yell County, AR.
I find John ["Leslie"] Prince b.04 Feb 1889 d.Nov 1975 last residence Ada. I need DOD & burial info & obit if a DOD can be obtained John Leslie Prince.
I believe Emma "Lucille" (Wales) married her first husband about 1911, & married Leslie in about 1929. I don't believe they had any kids. I cannot find ANY death or burial info for her & would appreciate any help.

Submitted on 2Apr2012 by Kristen Hadley at:
Trying to locate an obit for Sam J. Yeargan b. 15 May 1902 d. 21 Oct 1990. Buried at Lightning Ridge Cemetery. Obit, name of newspaper, page number and date would be great!

June 1900 Newspaper that might cover the town of Jesse
Submitted on 23Mar2012 by
I am searching for a local Ada newspaper for the month of June 1900. I am trying to find information about a murder that occurred in or near the town of Jesse between 1 June 1900 and 16th June 1900. The earliest newspaper online at Ancestry is the Ada Weekly News starting in 1905. Can anyone tell me if there was a paper published for the Ada area that would have covered Stonewall and Jesse in 1900 and where one might be able to find a copy of those papers? Any help appreciated. I know there was a murder, but I need details and the newspaper is my only hope of getting the whole story about the murder.
Surname: JOHNSON
Submitted on 23Mar2012 by:
Does anyone know if cemetery records were kept on the cemetery at Jesse which would include the old, and most likely unmarked graves? If you know please contact me. I am trying to locate a grave for a man William Johnson, who was probably buried there in June 1900, and I feel sure his grave would not have a marker.

Submitted on 7Mar2012 by
Debra L.Peterson
I have a written document that states my step ggg grandfather (Lodowick Underhill died in December 1897) at the home of his step grandson Luther Henry Aber (Sometimes listed as Ober in the census) in Waldon, Pontotoc, OK and that he was buried there. Also Anna Underhill died in 1898.
I know that the town of Waldon no longer exists and I can find no burial or cemetery records for either.

Submitted on 6Mar2012 by
Roger Nealy
I have been looking for info on my Grandmother and am coming up empty. On her death certificate it says she was born in Pontotoc Indian Territory. Her maiden name on her death certificate is Allen.Lovie Mae(or May) Allen. As far as I can tell her fathers name was Samual Love Allen, although on her death cert. is listed as Love Allen. I have been told they were Indians and changed their last name from Fox, to Allen. She married John Arthur Nealy in Hughes county In 1913.Her name was Lovie Mae Fox. Her dad was Samuel Love Fox. My Mother told me they took the last name Allen. She was born in 1897.
Submitted on 5Mar2012 by Thelma (Bass) Whitehead

I am trying to locate information on my fathers side of the family: gt gt grandfather - William R. (1860-?) and Annie (?) Bass - Indian Territory, OK: gt grandfather William P. 1891-1934 & Dollie (Payne) Bass/Ewing - Indian Territory/ Pontotoc CO/Ada; children: Leona 1912-1932; Juanita 1918-1990; (my father)Alfred 1921-1976 - all born in Pontotoc Co/Ada My parents divorced when I was very young and I was adopted by her new husband. Only found out about my biological father after my mothers death 1992

Submitted on 19Feb2012 at:

Trying to find a record of the death of James F. Davis.Family history says he died around 1910 in the Pontotoc area. His wife's name was Ora. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted on 13Dec2011 at:
Looking for the final resting place of my Great Grandparents Thomas Morgan and Sarah Jane (Patton) Flaherty. I am suspecting that is where they are buried. But so far, I have not found a list of burials for this cemetery. Not even the library in Ada has one. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thomas died August 13, 1920 and Sarah died around November 27, 1920.

Submitted on 28Nov2011 at:
Looking for my grandmothers grave site. I do not know which cemetery in Ada she was buried in. I do know she was supposed to be buried under the name Joyce Jones. I think she died somewhere between 79-81. She may have also been known as Joyce Gilbraith (not sure of proper spelling).

Sealy Chapel

Submitted on 8Nov2011 by
Linda Hanna
Was wondering if there might be a list or any info concerning past ministers/members of Sealy Chapel. Also, if there is any info available on Sealy Cemetery, not so much who is  buried there, but the history behind it.  I am, in particular, researching Forbus Cravatt. He must have lived nearby, as he spent much time there,  even days. He also worked in cleaning up and repairing cemetery.  Does anyone have a book on land deeds/records for either county?

Surnames:  LAMB, HEAD
Submitted on 13Oct2011 by
harold morrow
I am doing research on Lamb and Head families and I have a book called History Of Happyland.  It was a copy and the pictures are not very good.  I was wondering if anyone has a better copy that I might be able to get better copies of just the pictures?

Surname:  GRAY
Submitted on 17Aug2011 by Peggy

Was there a news Paper in Pontotoc County Oklahoma in 1909? The Brother of my Great Grandfather was SHOT and  murdered in Allen, and I am attempting to find - either - the news article about the event, or at the very least an obituary for him. His name was ( David Thomas "DT" Gray ) B- May 4 1865 - Wallice Independance County Arkansas D - ( by gun shot ) December 1909
He was shot to death by a Dr. Stewart in Allen, OK

Submitted by Linda Cassens at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.pontotoc/2407/mb.ashx
Ida Carter was married to Thomas Finley Flowers .  They had 5 children, two sons, Hershel and Robert, and three daughters, Geneva, Pauline and Margie Rea.  My mother, Margie told me stories about her mother, Ida, who she said was an American Indian.  She said her father was not proud of this and would not let the children be registered.  Ida died when mother was 5 and her older distress helped raise her.  I am looking for information concerning my Grandmother, Ida.  If anyone has any info, I would appreciate them contacting me.  Thank you.

Submitted on 16May2011 by Terri Gasaway
Searching for any information on my paternal great-grandmother, whose name before she married my great-grandfather (Farley Ladd) was Beulah Rowden. She had a 3-year-old son named Everett or Thomas Everett Rowden when she married Farley in 1910. So, I'm not sure if Rowden was a married or a maiden name. There is a listing of a marriage July 9, 1905 between B. A. Rowden and Bulah Nimms on the Chickasaw Nation Marriages, Ardmore Courthouse web page. The listing also reads "Belton/Pontotoc, I @ 276." I've always been told that Beulah was 1/4 Cherokee, but with no knowledge of a maiden name or names of her parents, I'm having trouble getting anywhere on the Dawes or other tribal rolls. I'm wondering if anyone out there could have helpful information.

Submitted on 25Apr2011 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.pontotoc/2404/mb.ashx
birth record for my mother, Lillian Russell, born to Dana Love Russell on May 21, 1919, who was unmarried and I have no name for the father. A cousin said she heard the last name of the father was Meyers, but another cousin said the father was a Choctaw man.  My mother applied for a delayed birth certificate in the 70's and lists Mark Dearman as the father, but he was not.  The birth took place either around Ada, OK or Frederick OK as censuses shows them living in both areas.  The delayed birth certf lists her birthplace as Ada OK
and at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.pontotoc/2403/mb.ashx

Dana Russell was my maternal grandmother and was unmarried when she bore my mom, Lillian Russell, on 5/21/1919 either around Ada OK, as her delayed birth certf states, or in Frederick, Tillman County.  I have no true record of my mom's birth, nor do we know who the father was. Mary Levena Russell, was Dana's mom and her brothers were Frank, Cecil and Ratchford and a sister, Susie Russell.  Their father, James A Russell, died in 1902.  Dana later married Mark Dearman, born 1903,who raised my mother and is listed as 'father' on the delayed birth certificate.  I'd like to find information on my mother's birth and the name of my grandfather. I heard a last name of "Meyers" as the possible father, and this took place either in Ada or in Frederick in 1918-1919.

Submitted on 29Mar2011 by: Patti de Jong
Looking for info on TILLMAN PATTERSON ABBOTT and ODA (ODIE) PIPKINS. They were married 20 Sept 1897 in Waxahachie ,Ellis County, Texas. Their first son JAMES MICHAEL EDWARD ABBOTT was born 29 Oct 1898 in Stonewall, Indian Territory. They had a daughter Lillie May Abbott was born abt 1902. I am trying to find out who Odie’s parents and family were. Any help would be wonderful!
Submitted on 27Mar2011 by Sally Staley (motorhomer) on the Message board
If someone never got a divorce because no money and etc back about 1910, but married in a church, what kind of documents would have been issued. I am looking for an Alice Bertie Ledbetter who married? a Joseph Carrol Ballard between 1910-1916 in Pontotoc County. I am beginning to think she never got a divorce from Leonard Dalco Pool because she always thought he might come back for her, which he never did. Is there any kind of document for a Common Law marriage?
Any help will be greatly appreciated. I can't find the church in Ada or any other town in Pontotoc that married them?

Submitted on 24Feb2011 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.pontotoc/2402/mb.ashx  
Would anyone have any information on the McElroy or McCall families from the area?


Surname: HORN
Submitted on 14Feb2011 by:  Glen Horn

Looking for any information about a marriage abt 1928 between Jeptha Patterson Horn and wife only known as "Vesta".

Submitted on 6Feb2011 by: Janet Green Ariciu
DYKEMAN, GARNER 22 - GREEN, STELLA 18 - Married on 10 JAN 1924.
Looking for more information for Garner Dykeman and/or his wife Stella Belvins Green. (wife of Coy Jewel Green). Stella is daughter of Charles William Belvins & Ada.  Charles is Indian.  Charles was Killed by Coy and Charles Killed Coy  I was told Stella and Coy had child but not sure if it was male or female
Submitted on 6Feb2011 by: Melani Black
Looking for a Jim Smith, who died in 1920 .  We was married to Bessie Ella Thomason in 1920.  Some say he worked for the RR and was killed in an accident, others say he was killed when a jack fell on him.  I would like to know more about his family
Submitted on 12Jan2011 by:  Sally J Staley
Looking for a church in Ada area that was there in about 1912-1916.  Need a date of marriage for Joseph Carol Ballard to Alice Bertie Poole..  Can anyone help me.
Submitted on 23Dec2010 by: Suzanne Trotter
I have been helping a patron in our library today as he researched for the family of Thomas C Reed & Ida Belle Mitchell. We found them living in Pontotoc county in the 1930 US Census. Aside from that, we know that many of the decedents are buried somewhere in Oklahoma. I was hoping for some guidance. We are stuck without a little more information.
Thanks, Suzanne Trotter, Anthony Public Library, Anthony, KS
Surname: GALEY
Submitted by Ed Bray on 23Oct2010
Looking for photo of the old Galey school building.
Surnames:  FRIEND
Submitted on 10Oct2010 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.pontotoc/2398/mb.ashx
Seeking obituary of Harold Lloyd Friend born August 14, 1896 in St Elmo, Fayette Co., Illinois and who died August 1968 in or near Ada, Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma.  Thanks, Gerald in Illinois
Surnames:  DRYDEN, HAYES
Submitted on 10Oct2010 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.pontotoc/2397/mb.ashx
Seeking name of the Hayes husband of Mable Estelle Dryden. She was the dght of Luther Mark Dryden and wife,Mamie.  Mable Estelle b c 1916.  She and the Hayes man married in or near Pontotoc Co, OK about 1935. They had one child,  Cecil Wayne Hayes,  b 1936 in Clarita, Coal Co OK.   All we know is that the father was called 'Doc' Hayes. Any leads will be greatly appreciated.  Bettye

Submitted on 26Sep2010 by: Bob Turner
I am currently researching three families in Ada, Pontotoc County, Ok. and I need any and all help any one can supply. Norma Davenport, born about 1891 in Mississippi, went to Texas and married a unknown, They had two daughter-Helen, born about 1909 in Texas  and Nathalee born about 1914 in Texas. From all indications, The unknown father must have died, because Norma married Robert Gordon Davenport of Pauls Valley, Ok . Robert went off to World War I and was killed in action in France in 1918.   Helen Davenport , b. 1909 married Woodroe P. Rose b. 1904 in OK. and they had a daughter who they named Wood P. Rose in 1928 and died in 1994 in Sillwater, Ok.. and that all I know about them.      Nathalee Davenport b. 19914 - I can find no record of her after the 1930 Census of Pontotoc County, Ok.    Norma Davenport b 1891,  married John L. Huber b. 1876  in 1934 in Ada, Ok. John died in 1955 and is buried in Rosedale Cemetery .  I have some information on John L. Huber's family but do not known any information about Norma Davenport Huber after their marriage.   Any information or leads will be appreciated. Thanks for your time .

Surnames: MORRISON
Submitted on 25Sep2010 by: Debra Odekirk
Do you have or know of any information about a Joel James Morrison b. dec 24, 1905 an died Dec 21, 1989? All I have is that he is buried at the Rosedale cemetery, thanks

Surnames: KING
Submitted on 15Sep2010 by:  suzanne randall   
I'm searching for a copy of a mineral deed in my mother's name, Elaine King, located in Pontontoc County.  My Mother passed away in 1990 so the deed would be from Symcrude LP, or whatever is current. I understand the company went into bankruptcy. The name on the well CEJ Gillum 2 and is located in the NW Quarter (NW4) of the Northwest Quarter of section 20, township 5 North, range 5 East. Thank you for your help If I need to supply you with any more information please let me know.Or if it's found would you send me a copy of the deed?
Suzanne (405-751-7500) 3512 Marston Circle, OK City 73120

Submitted on 12Sep2010 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.pontotoc/2395/mb.ashx
Trying to find any info on D. Sid Brasfield. He was married for a very short time to Vonia Sanford. They had a daughter Lalia M. Brassfield. Sid was apparently killed by his wife's Family when he came to get his daughter, in June/ July 1905, according to tidbits I have gathered from newspapers. Any other details Like death date, where buried, would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: BIRDWELL
Submitted on 28Aug2010 by Beverly Birdwell
I'm looking for an obit on Tom Birdwell, died 1918 in Pontotoc or Pittsburg Co.  Can someone steer me in the right direction?  Thanks,

Submitted on 10Aug2010 by: Rebecca Maner
I’m trying to work on my ROBERTS line. I haven’t found any Robert relatives to work on this bunch with so I’m a bit stuck. Here is a bit I have pierced together...
I would like an obit look up on George Washington Roberts’ b. Feb 1847 d. 1931 burial Midland Cemetery Pontotoc Co OK.
I believe he married Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" Barrett.
I found in Midland Cemetery George Washington Roberts b Feb 1847 d 1931. Listed on Find A Grave as a “Civil War Veteran Co. B, 15th TX Cav-CSA” (same as Thomas Grider), They Served under Geo B Pickett.
“Betty” is shown on ancestry.com as b. 18 Jun 1856 d 16 Aug 1938 Midland, OK – I haven’t found where she is buried. I wonder if someone can look in the Rosedale cem book and see if there is a Walter Hue Roberts? Walter is shown on the SSDI b 11 May 1895 d Feb 1969 Ada OK. I think he is a son of GW Roberts  & Betty Barrett. Maybe he is in Rosedale cemetery.  
George Washington Roberts is a brother of my gg grandmother Naomy “Jane” (Roberts) Grider who married Thomas Grider. “Jane” & Thomas Grider are buried in Old Johnsonville Cem Byars, McClain Co OK.
One of George Washington Roberts daughters was Martha “Annie” Roberts. “Annie” married George Washington Maner. (Annie & G.W. Maner are buried in the Memorial Park Cem in Ada.) GW Maner is a bro of my gr grandfather Brinkley Maner who married Ellen (Grider) Maner. Ellen a dau of Jane & Thomas Grider. I think I found another poss son of George Washington Roberts. Social Security Death Index Name: Jesse Roberts SSN: 446-09-0253 Last Residence: 74820  Ada,  Born: 4 Aug 1898   Last Benefit: 74820  Ada,  Died: Oct 1986  State (Year) SSN issued: Oklahoma (Before 1951)  Source Citation: Number: 446-09-0253;Issue State: Oklahoma; Issue Date: Before 1951.

Submitted on 10Aug2010 at http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.pontotoc/2392/mb.ashx
My cousin Argo Valentine died 23 Dec 2002 in Ada. I assume he probably has an obit there, and I'd like to see, for one thing, who all they list as his survivors. Thanks!

Submitted on 26July2010 by DJones9976@aol.com
looking for any information on descendents of the Baskem and Mollie L. Kelly family, known to be living in Pontotoc County, OK in December, 1916.  My great aunt Jennie Jones Allen was mother of Mollie (or Mary) Kelly
Also Looking for any information on descendents of the Abel and Nanie Dixon family,  Please contact D. W. Jones, at phone 901-754-5006 or by email

Submitted on 13Jul2010 by Bob Conroy
Seeking information about Roy and Carol Britton of Ada, OK.  Roy was President of Carroll Oil Company who survived an American Airlines plane crash in Springfield, MO in 1955.  My grandparents Homer and Rose Conroy lived in Ada during the 1950's.  Carol was supposedly related to Homer but I don't know how.  Can anyone provide any data about the Britton's, the Conroy's in Ada (Rose died in Ada on June 12, 1953), or the Carroll Oil Co.?  Thanks for any assistance you can offer. 

Surnames: SMYTH
Submitted on 2Jul2010 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.pontotoc/2390/mb.ashx
My grandmother, Tina Horton Smyth (1874-1934) is buried in Memorial Park Cemetery.  I have learned that perhaps she has an infant son buried next to her. Would appreciate any information. Thank, Reo
Submitted on 14Jun2010 by Sally J Staley
I am trying to when and where he married.  HE was married to Alice Bertie Ledbetter in Pontotoc county somewhere. He is buried in Rosedale Cem with his wife.  He died 1941.  He had a daughter named Inez who was born Apr. 1916.  It is said he married in Ada. In 1930 Census he said he married at age 44.  This puts it about 1912.  He was born Jan 1868 in Tn. This is all I have on him, can someone please help me.

Submitted by Margaret Foster-Bradley on 29May2010

Looking for pictures of my mother Inez FISHER-Foster. In particular her mother Claudye FLEMING-Fisher w/o Chester Fisher. She died young, my mother was 7, and I haven't been able to find any pictures of her.  She taught school at some point.  I'm hoping for a school picture of her.  I found the families on the 1900 Roff census . Wm Fisher was Mayor of Ada.  Rob't Fleming had a Candy Store & possibly a market.  The adopted son was Clyde Richardson Fleming.  The Flemings moved to San Antonio, TX where they had a small Grocery store. The Fishers  were Active in the Baptist Church, Eastern Star & Veterans rights.. After her mother's death, Inez Fisher lived w/ her Aunt Marguerite Fisher-Crowder.  Later with her Fleming grandparents in San Antonio, TX. Any info will be a blessing as I am almost 83 and would love to see a pic of my grandmother Claudye.

Surnames: SMITH
Submitted by Dane Pitts on 28Apr2010

I am looking for any information regarding: Mary Smith Lived in Stonewall in 1920 and was 44 years old.She was widowed in 1920

I believe she was born in Texas but not certain. In 1920 she was head of household and had three kids:
Lillie   age 17 
Velma age 14
Gladys age 12 
I would really appreciate any information

Surname: benson
Submitted by
Don Green on 15Feb2010
I am looking for descendants of Alice Leticia Benson (maiden name) who died at Ada on March 12, 1966.
Donald E. Green, Ph.D. P.O. Box 236 Tishomingo, OK 73460-580-443-5788

Surnames: BALLARD
Submitted by Sally J Staley on 18Jan2010

I am looking for an Inez Ballard who born between 1919-1927 in Ada, Pontotoc, OK.  Her father was Joe C and mother was Alice Bertie Ledbetter Ballard. Can anyone help me?

Surnames: SMOOT
Submitted by: Sue Knight on Tue Oct 20, 2009

I am looking for the grave of Samuel J. Smoot died around 1900 and is supposed to be buried in Oakman Cemetery, near Ada


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