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1900 - 1919

Compiled by Sheri Siebold

[from Muskogee County Genealogical Society Newsletter, Volume 1, No. 1, September 1983]

1900 Missouri couples come to I.T. (Indian Territory) for runaway marriages.

1902 First marriage by telephone in territory: John DOWEDY and Victoria SULLIVAN, at Muldrow.

1905 Winnie NEEDLES, daughter of Col. NEEDLES, of Dawes Commission, married Paul GRUGHOFF, of Nashville, Ill.

1906 Territorial weddings - several couples.

1907 C.W. STARK, Romano, I.T. father of 56 children, married for 4th time.

1907 Joseph ANSE, Texas Ranger, married Annie BUNTZ, Choctaw Indian, romantic story.

1907 Oldest couple ever married in Muskogee were married by Court Clerk: Charles SLAWSON, 81, of Boonville, Ark. and Mrs. Christina LOVEALL, 74. Mr. Slawson was a Civil War veteran.

1908 Sam JENKINS, Wagoner, is in jail for swearing that Anna ROSS, a girl he married, was 18 years old, when she was only 14 years old.

1909 W. J. CRUMP returned home from honeymoon.

1909 Julie H. PURCELL, pretty Cherokee girl of Bartlesville, married Jack MOORE, better known as "Mustang Jack," noted Indian scout, poet and short-story writer.

1909 Leorena STAPLER, of Tahlequah, married Earl Hampton FLEMMING, of Muskogee.

1910 Ellen BOWLES, England, married to Stephen GRIFFIN, Muskogee.

1910 Clyde POOLE, harassed on marriage.

1910 Girl marries man who murdered her brother. Her parents attended wedding.

1910 Susie DANIELS discovered she had been married to man she never saw or heard of - claims forgery.

1910 Novel wedding at Gibson Ranch, near Boynton. Ed BALRIDGE and Ruby JOHNSON, and attendants all mounted horses for marriage ceremony.

1910 Gussie WELCH and Arthur Worley LaFABRE marry.

1911 Allice [sic] WASHINGTON weds to F red Elmore   BROWN in elaborate wedding.

1911 Mary JACKSON married Melton YOUNG.

1911 Joseph MAGOTA and Elizabeth BABEAUX marry.

1912 Remarried to the woman he married 17 years before is what Thomas W. FORD of Ft. Gibson did; to Mrs. Rosa MARSH. Ford is 62 years old; she is 42 years old.

1913 Beeley DERRISAW, 16 years old, Creek Indian boy; marriage to Sallie CINDLE, of Eufaula; annuled by guardian and Indian agent.

1914 Bela Benton EDMONIDSON,Cherokee girl and niece of W.W. HASTINGS, bride of Richard CROKER, of New York.

1916 Fred MADDIN weds Florence TOOMBS.

1917 J. A. TODD, 55 years old, wealthy cattleman, weds Mrs. Maude P. VORE, of Webbers Falls. Marries at Hotel Severs, Muskogee.

1917 Daisy Maude WEBB weds Jack HORNE (picture)

1917 Dema BURTON and Morton RUTHEREORD Jr. married in Joplin, Mo.

1917 Lillian BOARD and Leon BROGAN married in bride's parents' home.

1918 Alice Evelyn OFFIELD married in New York (picture).

1918 Lt. Baron CREAGER and Leota BAKER wed.

1918 Edison KIPP weds Doretha DAVIS.

1919 Mildred TUCKER, of Little Rock, Ark, weds Pleasant PORTER (picture).

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