Military and Vital Records

Confederate Veterans Roster

WWII Registrants

Confederate Records for the Civil War
Oklahoma Historical Society
Wiley Post Historical Building
2100 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

How to Obtain Birth and Death Certificates
Oklahoma State Department of Health
Division of Vital Records
Mailing Address:
Oklahoma State Department of Health
123 Robert S. Kerr Ave., Suite 1702
Oklahoma City, OK 73102-6406

Physical Address:
Oklahoma State Department of Health
123 Robert S. Kerr Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK


How to get a marriage license (from the Carter County Court Clerk)

Oklahoma Military Department
3501 Military Circle
Oklahoma City, OK 73111-4398
Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00am-4:30pm


Where to go for specific help.

NOTICE:Oklahoma did not become a State until November 16, 1907. There will be no records of anything before that date. NO STATE - NO COUNTY -  NO RECORDS!!!

The Court House is located at

West 10th and Wyandotte in Sulphur, OK.

When contacting the following offices, use some common sense with your request.  BE SPECIFIC with your request as to dates and land descriptions.  This is a small courthouse with a limited staff and space.


DO NOT ask for a marriage license that spans several years (Example - 1918 to 1923).  You WILL NOT get a reply.  You would be asking them to look through a 1,000 pages and they have better things to do; like their job.


P.O. Box 578

Sulphur, OK 73086

Phone: 580-622-3223

 What they do:

Besides keeping the current court docket, they keep the marriage, adoption, probate, custody and mental health records.  Not all records are PUBLIC as the Court may seal any of them for any reason.  When you send in a request be specific as they do not have the time or staff to look through years of records.


P.O. Box 442

Sulphur, OK 73086

Phone: 580-622-3920

What they do:

The County Clerk keeps all the land sales records and contracts. They also have the Indian Land Patent (Allotment) records. They keep current and past ownership records of land within the county.  When contacting them do not ask for them to look up a land record that spans several years (Example - 1907 to 1918). They WILL NOT do your genealogy work for you. They do not have the time. Give them specific dates and specific land descriptions. An example would be SW 1/4 , Section 23, T1N, R3E, in January of 1931. DO NOT use the U.S. census records as a land reference as they do not have that information.


P.O. Box 111

 Sulphur, OK 73086

Phone: 622-3433

What they do:

The assessor's office fixes the value of land, homes and businesses and assesses the taxable value of the property. They do have land records with the CURRENT owner's name and address. They then send the assessed valuation to the County Treasurer's office for collection.


P.O. Box 111
Sulphur, OK 73086
Phone: 580-622-5622

What they do:

The County Treasurer is a tax and revenue collector. They send out the tax billings, collects and deposits revenues, and pays county debts. They also keep records of the current owners of property and the name of the person paying the taxes on that property.

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