The Fate of Local Registrants for WWII

List of Registrants Accepted for Service

Murray County, OK

Hi Dennis
I don't if this will be of any use or interest. I cannot put a date on when I got it. I got it out of the Sulphur newspaper in 1995. It is not World War I and I don't really understand military terms on the classificatons. But it might be of some are you liking this wonderful weather?
Barbara Giddens

Following is a list of Murray county registrants who toOK their final examinations in Oklahoma City and were accepted for service:

Buddy Arthur Broom, Rt. 3, Wynnewood.

Harold Arthur Cottrell, Davis.

Chuddie Smith, Sulphur.

Mayburn Eugene Fisher, Sulphur.

Bobby Don Seward, Sulphur.

Erna R. L. Henley, Sulphur.

Olan Clark Kelly, Davis.

Hubert Harold Oakley, Davis.

Cecil Coleman Elder, Sulphur.

James Everett Robertson, Davis.

James Seldon Dean, Sulphur.

Wallace Junior Willliams, Sulphur.

All of them except two were inducted into the Army—James Seldon Dean in the Navy and Buddy Arthur Broom in the Marine corps.

They were given two weeks furlough before starting their training.

Reclassifications made by Murray county selective service board on July 13:

James O. Lewis, 3 AH.

R.D. Short 4A.

Wilburn F. Johnson, 4A.

John D. Tillison, 3A.

Riley H. Elmore, 1A.

Ermest Callis, 4F.

Marvin L. Worley, 4F.

Benjamin J. Mattingly, 4F.

Govenor O. Hendriz, 4F.

Clifford R. Brewer, 4F.

Orval D. Priddy, 4F.

Harold R. McGee, 4F.

Curtis C. Western, 4F.

Melvin M. Watson, 4F.

Buddy A. Broom, 1C.

Harold A. Cottrell, 1C.

Chuddie Smith, 1C.

Mayburn Fisher, 1C.

Bobby D. Seward, 1C.

Erna R.L. Henley, 1C.

Olan C. Kelly, 1C.

Hubert H. Oakley, 1C.

Cecil C. Elder, 1C.

James E. Robertson, 1C.

James S. Dean, 1C.

Wallace J. Williams, 1C.

Walter F. Ferris, 4F.

Jasper T. Ford, 4F.

Ralph Davis, 1A.

Charley A. Chaney, 1A.

Leon E. Hampton, 1A.

Leonard T. Hughes, 1A.

D.C. Jackson, Jr., 1A.

James A. Rowe, 1A.

Charles A. Montgomery, 1A.

Earl W. Stephens, 1A.

Charlie E. Becktol, 1A.

A.W. Broaddrick, 1A.

Harry E. Johnson, 1A.

Alex Brassfield, 3A.

Leo H. Bird, 3A.

Harry L. Schofield, 3A.

James C. Jones, 3A.

Burse W. Bradley, 3A.

Charles F. Grady, 3A.

Charles G, Leming, 3A.

Boyd F. Robb, 3A.

Leman L. Crumb, 3A.

Roswell R. Reid, 3A.

Grady M. Collum, 3A.

James F. Miller, 3A.

Donald E. Wynkoop, 3A.

Taff L. Crane, 3A.

Jack R. Hilliard, 3A.

Albert R. Lannom, 3A.

George D. Poteet

Charles M. Jones

Ora Beck, 3A.

Submitted by Barbara Giddens, April 12, 2003.