The Daily Ardmoreite
Ardmore, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory

Sunday Morning, April 18, 1897

Confederate Veterans

Officers and Members of John H. Morgan Camp, No. 107, U. C. V., Ardmore, Indian Territory

The following is a revised roll of the John H. Morgan Camp, with its officers for the ensuing year:

John L. Galt, brigadier general commanding Chickasaw Brigade, Indian Territory division

George H. Bruce, commander

S. H. Hargis, first lieutenant

J. N. Worthy, second lieutenant

Silas J. Boyd, third lieutenant

J. W. Golledge, adjutant

H. A. Youngblood, quartermaster

W. F. Mull, surgeon

N. F. Law, chaplain

A. H. Law, treasurer

J. W. Dyer, color bearer

Delegates to Nashville Reunion: J. L. Galt, George H. Bruce, J. N. Worthy, Silas J. Boyd, C. B. Kilgore, Alternates: S. h. Hargis, W. O. Bibb, J. C. Cates,  J. C. Carroll, R. H. West

Membership Roll

J. R. Atkinson, F 32d Texas Cavalry

S. H. Allen, F 34th Texas Infantry

G. H. Burce, # 8th Texas Cavalry

J. C. Boucher, # 8th Missouri Cavalry

F. G. Barry, E. 8th Mississippi Cavalry

W. O. Bibb, K 56th Alabama Cavalry

J. E. Burnett, E 21st Texas Volunteer Infantry

J. K. Bibb, K 56th Alabama Cavalry

William Bean, Rhody’s Alabama Co.

M. V. Bates, 23nd Texas Infantry

G. W. Bowling, l 9th Tennessee Infantry

A. J. Cross, B 15th Arkansas Cavalry

Jeff Carter, E 1st CherOKee Regiment

R. W. Choate, E 1st Arkansas Cavalry

J. W. Cooner, Horton’s Louisiana Battery

J. C. Cates, D 5th Tennessee Cavalry

J. C. Carroll, E 29th Georgia

John M. Claypool, H 12th Tennessee Infantry

E. Carter, E 2nd Texas, Sibley’s Brigades

J. M. Crawford, G. 29th Alabama Infantry

Ed Davis, C 19th Virginia Cavalry

T. A. C. Durr, Kentucky Volunteers

J. D. Day, B 15th Alabama Infantry

J. W. Dyers, D 10th Kentucky Cavalry, Morgan

T. D. Doak, A 1st Missouri Cavalry

B. F. Frensley, C 12th Kentucky Cavalry

John L. Galt, l 1st Georgia State Line

W. M. Guy, F 17th Mississippi Infantry

G. C. Gordon, E 2nd Kentucky Infantry

J. P. Greenwood, F Bagby’s Texas Regiment

J. W. Golledge, D 3rd Texas Infantry

W. J. Ginn, B 8th Alabama Infantry

R. Hardy, H 6th Mississippi Infantry

A. Hardy, 24th Miss. Infantry

G. W. Hanks, D 42nd Miss. Infantry

W. W. Hyden, 1st Missouri Cavalry

C. H. Healdt, l 1st Choctaw Regiment

S. H. Hargis, D 2nd Ark. Cavalry

J. T. HOKett, 4th Alabama Infantry

T. E. Hardeman, C 21st Arkansas Infantry

S. C. Johnston, 1st Texas Artillery

J. H. Jordan, K 15th Confederate

George Jarvis, G 29th Alabama Infantry

A. Kloski, B 14th Tennessee Infantry

D. J. Kendall, F 34th Texas Cavalry

T. B. King, h 2nd Tennessee Cavalry

Jesse Kirby, D 19th Tennessee Morgan’s Cavalry

C. R. Kilgore, Adjt. Gen., Ector’s Texas Brigade

A. H. Law, 12th Texas Dragoons

N. E. Law, 12th Texas Dragoons

G. W. Locke, D 3rd Regiment East Tennessee Volunteers

j. W. Layton, 1st Missouri Cavalry

M. J. Lee, B 7th Kentucky Infantry

J. M. Lunay, A 8th Tennessee Infantry

J. M. Lloyd, F 7th Arkansas Cavalry

W. T. Lancaster, Bass Texas Regiment

J. T. Mulkey, 1st Kentucky

D. J. Mastelio, A 3rd Georgia Cavalry

P. W. McCoy, C 2nd Georgia

W. T. McDonald, 23rd Mississippi Cavalry

W. H. Moran, B 32nd Texas Cavalry

G. W. Montgomery, 2nd Tennessee Cavalry

E. A. Mosely, Wharton’s Texas body guard

M. F. Myers, I 9th Texas Infantry

Dr. W. F. Mull, A 2nd North Carolina Battalion

M. W. McCarley, B 34th Texas Cavalry

Dan McDuffle, C 14th Texas Cavalry

W. D. McCurdy, Brown’s Arkansas Battalion

T. B. Nolen, K 1st Texas Cavalry

J. R. Noel, 41st Georgia

J. B. Purvine, C 11th Texas Cavalry

T. H. Parker, K 2nd Georgia, Infantry

J. C. Purciller, E 3rd Alabama Cavalry

A. S. Pulliam, C 7th Kentucky Cavalry

J. T. Pyeatt, H 15th Arkansas

J. E. Peters, A 6th Texas Cavalry

T. F. M. Payne, Harris Mississippi Regiment

Capt. J. R. Pulliam, B Hardeman’s Texas Regiment

R. M. Riner, D 32nd Texas Cavalry

J. A. Rector, H 1st Missouri Cavalry

J. M Reynolds, C 29th Texas Battalion

A. HB. Roff, A 11th Texas Cavalry

Robert Scales, E 18th Mississippi Infantry

Nat Smith,  A 4th Kentucky Cavalry

J. L. Sellars, B 23rd Alabama Infantry

T. W. Sharrock, C 11th Texas Cavalry

Dr. J. W. Smith, G 28th Mississippi Cavalry

W. L. Seay, E 11th Texas Cavalry

W. T. Simmons, B Palmetto (S. S.) sharpshooters

James Sturdevant, H 17th Tennessee Volunteers

J. W. Toon/Tune, B 4th Texas Cavalry

L. G. Trent, E, Schuleyer Arkansas Regiment

Dr. J. L. Thomas, C.

S. L. Taliferro, G. Tennessee Cavalry

J. W. Wilkerson,   Infantry

R. C. Wiggs, C. 11th Texas Brigade

J. N. Worthy,    Louisiana Cavalry

Robert H. West, C Texas Cavalry

M. Wheeler, A. 28th Texas Cavalry

J. P. Weaver, F Brown’s Texas Cavalry

C. W. Wilson, D 27th Georgia Infantry

R. Woody, Anderson’s Independent Missouri Company

H. A. Youngblood, K 7th Texas Cavalry

Honorary members: D. T. Nisbett, Jonas Baum, C. Herbert, H. P. Evetts, C. B, Kendrick

Contributed by Dennis Muncrief - June, 2004