Miscellaneous News Clippings

The Adair County News.
December 19, 1900
Columbia, Ky. 1897-1987
Mr. R. M. Grissom, a popular young man of this county, who left us several weeks ago, has located in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and is engaged in the livery business, having purchased a stable a few days after his arrival. We commend him to the citizens of Guthrie as a gentleman worthy of their esteem and confidence. He was born and reared a few miles from Columbia, but his reputation for honesty extends throughout Adair county. He is strictly a moral man, and is a Mason of high standing, one who believes and practices the teachings of that noble institution. We hope Bob will grow rich in a few years, then return to the home of his nativity and enjoy the wealth accumulated in the far West.

Shiner Gazette.
January 01, 1902
Shiner, Tex. 1893-current
Andrew Jackson's Slave
Guthrie, Ok., December 28,--At 2 o'clock this morning a shanty belonging to an aged negro named Tom Owens was discovered on fire, and by the time the firemen arrived nothing was left of the ******* ******* but a few ****ing joists.In grappling the fire hooks to pull down the joists one of the firemen discovered the body of the old man lying in the narrow space between the stove and where the side of the shanty had been. An employee of the Santa Fe depot states he saw a man running from the place just after the fire was discovered and it is believed the old man was murdered and the building fired to hide the crime. The dead negro claimed to be over 100 years old and was at one time a slave of Andrew Jackson.
There was a fold across the center of the paper and a hole in the article. The "*" is a place holder for the missing portions of the text.

The San Francisco Call.
February 15, 1902,
San Francisco Calif. 1895-1913

Denver, Kansas and Atlantic Proposes to Make Developements With Big Capital.

GUTHRIE, O. T., Feb. 14--Secretary Grimes granted a charter to-day to the Denver, Kansas and Atlantic Railroad Company to construct 1248 miles of road and with a capital stock of $15,000,000.
The road is to run from Denver southeast to Marshall, O. T., thence to Oklahoma City, through the Seminole, Chickasaw and Choctaw nations to Paris, Tex., with a branch from Colgate to the northeast, via South McAlester to Ft, Smith. Ark.; another branch from near Stringtown, Choctaw Nation via Antlers and Eagletown to Texarkana, Ark.; another branch from Marshall via Guthrie, Shawnee and Tecumseh to a point on the Red River.
The road will traverse the counties of Woods, Grant, Garfield, Kingfisher, Canadian, Logan, Oklahoma, Cleveland and Pottawatomie in Oklahoma. The incorporators are Smith H. Mallory of Chariton, Iowa; J. H. Cameron, Albert E. Yerkes and S. D. Cook of Chicago, Ill.; J. S. Coley and J. M. McCormick of Oklahoma City; L. N. Van Horn of Salt lake City; T. C. Lindley of Medicine Lodge, Kans.; H. K. Bickford of Alva, O. T. and J. M. Bickle of Springvale, Kans. The Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf is reorted to be back of this company.

Richmond Dispatch.
November 07, 1902
Richmond, Va. 1884-1903
Oklahoma in Travail Over the Election of One Delegate

GUTHRIE, OKLAHOMA, November 6.-- There is a bitter struggle in Oklahoma for the election of a delegate to Congress. The result is still in doubt, with the complete returns from west and southwest counties yet to be received. The Republicans claim McGuire's election by 1,000, and the Democrats claim Cross by 1,400. Returns come very slowly. Both parties concede the Oklahoma Senate to the Republicans by one majority, while both claim the House, the Republicans by two and the Democrats by four.

Shiner Gazette.
April 29, 1903
Shiner, Tex. 1893-current
The expenses of the legislature of Oklahoma which recently adjourned footed up $18,888.

Oklahoma will send three military companies to the dedication of the St. Louis World's Fair.

Mrs. Annie Arnotte is in jail at Guthrie, Ok., on a charge of having violated postal law.

The Washington Times. May 19, 1903
Washington, D.C. 1902-1939
Horses, Too, Ride on the Tornado in Oklahoma
GUTHRIE, Okla., May 19.-- A tornado which swept over West Guthrie last evening caused a great deal of damage to property, but no loss of life. A large grain elevator and other buildings were blown down.
William Murray, a farmer north of Guthrie, reports the loss of two horses and a barn. Murray and his family esdcaped by going into a cave. His horses were found in the middle of a field, tied to the manger and uninjured.
Heavey rains followed the storm. Streams were swollen, and many bridges have been swept away.

Highland Recorder.
November 18, 1904
Monterey, Highland County, Va. 1877-1972
Statehood For Oklahoma

Guthrie, Ok., (Special) --Returns from 20 to 26 counties indicate the re-election of B. S. McGuire, Rep., as a delegate to Congress by about 1,800 majority over Frank Matthews, Dem. Statehood was the issue upon which the the campaign was fought in Oklahoma, and the result is an indorsement of the Hamilton Bill, which has passed the lower house of Congress and which provides joint statehood for Oklahoma and the indian Territory in 1906.


Poll Books from a Ward Missing, So There Can Be No Grand Jury

Guthrie, Ok.: Because of the alleged theft of the poll books from the West Second ward here no names were certified from that ward for jury service. Therefore, Judge Pancoast has discharged the Logan county grand Jury as an illegal body because the names were not drawn from a complete list from all parts of the county. Unless some loophole can be found in the law there can be no grand jury in this county until the next election. This eliminates the investigation of the Capitol National Bank fallure and of three murders recently committed. All efforts by the court to locate the missing poll books were futile.

Palestine Daily Herald.
June 18, 1906
Palestine, Tex. 1902-1949
Preparing For Statehood.
Special to the Herald.

Guthrie, Ok., June 18.--Secretary Wilson left today for Washington, D. C., to spend ten days in conference with the president and Delegate McGuire and others regarding getting affairs in shape for a constitutional election.

The Jimplecute.
October 13, 1906
Jefferson, Tex. 18??-1907
Negro Students to the Rescue

Guthrie, Ok., Inman E. Page, president of the State Colored Universith at Langston, has adopted a new feature in the Industrial and agricultural department of that institution, by granting students leave of absence that they may pick cotton in the fields in the vicinity of Langston. There is a scarcity of pickers this autumn, and the cotton planters of the county have had a difficult time getting help.

Palestine Daily Herald.
January 15, 1907
Palestine, Tex. 1902-1949
Oklahoma Agriculturists

Special to the Herald

Guthrie, Ok., Jan. 15.-- Guthrie is entertaining a large gathering of progressive farmers come to attend the annual meeting of the Oklahoma State board of agriculture. The three days meeting was formally opened today. The program arranged for the meeting is an excellent one, including as it does, addresses by specialists of the agricultural department at Washington and experts and instructors from experiment stations and agricultural colleges in several States.

Palestine Daily Herald. January 24, 1907
Palestine, Tex. 1902-1949
In Territories-Convention Committee
Authorized to Investigate

  Guthrie, Ok., Jan. 24.-- The smallpox situation was discussed by the constitutional convention today and a committee was authorized to investigate the situation. The epidemic in light form has been raging in the territories for several weeks and has finally reached the convention. Three or four members and clerks have the disease. Every effort is being made to check it.

Palestine Daily Herald.
February 08, 1907
Palestine, Tex. 1902-1949
Two Indictments

Special to the Herald.

Guthrie, Ok., Feb. 8.--Two additional indictments, charging embezzlement, were returned against Charles E. Billingsly, president of the Capital National bank, which failed here in 1904.

Palestine Daily Herald.
February 22, 1907
Palestine, Tex. 1902-1949

Lumber Men Charged With Violating Ant-Trust Lae Lost Out

Special to the Herald.
Guthrie, Ok., Feb. 22.-- Demurrers to the Federal indictments against Harry Gersuch, secretary of the Southwestern Lumbermens association, Manager Forsham of the Long-Bell Lumber company of Kansas City, and three retailers of Oklahoma charging a violation of the Sherman antitrust law was overruled.
It is learned that the government forced P. T. Walton, Guthries millionaire lumberman, to give testimony, granting him immunity.

Palestine Daily Herald.
February 23, 1907
Palestine, Tex. 1902-1949
Separate Schools

Guthrie, Ok., Feb. 23--Separate schools are made mandatory in the committee report to the constitutional convention.

Palestine Daily Herald. March 11, 1907
Palestine, Tex. 1902-1949
Work On New Lines Stopped

Special to the Herald.
Guthrie, Ok., March 11.--The Santa Fe Railroad company has ordered all construction stopped on new lines in Oklahoma until the State constitution is passed by the people and President Roosevelt.

Palestine Daily Herald.
July 5, 1907
Palestine, Tex. 1902-1949

Is Sitting to Hear Objections to Proposed Legislation

Special to the Herald.
Guthrie, Ok., July 5.--The legislative committee to hear objections to proposed state legislation began sessions here today.
C. H. Haskell, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee, who fears the present census taking in Oklahoma will show the gerrymandering has a new legislative appointment to offer.

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