Miscellaneous News Clippings

Fort Worth Gazette.
March 20, 1896
Fort Worth, Tex. 1891-1898
Ended in a Riot

Guthrie, Ok., March 19.–The Republican city convention ended in a riot here after nominating a ticket made up of negroes. A taxpayer ticket of white men will be put out in opposition to it.

Shiner Gazette.
September 10, 1896
Shiner, Tex. 1893-current
A Suit for Money.

Guthrie, Ok., Sept. 3.– In the first few months of the history of Guthrie W. D. Wylle, F. A. Wilmans and A Devereaux came to the city from Dallas Tex., and obtained from the provisional city council a franchise for a street railway depositing a certified check for $1,000 as a forfeit for beginning work. They failed to build the railway and the council used the money for carrying on the provisional government. Wylle sued the present city for the forfeit and the supreme court held yesterday that the city could not be held for the money as the government was a provisional one without any warrant of law and none of its actions were binding upon the present city. This decision affects all the towns in Oklahoma.

The McCook Tribune.
September 11, 1896
McCook, Neb. 1886-1936
G. W. Frazier and wife of Guthrie, Oklahoma, were guests of W. A. Lawrence, his brother-in-law, first of the week. He is a wholesale grocer and has been in Denver looking up a location. They left for Guthrie on No. 2, Tuesday morning.

The Salt Lake Herald. October 30, 1896
Salt Lake City, Utah 1870-1909
In Oklahoma

Loss of Life and Great Property Damage

GUTHRIE, Ok., Oct. 29.– Cyclone visited Guthrie and vicinity last night doing much damage to property and causing loss of life. Twenty miles east of here it mowed a swath 100 yards wide and several miles long
The dead as far as their names can be obtained are:
John McLaughlin
Mrs. John McLaughlin
M. T. Mullin
Mrs. M. T. Mullin
Those known to be fatally injured are:
Harrison Jones
William Toby
The first house struck was that of William Toby The building was completely destroyed and Toby fatally injured the rest of the family escaping. A quarter of a mile away Mitch *** postoffice and the store in which it was kept was lifted bodily in the air, carried 100 yards and dropped with a terrific crash smashing the building into a mass of splinters. Postmaster M. T. Mullin and his wife were found dead this morning clasped in each others arms. Two sticks were driven entirely through Mullins head. Their daughter was visiting in this city and so escaped. The Mulllns formerly lived at Rock Island, Ill.
The residence of Abner Jones was also wrecked and many smaller building were destroyed, trees uprooted and crops ruined.
The storm came at 8 o'clock from the southwest and passed to the northeast lasting only a few moments. It is said that the same storm did a great amount of damage and killed a number of people further northeast in Payne county but particulars are not yet obtainable.
At Wewoka, I. T., the same cyclone destroyed Governor Browns store, a new church and four other buildings. Several persons were hurt, but none seriously.
At mine No 1, near Krebs, it is reported five people were killed.
In Lincoln county, Mr. and Mrs. John McLaughlin have been found dead in the ruins of their home and Harrison Jones will die of his injuries.

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