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The early settlers into this part of the new world had to have maps to get around. The early maps only show the major trails and the railroad lines with the names of the towns. As time goes by the maps started to show more information: township names, county roads, highways, trails, churches, schools, cemeteries, towns, railroads, rivers, ...etc.. I have collected information from these maps, the Craig County History Books, and other resources. I plot these sites on township maps (Craig County has 23 townships), some places have not been total identify, as I find them, they will be added.

    The earliest known maps of this area is the Cherokee Indian Nations map of 1895, (large map) that shows the early trails across this area of Oklahoma and some of the communities that have been formed. The  earliest known detail map of Craig County, is a 1913 Topography Survey Map, the survey was taken in 1911-1912, and publish in 1913. It contains the names of the early townships & towns, shows the county roads, rivers, early schools, early communities, and some churches. The next map is from a 1915 Atlas, of the time, it shows the railroads and some of the towns across Craig County. The next map is a collection of 1972 USGS Geological Survey map, that shows and named some of the older schools and churches, and some of the cemeteries in Craig County. The last set of maps is a 1990 General Highway Map form the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, that shows some of the communities, schools, and cemeteries. This is not a complete map, it is broken down into township sections for easier navigation  As new cemetery sites are found they will be plotted on these maps

    The early Craig County was divided into 23 different township and they where numbered, later they are named; Carr, Wolfe, Field ,Mills, Morris Speer, Barker, Welch, Centralia, Thornton, Tyler, Bluejacket, Nix, Costley, Jenkins, Green, Kelley, Wilis, Duncan, Todd, Harris, Madison, Woodall. As of 1970 their is only ten townships; No. 1, No. 2, No 3., No 4. No.5 (Vinita West), No.6,, No.7 (Vinita East), No.8, No.9, No.10 (map)

What the heck is a Township

Assorted List of  Towns, Communities, Churches, Cemeteries, Schools, ...etc.of Craig County with a link to the township. The list shows what map it was listed on, and the years the school or community existed if known.

Cherokee Nation Map

Cherokee Nation Judicial Districts

Early Craig County Township Maps

Maps and more maps of Oklahoma Counties

Oklahoma and Indian Territory Maps

Rural Settlements Schools & Churches in Craig County

Vinita Area Map

1915 Railroad map for the state of Oklahoma in full color.

Nationwide map of principal highways in 1915.

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