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Canadian County presented a special challenge because the DoT list provided two different locations for an unusually large number of its places.  This table thus includes a link to every map on which I've found each town and to each referenced map for those towns whose precise locations couldn't be verified using available maps.  I have no explanation for the number of towns reported in Township 15.  Downs and Snyder were also reported in Township 15 in Kingfisher County.

RR Station or P.O.




Detailed Township Map

Alfalfa No No No 14 12N 5W
Ball No Yes No 10-14N-5W

NW 1-14N-5W

Banner No Yes No 16 12N 6W

SE 17-12-6W

Basque No No No 35 11N 9W
Belt Jct. No No No ?
Benville Yes No No 11N 8W

SE 31-12-8W

Calumet Yes Yes Yes SW 23-13-9W

14 13N 9W

Cameo No No No SE 1-12-9W

2 12N 9W

Canadian No No No 12N 5W

SE 15-12-6W

Canyon City No No No 18 11N 10W

NW 18-11-10W

Cereal No No No SE 17-12-6W

16 12N 6W

Clermont Yes No No 32 14N 7W

SE 29-14-6W

Columbia No No No SE 13-11-6W
Concho No Yes Yes SE 1-12-9W

12 13N 8W

Darlington Yes Yes No NW 25-13-8W

13 13N 8W

Downs No No No NE 1-15-5W
Eda Yes No No SE 34-14-5W
El Reno Yes Yes Yes NW 9-12-7W

8-9 12N 7W

Enehoe Yes Yes No SW 24-13-10W

2 12N 10W

Erie No No No NE 6-15-5W
Fields No No No ?
Fireworks City No No No 25-11N 5W
Fort Reno Yes Yes Yes NE 34-13-8W
Fort Smithton No Yes No ?
Frisco Yes Yes No  6 12N 5W

 NE 4-13-5W

Geary No No Yes SW 6-13-10W
Harrison No No No SW 34-13-5W
Heaston Yes Yes No NW 1-11-9W
Herron Yes No No SW 14-14-5W

22 14N 5W

Heston No No No 8 11N 8W
Karns No No No 2 13N 10W
Kerfoot No No No SW 19-13-7W
Laneville No No No 1 12N 10W
Liberty Yes No No SE 1-11-7W

16 11N 7W

Lockridge No No No SW 32-15-4W
Marvel No Yes No NE 19-11-9W

20 11N 9W

Mathewson Yes No No NE 25-14-6W

19-30-24-25 14N 6W

Miller No No No NW 24-13-5W
Montriel No Yes No ?
Mustang No Yes Yes 33-34 11N 5W
Nemack No No No  36 14N 8W
Nicely No Yes No  12N 10W

SW 6-12-9W

Niles No Yes Yes 16 11N 10W

NE 2-11-10W

Nomack No No No 36 14N 8W
Northville No No No 17-13-10W

6 12N 10W

Okarche Yes Yes No 5-6 14N 7W

NW 5-14-7W

Piedmont No Yes Yes 32-33 14N 5W

SE 32-14-5W

Plano No No No ?
Polona No No No NW 27-12-5W
Powers No No No ?
Racine No No No 32 14N 7W

SE 29-14-6W

Reno City Yes No No NW 28-13-7W
Richland No Yes Yes  NE 24 13N 6W
Rock Island Yes No No  NW 10-14-7W

32 14N 7W

Sherman No No No 28 11N 7W
Smithton No No No 35 13N 7W
Snyder No No No SE 23-15-6W
Taylor No No No ?
Tedda No Yes No SE 24-11-9W

25 11N 9W

Texas Jct. No No No ?
Thurston Yes No No SE 13-11-6W
Union Yes Yes No 28 11N 7W
Union City Yes No Yes NW 33-11-7W

28 11N 7W

Wallnut Grove No No No ?
Yukon Yes Yes Yes 17-20 12N 5W

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