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QUERIES 2003 & 2004


PRICE Author: Herb Date: 11 Jan 2003 4:24 PM GMT
  Surnames: Price , Kirkpatrick , Reeves, Triplett, Apel
  Classification: Query
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I am trying to find records on a Nathan Price he had several kids to include Jerry, Floyd , James , it is said by one of my uncles ( Nathan is my grandmothers 1st husband ) that he was buried in a cemetery in Pryor that a highway was built over and that when they were contacted to move the body they were unable to find the him ( a older child went to find and move the body) does anyone know what cemetery this would be and how I could find records from around the 1918 era ? or does anyone have any info on this Nathan ? he married Susie J. Reeves in 1912
 Saffell Author: Judy Date: 15 Jan 2003 12:55 AM GMT
  Classification: Query
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I'm looking for information on Marie G. Saffell who was married to Charles Amos Saffell during the 1950s. They lived in Chouteau during the early 1950s.
 Mitchell family Author: Shirley Kennedy Date: 29 Jan 2003 1:04 AM GMT
  Surnames: Mitchell, Kennedy
  Classification: Query
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Elver Mitchell, wife Mary, dau Lodica in 1920 Census, Hogan Township, Mayes County in his mother's household -- mother was Emma Kennedy Mitchell, my grandfather's sister. What happened to them after 1920? Another brother of Emma's, George E. Kennedy also lived in
rideequtte  Author: mary rideout Date: 6 Feb 2003 2:25 PM GMT
  Classification: Marriage
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 WILLIAM P. BYRD/ MARY ANN CHARLOTTE CAGEL & 2nd- LUCY  Author: gaye byrd Date: 15 Feb 2003 7:07 PM GMT
  Classification: Query
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please, if anyone can help me with this family! NC/AR/OK ? is about all i can find. 2 ch.- Mary Jane Edna Byrd Dill & My grandpa, Ephram E. Byrd are in Cleburne Co., AR, 1- child in OK , Lucy Attlif "att" Byrd Winton & 1- Belle Byrd Winton whos family has been lost. 1 daughter in 2 nd marriage to Lucy is named Dora Byrd Cobb we think. please help if anyone can!! this BYRD family has a lot of native american. this is my husband, Wendell's line. thanks to all who will have time to help me!!
 Sanfords in Mayes county, Oklahoma Author: Ron Sanford Date: 28 Feb 2003 5:21 PM GMT
  Classification: Query
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Can anybody give any history on the Sanford family of Mayes County, Oklahoma? I think a John Sanford may have been my grandfather.


Author:  Date: 7 Mar 2003 12:02 AM GMT
  Classification: Query
  In Reply to: history of Sanfords in Mayes county, Oklahoma  by:  Ron Sanford
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ron i may have some info on the sanfords in mays co. my great grand father was a brother to jefferson davis sanford email me at
 CONLEY Descendants of Eastern Oklahoma Author: Michael Cluck Date: 28 Feb 2003 4:57 AM GMT
  Classification: Query
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I am a Conley descendant who is trying to make contact with and seeking information on other Conley descendants. Any information you can send me will be very much appreciated.
Thanks - Michael Cluck
Email me direct at:
My Great-Grandmother was Rhoda Ann Conley b. 11-21-1861 in Crawford Co., AR. She married John H. Teague.
Rhoda was the daughter of James "Cub" Conley b. 6--5-1835; he married Sarah F. Mullen b. 1837. Rhoda's siblings (some would later move to Eastern Oklahoma) were Benjamin Barnett Conley b. 11-28-1865, Nannie N. Conley b. 1868, James Calvin Conley b. 5-15-1871, Kiziah "Kizzie" Conley b. 2-4-1874, and Charles William Conley b. 11-13-1876.
Second wife for James "Cub" Conley was Ann Mary Burris b. ca 1859. They were md. 6-1-1878 in Crawford Co., AR. Their children were Dicey A. Conley b. 3-23-1880, Thomas Leonard Conley b. 6-10-1882, Mary M. Conley b. 2-24-1885, and John F. Conley b. 5-10-1886.
Parents of James "Cub" Conley were Mason Stokes and Rhoda (Cheatham) Conley. His siblings were Charles Willis Conley b. 1822, Rhoda Conley b. 1825, Nancy Emeline Conley b. August 1826, Barnett Cheatham Conley b. 7-20-1828 and Kesiah b. 1832.
 West/Shadle(s) Author: Jim Coats Date: 22 Mar 2003 9:40 PM GMT
  Classification: Query
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My grandfather, William N. West, was a businessman in Spavinaw in the late 1890s-1900s. He was married to Clementine Shadle(s) in 1890. William and his brother, Walter A. both served in the Civil War under Stand Watie. Both are buried in the West Family Cementery just outside of Strang. When the dam was built in Spavinaw, my grandfather's house (supposedly a Mormon waystation built of rock) was covered by the lake. Sometime in the 1920s, a Tulsa newspaper ran a feature article about Spavinaw Lake with a picture of my grandfather's house. Would anyone in Spavinaw have any pictures of old Spavinaw before the dam was built and possibly some of the homes that were there then? Thanks
Jim Coats


Author: wrongwaywanda Date: 24 Jul 2003 5:42 AM GMT
  Classification: Query
  In Reply to: Info on West/Shadle(s)  by:  Jim Coats
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Will try to help with spavinaw request
  Classification: Query
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Laura Alice Taylor Dege born 1846 in N.C. died in Pryor
  Author: June Herman Date: 24 Apr 2003 7:40 PM GMT
  Classification: Query
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Looking for info on Laura Alice Taylor married John Henry Dege in 1867 and had children. John, Charles, Laura, Mary, Phillip, William Walter and Louise.

4 replyS

Author: J. Chasteen Date: 25 Apr 2003 4:18 PM GMT
  Classification: Query
  In Reply to: Laura Alice Taylor Dege born 1846 in N.C. died in Pryor  by:  June Herman
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What information did you need about Laura? She is buried here in Pryor in the Fairview Cemetery. When registered for the Dawes Roll her address was Vinita, Cooweescoowee Dist, IT. According to the 1890 census entry, Cooweescoowee Dist; her occupation was "cook"

Many of the notes that I have about her was extracted from the 1896 application #3345; Joseph P. Parker, microfilm M1650-41. Laura submitted a statement verifing "L. Jett" as her "half-sister". Also, statement by James Taylor that she was the father of Laura Taylor & that Nicy Moss was the mother.

On her Dawes census card she listed her parents as "James Taylor & Nice DeArmond". But Laura stated on C/A #4998-51 that her father was "Ned Welch", and that her half-brothers were John E. Welch, Alford Welch & George Welch; all living in the C/N. Also statement on C/A #2956 that her father was "Ned or Edward Welch". She may have simply been trying to help the Welch family qualify for citizenship, but it is rather confusing.

Author: June Herman Date: 26 Apr 2003 3:54 PM GMT
  Classification: Query
  In Reply to: Re: Laura Alice Taylor Dege born 1846 in N.C. died in Pryor  by:  J. Chasteen
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Thanks for the info. I'd also like to have the names of her grandchildren, Married names and their children, but havn't been able to find them.
John Edward Welch had a daughter by Emily Vannoy named Laura, who married David Taylor, they came to I.T. and settled around Chelsea.
Author: Teresa Rucker Francis Date: 7 Jul 2003 3:26 AM GMT
  Classification: Query
  In Reply to: Laura Alice Taylor Dege born 1846 in N.C. died in Pryor  by:  June Herman
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Have you found any names in the Taylor line. My Ggrandmother was the daughter of James Madison Taylor and Hanna Addie Manchester. She was his 4th wife They had 5 kids. I might be able to help.
Author: June Herman Date: 8 Jul 2003 2:02 PM GMT
  Classification: Query
  In Reply to: Re: Laura Alice Taylor Dege born 1846 in N.C. died in Pryor  by:  Teresa Rucker Francis
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My GGrandmother was also a daughter of James Madison Taylor and Elizabeth Parker. Her name was Ivy Ann Parker who married Robert Welch Powell. I have Info on James Madison and his children by Martha Beasley, Nicy Dearmond and Elizabeth Parker but, not much on the other children. Would like to share info with you.
 Leona Walters Author: Carin Thomas Date: 9 May 2003 2:27 AM GMT
  Surnames: Walters, Silvers, Warren
  Classification: Query
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Looking for any information I can find on my great aunt Leona. She along with 6 of her sibling (birth surname was Silvers: birth parents Quintes and Jennie) were put in Whitaker Ophans home in the early 1930's. Most of the kids found each other. My grandfather and one of his brothers were adopted by the Neely family. Kathleen and Jennie (also know as Ruth) were adopted by a family with the last name of Warren (we dont know where there are now). Would like to know anything about them also. And Leona was adopted by T. F. Walters from Oil Town or Oilton OK. The address at the time of adoption was Box 21. She would have been about 7 yrs old when adopted. My grandfather and brother Robert have been missing her for many many years and would love nothing more than to find her or atleast know what happen to her. They are both not in the greatest health and this would mean so very much to them. Please anyone with any information or anyone that could help look for info that lives in the area for me I would be forever in your debt. You can email @
Thank you,
Carin Thomas
 Elias T. "Tank" Rollins Author: Lisa Date: 12 May 2003 3:40 PM GMT
  Surnames: Rollins, Love
  Classification: Query
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I am looking for information on my great great grandfather, Elias T. "Tank" Rollins, who died "near Adair" in 1894 when it was still part of the Cherokee Nation. It is now located in Mayes County, Oklahoma. He was born May 2, 1851 in Indiana. The family migrated to Kansas after he married. He was in the area with his wife, Cecelia Rosalet Love Rollins and their children and some of his Love relatives. None of them stayed in the territory too long before returning to Kansas and any record of his final resting place has been lost to time.

Any assistance or a point in the direction of where to possible begin looking would be greatly appreciated.

 Lester and Mable Richardson Author: Tom Richardson Date: 28 May 2003 6:09 PM GMT
  Classification: Query
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Looking for info on death of two children of Lester and Mable Richardson born and died before 1936. Lester was born and raised in Spavinaw to Charles and Annie Richardson. Mable was from Pryor and her maiden name was Fowler.
 Bluford Cantrell and Maggie Pitts Cantrell Author: Timberly Brown Bloomer Date: 27 Jun 2003 4:57 AM GMT
  Surnames: Brown, Edwards, Crawford, White Cantrell
  Classification: Query
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Looking for information on Bluford and Maggie Pitts Cantrell believed to be buried in Rose Cemetary. Would like to find information on Blufords parents and where he was born. His daughter was Eunice Cantrell Taylor also buried there. Does anyone have anything to help me.

Timberly Brown Bloomer (Timmy)
 Ruby M. Holt-Nash Author: ann nash Date: 25 Jul 2003 3:25 AM GMT
  Surnames: Nash/ Holt
  Classification: Query
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Does anyone know what cemetery she might be buried in. The census in 1930 she was in Mayes Co., Salina Township. Ruby died in the eary part of the thiries but no idea where she is buried. She may be buried next to a child or her father. Also looking for any Holt's in the area where she is buried. Would appreciate any help, have been stuck for a while now. Thank you.
 Kibble & Susie Stovall, Chouteau, 1880-1922 Author: James McDaniel Date: 29 Jul 2003 1:16 AM GMT
  Surnames: Stovall, Geisler
  Classification: Query
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I recently found Kibble (Kibb) & Susie Stovall in the Cherokee census (Susie's family was Cherokee). I am interested in the family of his son, KeeKee, born Feb. 27, 1895.

Kibble is a brother of my great grandmother Mary Elizabeth (Stovall) Geisler, and there is a family picture in which I can identify positively only Kibble and his son KeeKee. Others in the photo are a woman, likely Susie, holding a young child, an older girl, and a young girl.

Kibble died in 1922, according to a cemetery listing (if someone has a precise date I would appreciate the information - Chouteau Cem., center section, south side, two graves, 80a, Infant Stovall, aged 6 months, and 81, Kibble T. Stovall, 1853 - 1922).

Susie (Susan C.) died September 22, 1962, and is buried in the Sallisaw City Cemetery, Oklahoma, again thanks to a cemetery book for the information.

If someone has information or later pictures of this family that could be of help identifying this picture, I would appreciate your contacting me. I can help with copies of my photo, as well as some information on the Stovalls in Johnson Co., Arkansas.
MARY ALLYNE TIGER Author: shonna ickes Date: 22 Aug 2003 1:37 PM GMT
  Surnames: tiger
  Classification: Query
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In searching for Mary Allyne Tiger (who gave birth to me on 10/30/64 at the age of 19) I came across an indian roll # of 3879. I understand that this is (roman tiger) a number assigned to her father and that Mary has a sister named suzy and two brothers named roman and danial. I an searching for this family and any information would be greatly appriciated.
thank you
Shonna Mary Rene (Tiger) ickes
 William and Muggie Dunham Author: J R Atkins Date: 1 Sep 2003 3:53 PM GMT
  Surnames: Dunham, Atkins
  Classification: Query
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I just was wondering if there was any living Decendents still in Oklahoma.William C Dunham b.1875 and Muggie Dunham b.29 Jan 1883 d.15 nov 1968.She was known as aunt Mug. Williams sister Mary Ellen Dunham and John Wellington Atkins are my great grandparents.If anyone has any information i would be thankful. J R Atkins


Author: dalenanichol Date: 1 Sep 2003 7:21 PM GMT
  Classification: Query
  In Reply to: Looking for Decendents of William and Muggie Dunham  by:  J R Atkins
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Contact the Mayes County Genealogical Society at P. O. Box 924, Chouteau, OK 74337 for free look up information. We may be able to help you.

Dalena Nichols
Corresponding Secretaty
 Daughters of Confederate Veterans in Pryor Author: Nancy Brown Date: 3 Sep 2003 3:01 AM GMT
  Surnames: Watie
  Classification: Query
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I'm looking for information on the Daughters of Confederate Veterans Chapter that was located in Pryor in the 1880s thru 1913. Looking for information on an Iron Cross of Honor that they may have dedicated on Stand Watie's grave in about 1904. Would like to find a newspaper article about this - dedication was supposed to have been Sep 4, 1904. Would anyone have any information or know whether there is info on this chapter in the local newspaper, library, etc. We have found the original cross and would like to confirm where it was placed for a re-dedication to be held on the hundred year anniversary in 2004.
GEORGE LOFTIS / FLOSSIE MURIEL  Author: michael loftis Date: 7 Sep 2003 9:51 AM GMT
  Surnames: LOFTIS, MURIEL
  Classification: Query
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THESE 3 BOYS/ 2 GIRLS WERE ADOPTED FROM WHITTAKER STATE HOME (PRIROR,OKLAHOMA) Johnny L. Loftis born:Jan.5,1946 TAHLEQUAH,OKLA. Shirley L. Loftis born:Jan.21,1947 TAHLEQUAH,OKLA. Birtha A. Loftis born:Jan.26,1948 Muskogee,Okla. James R. Loftis born:June 2,1949 Muskogee,Okla. Lester N. Loftis born:Oct.26,1950 Oklahoma City,Oklahoma. E-MAIL ME:
 Peggy Tolman Author: Betty Date: 8 Sep 2003 1:05 AM GMT
  Surnames: Tolman, Brown, Mitchell
  Classification: Query
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Peggy Tolman is listed as the informant on a death certificate for Emmer Margaret Mitchell Brown, who was the second wife of John Harvey Brown. John Harvey and Emmer are buried next to each other in the Fairfield Cemetery. Peggy also helped pay the funeral expenses for John Harvey Brown and she is listed as living at 311 East 3rd street in Tulsa.

I suspect Peggy is the long lost sister to my mother. There are very few Tolman's in OK. Any help would be appreciated

I was wondering if anyone might possibly have (or be able to find) some information about my great-grandparents who lived in Mayes County (River), Oklahoma during the 1930 Federal Census. My great-grandparents were R. O. Allen (b. 1885 in Texas) and Alta Allen (b. 1888 in Wisconsin). I believe his name was Robert (but I'm not sure if that is correct) and I am also not sure of Alta's maiden name. Their children were Raymond (b. 1915 in OK) and Ben (b. 1923 in OK). Raymond is my grandfather (deceased), who married Rena Mae Veatch and resided in Enid, Oklahoma.
If anyone has (or could find) any information that they can share with me, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Michael Allen     Sun 2/1/2004 4:39 PM
I am researching my family in Mayes County. I was wondering if you would know who I might contact to research 2 obituaries for me.



Thank You, Erma McCaw Fisher Post Falls, Idaho<>Thu 2/12/2004 4:55 PM

I have been doing some research for my father who attended Little Rock School, which was located between Rose, Oklahoma and Locust Grove, Oklahoma at
Woodland Junction.  He would have attended this school around 1949.

Who would have information on this school that I could contact,  he wants to find out who he would like
to get a reunion gathered up for this summer.

any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you Debbie Mills
 <>Sun 2/8/2004 7:29 PM

Please enter my query for Mayes County.  Thank you very very much! Marie
PITTMAN, John Riley. Resident living in Rose ca. 1915-1938. He was a builder in Rose area. 


I am looking for information on Elias T. "Tank" ROLLINS May 2, 1851-1894.
He has a headstone next to his wife, Cecelia Rosalet LOVE, in a Kansas
prairie cemetery that is inscribed as "Buried in Adair, Oklahoma".  The
family only lived for a brief time in Mayes County when it was still part of
the Cherokee Nation.  After his early death, the family returned to Kansas
and now no one living knows where exactly he is buried.  I am looking for
help in finding his final resting place. 
Thank you,
Lisa Towns
From: Lisa<>
Date: 03/07/04 14:06:12

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