Ottawa County Cemeteries

List of Cremations - Location of Cremains unknown

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude
Berry / Connor Cemetery 364749N 0944824W
Bland Cemetery 364916N 0944515W
Brown Cemetery 364517N 0944404W
Captain Family Cemetery    
Coal Creek Cemetery 365147N 0945512W
Council House Cemetery 364113N 0943928W
Earl Hill Cemetery
aka: Peery Cemetery
365417N 0944642W
Fairland Cemetery, Fairland
aka: Fairfield Lutheran Cemetery
364439N 0945010W
Flint Family Cemetery    
Frazier Cemetery
aka: Sulphur Bend Cemetery
364156N 0944748W
Glen Abbey Memorial Gardens 365219N 0944929W
Gokey Family Cemetery    
Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery 365438N 0945248W
Hoffman / Quapaw Family  Cemetery    
Indian Cemetery 365738N 0944519W
Lofland Family Cemetery, Wyandotte    
Modoc Cemetery 365154N 0943945W
Mount Hope Cemetery, Afton 364224N 0945811W
Newman Cemetery 365831N 0944036W
Old Indian Cemetery 365823N 0945620W
Ottawa Indian Cemetery 365108N 0944655W
Peery Cemetery 365417N 0944642W
Peoria Cemetery 365451N 0944430W
Saint Marys Quapaw Cemetery    
Saint Paul Lutheran Cemetery 364438N 0945008W
Sulphur Bend Cemetery
aka: Frazier Cemetery
364156N 0944748W
Wyandotte Indian Cemetery 364821N 0944316W