Lofland Cemetery

  Otawa Co. Sec.  20  R  25 E  T  27 N
Wyandotte, Okla.


Turn onto S 690 road and go about 100 feet to a gravel road, go behind the old Lofland Family Home.
Photos taken by John & Kathy Maystadt (relative of all the Volz Family in this Cemetery)
Some dates have been changed according to the headstones themselves.

Dagenett Sarah Driver, born April 27-1834, died, May 17-1900      Gravestone

Eagan, Marian Joyce Volz   Sep 28, 1936  Oct 8, 1998       Gravestone

Floyd Carolyn Volz, born, June 21-1906, died, July 3-2001, daug.of, Frederick & Josephine Mary Loflan Volz, sister of Jeanette Volz  Gravestone

Floyd Robert J., born, April  8-1925, died, Dec. 5-1988, WWII  Gravestone

Jarvis Leroy Gilbert, born, June 7- 1926, died, Jan, 13-1990, WWII   Gravestone

Kirkbride Frank, born, 1865, died, 1927

Lofland Adeline, born,Oct. 9- 1924, died, Jan. 18-1925   Gravestone

Lofland Bessie Mary, born, 1884,Okla. died, 1949,(White), wife of Charles K. Lofland     Gravestone

Lofland Caroline Driver, born, April 10-1843,Ohio, died, Aug. 7-1930, wife of, Louis Loyer Lofland,     Gravestone

Lofland Carl, born, Nov. 28-1911, died, Feb. 13-1984, WWII, son of, Charles K. & Bessie Lofland     Gravestone

Lofland Charles K., born, 1879,Okla., died, 1970, ( Wyandotte Indian),son of, Louis Loyer & Caroline  Driver Lofland    Gravestone

Lofland Louis Loyer, born,May 24- 1839,Ohio,died,Dec.15-1933,Co.H 46 Ohio inf.,son of, David H. & Amy P. Lofland    Gravestone

Lofland Ruth , born, Oct.7- 1876, died,Sept. 18- 1894, daug. of, Louis L. & Caroline Driver Lofland     Gravestone

Tourtillott Albert Grant ,born, Aug.25-1879,Wis., died, Jan.29-1958, son of, James Henry & Elizabeth Harrison Tourtillott   Gravestone

Tourtillott, Albert Grant, b. Aug. 6, 1913; d. May 29, 1999, age 85, Campbell Biddlecome Funeral Home.

Tourtillot Kitty Anna., born,July 16- 1882, died,June 1949, wife of A.G. Tourtillott,     Gravestone

Volz Frank William , born, April 4- 1856,Germany, died,June 29- 1913  Gravestone

Volz Freddie Louis, born, June 19- 1932, died, Sept. 30, 1975, U.S. Air Force     Gravestone

Volz Frederick Rudolph, b,Sep 12, 1903, d Sep 8, 1919,son of, Frank & Josephine Volz,
        Okla. Seaman U.S. Navy,(Wyandotte Indian)   Gravestone

Volz Jeanette, born, July 16-1901, died, July 2-1994   Gravestone

Volz Johnny Evalyn, born, July 29-1908, died, Jan., 12-1990  Gravestone

Volz John Herman, born, Feb. 12-1911, died, June 25-1976

Volz Josephine Mary,b Feb.20-1874,d 1957,wife of  Frank W.Volz,(Wyandotte Indian),dau.of, Louis L.& Caroline Lofland    Gravestone

Volz Julia ,born, Aug. 10-1899, died, Jan 30, 1917, daug. of, Frank William & Josephine Mary Lofland Volz, (Wyandotte Indian)

Volz Louis Lofland, Aug. 14-1909, died, May 30-1992   Gravestone