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This section is for resource books for sale by either the author or a genealogy society.
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The following Books are available from: Muskogee County Genealogical Society, 801 West Okmulgee, Muskogee, OK 74401
Visit their website for descriptions, prices and ordering information.

Genealogical Data Extracted from Muskogee Weekly Phoenix, Indian Territory, 1888-1902.

Cherokee Indian Rolls-Doubtful and Rejected

Index to Probates and Guardianships, Muskogee County, OK, 1907-1930

Index to Divorce Cases, Muskogee County, OK, 1914-1930

U.S. Deputy Marshals, Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory, 1893-1896

Cemeteries of Muskogee County, OK. Vol. I

Cemeteries of Muskogee County, OK Vol. II

Index of Obituaries and Deaths Extracted from the Muskogee Daily Phoenix, 1954-1992.

Index of Deaths Extracted from Muskogee Daily Phoenix . Jan. 16, 1930 - May 4, 1935.

Marriage Records, Muskogee, Indian Territory, First U.S. Court-Northern District, Books A, B, and B-1, July 1890-March 1893

Order the following books from: Green Leaf Publications, In care of Gary Lester
P.O. Box 134, Braggs, OK 74423, Phone: 918/487-5834 - Fax: 918/487-5834

Muskogee County Cemetery Guide Volume I. Gary W. Lester. Contains 37 cemeteries: Agnew, Bennett, Blackstone, Bowen, Brushy Mountain, Cramp, Crapoe, Charlotte Drew, Elm Grove, Griffin, Gritts, Hankins, Hanks Garden of Memories, Hildebrand, Jennings Family, J. Smith, Lewis Roland, Marshall Family, McFarland, McLain, Monroe, Murphy, Phillips, Pope Chapel, Reece, Robinson/Mcorkle, Sam, Shinn, Seabolt, Taylor, Vann, Vaught, Vore, Warner, White, Asa Wilkerson. Complete name index, location, condition, cemeteries narratives, inscription remarks. 216 pages. $27.00 plus $3 postage and handling.

Muskogee County Cemetery Guide Volume II. Gary W. Lester. Contains 4 cemeteries: Fort Gibson citizens' "Cherokee National," McIntosh, South Bethel and Starnes. Complete name index, location, condition, cemetery narratives and inscription remarks. 162 pages. $27.00 plus $3 postage and handling.

Muskogee County Cemetery Guide Volume III. Gary W. Lester. Contains 5 cemeteries: Coleman, Fields, Starr, Briartown and Greenleaf. (Greenleaf Cemetery is not actually in Muskogee County; however, it contains several relocated cemeteries that were in Muskogee County when Camp Gruber was constructed. 138 pages. $27.00 plus $3 postage and handling.

Cemetery Relocation Records of Grand & Eucha Lakes. Gary W. Lester. Contains 28 cemeteries: Audrain, Ballard, Barlow, Buzzard Springs, Carey, Daniels, Duck Creek, Hilderbrand, Ketchum, Klaus, Logan/Bearskin, Lundy, No. Name #1, # 2, # 3, # 4, # 5, Old Field Bend, Post Oak Flat, Sharp/Alberty, Spicer, Sulphur Bend, Vaughn, Chopper, Eucha Indian, Galcatcher, Runabout, Washbourne. Contains complete name index, death date, age, next of kin, relationship, cause of death when known. 100 pages. $16.00 plus $3 postage and handling.

Fort Gibson, Oklahoma National Cemetery. Gary W. Lester. contains more than 10,000 names in alphabetical order. Lists surname, given name, middle name, birth date, death date, rank/dependency, section, grave number, service era. 206 pages, softbound. $27.00, plus $3 postage and handling.

Index to Creek Enrollment Jackets from the Dawes Commission, 1898-1906. Index to the Creek enrollment applications which are available on microfilm at the National Archives in Fort Worth, Texas. Contains approximately 1,250 names. Categories listed are: name, blood, status, jacket #, roll #, census #, field #, equal. 25 pages, softbound, $6.00 plus $3 postage and handling.

Braggs, Oklahoma, 1886-1938. History, hearsay, population and pictorials by Juliana Irving Hinder. Softbound, $15.00 plus $3 postage and handling

The Story of Sally Brown. By Donald William Ruth, D.D. The story and history of Sally Brown School in Muskogee County, Oklahoma from 1899-1966. Contains a list of students and teachers and the years they attended. 51 pages, softbound. $15.00 plus $3 postage and handling.

The Descendants of Thomas Cordery, 1785-1996. Thomas Cordery married Susannah Sonicooie, a full-blood Cherokee. This traces their descendants from Forsyth County, Georgia to present-day Oklahoma. 138 pages, softbound, $22.00 plus $3 postage and handling.

The Descendants of Amanda A. Scott, 1826-1901. Amanda A. Scott came from Hamilton County, Tennessee with "three children in tow." She left a river boat near Braggs, Oklahoma. This book traces her descendants from Muskogee County, Oklahoma to Portland, Oregon. Indexed with descendancy chart and family group sheets. 90 pages, softbound. $16.50 plus $3 postage and handling.

The Descendants of Abraham Stout, 1773-1842. Abraham Stout died in Washington County, Arkansas. This book contains his descendants who lived in Arkansas and Oklahoma and a family story written by the late Jessie Noble Stout who died in 1992 at the age of 10. 85 pages, softbound. $16.50 plus $3 postage and handling.



Brilliant Victory: The Second Civil War Battle of Cabin Creek, Indian Territory by Steven L. Warren. The book will be available to the general public beginning June 15th. Warren's book tells the entire story of the last Confederate offensive into northern Indian Territory in September of 1864. $39.95, which includes shipping. or by calling (918) 542-4148.

The Bad Boys Of The Cookson Hills: By R D Morgan. See his web site for more information.

Look for other books about local topics and by local authors on the website of the Three Rivers Museum.


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