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It seems like I always forget to update this page so don't rely on it for accurate updates. There have been many many updates since Jan. 2004!!!
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January 27, 2004: "Rampage" a story by R. D. Morgan added - to Myths, Legends and Stories

January 27, 2004: "The Severs Hotel Murder Mystery" a story by R. D. Morgan - added to Myths, Legends and Stories

August 2, 2003: Look-ups available in 1920 & 1930 Muskogee Census - see Look-Ups. Indian Pioneer Paper interview with Alice Cummings - see Family Genealogies. Photo of Statie Blasser up - see Photo Gallery. Link to the book "Leading Men in Indian Territory" - see People & Places - Link to a really nice tool to help you when you transcribe census records - see Links

July 31, 2003: Jan & Feb 1898 issues of the Ft. Gibson Post Newspapers are up - See Newspapers

July 30, 2003: List of the school teachers appointed in the Cherokee Nation - 1897 - lots of names of females - see Transcribed Records

July 27, 2003: New links are up see Links. Indexes A-C are up for the Muskogee Co Genealogy Society's 2000 Newsletters - See Transcribed Records

July 20, 2003: New photos are up - see Photo Gallery

July 4, 2003: New Census Link site - see Links

May 4, 2003: Memories of Mrs George Bessler are up see Myths, Legends & Stories

March 20, 2003: Family genealogy of John Calvin Brown is up - see Family Genealogies

March 17, 2003: Several years ago I found a class ring from Central High School, Muskogee, Oklahoma 1926. A few days ago, I ran across it in my jewelry box. I realize it is a long shot to try to find the identity of the owner, but I thought I would begin to try to find the ring's owner (or relatives). I see there is not a web site listing the 1926 alumni. I thought maybe through your archives you could determine if someone from the class of 1926 attended college or relocated to TN. Thanks for your time. Tracy Staats

March 10, 2003: Link to new Braggs site - see Cities & Towns

March 3, 2003: Old Timers reunion information up - see Reunions

February 26, 2003: Family information on Hiram Brown & Elizabeth Crossland up - see Family Genealogies

February 25, 2003: The Other Muskogee Site has a great 1904 booklet with many photos of early Muskogee - See Photo Gallery

February 21, 2003: Snippets of Information from Turning Back the Clock See People & Places

February 9, 2003: Map of Three Forks Area See Maps

November 25, 2002: Family line of Benjamin Gordon is up - Family Genealogies

November 10, 2002: Family line of Martha Smeltzer is up - Family Genealogies

November 6, 2002: The Feb 22, 1894 issue of the Indian Journal is up - See Newspapers - Abstracts. Marriages and obits from the paper are on-line. See Obtis & Marriages

November 3, 2002: November 1897 issues of the Ft Gibson Post are up. Also up is the Feb 15, 1894 issue of the Indian Journal See Newspapers

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