Muskogee Co E-mail List and Muskogee County Message Board


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Message Board
You can post messages or "queries" about Muskogee County to the Muskgoee County Message Board at Data or marriage records, as opposed to queries about same, can be posted there too. Click on VIEW MESSAGE TYPES and select, "Marriages." Even graphics (GIF and JPEGS) can be attached to the Message Board if someone wishes to share pictures or scanned images.

Mail List
To those who wish to participate in the Muskogee County Oklahoma e-mail list:


Open a new e-mail message, delete any signatures, tag lines, etc (the message area must be blank). Type in one word ..... subscribe

Send the message to ONE of these addresses: (mail mode - individual messages) (digest mode - all messages combined into one message)

You will receive a Welcome Message shortly after you send your subscribe message. The message lets you know you have been added to the list and may post to the list, it also explains the rules of the list and contains other important information. Put this Welcome Message away so that you will have it for later use.

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Should you ever decide to leave the list follow the above instructions except type in the one word ..... unsubscribe.

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Post to the List:

The above e-mail addresses are used only to subscribe or unsubscribe from the list. When you are ready to post a message to the list you send your messages to: (If you subscribed for individual messages) (If you subscribed for digest messages)

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Search the Archives:

The Muskogee OK list is archived and may be searched.


Enter: OKMUSKOG in the box and click on SUBMIT QUERY

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If you have any questions please let know.



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