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Created December 1, 2007 by Shelley Lynch leeshlynch@gmail.com

Midway Public Schools Alumni - Council Hill - Hichita, Oklahoma


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Midway High Class of 1987  



Taken in June 1997 at our 10 year reunion

Gina Parker-Self, Willy Crooch, Lisa Farmer-Tiger, Glenda Hewitt-Fowler, Lisa Ezell-McCarthy, Wesley Thomason, Shelley McBride-Lynch


Taken on Shelley's 37th birthday

Glenda Hewitt-Fowler, Lisa Ezell-McCarthy, Tammy Fowler, Shelley McBride-Lynch


The idea-

The Midway Alumni Web Page was generated out of discussion about how the internet's World Wide Web could appeal to people for specific worthwhile purposes.  What greater purpose could there be then to bring childhood friends back home again by Connecting MHS-Alumni. There are thousands of alumni organizations each with a specific purpose or goal.  There are so many reasons why one should consider becoming part of an organization he or she belives in.  I believe in keeping Midway High School alive by sharing the memories and the future.

For your pleasure -

Most of all, fellow alumni, former students, faculty and staff, please browse these pages, find friends, both new and old, and enjoy communicating with them. Don't forget to send in your profile today if you haven't done so.


Comments and Submissions welcome! -

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