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Logan County, Oklahoma

County Photos

County Photos

picRhoda Elizabeth Nelson Anderson - Summit View Cemetery

picAlonzo Austin - Summit View Cemetery

picBetty Loraine Hutchins Austin - Summit View Cemetery

picLucinda E. Austin - Summit View Cemetery

picLyle Paul Austin - Summit View Cemetery

picSwain Hugh Austin - Summit View Cemetery

picNancy Youngblood Barnes - Lawrie Cemetery

picCharles George Barry - Summit View Cemetery

picNellie Clara Ashby Barry - Summit View Cemetery

J. L. Benson - Summit View Cemetery

picClarence A. & Mary E. Bird - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picLavina Bird - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picJames J. & Frankie A. E. Bryan - Summit View Cemetery

picElzie & Josephine Crosley - Seward Cemetery

picFrank & Jennie Crosley - Seward Cemetery

picHenry S. & Hattie J. Crosley - Seward Cemetery

picMarion W. Crosley - Seward Cemetery

picScott W. & Amanda E. Crosley - Seward Cemetery

picThomas H. & Lulu Crosley - Seward Cemetery

picLaura Cullen - Crescent Cemetery

picMahala E. Cullen - Crescent Cemetery

picMaithas Cullin - Crescent Cemetery

picAaron David & Ruby I. Davison - Crescent Cemetery

picClara Beth Davison - Crescent Cemetery

picChris D. & Rosa L. Davison - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picJohn H. Davison - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picLawrence Davison - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picRoy E. & Alice E. Davison - Crescent Cemetery

picElla May Denny - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picErnest E. & Ethel L. Denny - Crescent Cemetery

picFrank L. & Mary E. Denny - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picGeorge W. & Cora V. Denny - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picRobert E. Denny - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picWilliam W. & Emma J. DeWitt - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picGeorge W. & Lola P. Dixon - Roselawn Cemetery

picA. N. "Bat" Dreessen - Seward Cemetery

picGoldie May Dreessen - Seward Cemetery

picDurin Durall - Lawrie Cemetery

picFrances M. Durall - Lawrie Cemetery

picWilliam Durall - Lawrie Cemetery

picHiram Q. & Ella S. Ellis - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picOpal Florance Parker Flury - Summit View Cemetery

picFrank Plot Receipt - Seward Cemetery

picClarence O. Frank - Seward Cemetery

picEdward Thomas Frank - Seward Cemetery

picThomas E. & Katie G. Frank - Seward Cemetery

picJoshua C. & Rhonda M. Gordon - Seward Cemetery

picCora M. Gragg - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picDavid & Minerva J. Gragg - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picFrancis M. Gregg - Crescent Cemetery

picFrancis M. & Charles B. Gragg - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picGeorge W. & Hattie I. Gragg - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picHoward F. Gregg - Crescent Cemetery

picJohn T. Gragg - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picLeonard G. & Fannie Lowe Gregg - Crescent Cemetery

picHoward F. Gregg - Crescent Cemetery

picSamuel T. & Loueasa L. Gragg - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picWallace Gragg - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picRalph & Maude C. Hedrick - Crescent Cemetery

picAlonzo Lowe & Mary & Martha Hunt - Victor Cemetery

picWilliam M. & Susan Johnson - Bocox Cemetery

picCatherene Knapp - Cooper Cemetery

picLawrie Cemetery Gate Photo - Lawrie Cemetery

picAlbert Lawrence Lewis - Seward Cemetery

picCager Logan - Summit View Cemetery

picIrene Logan - Summit View Cemetery

picEarl Marion & Rhonda Evelyn Maple - Seward Cemetery

picBernice I. McCall - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picVivian & Virgil McCall - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picAnna Crosley Nave - Seward Cemetery

picAlta G. Nelson - Summit View Cemetery

picEdgar A. Nelson - Summit View Cemetery

picJohn Edgar Nelson - Summit View Cemetery

picWilliam Edgar Nelson - Summit View Cemetery

picPaul A. & Kathleen B. Parker - Summit View Cemetery

picPhillip & Phinie Ploeger - Seward Cemetery

picRichard J. Ploeger - Seward Cemetery

picWillie Carl & Ellen May Roberts - Seward Cemetery

picEmmett F. & Elsie D. Robertson - Summit View Cemetery

picRoselawn Gate - Roselawn Cemetery

picScheihing Seward Cemetery Plot Receipt - Seward Cemetery

picCharles W. & Eleanor Scheihing - Seward Cemetery

picCharles E. & Susan A. Simpson - Summit View Cemetery

picFoley B. Simpson - Cooper Cemetery

picJesse O. & Gertrude E. Simpson - Cooper Cemetery

picJoseph T. & Mariah C. Simpson - Cooper Cemetery

picRichard M. Simpson - Cooper Cemetery

picWilliam & Harriet Stewart - Seward Cemetery

picMadison R. & Delila E. Tribble - Seward Cemetery

picWallace - Cooper Cemetery

picDavid Wallace - Cooper Cemetery

picLoueasa Wieasman - Oak View/Banner Cemetery

picEdna Gregg Woods - Crescent Cemetery

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