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1890 Veterans Census

Logan County, Oklahoma


Transcribed & Submitted by: Marla Andrus

1890 Oklahoma Veterans Census-Logan County
(Partial List from Page 83 only)

GTES, William W., Guthrie
GURDAIN, Elizabeth %
        Confederate, Guthrie
HACKNEY, William P., Guthrie
HAINES, Davis M., Guthrie
HALL, Eliza J.
        %Oliver, C., Guthrie
HALL, James W., Frisco
HALL, Oliver, Guthrie
HANER, David, Guthrie
HARDING, Solem J., Guthrie
HARMEN, Henry D., Guthrie
HARMON, John, Guthrie
HARRINGTON, Cornelius, Guthrie
HARRIS, Stephen, Guthrie
HARRISON, William H., Cimarron City
HARROD, Moses, Guthrie
HARTMAN, Alfred, Crescent City
HARVLEY, C.A., Frisco
HASKINS, Marvt A., Frisco
HASS, John, Guthrie
HATFIELD, William, Guthrie
HAUK, Philip, Guthrie
HAWLEY, Jerome, Cimarron City
HAWORTH, Wm R., Guthrie
HAY, David, Guthrie
HEFRAN, John, Guthrie
HEINAS, David M., Guthrie
HEMINGS, Henry, Guthrie
HENDERSON, Haron, Guthrie
HENDERSON, Jasper N., Guthrie
HENDERSON, John C., Guthrie
HENDERSON, Robert, Guthrie
HENDRICKS, Isaac C., Frisco
HENRY, James A., Guthrie
HERRIOT, George F., Guthrie
HESTER, Alexander, Guthrie
HILL, Robert W., Guthrie
HIX, Frank W., Guthrie
HIXON, Edward, Guthrie
HOEY, John L., Guthrie
HOGGARD, L.J., Guthrie
HOIRE, Hary M., Orlando
HOLBROCK, George W., Guthrie
HOLDEN, Clifford W., Seward
HOLDEN, Wm G., Guthrie
HOLIDAY, James H., Crescent City
HOLT, Ralph, Guthrie
HOOP, Jaco, Alford
HOWARD, Adelbert S., Guthrie
HOWARD, Hathan, Clarkson
HOWARD, John B., Guthrie
HOWE, Allen A., Seward 
HOWE, John, Guthrie
HOWELL, Samul, Guthrie
HUBBARD, John W., Marshall
HUGARET, John H., Orlando
HULE, Young M., Alford
HUMSBERGER, John B., Guthrie
HUNT, William H., Frisco
HUNTLEY, Dennison J., Guthrie
HYDE, Ella % Frederick, Guthrie
HYDE, Frederick, Guthrie
IRWIN, James, Guthrie
JACKSON, Brick, Guthrie
JACKSON, Dennis, Alford
JACKSON, John L., Crescent City
JACKSON, Niton, Guthrie
JAMES, William, Alford
JOHN, Elisha D., Alford
JENKINS, B.F., Orlando
JOHNSON, Alford D., Guthrie
JOHNSON, John W., Guthrie
JOHNSON, Joesephe, Guthrie
JOHNSON, Resmins, Guthrie
JOHNSON, Thomas K., Guthrie
JOHNSTON, James, Columbia
JONES, John, Guthrie
JONES, John W., Frisco
JONES, Joseph, Crescent City
JONES, Samuel N., Marshall
JUSTICE, Gilbert H., Orlando
KANE, Maurice, Guthrie
KEDASAR, John, Guthrie
KEETH, James W., Guthrie
KEEFER, Eli, Cimarron City
KEFFER, Samuel, Frisco
KEIMAN, J.W., Alford
KELLER, George W., Guthrie
KELLY, James, Guthrie
KENDLE, George S., Guthrie
KENNEDAY, James S., Alford
KERK, John, Cimarron City
KERNS, Charles W., Guthrie
KESLER, William F., Guthrie
KEYES, Joel R., Frisco
KIDDS, Thomas, Guthrie 
KIMBALL, Henry C., Cimarron City
KING, Edwin S., Guthrie
END Page 83

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