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Logan County Letters


Letter of Nancy Polk Tripplett

Submitted by & © 2000-02: Verla Pinkerton

This letter was written by Nancy Polk Tripplett to their children, who lived here in Logan County, O. T.

Col. Dreflan         August 9, 1896
Dear children

we rec your blessed letter was glad to hear from you and glad to hear you had good corn crops there we was verry glad to hear Chaley was so fortunate as to have hogs to feed his cheaf crop too God bless them I hope they will get rich why didn't you make her write to me when you was out there she sed she would rite when they thrash I got a letter from Lille she has a boy over a month old her address is Nashville Barton Co just the same as it was she sed they had good crops and lots of fruit Mary and Minnie rote to me both times I haven't answered the last letter for there was no stamps at the ofr's again for a while I will send her a letter today I would write to Hattie, but I havent got eny letters from her lately and you can just male this one down to her it would do just as much good and I will write the poor careless Darling a letter soon I wish she would write oftiner it seems to me that she surely don't think as mutch of me as a child should of a mother I never expected to get as many letters as we do from Lieu She writes for all the children to write to her she is one of the noblst harted Girls in the world I or we all love her better evry day but don't you dear Girls be a bit jelous for you are as sweet and dear to me as you was when you was little tots and that was very dear for when I had 4 or 5 little ones evry body that ever spoke to me of my children would Say to me you have got the best children in the world of cours that made me very proud of you all and I oftin have similer things sed of my daughters by people in old Mex that never saw you and the same of Loyd he is going to be a good and noble man John I am glad your Bell has confidence enuph in her self to make your shirts I hope you esteem her more than all other women in the world and I hope she may allways try to make your life and home happy Now a word to Hattie Dearest you know we allways thought you the little flatterer of our family most especily Annie thought so now you ought to read some of her letters you would think if you had never seen them that they was both made of candy and that of the fanciest but God bless them let them think so I hope they allways will and while I know you and Lillie don't flatter me with your love for you companions I know you will be just as true to them as she could to john Well Annie it is getting late and I will soon have to close, but I thought I would get the childrens letters if I could We are thinking ssome of coming by rail if we can sell for all cash in a month if we would rush our hogs they would bring us a hundred dol it is a long road back by wagon and Pa dreds it have John to see of eny one is going to Kingfisher what the fare would be to El Paso and if we could find out we might come that way I rote to lieu to find out at Guthrie we wouldn't know till we would get to El Paso witch way would be our rout or witch would be the nearest or cheapest well we are none of us rite well but able to eat what we can get our corn is good our late potatoes is comming out nicely we will soon be using them so I will close by saying good by this time rite just as soon as you get this letter our love to you both may God bless you ever in all your good undertakings.

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