Newspaper Titles in Craig County


Craig Co. Newspaper Obits

Newspaper that are on microfilm in Craig Co.

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Title Dates Town
Big Cabin Monitor 1914-191? Big Cabin
Big Cabin Sentinel Oklahoma 1911-191? Big Cabin
Big Cabin Sun 1910/1911-191? Big Cabin
Bluejacket Gazette 1912-1920 Bluejacket
Bluejacket News 1902-1909


Bluejacket News (supplement to Craig County Gazette)


Centralia Register (supplement to Craig County Gazette) 1923-1927 Centralia
Centralia Standard 1903-192? Centralia
Cherokee Champion 1895-1895 Vinita
Cherokee Star 1902-1905? Welch   **
Craig County Democrat 1930-1975 Vinita
Craig County Gazette 1920-1929 Vinita
Craig County Weekly Gazette 1909-1912 Bluejacket
Daily Chieftain 1898-1902 Vinita
Daily Eagle 1???-1901 Vinita   **
Daily Indian Chieftain 1891-189?  Vinita
Daily World 1916-191? Vinita
Herald 1915-1915 Vinita
Indian Chieftain 1882-1902 Vinita
Indian Headlight 1912-191? Big Cabin
Indian Herald 1875-1880? Vinita **
Ketchum News (issued with Craig County Gazette) 1923-1926 Ketchum
Ketchum Telegram 1913-191? Ketchum
Morning Herald 1915-1915 Vinita
Morning Sun 1913?-1915 Vinita
Territorial News 1901-1902 Vinita
Vinita Daily Chieftain 1902-1913 Vinita
Vinita Daily Journal 1919-present  Vinita
Vinita Daily World 1915-1916 Vinita
Vinita Evening Herald 1915-1915 Vinita
Vinita Evening Sun-Herald 1915-1919 Vinita
Vinita Globe 1891?-189? Vinita
Vinita Journal 1917-1919 Vinita
Vinita Leader 1895-1959 Vinita
Vinita Republican 1899-190? Vinita
Vinita Republican 1902-190? Vinita
Vinita Star 189?-1??? Vinita
Vinita Vidette 1878-18?? Vinita
Vinita Weekly Chieftain   1902-1905 Vinita
Vinita Weekly Journal 1907-1917 Vinita
Vinita World 1891-189? Vinita
Weekly Chieftain 1905-1913 Vinita
Welch American 1953-1962 Welch
Welch Watchman 1904?-195? Welch


** no copies of these papers are currently available

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