Index to the Story of Craig County its People and Places

General History of Craig County with over 400 pictures
Towns of Craig County
        Big Cabin    Bluejacket    Centralia    Ketchum    Vinita    Welch    White Oak
Rural Settlements, Schools, Churches
Do You Remeber
Family Histories over 1100 families are listed with pictures. 

General History of Craig County

Craig County History    C1
Kansas Border Survey    C2
Craig County Courthouse   C3
Trails, Rails    C4
Roads and Highways   C5
Post Offices, Postmasters   C6
Place Names    C7
Land Owners   C8
Old Deeds   C9
Statehood, Elected Officials Craig County Officals 1907-1983 C10
Craig County Voters 1909-1910   C11
Lawmen and Outlaws Lawmen -- Outlaws C12
Anti-Horse Thief Associations   C13
Ranching   C14
Cattle   C15
Brangus Breed   C16
Agriculture   C17
Extension Service 4-H Clubs  C18
Coal John Patch's Coal Shovel C19
Oil Oil Refinery C20
Craig County Schools  First County Superintendent -- Retired Teachers Association C21
Early Graveyards   C22
Cemeteries of the County   C23
Ethnic Groups  Black Families -- Foreign-Born in Early Years -- Irish -- German Settlement C24
Cabin Creek Battles   C25
They Died in Service    C26
Media Since 1875   C27
Craig General Hospital   C28
Eastern State Hospital   C29
Home of Hope   C30
G.R.D.A. History   C31
Northeast Oklahoma Electric  Cooperative   C32
KAMO History   C33
Rual Telephones   C34
1911 Storm   C35
Fossils in Craig County   C36
Athletics in Craig County   C37
County Fair   C38
Entertainers Barbershop Quartets C39

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Towns of Craig County


Big Cabin   C40
Big Cabin Bank   C41
Big Cabin Post Office   C42
Big Cabin Methodist Church   C43
Big Cabin Baptist Church   C44
Christian Church   C45

Bluejacket Community

Bluejacket   C46
Old Bluejacket Ordinances   C47
Bluejacket Banks   C48
Progress In Bluejacket   C49
Bluejacket Volunteer Fire Department   C50
Baptist Church   C51
Bluejacket  Methodist Church   C52

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Centralia Community

Centralia   C53
Centralia Banks   C54
Centralia Events   C55
Centralia School   C56
Baptist Church   C57
Church of Christ   C58
Methodist Church   C59

Ketchum Community

Ketchum   C60
Ketchum First State Bank Banking in the 1920s and 30s  C61
Ketchum Cemetery   C62
Baptist Church   C63
Ketchum Methodist Church   C64
Reminiscences of Ketchum   C65

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Vinita Community

Vinita   C66
Vinita City Officials   C67
Vinita Streets   C68
City Lots and Homes   C69
Physicians and Hospitals Other Professionals C70
Vinita Public Schools   C71
Attucks School   C72
Worcester Academy    C73
Willie Halsell College   C74
Sacred Heart Academy   C75
Postal Services   C76
Vinita Auditorium   C77
Vinita Public Library   C78
Eastern Trails Museum   C79
Teen Town   C80
Early Fairs   C81
Strawberry Festival   C82
Will Rogers  Memorial Rodeo   C83
Christian Church   C84
First Assembly of God Church   C85
Christian Science Society   C86
Church of Christ   C87
Church of God   C88
Church of the Nazarene   C89
Congregational Church   C90
First Baptist Church   C91
First Baptist Church 4th and Delaware   C92
Holy Ghost Catholic Church   C93
Pilgrim Presbyterian Church   C94
United Methodist Church   C95
St. John's Episcopal Church   C96
Vinita Businesses Early Firms - !929 Businesses C97
A & P Stockyards   C98
Anderson Machine Shop   C99
Army Store   C100
Banks and Financial Institutions   C101
Vinita Bottling Works    C102
Burckhalter Funeral HomE   C103
Carters Shopping Center   C104
The Cobb Hotel   C105
Community Auction Sale (Sales Day)   C106
D & M Clothiers   C107
Dalquest Hardware   C108
Dillon Hay and Grain   C109
Elliott   C110
Frayser Insurance   C111
Cas Service Company   C112
The Glass House Restaurant   C113
The Glass Shop   C114
Glider School   C115
The Grand Cafe   C116
Greiner's Piggly Wiggly-Eddie's Grocery   C117
Haslett Drug Store   C118
Hotel Vinita   C119
Kapp's Businesses   C120
Lair & Sons Concrete Co., Inc.   C121
Leforce Business   C122
Luginbuel Funeral Home   C123
The Moss Greenhouse   C124
Munsingwear, Inc.   C125
Newland's Barber & Beauty Salon   C126
Public Service Building   C127
Randall Tire Company   C128
Ratcliff Insurance Agency   C129
Sanders-Ridgway Store    C130
Schneider's Bakery    C131
Stanlislaus Company   C132
Sunny-Pat Hardware   C133
Thomason & Son Clothing Store   C134
Vinita Telephone System   C135
Vinita Transfer   C136
Vinita Wholesale Grocer Co.   C137
White Transfer    C138
Dr. G. W. Wright    C139
Other Businesses   C140
Vinita Organizations
     A.A.R.P. - A.A.U.W. - American Legion - American  Legion Auxilizry - Beta Sigma Phi - Business and Professional Women - Cherry Reds - Boy Scout of America - Camp Fire Girls - DAC - DAR - Delphi - Eastern Trails Art Association - Eastern Trails Historical Society - Epsiloan Sigma Alpha Sorority - Friends of the Library - Fraternal Organizations - Garden Club - - Genealogical Society - Golden Age Club - Green Country Campers - Kiwanis International - Lions Club - P.E.O. Sisterhood - Pilot International - Premier Worth-While Club - Rotary Club -  UDC - The Tenderfoot Riders - Vinita Hobby Club C141

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Welch Community

Welch     Welch 1907-1912 - More Early Stores in Welch - Some Welch City Officials - Welch Postal Service - Welch Policemen - Welch Fire Department - Professionals from Welch 
Welch Schools   C143
Veteran Memorial Board   C144
1900 Census   C145
Welch Events   C146
Santa Claus Ranch   C147
Our Little Miss Pageant   C148
Welch Banks   C149
Bradshaw Hospital    C150
Campbell Hay & Grain   C151
Duvall Hotel   C152
Wagon Making Shop   C153
Garrison Produce   C154
Grindle Funeral Home   C155
Headlee Service Station   C156
Keener Hardware    C157
MKT Depot   C158
Maxson Sales Auction Barn   C159
Neill Cattle Co.   C160
Thomas Funeral Home  The Volunteer Ambulance Service C161
 Wasson Hotel    C162
Weitz Harness Shop   C163
Welch Telephone Service   C164
The Welch Watchman   C165
The Woods Lumber Yard   C166
Long--Time Welch Businesses    C167
Assembly of God Church    C168
Baptist Church   C169
The Christian Church    C170
Saint Ann's Catholic Church    C171
United Methodist Church   C172
Welch Organizations Amvets - Band Boosters - Beta Sigma Phi Sorority - Chamber of Commerce - Eastside Homemakers - Get-Together Club - Golden Valley Club - Jolly Workers Club - Lions Club - Northeast Coyote Hunters Association - Red Barn Swingers - Redbud Garden Club - Rose Garden Club - Senior Citizens - Veterans of Foreign Wars - V.F.W. Auxiliary - Welch High School Alumni -  Welch Roundup Club C173

White Oak Community

White Oak American Indian Dances - The Old Rock School House White Oak, District #47 - White Oak Schools - The church of Christ - First Baptist Church - White Oak Church

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Rural Settlements, Schools and Churches

Anthracite School   C175
Banner School District 16   C176
Banner Ladies Aid   C177
Banzet   C178
Bunker Hill Baptist Church   C179
Carselowey District #55   C180
Carselowey Foursquare Gospel Church   C181
Cobb School   C182
Dixon School District 35   C183
Dupree School   C184
Estella   C185
Estella School   C186
Orange Organizations   C187
Gwendale   C188
Harris school   C189
Hollow   C190
Hudson, Oklahoma   C191
Ideal School   C192
Jones Spur   C193
Kelso Kelso Post Office C194
Kelso Baptist Church   C195
Kinnison, I.T.   C196
Anti-Horse Thief Association No 112, Kinnison Indian Territory, 1903   C197
Modern Woodmen of American   C198
Longview School   C199
Miles   C200
Neill's Store   C201
Nix District   C202
Pheasant Hill Presbyterian Church   C203
Plateau Homemakers   C204
Prairie Chapel School   C205
Pyramid Coorner   C206
Rogers School and Community Rogers Cemetery - Rogers Busy Bee Club C207
Russell Creek   C208
A Fourth of July on Russell Creek   C209
Russell Creek Cemetery   C210
Shanahan   C211
Success School (Military Ridge)   C212
Sunshine Bible Church   C213
Sutherland's Grove Sunday School Rally   C214
Timber Hill   C215
The Timber Hill Church of Christ   C216
Timber Hill Baptist Church   C217
Timbered Hill School   C218
Timpson Chapel   C219
Timpson Chapel Cemetery   C220
Daughters of the Pioneers of Timpson chapel   C221
Timpson Chapel Flower March   C222
Todd School   C223
Tucker School   C224
Union School District #25   C225
Wayside School   C226
West Cabin   C227
Woodley Community   C228
Grandview School District   C229

Longview Church


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Do You Remember

Welch Bank Robbery C231
"They went that-a-way!" C232
Sam and Laura C233
Roads C234
Gypsies C235
Blue Mound, West of Centralia C236
Eastern State Hospital Remembered C237
Indian Pioneer History: Woodall C238
Good Old Days? C239
Federal Jail and Hanging C240
$6,640,000 C241
Bit of Humor C242
Abe Mills C243
Christian Church at Welch C244
Uranium C245
First Grade in School, 1956 C246
Hunting and Trapping C247
Country Schools C248
Taxis C249
Military Road Marker C250
Oklahoma Hall of Fame C251
Smith Street, U.S.A.  C252
Thin Britches C253
Teen Memories C254
Prairie Center School C255
Coincidence C256
Teaching Changes C257
Justice in Territory C258
Leon's Cafe C260
A Funeral Procession C261
Pioneer Life Relived C262
Cherokee Indians-Civil War C263
Rural Mail C264
Color Bearer at the Rodeo C265
Indian Territory Medicine C266
Booth Taxi Co. C267
"The Good Old Days" Kept Old Dolls C268
The Way it was C269
Ice Wagon C270
Barker Family Burials C271
Ida Harris C272
Recessions Pose Hardships C273
"Wolf-Hunt" C274
Harvesting in the 1920s C275
Old Settlers Reunion C276
Play items and Ways C277
Estella C278
Ingram Family Memories C279
Wayside School Memories C280
Stanislaus' Horse C281
Bluejacket Memories C282
False Teeth C283
Peacocks C284

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