Photo of Kinnison Post Office and Mercantile [Special thanks to Dave Powers]
 On the far right are my 3rd ggrandparents, Presley Bell Kinnison, and Austaphine Cherokee Land, and sons, John Authur, Joseph Daniel, Omer Ephriam, (oldest living son), and Paschal Bard, Sr. (youngest living son)

- Kinnison, Oklahoma-[ Section 7 T28N R20E ]
In Craig County, OK, 10 miles NW of Welch, was Kinnison, Cherokee Indian Territory.
There was a Post Office and Mercantile business ran by Presley Bell and Austaphine Cherokee (Land) Kinnison. P. B.(as he was called) was the first Post Master Indian Territory- Opened September 13, 1886. The Post Office Closed - February 28, 1922.
P. B. was later President of the Welch State Bank.

Descendants of

Presley Bell Kinnison and Austaphine Cherokee Land
Anderson, Ferguson, Fields, Fitzgerald, Grigsby, Goudy, Horn, Hood, Land, Joslin, Johnson, Justice, Marlow, Parkison, Walker
PRESLEY BELL KINNISON was born May 26, 1850 in Scott Co, MO, and died January 23, 1930 in Welch, Craig Co, OK. He married July 19, 1880 in Ellsworth, Johnson Co, AR, AUSTAPHINE CHEROKEE LAND, daughter of William Henry Land and Martha Jane Ferguson.    Austaphine was born December 03, 1854, Scott Co. Flint District,  CN (AR), and died April 24, 1919, Welch, Craig Co, OK.

Children of Presley Bell Kinnison and Austaphine Cherokee Land are:

1. MARY ANN AGNES KINNISON, b. June 14, 1871, Scott Co, AR; d. February 11, 1899, Welch, Craig Co, OK.  She married DANIEL HICKS WALKER November 29, 1891, son of George Washington Walker and Mary Jane Marlow. Children of Mary Kinnison and Daniel Walker are: i. FRED WALKER. ii. BLANCH WALKER, b. 1897; d. June 01, 1899.

2.IDA NICA KINNISON, b. July 04, 1873, Scott Co, AR; d. May 10, 1895; m. JOHN ANDERSON, February 15, 1893.

3. PRESSLEY MARTIN KINNISON, b. May 29, 1875, Logan Co, AR; d. July 28, 1875, Logan Co, AR.

4. EMER U. KINNISON, b. June 16, 1876, Logan Co, AR; d. August 28, 1876, Logan Co, AR.

5. EMMA VIRGINIA KINNISON, b. June 16, 1876; d. August 28, 1876.

6. ADA REBECCA KINNISON was born August 23, 1877 in Logan Co, AR, and died November 09, 1905 in Welch, Craig Co, OK. She married WILBERT HENRY PARKISON November 09, 1894 in Indian Terr, Welch, Craig Co, OK, son of Jacob Parkison and Roxie Arminita Joslin. Children of Ada Kinnison and Wilbert Parkison are: i. HENRY BELL PARKISON, b. January 27, 1896; d. 1943; m. FLORENCE PARKISON. ii. BEULAH JANE PARKISON, b. October 29, 1897; m. (1) UNKNOWN JUSTICE; m.    (2)UNKNOWN GOUDY. iii. LOUIE ROE PARKISON, b. September 27, 1899, Welch, OK; d. December 30, 1973, Wichita, KS;  m. MILDRED SISAL HORN, October 16, 1920, Oswego, Labette Co, KS.

7. OMER EPHRIAM KINNISON, b. April 29, 1879, Cherokee Nation, I. T.; d. June 20, 1932, Welch, OK.

8. INFANT KINNISON, b. August 20, 1881.

9. LENORA ALMA KINNISON was born April 10, 1883 in Cherokee Nation, OK, and died November 13, 1902. She married (1) DANIEL HICKS WALKER Abt 1900, son of George Walker and Mary Jane Marlow. She married (2) JOHN B. JOHNSON 1902. Child of Lenora Kinnison and Daniel Walker is: i. EVA TINCY KINNISON, b. December 06, 1900, Labette Co, KS; d. 1955; m. LOYD F. GRIGSBY.

10. JOSEPH DANIEL KINNISON, b. August 10, 1885; d. December 05, 1939.

11. ELIZABETH VICTORIA KINNISON was born September 28, 1887 in Cherokee Nation, OK, and died September 25, 1954 in Welch, OK. She married EMMETT H. HOOD December 24, 1909 in Nowata Co, OK, and died November 1968.  Children of Elizabeth Kinnison and Emmett Hood are: i. EMMA HOOD, b. Abt 1910. ii. CECIL HOWARD HOOD, b. January 01, 1911; d. May 18, 1987; m. JANE D. ?. iii. INFANT HOOD, b. May 12, 1915; d. September 21, 1919. iv. J. D. HOOD, b. August 21, 1916; d. January 29, 1989.

12. JOHN AUTHUR KINNISON, b. January 19, 1890, Cherokee Nation, OK; d. October 05, 1944, Welch,

13. PASCHAL BARD KINNISON, SR. was born February 28, 1892 in Cherokee Nation, OK, and died December 02, 1940. He married LENORA J. FITZGERALD March 07, 1908, daughter of Richard Fitzgerald and Martha Fields, of Chetopa, Labette Co, KS. Children of Paschal Kinnison and Lenora Fitzgerald are: i. FEMALE? KINNISON, b. Abt 1910; m. L. R. MARRIS. ii. PACHAL BARD KINNISON, JR., b. 1913; d. 1964. iii. JACK KINNISON, b. Abt 1914.

14. MORRIS LESLY KINNISON, b. July 16, 1894, Cherokee Nation, OK; d. September 09, 1895, Cherokee Nation, OK.

15. MAY BELL KINNISON, b. May 26, 1897, Cherokee Nation, OK; d. 1899, Cherokee Nation, OK.

[NOTE: I am unsure who the contact person is for this family.  Jane Bogess -, the previous county coordinator may be able to tell you who to contact.  02-2000]


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