Marriage Records of The Indian Territory

    Marriage records of Oklahoma are recorded in the Office of Court. Clerks located in the various counties of the state. Prior to statehood (1907), marriages of white citizens in that part of the state known as the Indian Territory, were recorded in the various Recording Districts of the United States Federal Court. A number of the court clerk offices contain these records.

   The following table shows a list of the counties in which these records are kept, the county seat, number of volumes in the office and the period of tithe covered:

County County Seat Volumes

Period of Time Covered

First Entry

Last Entry

Muskogee Muskogee 28

July, 1890

November, 19Q7

Carter Ardmore 12 April, 1895

November, 1907

Pittsburg McAlester 13

June, 1890

November, 1907

Craig Vinita 1O

July, 1902

October, 1907

Atoka Atoka 3

June, 1897

November, 1907

Bryant Durant 2

July, 1902

October, 1905

Latimer Wilburton 1

July, 1906

November, 1907

LeFlore Poteau 3

June, 1897

November, 1907

    The United States Federal Court, embracing most of the Indian Territory, was established at Muskogee in 1889 and at Ardmore possibly, the next year. Later four districts were formed.


Northern District, established in 1895, covering the area of the Cherokee Nation and the nations of the Quapaw Agency, with Vinita as court seat.

2. Central District, established in ffi95, covering the area of the Creek and Seminole Nations, with Muskogee as the court seat.
3. Southern District, established in 1895, covering the area of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, with South McAlester as court seat.
4. Western District, established in 1897, covering the area of the Chickasaw Country, with Ardmore as the court seat.

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