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Updated information from James Tyner works. 

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Updated as of May, 2000

Name of Cemetery Section - Range - Township Description and Condition
Berry T24-R20-S23 Abandoned on a hillside. 11 graves 5 unknown.
Big Cabin T24-R19-S22 over 1200 known burials as of 2000, fenced well kept; southeast of town earliest marked burial 1878, over 130 unmarked burials.
Blackfeather T24-R21-S29 In a cow lot; not fenced or maintained. Tyner listed six graves, some of those stones gone 1998.
Bluejacket T27-R21-S28 established on land of Chief Bluejacket as Shawnee cemetery; now used by town of Bluejacket,  over 1600 burials as of 2000; about 200 unmarked; earliest marked burial 1888. 
Bluejacket Family T26-R20-S29 in middle of a pasture 3 graves known
Bobb Family T25-R18-S35 family cemetery in Bobb family yard, 7 burials as of 1999
Carselowey T24-R20-S25 fenced and maintained, 440 burials as of 2000; 50 unknown; as least 2 Confederate soldiers buried here
Centralia T27-R18-S22 fenced and maintained, over 358 burials as of 1999; 130 unknown
Davis T24-R19-S33 very little evidence left of burials.
Dick-Daugherty family T24-R20-S2 abandoned; 6 known graves; 15 visible. Tyner had this cemetery in T25-R20-S35 because of the curve of the road and gave Amos Dick the name of Herman; first marked burial was 1876; baby burials before that. Last burial was 1952.
Donnelly T25-R20-S5 fenced; 5 graves.
Eastern State Hospital 1 mile east of hospital estimated 1500 burials; most unmarked; earliest burial about 1919. Burials started in southwest corner to northwest corner, then back south again. Buried in order the died, or several may have been burial at one time.
Elliott T24-R20-S34 Fenced but abandoned; 15 graves. Three burials listed by Tyner were move to Ghormley Cem.
Fairview Vinita city cemetery over 80 acres; many old unmarked graves in some sections, some of which have been buried over. records are very incomplete especially before 1936.
Garbarino T24-R20-S10 22 visible graves; 14 known; fenced but badly overgrown.
McCreary family T25-R20-S17 Tyner called it Hooper, in pasture; all stones down some broken; not fenced; 13 known of 16.
Sol Ketchum T24-R21-S19 fenced, some maintenance; 7 known of 10 graves.
Ketchum east edge of Ketchum originally known as Willow Springs;. Graves from 10 cemeteries were relocated here in 1939 when Grand Lake was being built. The city of Ketchum was also relocated to its present location during the same time period. Over 2000 known burials; earliest marked burial of original burials is March 1880. Probably earlier unmarked burials. Several of the relocated burials are from as early as 1872. Large number of unmarked graves. East section has largest number of unmarked graves although they were originally marked by GRDA in 1940's.
Keys T26-R20-S29 fenced and semi-maintained; 12 known burials.
Landrum T24-R20-S2 & 11 fenced and some maintenance; 290 known burials as of 1999; 80 unknown; earliest marked burial 1865; at least one Civil War soldier killed about 1860, no dates on rock headstone; at least one burial was moved to Garbarino Cem.
Jake Longtail T24-R19-S3 in open pasture no maintenance. Tyner says there were 24 graves. There is no admittance to anyone to this cemetery at this time.
Luli Indian T24-R19-S3 abandoned on hillside; most fieldstones in Cherokee 20-25 graves.
Manely-Ross (col) T26-R18-S32 61 known of 185 graves.
McCoy T28-R19-S17 fenced no maintenance; 5 known of 13 graves.
Messer T27-R19-S28 Nothing left to identify graves; headstones have been carried away.
Morris or Stinger T28-R18-S14 abandoned, no maintenance; Fence around part of the graves. 10 known of 27 graves.
Nix T26-R18-S22 cemetery was moved by coal company one mile south of original location; Graves need to be filled in as company did not do good job reburying them. 17 known of 25 graves, two burials moved to Martin Cemetery when Nix moved to present location.
No Name T26-R21-S28 In wooded creek bottom, on what was allotment of Clara Melton, In 2000 no one seems to be able to locate remains of this cemetery.
Parks T24-R20-S3 walled; close to old house place. 13 graves wall had to be rebuilt in 1997 due to being hit by tractors with stingers moving big bales, by people who are renting the land.
Petitt T29-R18-S32 9 known burials; extremely difficult to find.
Pheasant Hill T26-R20-S20 fenced and maintained; 220 known burials as of 2000, many unmarked.
Plainview or Hedrick T29-R18-S29 7 known burials of 27 burials. The marked ones are fenced, rest are in open cow pasture. Present owner realized there were more graves than fenced when several sunk during the dry summer several years ago.
Pleasant Valley T26-R20-S20 fenced and maintained; 68 known of over 155 graves. This cemetery is still used from time to time.
Roach T25-R21-S27 also known as Locust Hill and other names; overgrown and stones down, not fenced, 49 known of about 85 graves.
Rogers T28-R20-S7 established 1875, fenced and maintained, about 390 burials, at least 60 have fieldstone markers only; earliest marked burial, December 1879; 2--3 burials outside the gate under the tree.
Russell Creek T29-R21-S17 fenced and maintained; 17 graves last burial. (update 116+ graves, a lot of Shawnee Indians buried here)
St. Augustine (Catholic) T26-R18-S4 small portion fenced, no maintenance; 8 stones left. Entire acreage was fenced off in 1998 from surrounding ranch. Many burials now unmarked. At one time there were apparently many marked with statures, etc. which have been carried away over the years. Are still owned by the Catholic Church of Vinita.
Schrimpsher T26-R20-S3 fenced and light maintenance; 54 known of 105 graves. Oldest original burials appear to be east of the fence, may be native area Indian burials.
Scott T26-R18-S25 fenced and maintained; 87 known of 93 graves; several unmarked.. earliest marked burial Nov. 1906 Cemetery named for Scott child buried in grave marked by rock who was first burial. Second burial was old cowboy that was struck by lighting.
Secondine T24-R19-S6 old Shawnee cemetery; no maintenance, fence down, 12 known of 16 graves.
Thomas family T25-R20-S18 Tyner called it Riddle. Only one stone standing in 1998, 4 others under tree, other stones gone, or buried. original cemetery was about 50' and 100' with many sandstone markers. Presently in someone's backyard and garden.
Thomas Family south of White Oak family cemetery still in use as of 2000.
Timpson Chapel T25-R19-S4 fenced and maintained; many headstones in Cherokee; over 720 known burials as of 2000 of over 900 burials.
Bear Timpson T25-R19-S3 on Susie Deal allotment; no maintenance; in trees; 15 of known of possible 35 graves. At least one grave, that of an Osage Indian has been dug into. Lids lifted partially off two graves.
Tucker [Okoee] T24-R21-S31 fenced and maintained; in pasture; 24 known of 35 graves. At least three burials have been relocated to Carselowey Cem.
Tucker (col) T28-R20-S21 no maintenance; many stones were bulldozed into Cabin Creek by landowner; about a dozen graves still visible. Last burials in 1960's.
Landrum graves T25-R19-S3 only 2 stones left; in stand of trees; at one time large number of fieldstone markers; much of area has now been farmed.
Walker T28-R19-S13 fenced and well maintained; over 1000 burials; earliest marked burial, December 1871; appears there are 15--20 graves marked with fieldstones outside the new east fence. Old fence angled about 30 degrees to northeast for 140 ft. to about 16 ft. east at roadside.
Weaver T24-R21-S28 abandoned in woods; 8 of 16 graves.
Welch west of Welch over 1700known burials as of May 2000; earliest marked burial 1896 baby Craig; then several in 1898.
West Point T27-R20-S31 fenced with some maintenance; 103 known of 105 or more graves.
West Fork T26-R19-S13 COVERED by coal mining not found in 1999-2000.
White Oak T24-R19-S3 fenced and maintained; 460 known of at least 640 graves as of 1999.
Williams family T25-R20-S6 one grave.
Williams Timber Hill T28-R21-S25 fenced and maintained; 900 known of about 1200 graves; many unmarked or marked only with fieldstones.

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