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Vanguard Publishers
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     Sharon and I purchased the book on e-bay.  There is no copyright date.  Not all that served from Comanche County are listed.
 If one of yours is listed, I will glad to scan the photograph and short bio for you.  The original owner had written notations on some
of the names.  I will be adding a page for the men and women
 listed in the book.  If you have a family member or members and
would like them listed, please send me the information.

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In Memoriam
Killed in Action


Atha, Paul E., Lawton Ball, Carol* Barrett, Fred* Bates, James J., Cyril Baughman, Woodrow R
Beeler, Paul L. Beeson, John L., Lawton Bennett, William I. Bilyeu, Delvin A. Branson, Herald K.
Byrn, James D. Campbell, George L., Lawton Carter, Joseph W. Cash, James S., Lawton Chandler, Allan A. Jr.
Davidson, Thomas A. Dunford, John Phillip Dunlap, Oscar B. Ewell, Paul Phillip Jr. Finnigan, Charles M., Lawton
Gilmer, Bruce M., Lawton Gutshall, George Faulkner Jr. Hastings, Ollie F. Hunter, Emmett E. Jones, Glennwood W.
Keleher, Alfred P. Kelly, Emmett J. Jr. Kennedy, Lowell, Lawton Lamb, Lonnie G., Lawton Latham, Jerry W., Lawton
Leitner, George W. Lovett, Oliver C. Luce, Roy E., Jr. Meyer, Franklin Moser, ?*
Mulanax, K.C. Ogden, Bennie V. Ryans, Bernie J. Schram, Raymond J. Jr., Lawton Simpson, Herman H., Lawton
Stapleton, Olen E. Stinnett, Fulton T., Elgin Vestal, Carl J. Waddle, Paul, Lawton* Walker, Gerald A., Lawton
Whitehead, Jack E., Lawton Williams, George M. Willis, Sam, Lawton* Wimberly, John B. Wiseley, Harry
Zarling, Charles Z., Lawton        

*names are handwritten, also the towns


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